Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 5

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Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 5

PlayStation Mobile's 'New Year giveaway' offering six free titles over six weeks

Hi everyone. This week’s PlayStation Mobile giveaway is portable music creation app Beats Trellis.

Using a simple grid based interface, Beats Trellis gives you a palette of instruments, drum kits and breakbeats, allowing you to create music patterns and play them back live.


Download it today from PS Store on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Devices now, and we’ll see you back here next Wednesday for another complimentary PS Mobile game.

For more information about PlayStation Mobile, please visit

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  • Meanwhile in 90% of Europe…

  • yeah… and meanwhile in the sinking ship that is Sony. If only they would let us help them.

  • And queue a lot of disappointed people across Europe.

  • Week 5? What am I missing? So far I’ve got Samurai Beatdown, Beats Slider, and Cubixx… I seemed to have missed one. I’ve been looking for updates but Cubixx seems to have been under “featured” for 2 weeks.

    Pah. This was a bit of a desperate promotion anyway. I won’t lose too much sleep over it.

  • @Bumblebee: Maybe it’s update 5 for week 4.

  • Why would a Vita player want to play this instead of Imaginstruments?

  • I… I don’t even care anymore.

    Kaz-san should seriously reevaluate the European business. SCEE seems to be either clueless or powerless to make changes. Watching the SCEE train speed towards the Abyss of Irrelevance gives me no joy :(

    I want… great Sony, but all we get is failure Sony.

  • I can’t understand why people are complaining about the choice of FREE software… even if it’s not in a specific region you’re not entitled to anything from them at all… It’s bad business to give things away for free and in doing so sony are just serving their loyal fanbase… :/

  • Love the same people, posting the same nonsense week after week.

    Sony are from sinking. Get a grip.

  • @Revoco People are not complaining about “the choice of FREE software”.
    They are complaining about the fact that PS Mobile is not accesible to almost ALL Europe, only 4 countries have access to it. FOUR.

  • @Revoco

    Of course you dont understand, you are from UK. There are other, what, 20 countries in europe that don’t have the same services then you. We don’t have these games for free, or even these games at all if we wanted to pay. It’s not just “a specific region”, we are european, just like you. Its not like we are from another continent.

    We pay the same as you for plus and games, for example, and get less. That’s why we complain.

  • @MarcoFoxRoberto Of course people from the UK understand – it’s not like we don’t miss out on plenty of stuff that other parts of the world get. You’ll probably find he complains just as loudly when the US gets something great that we don’t.

  • I understand entirely… we get Motorstorm RC a £2 title when the US get Deadlocked… it’s free. I already own the game but I’m not annoyed, I have no entitlement to FREE software regardless of the region. This is not an PS+ promotion, and the only country that really seems to suffer with plus is germany because of censorship.

  • @iapetus Yes, now imagine that we miss on all the US stuff, AND A LOT MORE. It’s really not fair to say that.

    Lets just say this, if you miss out on 50 percent of “US content”, we in the smaller countries miss out on 75 percent. We dont even have a Youtube App in Vita, for example (even though I heard it’s not SCEE’s fault, its Youtube’s). The fact is, we miss out on what you miss, and a lot more.

    I don’t even complain much, really, we just get used to getting shafted, but I don’t like when you guys from UK (not you specifically, speaking in general) say that we “shouldn’t complain”. We should, really. Its not like I get a discount from plus or cheaper games for living in Portugal.

  • It seems I’m missing Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender.

    I kept updating the store but it never appeared in the New Year Giveaway thing so I missed it.

    A search function might have been a good idea for the store! A very basic function… amazed there isn’t one.

  • While I sympathise with those in countries that don’t yet have PSM, I have been quite happy with this series of games.

    Any idea whether there are plans to expand the number of supported devices in the near future though? I got an Xperia P last month, which I was a little surprised to see wasn’t on the list. It’s not the end of the world as I’ve still got my Vita, but it’d be nice to have them on the phone too.

  • @marcofox

    The fact there is no youtube on the vita nor the ps3 really IS sony’s fault.

    Have you checked the iphone or any android phone? There’s a youtube app inthere or available to download.

    Alson there’s you tube on your computer, right?

    Try pandora radio and see something not supported in our country…

    Its sony’s fault there and on this playstation mobile debacle.

  • Belgium = loading ……………………………………………
    Revoco = peopel have richts to conplain when somtings are not ok !

    europe = bigest markt , then sony got al europe in pokets but do not chowh ith , to al is consummers .

    store ful of mistakes in mi contry
    lots of service stil not in mi contry
    stil spam star not removed
    ps 4 = not comming in mi house until not fixt .

  • @Monoliet

    “store ful of mistakes in mi contry”

    Post full of spelling mistakes on my screen.

    “ps 4 = not comming in mi house until not fixt”

    Yeah, yeah right. Because you are that upset about the store you won’t buy a PS4.

    Come on people, these are just small games, there’s likely a reason that the mobile service hasn’t spread all over europe yet. I doubt very strongly they just ‘forgot’ or decided not to. Remember that it’s a business for Sony, so they wouldn’t turn down money if it were available to them on purpose.

    Look beyond your own situation and get over it already.

  • As there is still no roadmap or schedule published about the rollout I’m still assuming this service is headed towards the same destination as the comics store; empty promises followed by a cancelled service.

  • Looks pretty good and reminds me of Inaginstruments but better. Might give it a go.

  • Imaginstruments was a big let down. It wasn’t music creation, just a bunch of sliders to play pre-made beats.

    Beats Trellis I actually bought a few weeks ago and I must say it is much better and expansive.

  • Does anyone know roughly what time the store will update in the UK? been watching for the Dragonborn dlc for hours…

  • @Monoliet

    For the love of all that’s holy, every web browser has a spellchecker. Use the damn thing!

  • And no replye from SCEE…

  • Please nexus 7 support I mean it’s android I don’t see what the problem is

  • So I can’t donwload this on my Vita or Xperia, both are giving a download error and I’ve tried for the last few days thinking it was a known fixable problem on the PSM end.

    The Vita gives NW-8942-3 error, I’ve tested this on different internet links too.

    The previous week’s offerings I had no problem with.

  • If anyone wants to know, I fixed it with a cold reboot on the Vita, haven’t retried on the Xperia.

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