Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC PS3 release date

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As the old saying goes, “the revolution will not be televised.” Nonsense – it’s not only on your TV screen, but it will be interactive, too. Revolution, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, arrives on PlayStation Network on 28th February – and there’s more inside this collection than you may be expecting.


Revolution offers a heck of a lot of content for both multiplayer and Zombies fans. First up are the four multiplayer maps:

  • Hydro: Located in Pakistan, this hydro-electric plant comes complete with a lethal spillway that floods with very little warning.
  • Grind: Set in a skate park in Venice Beach (the birthplace of skateboarding!), quarter-pipes and curved surfaces drive players away from easy cover and into intense firefights.
  • Downhill: A ski resort in the French Alps, this snowy map is complete with a moving gondola system that can both offer cover and crush you to death.
  • Mirage: Located in China’s Gobi Desert, this luxury resort has been ravaged by a sandstorm.


It’s worth noting that Mirage is also the first Black Ops II map where Domination takes place in a triangular flag pattern instead of a linear one – that is, you can run laps around the main hotel (or cut through it) as you try to capture the three flags at three different corners of the map. You may find this changes up your Domination strategies a bit.

As a bonus, Revolution also contains the first downloadable weapon in Call of Duty history. The Peacekeeper SMG has the small form factor of a compact submachine gun, but the range of an assault rifle. It’s actually rated two points higher in range than the longest-range SMG in the game, the MSMC. It’s not the overpowered monster that I think some gamers were afraid it might be, but it will likely become a very popular choice for the short-to-medium range specialists out there. And once you level it up along with the rest of your SMGs, it too can sport gold and diamond camos.


If you are a Zombies fan, Treyarch has some secrets and surprises in store for you, too. Die Rise is an all-new Zombies level that takes place in a shattered skyscraper; one false move might send you right over the edge in a very literal and non-metaphorical sense.

The verticality of this level makes it feel unlike other Zombies experiences; you’re constantly finding new places above and below, exploring the rubble, locating parts for buildables, and even finding surprises in the very unsafe elevators. Some of those surprises are good, and some of them…well, just be prepared for anything, okay?


Last but definitely not least, Revolution offers a new way to play Zombies altogether, in the form of a new mode called Turned. Throw out your expectations for a strategic and calculating Zombies experience – this one’s all about adrenaline.

Up to four players can join in; one is human, the other three are zombies. The winner of the match is the person who can survive as the human the longest. A Reverse Gun Game weapon loadout means that the human switches from powerful to weaker weapons as their turn continues; whichever zombie player can take out the human becomes the human themselves.

It’s very fast, very frantic, and makes a great short experience for those times you want to play but can’t commit to a long gameplay session.

Prepare to have your high expectations met when Revolution arrives on PSN from 28th February. And look for me in the online lobbies — my PSN ID is OneOfSwords, and I’m the easy target!

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  • Too bad our prices are sky high compared to the other platforms. I’ll have to pass on this one.

  • Thanks for treating use as second class citizens, ripping us off even though we have to wait even longer.

  • Can you tell us why we pay much more than other consoles and other regions and even the advertised price?

  • @Sicmay

    Activision blame SCEE, SCEE blame Activision.

    Not much we can do about it. Its a case of buy it or don’t buy it.

  • Well if I want it I have to buy it- doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. I probably won’t bother but it’s just rude and frustrating because I want to.

  • Can`t Buy it !.. it`s Too expinsive !.. i think a few people will buy it.. I mean it`s a map pack not a game..!..

  • I have to agree. Why the hell is the Season pass €51.99 on the store? Even €2 cheaper and you would have sold bucket loads more. It would be nice to see an answer from the OP.

  • Btw we probably won’t get responses here- he is responding on the Us blog

  • Here’s his answer on the price difference :

    Dan Amrich on February 12th, 2013 at 10:09 am said:

    “Beats me. Activision only sets the suggested price for content (it’s actually illegal for Activision to do anything more than suggest a price), and I expect US prices to match across platforms. I cannot speak to why the EU would be more.”

    So yeah….Activision blame SCEE, SCEE blame Activision.

  • That’s no so much an answer as a “I don’t know and I don’t care”

  • Will this DLC be available for vita too? How much is it?

  • Really happy its coming to ps3 ! If anyone has a mic and wants to play revolution when it comes out add jamescoghlan but please have a mic ! :))

  • @ moolyt36


  • Im not one for complaining or having a bad word said about sony, but i agree with the majority on this one. Im only interested in zombies maps now but as Treyarch insist on treating us like ps3 owners like crap i will not be paying another penny to them, the dlc can jog on. im done with this ****. how dare microsoft be allowed to alienate the ps community from all this dlc foer many games?? ps as a brand has been around alot longer than xbox and yet you lie down and let microsoft walk all over you. Revolution? that would be the day…

  • why the other console always have DLC first?

  • @nerueen

    Microsoft paid big money to Activision to acquire the rights to release the DLC a month before the rest. Who knows, maybe their lower prices are part of that deal as well.

  • i still dont see the point in making the people with season passes wait. SEASON PASS HOLDERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY $50.00 FOR THIS CRAP AND STILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE DROP DATE

  • the zombie thing looks pretty sick

  • I’ll be picking this up for sure. Seen some plays and these levels look great. cheers.

  • £33 season pass like xbox or get stuffed. Why we being charged £42…

  • @ KylieDog

    According to Activision its SCEE that have increased the price.

    Wonder if anyone from SCEE will reply & explain it….

  • Sorry Activision but COD hasn’t been the same (figuratively:p) since Black ops and that whole Zampella and West thing.. There’s just something about the bullet detection since then.. New engine is long overdue too.. Holding off on this untill pricecut, if still interested by then.

  • 4 x 69€ overpriced black ops in belgium store = both u foult
    dlc overpriced = both u foult ( realy tired of u lame no it no me but him excuse )

    both = if u not repect u consummers , soon u wil have 0 left
    ms deal = against use gamers wo pay 50€ + 51 € dlc , see howh arogant u have become actimilkcow.

    u ea + sony are becoming to expensif in game markt 59€ = max

    give use ( quikscope free modus – new engine – 3/4 maximum kilstreak rewards where every player onli can activate 1/2 match – good spawn sites = not in other enemy pers before u + same respect like 360 gamers )

    also why letting peopel pay zombie maps when them not want ore visa versa ? ( i want 5 normal multyplayer maps but no zombie maps )

  • hi can any one tell me PLEASE when are they going to put more hardcore game modes on ops2 i payed for the hardened package just to play 4 hardcore modes its a rip off

  • I agree with Stonesthrow. COD definitely hasn’t been the same since Black Ops.

    I prefer Battlefield but I have purchased every COD release & imo MW3 was absolutely terrible. I’m enjoying Black Ops 2 though & I haven’t purchased any DLC across any of the titles, as the prices for map packs are ridiculous. Activision don’t care about their fans & all they see are $$$£££. The thing is, we all know what to expect from COD so it sells very well, year on year & the Season Pass price for PS3, added to the frustration. I was considering, for once, purchasing the DLC.

    Just the standard release for me & i’m happy with that, unless my buddies purchase it, then I may have to ;)

    It’s a good laugh at times, especially the kids that mouth off & resort to ‘Mum’ jokes & ‘Camper’ remarks.

  • dose any 1 no the price of this dlc

  • @17 What about European PS3 owners? Everyone else in the world is charged $50 (converted) for the season pass, European PS3 owners are charged $68… for delayed content?

    @26 The season pass is £42 UK, on Xbox you can get it a month earlier for only £32.


    Clearly everyone in Europe are outraged and it has caused quite a stir. I wasn’t expecting every single comment on here to be about the price and i’m sure Sony weren’t either.

    Hopefully this proves to Sony/SCEE they can’t just hike up European prices for no reason in the hopes we won’t notice.

    And make NO mistake, it IS SCEE who have decided to charge European PS3 owners 25% more than anyone in the world.

  • when is it comeing out for ps3 die rise

  • i didnt know it was cheaper everywhere else than here (europe) and tho im a bit p’d off im still lookihg forward to it new zomb mode looks excellent

  • PS3 is absolutely (CENSORED) ill be glad when me and all my friends get it!!!

  • I think the price is atrocious! How can SCEE do such a thing? If they think im buying the Season Pass this year, well they can think again!

  • Pathetic, not even going to bother purchasing. Map packs come out a month later for PS3 users, and they’re much more expensive. Sorry, going to pass on this one.

  • See the thing is, most of you are going to whine and cry about how we have to wait for DLC’s to come out almost a month, because its not a full month, to come out after the Xbox,or Microsoft as some of you are calling it, but guess what big deal, Microsoft paid to have the rights to showcase the DLC before Sony, and if so just wait for it to come out…its not like your going to die or anything…and if you really are that impatient or don’t want to wait that long and pay for your online game play then switch to Xbox…simple as that……all in all just wait, i meant we wait for games, full games, to be released, sometimes months because they push back the release date because of who knows why, and not to forget that we go to midnight releases as well, so who’s to say that we cant wait just a tad longer? or as suggested by myself, get both systems, oh but i don’t have the money to keep up with both systems, well then that’s out of my control…but please, i came on here to see comments on how people would be hyped and how much we’ve been waiting for it, but no, what a disapointment..

  • Can anybody tell me how much revolution will cost for ps3 in pounds?£10?, £15?

  • How much money will this cost in New Zealand Dollars Cause if its above 30$ its a rip off

  • Just think about it this way. We have to buy it 10 UK pounds more but they have to pay to play online. In the long run, they end up losing more money.

  • Personally i dont think it is overpriced, i still didnt get a season pass though, i will wait for the map packs to come out individually, i like the look of the maps on this map pack, so im gonna get it, if i dont like the look of future map packs i wont, simple, but going back to the pricing, you have to think about how many hours your gonna spend on these maps, for instance, usually a games lifespan is 20-30 hours, that works out about £1.50-£2.00 for an hour of play, but COD is different, its an ongoing game, i bet most the people on this forum have spent 100 hours plus on the game already, so the money to hours played ratio is way better than most games.

  • is the 2/28 dlc on ps3 gonna be released at midnight release???

  • I’m really getting sick of how treyarch and activision treat us PS3 players like we don’t matter as much as XBOX 360 players, besides, PS3 is way better because you don’t have to pay to play with people online unlike xbox, you have to pay 50$!!! ROCK ON SONY!!! GIVE US YOUR BEST SONY!!!

  • anybody know what time it will be downloadable on 28th??

  • what time can u download the dlc revloution ps3 ?

  • have you guys considered currency values?

  • i really just want to know what time it will be released

  • nm that question was dumb

  • Im australia its 1 pm and still no dlc its the 28th of feb stayed up all night waiting and its over half way through the day wheres the maps i paid for ppl are sick of having to wait im pretty annoyed should have been avalible at midnight whats going on???

  • Boba willson your an idiot

  • it’ll end up being released at 5am GMT, as you all know we cant play it before america

  • I run an elite clan and we have waited 30 days after Xbox has already enjoyed your dlc. Now there isn’t even an eastern time midnight dlc release in the pan . You people have a totally (CENSORED) system I will be playing the new Nintendo when it comes out n dropping your console specifically because your waiting times are horrendous.

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