Get the new YouTube app for PlayStation 3 today (update)

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UPDATE: As of this afternoon, YouTube has rolled the PS3 app out in the following additional regions: Turkey, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

ORIGINAL POST: Giving button mashing a whole new meaning, the new YouTube app for PlayStation 3 rolls out today across 19 countries including most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more. You’ll find the new app in My Channels under TV & Video Services on the home screen.

You might have watched YouTube on PS3 before, but get ready for a completely new experience that’s designed for the big screen and PS3 controls. The new app brings you more content, like your subscribed channels, and more ways to find videos, with better search tools, more ways to watch YouTube by pairing your smartphone, and more language options.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Search: Finding the videos you want is easier than ever, with search suggestions and instant video results while you type.
  • Your subscribed channels: Sign in to find the latest videos from your YouTube subscriptions, whether it be official music videos or the PlayStation channel.
  • Your phone as a remote: With a quick pairing process, you can control YouTube on PS3 with a smartphone. Find a video on your phone and with a simple button press it’ll play on the big screen. While the video is playing you can control it from the phone, or keep browsing YouTube for the next one.
  • Language Support: Set your language on your PS3 and use the new YouTube app in your language. The following languages are supported: English, Swedish, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Russian.

This release brings the new app to PlayStation 3 in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Russia and the United Kingdom.

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3 Author Replies

  • It’s about time! I’ve been using US app for months now.

  • will check it out later, thank you

  • Wow. A bit late..
    This would’ve been really cool.. maybe two years ago?

  • It really took that long? I’ve been using the US app for 6 months…. Jesus you guys are slow.

  • Denmark? Norway? Finland? Why do SCEE hate Scandinavia? We are left with the worst local customers support (Nordisk Film) and again we are left out. Denmark, Norway and Finland are all officially supported Youtube countries, so what’s the bad excuse this time?

    And where is the Vita app for same countries.

    • Hi Erroneus

      Peter from YouTube here. The reason for this is that we can only launch YouTube on the PlayStation 3 in countries where YouTube is fully localized.

      The good news is that we launched our localized version of in Denmark, Norway and Finland last week, so it should be coming to the PlayStation soon.


  • Not on the store yet.
    I’m assuming this is a “phased rollout”, which is Sony’s favourite phrase.

  • Phew! I hope life is enjoyable again now, for all those who couldn’t manage to grab the US version. ;)

  • #5 Google Most likely refuse to submit the PSN Dokumentation in Danish or Sony are working on reading it and will have it approves shortly

  • Yeah, I agree.

    It is about time, I didn’t know it was already available in the US though.

    Our phones and tablets are able to have apps for everything for our convenience, even ones that have been around half the time.

    Why has it taken this long? It seems as it doesn’t make you money like LoveFilm, Vidzone or Music Unlimited you don’t bother. That’s such a weak strategy, get good apps that are good for the users and more people will buy the console.

    I hope the PS4 comes with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer (not just web based) apps at the VERY least!

  • people need to understand that its not sony’s fault the lack of youtube app in many EU countries,you can ask google about that and the reason why they leave countries out of this.even this post is from the marketing manager of youtube,ask him :)

  • This looks pretty much like the WiiU’s Youtube App… :-) (which is good)

  • I have an ios device, an android tab and a Windows Phone 8. None of the companies behind them seem to have the “serviced territories” problems that cripple Sony. Furthermore, Netflix has been available in Finland FOR MONTHS yet the vita app is nowhere to be found.
    This is one of the many reasons why in the last 3 months I pretty much stopped purchasing stuff from the PSN Store and from retailers as well. I just download whatever PS+ offers and that’s it. I am done giving my money to a company that shows zero respect for the customers and doesn’t even give proper explanations when questions arise.
    I don’t even expect a reply. I know better than that at this point. Just venting my disappointment.

  • This is not “new” its the same thing that America had?
    which means no using search with an actual physical keyboard, which is stupid.
    Seems to be the case that instead of keeping it away from a few minor countries due to language they instead punish everyone and upset their largest user base, gj SCEE.

  • Kinda late. But i guess people who waited for this will be happy at last.

  • @Peter Sherman. Your response to Erroneous pretty much confirms that it is SCEE who is behind the lack of support and not the Developers or Publishers, as they usually claim.

  • @Peter Sherman Thanks for the reply, looking forward to seeing the Youtube app for both PS3 and Vita. And let me finish off by saying, it’s about bloody time ;)

  • Not in Portugal… :(
    Sony, you should be different from A$$le and M$FT… but guess not… :(

  • Yay! It’s about time. = D

  • @suomenargie
    Well said. I think Sony is still too much of a content creator / developer itself, with its music & movies branches etc.
    All those classical content providers are so deep backwards in their mind set about treating markets separately. They seem like dinosaurs in this globalized world.

  • Here we go again :(
    Youtube is fully localized for my country why i can’t get this app ?

  • @Peter when you will ”release” scandinavian (Finland,Denmark,Norway) YouTube as official region how long that will take im really waiting YouTube for PS VITA

  • Looks great but the search function is very time consuming to use.

    Are there any plans to integrate the Vita in some Cross-Play awesomeness! You use the Vita as a controller to queue up more videos, check out more info and browse while watching.

    • I very much recommend using your phone (or tablet) to control YouTube on your PlayStation 3. You can use the app on your phone as normal, then send the video to the TV with a click of a button.

  • I’ve been using the US App flawlessly. I’ll confirm the unavailable features:
    You won’t be able to add a video to a playlist
    You won’t be able to add to (or access) your favourites
    You won’t be able to subscribe or unsubscribe
    You won’t be able to link your YT/Google account without a phone or computer
    You won’t be able to use your account without logging in to PSN
    You won’t be able to use the floating keyboard or a USB keyboard to search (a.k.a. takes ages to type)

    The advantage is just 1080p support and better audio. You don’t really get any benefits like using Google in a different tab or listening to your XMB music when your not browsing. All-in-all: You should only use it when your planning on spending a LOT of time on YouTube. The advantages: You get to read tiny text in videos. Disadvsntage: If you ARE watching Vsauce (highly recommended) you need a notepad to remember anything you want to search online later.

  • @Mark917 – Are you sure about 1080p. Everytime I load up the app, its always 720p.

  • two things the app needs, to support the playlists created by the content creators, and a hd playback option.
    now it’s been a while since i last tried the ps3 youtube app, so maybe those features have been added.

  • When will we get this in Portugal? We need this on the vita, asap!!!
    Why hasn’t it come out in Portugal?

  • ‘Your phone as a remote’ That sounds COOL!!! :P

  • Is there an explanaition why the App is not available to Portugal?

  • Why isn’t it being released in Portugal?

    YouTube is fully localized in Portuguese!!!!!!

  • I download it. I am from amsterdam the dutch store but it don’t work it ask for ps vita
    I remove it. This is not myn first complain the dutch store sucks the people ho works for the dutch store are amateurs. I am sorry but it’s the true. Am now at the store and it’s for the vita and not for ps3

  • Misleading title, its not new lol. Wait a minute why did this take so long to come out. The version of this app on the Wii U looks identical to the PS3 one for some reason and that was on Wii U in Europe since Launch.

  • Doggy_united

    u have vita version !!!!!!!!

    ps3 version not jet in store :)

    = about time + i like app
    when singstar app sony , instead of iritating big goast icone

    use phone (or tablet ) , why not vita movement ?

  • Can it do 1080p and 3D?

  • ps remove 3 x rong language game of cod bo 2 in belgium store

    + demo of ragnorack odysee not in ps vita store ( only on ps3)
    so if u not have ps3 = no demo

  • Monoliet I saw that but tnx for the info. :)

  • Phone ass a remote? how?

  • Does this mean that I will get a YouTube app on my Vita soon?

    This whole situation has been utterly pathetic. My iPhone has had a YouTube app for ages. iPhones have come with one installed for years… why is this so hard for SCEE?! Just pathetic. Why can’t the Vita just ship with an app? Especially now that one exists! Why must these things drown in corporate ineptitude? You’re dinosaurs and it makes your platform weaker and less attractive.

    Want to watch YouTube on your nice 5″ OLED Vita screen? Well SCEE goes: lololololol, you can’t because… because… we’re incompetent dinosaurs!

    If it is about localization like certain games on PSN suffer under (store descriptions), I think it’s total BS. Just hand me things in English.

    My PS3 and Vita systems are set to English on the system level, I play games in English. Everything I do with computers and their systems and software is in English. I don’t care one bit about localization as often the translations are laughably bad anyway. I just want my stuff in English and that goes for practically everyone I know.

    I’m absolutely tired of SCEE failing to provide me with proper service on the devices I paid for.

  • Peter Sherman: I think it’s weird you say it’s becouse its not localized in Norway, and thats the reason it’s not out yet, been using the us version on my Norwegian account in Norway for months, and guess what, it’s in Norwegian too, lol! :)… Anyway, nice to hear it will soon finally be officially out here too, especially looking forward for the vita youtube app…

  • When does it come to Scandinavia?

  • Im still cant find it in my tv/vide channels ;s anyone know what it can be wrong ?

  • Hi Peter from youtube.

    How about try to answer all th portuguese inquiries???

    Couldn’t care less for Youtube on the PS3 but it is useful on the vita.

    If it’s available on Apple stuff why not here? The localization excuse does not make any sense…

  • SCEE needs to get rid of the regional crap very, very soon! It is unsustainable for those of us who aren’t considered important enough to get the best service.

    I have iOS, Android and Sony devices and it is only with SCEE serviced devices that I have to feel like some dirty, unwanted, third rate customer.

    Man, it is little wonder that Sony is pouring money into a huge black hole quarter after quarter. There is no room for old dinosaurs in today’s digital marketplace.

    Really, fix this regional crap or your customers will go elsewhere. I’m already transitioning. You could have had my full attention if you’d only give me the proper level of service. But no, you have to be ancient dinosaurs. Inept, incompetent and washed out. SCEE brings shame to the Sony brand. Hirai-San should be ashamed of how parts of Europe get treated.

  • Will it be available in Ukraine? YouTube is fully localized here but no app.

  • @cowbanana The ‘regional crap’ is there because of countries’ laws, which they have to abide by. So don’t blame SCEE, blame your country.

    And as for this app, I hate it as much as the new PlayStation Store. Everything is too large and clunky and the search system sucks.

  • Doggy_united

    vind je niet in de store maar gewoon in de xmb menu onder tv diensten .

  • @ MaxDiehard

    Please do not talk about things you do not know.

    There is no law or anything here in Portugal about mandatory localization. All the major tv shows and movies are subtitled here and a lot of videogames are in English with the manuals in English.

    Also there is youtube here (of course) on every major platform, form android to apple, so THE PROBLEM IS WITH SONY AND/OR WITH GOOGLE (but by themselves they’re here so…)

    Do not trash talk @cowbanana if YOU don’t know what you’re talking about.

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