Pro Foosball kicks off on PlayStation 3 this month

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Pro Foosball kicks off on PlayStation 3 this month

Pro Foosball

A foosball table is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to own at home, but it’s almost never practical enough to do so! Which is why we thought we’d bring the same level of fun and excitement right to your TV screens with the release of our Pro Foosball game on the PlayStation Network on 20th February, priced €4.99/£4.19!

Pro Foosball has been built to completely and realistically bring the foosball experience to your home. From accurate table physics to a competitive atmosphere with friends, we’ve included it all in the game, along with great environments to play in!

Pro Foosball allows you to compete across three modes of play. You can have a quick match with your friends in Kick About with up to four players in local multiplayer mode, challenge yourself to beat our skilled AI with three difficulty levels in Foos Championship, or have fun with our crazy table features such as no edges and bumpy surface in Foos Madness.

Pro Foosball is primarily designed to be played using the PlayStation Move controllers to mimic the real foosball table’s rods. It features many of the loved aspects of the game such as uniquely designed tables, realistic game mechanics and trick shots. If motion controls are not your thing the game also supports the DualShock 3 controller through two unique control schemes depending on your preference.

Break free of the physical table’s restrictions by tactically customizing your game! Choose from an array of different foosman formations; you can be all about attack or park the virtual bus! You can also choose your match ball featuring different ball materials, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages! Enjoy the friendly competitive spirit Pro Foosball creates and have endless fun with your friends without leaving the comfort of your living room!

Pro Foosball

In developing Pro Foosball, our team at Quirkat was given one of its greatest opportunities by a forward-thinking publisher with a strong eye on emerging markets. Our core team is based in Jordan – not your typical console developer hometown – and for most of us it was our first chance to get our hands dirty making a PSN game for you. All we had to go by was a great concept of using the PlayStation Move controllers to mimic the rods on a foosball table – the rest was all built on top of that raw mechanic.

Interestingly, our team is made up of 80% female developers and here we were designing a very ‘blokey’ game with the artistic and visual style driven by my colleague Natalie, and the gameplay and features dreamed up by myself with input from our marketing manager Rawan and the rest of the team.

As the team grew and expanded for this project, the male/female ratio balanced out but the creative drive was maintained by the girls at the studio and we hope that in making this game we have broken another industry stereotype.

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2 Author Replies

  • We already have a table football game on PSN (I forget its name) but it was about a fiver and came as a cross buy with the Vita version. That game works brilliantly with Move. How is this any different and why do we need another?

  • Are you sure another foosball game is a good idea?

  • Whats worse, the other game ‘Foosball 2012’ is currently on sale until tomorrow : 1.59 pounds, or 1.27 pounds if PSPlus member…

    shame … maybe there are some extra features compared to Foosball 2012 to encourage us to buy your game instead/as well .. but not clear from the description …

  • I to already have Foosball 2012, how is this different? Also the Foosball 2012 game has cross buy for Vita people too and I recall it was given free to plus users stateside and is currently megacheap here about £1.59 and even cheaper if you have plus.

    Its a tough time to release a similar game me thinks but I hope you guys get some good sales as £3.19 IS a good price.

  • I tried the Foosball 2012 game and it was a total disaster. Pressing buttons for executing special moves??? No Sir. This new game Pro Foosball, however, seems as good as the real one! The PS Move controllers bring it to life. And of course you can play with a DuaShock3 controller. I am getting ready to play with my father (a foosball lover!) on this one!

  • Another foosball game? Oh wow. Never saw this one coming. :D

  • u guys serious??? WWII shooters is fresh genre compared to this

  • real ting better :)

  • Thanks everyone for your comments! We’re quite excited about our release and as with many sports titles that have come to video games, we believe that each one brings its own features to the game table. Our Pro Foosball is quite unique, as we’re sure you’ll find out when we release next week, in that it feels more like the real game than ever done in a game before. For example, our trick shots will require you to pull your own passes and shots with the right angles and power with no assistance whatsoever from the game itself. The realism of the game was our biggest drive and we hope to satisfy all foosball lovers with our game.

  • For a wackier version of the game, we have given you fun tables to play on with no edges, low gravity surfaces, magnetic foosmen and a lot more that will keep you entertained for hours. One last thing to note, we let you customize your game to a large extent, allowing you to choose different material game balls (lighter, heavier, more bounce) as well as your foosman formation – let’s be honest many of us would rather defend with more foosmen :) – and most importantly, we don’t make control decisions on your behalf. You can choose to manually control which rods you’re moving, or have the game system auto select for you. With all of the above, we are quite certain that you’ll find a lot of new gameplay material in this classic game that is much loved by its players.

  • Hi Candice, thanks for the response. It does sound like you’ve crammed a lot of content into the game so even tho I have the other game, this one does sound reasonably priced considering all the option you’ve just mentioned so I’ll probably pick this one up as well :)

  • The price on this blog has been altered from £3.19 to £4.19 – No word of the change. I was goin to give this a go but will buy a Zen pinball table instead!

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