Kat and Emmet join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale this week

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Kat and Emmet join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale this week

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Hey everyone. We’re happy to follow up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s win for “Best Fighting Game” at the DICE Awards (the awards where all of the voting is done by other games industry pros), with a gift to all the players that have supported the project from the start.

I hear from a lot of you guys, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently… but that wait ends tomorrow! We’ve got two new PlayStation All-Stars joining the Battle Royale: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Emmett Graves from Starhawk.

Any fighting fan will tell you how much it means to have new characters joining a game, but it’s even better because – as promised – these DLC characters are totally free for two weeks!

Wait, “free for two weeks” sounds funny… Does that mean if I download them, after two weeks is up I have to pay? Nope. You have a two week window to download the DLC. If you do, the characters are yours for free, forever and ever. You can play them online, offline, upside down, or however you want.

After the two week window ends, the characters will still be available in the PSN Store, but as paid DLC. Latecomers can still get Kat and Emmett, but if you download them in the next two weeks, they are yours free forever. The only way you would have to pay is if you missed this free offer, but you’re reading this now, so you won’t have to be that person.

Okay, so free is cool, but what are these characters are all about anyway?

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Just like he did on out on the frontier on Dust, Emmett Graves depends on his tools to survive. Easily one of the most unique additions to the cast, Emmett brings Starhawk’s “Build & Battle” style to the fight, dropping down weapons and structures to help him out. He can drop shotguns, rocket launchers, new grenades, an AP-building Rift Extractor, or even an automated turret that tracks and blasts at opponents.

If he powers up for a level 3 super, Emmett pilots a deadly Hawk mech, blasting opponents with machine guns, planting aerial mines, or crushing opponents under the Hawk’s feet, all leading up to a super-ending flying strafe run that lays waste to the entire stage and sends everyone running desperately for cover.

Kat is great for combos and prefers close combat, with more inspired ways to zip around the arenas than anyone in the cast. In addition to the kicks you’ll remember from Gravity Rush, she also has some crazy gravity attacks, like creating a small black hole to draw in opponents, or a burst to push everyone away, and of course one of the deadliest level 3s in the game.

Kat teams up with her mysterious feline companion Dusty, uniting their powers to attack with frenzied claw slashes, a deadly lunge you can aim in different directions, and a massive black hole that kills anyone unlucky enough to touch its center.

Both characters come with everything that was included with the original launch characters, including a full arcade mode with intro, ending, and rival scenes, a second unlockable costume, an unlockable minion, custom backings and icons, taunts, intro/outros, theme music, and more.

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

In addition to the characters, there is also a new stage called “Fearless.” The fight begins atop a giant rock spire you’ll remember from Heavenly Sword, before crashing down into the second part of our mashup, where it literally collides with an electrified track from Wipeout. Keep your eyes peeled for cameo character appearances in Heavenly Sword’s scaffolding, as well as for the Wipeout racers that will send you flying on impact.

You can play this stage for free in ranked online matches, but to play it offline or in player matches, it’s €1.99.

So, to sum up:

Characters? Free, and yours forever! But only if you hurry and get them before the two-week window (that starts today) expires.

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  • Hell Yes!!!!

    I was refreshing the main page looking for the update :D

  • You should have had this stuff as launch as unlockables. Otherwise the game gets boring fast if your not a fighting game fanatic. There is nothing worthwhile to work towards. Half the fun of ssb is finding out who you will unlock next and the surprise (providing you didn’t look up Internet spoilers)

  • Kat and Emmett for free for 2 weeks. Oh heck yes! I wonder who will be their rivals be or will Kat and Emmett be rivals and are these both DLC cross-buy as in get the PS3 get Vita free? Btw, keep up the great work Superbot. =D

  • been looking foward to this @sicmay why are you complaining its free

  • hey guys, looking forward to play these new characters, for the support. i really enjoy the but since i moved Sweden i cant play anymore with my friends in italy on VERSUS :(. i get an error after accepting thier invites and vice versa. every other game works but this look almost like “country locked”…anyone aware of this problem? any fix soon? :/

  • nice.

    news on future dlc? according with last rumor, the next dlc has been canceled. is true?

  • Say an individual is planning on getting this game but can’t until next month. Can he or she still download this for free now, or do they have to have the game first?

  • Great that it’s free for two weeks but I wish this game had shipped with more content – a deeper story line (see Mortal Kombat) and more game modes.

    What’s next? Can’t wait to see what else is coming for this game.

  • Oh my, stop finding things to moan about people.

    I’ll be grabbing this tomorrow!

  • @paranoid panda. Yes these charachters are free (and for only 2 weeks). The stage isn’t and what about future dlc.

  • @ 7 and 11

    Apparently any future All Stars DLC will be handled by Sony Santa Monica.

  • Tell the team that we’re grateful if you can and thanks for the writeup Seth!

    Looking forward to see what you’re working on next!

  • Awesome its free what’s not to like! We need Snake as a playable character or revolver ocelot

  • Cool, thanks;) Will ‘Crash Bandicoot’ be coming to this game to in the future to??? ;) It just seems odd not having Crash as a playable Character as he was my 1st PS1 favorite Original PlayStation person… er erm Bandicoot i mean :D (+ Maybe SNAKE & Lara to???) ;)

  • I do that as soon as I get in, speaking of freebies when will scee send out emails for the free game for the delayed ratchet and clank q force for the vita

  • Seth, please clear up whether the future support for PSABR via patches & DLC remains, including the planned March announcement ?

  • the patch I have just downloaded and installed for the Vita iteration of your game has rendered it inoperable. It completely refuses to load. After the Sony bumph and a lovely picture of one of the combatants I now get an error message followed by another grey screen saying ‘could not prepare the application to start.’

    Do I delete the whole lot and start again? or will you be patching the patch?

  • Got to say, I was really looking forward to this, but like many others I’m worried about PSASBR’s future and would like to know if that march announcement is still gonna be made…

  • Is it true that with SuperBot leaving Sony some planned DLC has been cancelled, including Abe from Oddworld? Some gaming sites are reporting this.

  • Hello there Mr Killian! Loving the game here in UK but I’m having one small problem, the costumes and minions are not available on the psn store. Will that be updated as the characters are added tomorrow? I need to throw SOME cash at the people who made this awesome game!

  • Hmm, no trophies for beating Arcade Mode with Kat and Emmett. Well it least there’s the Fearless trophy though.

  • got the update for Allstars but yet when you gonna unlock the new characters they arent in the Playstation Network sotre

  • @AxisNSin:
    They will be both unlocked once they are downloaded. It is available now for US while EU tommorow to download.

  • is anyone having trouble downloading or even finding the new dlc “kat & emmet”? every time i try unlocking them it sends me to the old psn store (which is weird) and it says that the content isn’t there. then i figure to try the psn store directly and they don’t have it.

  • i am having the same problem. bought the game as a download, now the two new characters are locked and it is telling me to buy a network pass. hope you plan on refunding anyone unlucky enough to buy a second pass

  • Just had a quick game on the Vita version… obviously DLC characters weren’t present but the new stage came up and it’s fun to play. I main with Drake and this stage plays to his strengths.

    I understand why this game won fighting game of the year and I hope it continues to get support…

  • This, I like. I’ve been playing it on Vita, barely touched my PS3 copy- will be handy for offline multiplayer. One of the top Vita games, I’d say.

  • I Have a problem downloading Kat & Graves too!! Seems the store hasnt been updated!Help meh i wanna play Kat so much!!

  • Sweet, this game hasn’t gotten enough attention out here.

  • So excited! You guys have done a great job with this game :D

  • I played the heavenly sword map for the first time on the tournament yesterday.

    OH.HELL.YES! I havent played it but wipeout is badass!

    My suggestions~ Abe/Rupture farms stage
    John Marston- (Red dead redemption)
    MAG Soldiers (3 alternate costume for each PMC)

  • The store is telling me to buy the network pass as well, no mention of the DLC characters. I bought the downloadable version… will this be fixed soon?

  • Awesome. Thanks for the new characters.

    But Sony really needs to work on their PSN Store. I was even waiting for these DLC updates and I had trouble finding them on the new PSN store.

    They’re very buried.

    For example if the user were to go to the new dlc tab you’re spammed with all of this music stuff. Then even if you do a search for PSASBR’s individual page, the new characters and level are not displayed until you click the display additional dlc buttons after having to scroll through all of the old dlc.

    They made some horrible, horrible decisions when they switched the layout of the store. I would have spent a lot more money on psn games if they just stuck to the old layout. This new layout is too clunky and innefficient. It’s too hard to see all of the new updates all on one page quickly.

  • Hope someone from Sony is actually listening here and taking notes. Fix your store to be more like the old store.

    Specifically i’d like the return of smaller tiles where you can see more content on one page. The old store just seemed much better organized.

    Anyways time to enjoy me some PSASBR! Keep the DLC coming! Will buy more! More stages! More items! More characters!

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