Germinator infects PSN this week

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Germinator infects PSN this week


Greetings, PlayStation faithful! Scott here again from Creat Studios, with an update on our newest release. Germinator will be available for PS3 in Europe on 13th February, priced £7.99/€9.99.

Our team loves to make casual and puzzle games for PlayStation Network. We’re the folks that brought you Magic Orbz, Cuboid, Mahjong Tales and Ricochet HD. Our next game, Germinator, continues that tradition.

Now, Germinator is no ordinary bubble game. There’s none of the match-3 that’s been done everywhere else. Instead, same-colored bubbles combine and grow, grow, grow until they pop into a gooey mess!

Germinator features 75 Story levels, 75 Puzzle levels, an unlimited Arcade level and a two-player local multiplayer Duel level. But after stuffing the game with as much content as we could fit, it still wasn’t enough.

All this splotchy, splattering goop needed to expand… to the PS Vita! We’re thrilled to let everyone know that we’re putting the final touches on the Vita build now, and we’ll bring it to you in the coming weeks.

Look for more info, updates and contest giveaways by following us on Twitter @CreatStudios and liking us on Facebook. Everyone at Creat Studios is thrilled to bring yet another exciting title to our PlayStation Network catalogue! We love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without all of you. Please keep sending your thoughts and suggestions our way, and be sure to tell us how you enjoy Germinator.

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11 Author Replies

  • Hi Scott, will there also be a demo? And also maybe a cross-buy with the Vita?

    • Hi dillusion! The game will be available as a Trial that can be purchased and unlocked. Not sure yet about cross-buy. All Vita details are being finalized now.

  • Excellent news, been looking forward to this game, and will it be cross-buy?, If not I’ll prefer the vita version actually!..

    • Thanks, mJ_mSv! So glad to know you like what you see. Please let us know how you like it.

      Again, details are still being worked out for Vita.

  • Great news regarding the Vita build Scott. I’ll be sure to grab that version as soon as it hits the store.

  • i’ll pickup the vita version, btw is there a platinum trophy ?

    • Thank you, MordecaiHunter! Please drop us a line and let us know what you think. I don’t believe there’s a Platinum trophy, but let me confirm that for you.

  • made you a promice Scott Hyman i will get your cool game next tuesday hopefully :)

    oh and have you played little inferno on the pc its a funny game you get to burn stuff on it like spiders a cat that poops when you set fire to it lol

    • CoolRichy008UK, you’re a classy guy! (I’m assuming you’re a guy, because I can’t see you.)

      Please let us know how you like the game. We’ll look for you on the leaderboards!

  • Love games by Creat Studios, i’ll definitely be picking this up and having a go, I’ll even pick up the vita version when its finished ! thank you

    • Witcher70, thank you so much! It really makes us happy to read things like that.

      BTW… do you have a Move controller? Germinator supports the Move, and it’s really, really fun that way.

      Please let us know how you like it. Facebook, Twitter, website, whatever… we just want to know what you all think!

  • I’ll definitely look up your facebook page, and yes i do have a move controller hiding somewhere, i’ll be sure to dig it out and use it on Germinator :)

  • Nice to see a psvita version! Any PS+ discount?

  • Looks like a fun game. It’s nice to see a Vita version, if there weren’t one, then you’d of had about 60 posts asking for it!

  • £7.99 looks a bit steep for a PSN title.

  • Scott Hyman last time i looked i was a guy LMAO and yee if i do get the game il let you know how it is if i forget to dont blame me :D

    YOU HEAR Scott Hyman PEOPLE he called me classy :D finally someone who is awsome

    from now on im gonna call myself classy guy :P

  • So with this getting a Vita version… What are the chances of Labyrinth Legends getting one too?

  • hello Scott/Creat Studios.

    It’s not often that i post here but i just want to say thanks for bringing us some very memorable games and even better to see how you guys support the VITA, it would have been a instant buy if it just said VITA and no mention of who made it or whatever but now that i see it’s from you guys…..well now i am getting really desperate for the store to update :-).

    PSSST: how about an magicball/orbz game for the VITA? , bat’n ball games on handheld would rock IMO :-)

    • Thank you, Amigaguru! It means a great deal to us that you enjoy our games and take the time to tell us so.

      There’s lots of Vita talk in our offices these days. We hope to have more announcements soon.

  • well i am looking hard at this game.. is the vitarelese a long time from now? and should i just buy the ps3version (dont think i will double dip).

    keep up the good work. make Mushroom Wars 2 for vita, and give som dlc loving for labyrinth legends. my oh my, thats some great games you make!

  • Hey Scott

    Love Creat Studios games. Ill probably get this one providing its available in my country which is NZ. I was really disappointing when Labyrinth Legends was not. I know its not all up to you guys in terms of where its released but will NZ/AUS be getting this game and any chance of the release of Labyrinth Legends soon?

  • I haven’t heard of this game but it looks interesting, I might pick it up :)

    I need to play something simple and fun once I manage to tackle the demanding giant that is Ni no Kuni…

  • Not available in Aus/NZ! Colour me dissapointed :(

  • was lookig foward to this, its ok from the demo but not worth the £7.99 maybe if theres a sale on it or a big plus discount i would get it

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