Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 4

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Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 4

PlayStation Mobile's 'New Year giveaway' offering six free titles over six weeks

Hi everyone. This week’s PlayStation Mobile giveaway is fast-paced action game Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender.

Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to take to the high seas in search of new sources of nourishment. Fans of fun, lightning-fast side-scrolling shoot ’em up are in for a good time here!

Download it today from PS Store on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Devices now, and we’ll see you back here next Wednesday for another complimentary PS Mobile game.

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  • Yeah, still waiting in Norway. But then again, we allways have to wait for the slow gears of SCEE to grind.

    Btw, you said in october that PSM would come to Asus Transformer line very soon. Have it happend yet, or are you slow on that front also?

  • Thaaaaaaank yooooooooou :)

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

  • It’s definitely one of the best PS Mobile games at the moment. We gave it a pretty good review on our site over at

    With this and Cubixx over the last two weeks, I can’t wait to see what the last two weeks have in store for us! :)

  • Thanks for nothing, SCEE! Nothing but the best nothing for your Scandinavian customers.

    By not launching in all territories you killed PSM before it got a chance to live. No wonder Apple is eating your mobile lunch, all day, all week and all year – while you watch them from the sidelines wondering why you can’t have their success. They did it right and you shamble along like a fossilized dinosaur.

    I have had YouTube on my iPhone since day-1 and you still can’t manage a YouTube Vita app for your Scandinavian customers. Why can Apple do what you can’t?

    I actually much prefer my Vita, but SCEE apparently lacks the competence to get even the most expected and “standard” thing done for the Vita. Unless you live in one of the few countries that matter to Sony…

    When can we expect basic things like YouTube on the Vita?

    Wake up, SCEE! This is 2013 and Apple has been doing better than you do now, since 2007 – When it comes to digital services and app support.

  • Not really been interested in the PSM games given away so far, but I’ll probably pick this up :)

  • Nice. This got decent reviews when it came out and I havent got it already. Thanks

    Any update on trophy support? Ive got a few mobile games now but Im not playing them much because I’m waiting for trophies.

  • RUN !!! The *we dont have it here* whiners are coming.

  • Another week of Sony trying to do something positive for its customers and now the anti-Sony comments start again…

    What surprises me is the number of people who still think that Sony develop everything for the PS3 or Vita and criticise them when something isn’t released. Sony can’t always control or decide what is and isn’t released or where products are released so before attacking them, why not find out the reason why.

    As for what is released in what territories, should we all blame SCEE or SCEA for not releasing Japanese games? No. It’s just how the industry works and it’s the same for music, movies, books, comics, television… pretty much every form of entertainment.

  • Aqua Kitty is really a *great* game. Everyone that has access to Playstation Mobile should get this game right now :)

  • @maximalcheetor

    Easy for you to defend, when you live in a country that gets everything. I think you have to experience getting nothing before you speak up on the matter.

    I paid the same for the hardware, I expect the same level of service.

    Other companies can provide a much, much better parity in services across territories. Yet Sony can’t because they’re a dinosaur.

    SCEE needs to step it up.

  • Looks good. If I had a PS Mobile compatible device I’d grab it. Note: Please make PS Mobile run on PS3 like PSP Minis do. Surely it would increase sales greatly for these games and help these small developers succeed. Vita and a few Xperia phones (not mine it seems) is just too small a userbase.

  • Again, no news about the launch of this in Portugal and other countries. Not even a date…

    On another thread a moderator took a bet that he would give news about this, but apparently he decided to forfeit on this bet.

    Sad, sony, sad…

  • As lots of other comments in this post, are there any news about the launch of Playstation Mobile in our countries (like Ireland)?

  • is it really very hard to release PSM for the rest of the world ?

  • Fred, when is the 1 year anniversary sale going live?

  • @14

    It’s very very hard.

  • @cowbanana

    Here in Sweden (which is in Scandinavia) we have had the Vita Youtube app since day one…

  • Still no PSM in NZ.

    It wouldn’t bother me so much, waiting, but we can’t “purchase” these games so when we do get PSM, we won’t have the same special free games offer everyone else did, right? Short end of the stick…

  • And to #17,

    Here in Portugal we have no youtube either.

    Apparently there is only youtube on countries where google has direct presence.

    So blame this on google, I guess, but Playstation Mobile is 100% sony’s fault.

  • @cowbanana

    The thing is that although I live in the UK, I DO experience exactly what you are going through every day so I understand how frustrating it can be.

    As well as being a gamer for over 30 years, I’m a massive sci-fi fan – and most of all, Transformers. However, living in the UK we suffer from incredibly poor distribution of toys here, with many US mainstream ranges not even getting a UK release, let alone all of the highly sought-after Japanese products.

    A lot of the “normal” releases that the American fans get in stores tend to be cut-off part way through a range in the UK leaving fans unable to get even the most basic of toys. I’m lucky because I run a Transformers convention and have access to specialist dealers, but the availability of toys that would be incredibly popular here is relatively non-existent.

  • For those who are saying that the lack of PSM in their countries is Sony’s fault, again how do you KNOW that for certain? Sony have said that they are working on it but there could be countless factors stopping them from getting the games available.

    For starters, the Android app needs to go through Google and will have to be approved by them for each individual country it is released in. Making comparisons to Apple here isn’t fair because Apple themselves can decide what is and isn’t released or where. They may not develop all the iOS apps, but ultimately Apple control what gets released and where.

    In the case of PS Mobile, Sony have to approve what gets released, but there are TWO distribution outlets that need to be co-ordinated for every single title and what is to say that Sony aren’t having problems on a local level with each country right now that PS Mobile isn’t in?

    Finally, when it does expand, how do you know that Sony WON’T do some sort of promotion to welcome new customers? They’re going to want to encourage people to try the games out so a repeat of this will make sense, and possibly even offering different titles.

    Don’t forget the America doesn’t even have this free offer!

  • Just to add to what maximalcheetor has been saying. It is in Sony’s best interests to provide the same level of service to all territories. Sony is definitely in the business of making money. The more territories that have access to all of Sony’s products and offers, the more money Sony makes. So with that in mind, it’s not difficult to see that they would cater to you if they could.

  • This is not available in my store KSA ??
    what the >>> come on sony pring it on to us .

  • This is not available in my store KSA ??
    what the >>> come on sony bring it on to us .

  • @maximalcheetor I remember what that was like. I’m not much of a TF collector (just getting the ones I really like and are almost always the more complex and in my opinion interesting movie figures) but on many occasions over the years I’ve ended up paying the extra costs to import the figure I want from Japan whether it’s for figures that weren’t available here or figures that were just better in Japan (love the shiny chrome on RotF Buster Optimus Prime and his gun, both features missing from the Hasbro version). UK fans of various non-UK series do have to struggle a bit.

  • Sony wasn’t able to implement better web browser into PS3 for 5 years. Sony wasn’t able to bring Vidzone and many others services to more countries. Sony wasn’t able to allow users delete Singstar icon nor give meaningful answer to many complaints for 3 months.

    Do you think it will be better with Playstation Mobile? Ha ha ha. Dream on.

  • @maximalcheetor – please make some attempts to get your facts straight.

    You say Google have to approve the PSM Android app for all countries. Firstly, they don’t, it’s up to Play Store developers to select the countries in which their apps are available.

    Second, the PSM app isn’t even available on the Google Play Store, it needs to be sideloaded, despite your little fiction of Google needing to approve. Of course, running the app just tells me that my account is in an unsupported country.

    You also say that this set of free games aren’t available in the USA. Actually, they are.

    It’s odd to see you attempting to deflect the blame from Sony – and sorry, but that’s exactly where the blame belongs.

  • Cheetor, Google don’t have an approval process. You upload your app to your channel in the Play Store where it’s scanned for malware/viruses etc. before it’s published.

    But like above, it’s not even on the Play Store. The problem here, on Sony’s end mind you, is the complete and total lack of transparency or care for customers. Us not getting any of these free games is just insult to injury.

  • Ignoring PSM, is Sly Cooper coming today? There has been no announcement which is odd for a Sony exclusive????

  • Still no roadmap either?

    @maximalcheetor – the PSM app for Vita isn’t even an Android app at all.
    Comparing physical goods distribution (Transformer collectibles) with digital goods distribution is comparing apples and oranges.

    There is no reason to keep our hopes up with you defending them and them giving empty promises. I still remember their promises about the comics store and what became of them.
    As there isn’t even a roadmap they can publish the same fate still exists for PSM.

  • @dillusion the Wiki lists it for March 27th. I know the US got it last night. grr.

  • For the older people out there gaming, there is one word to describe this game.


    no more to be said.

  • Great game. Already bought this one ages ago but am still happy to have paid for it to support the developer. It’s a great game on Xperia Play & Vita although of course the Vita’s beautiful screen looks a lot better than the XP’s.

  • And there goes yet another away… So we who have no access to PSM have now missed 3 games.

  • @ Maximalcheetor, it is very easy to say all of these things and praise Sony to the ends of the earth while you sit in the UK. The fact is, Ireland (your next door bloody neighbour), does not receive any (promised) PSM content along with many other countries out there.

    I bought an Xperia Play for this reason, and nearly 2 years later the same 10 PS1 games are all I can get for it.

    The reason for this is purely cost based, if Ireland was the size of the U.K., there would be no issue. Sony is saving some pennies by not spending resources on entering smaller markets. Simple as that.

    Google have done the same with the Nexus 4 phone, although the European HQ is situated in Dublin, you cannot purchase their proprietary phone in the Irish market, for the same reasons Sony have much less content available here.

    Microsoft have done the same with XNA Indie titles, although the European HQ of Microsoft is situated here, you cannot purchase them. How ridiculous a scenario, I could make and sell an XNA or PSM game, but not download or purchase it in my own country?

  • PLEASE SONY bring out the ‘Xperia ZL’ Mobile in the UK :( I like the ‘Xperia Z’ but want the ‘ZL’ really :P

  • @11 The PS3 is not portable.

  • It is a nice campaing to give away free games on the psm store but who wants to play those games anyway? Google Play store has millions of games. I bought my xperia s last year also because it was supposed to be a “playstation certitied” smartphone.I was thinling about buying some old school ps1 games but then Sony Just remove them from the store for a nonsense reason. So this incredible PlayStation certification is for me until now completly useless…

  • @37 uh yes, well done. Pointing out the obvious. Who cares if the PS3 isn’t portable?

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