Ragnarok Odyssey release date announced, demo out today

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Ragnarok Odyssey release date announced, demo out today

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Fast-paced, giant-crushing, poring-popping Ragnarok Odyssey is finally coming to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, so I’ve got just one question to ask you: What do you think of when you hear the word “Ragnarok”?

Looking back to my Halcyon Ragnarok Online days, I fondly recall getting together with friends to smash tons of crazy monsters and cower in terror at the mighty MVPs. I think of crossing my fingers while the blacksmith mercilessly refined my precious gear – will this be the time it breaks??? But mostly, I think of collecting coveted cards and donning decadent headgears. Ragnarok Odyssey brings you all of this and more as it takes this beloved IP into a new generation of action-RPG gaming.

While customising your hero, you will get to choose from a variety of classes, some with familiar skills and spells. Storm Gust still hits like a beast, Sanctuary provides much needed AoE healing, and the Archer’s Arrow Shower still rains death upon foes. On top of these fan favorites, you also get to experience completely new abilities like those of the incredibly powerful Hammersmith.


If you can time your drill spin and acclimate yourself to the incredibly slow movement and attack speeds, you will pummel even the toughest foes in no time! Of course, defeating foes means nothing if they don’t drop the ever important loot with which you upgrade your goodies.

The local blacksmith is no longer a horrible, scary person since he doesn’t break your gear, but he still won’t refine your goods for free. As you take on mission after mission, you will gather bits and pieces of monsters that become the +1’s to your swords, and the charming Poring hats on your head. Just about everything you want takes some kind of material found in the field, and of course, the signature Zeny currency.

It wouldn’t be Ragnarok if the monsters didn’t also have a chance to drop their cards. The drop rate may be a lot higher, but these precious rarities are still just as crucial as they ever were. Each card will augment your stats and abilities. Sometimes they act as a double edged sword by increasing one ability at the expense of another. It’s up to you to decide the right balance for your build.

This game also utilises different costumes that have a limited number of card slots. You can visit the tailor (with Zeny and materials) and increase the amount of card space you have available.
Once you are properly outfitted, it’s time to tackle some missions. You have the choice to go solo or join up to three friends (local or online), but whatever you do, don’t accidentally venture into the multiplayer tavern alone! Mission difficulty scales up pretty drastically, so don’t try to solo a group mission unless you are ready to put your skills to the test!

In describing this game, it’s impossible to avoid comparisons to certain other action/RPG games that have you hunting monsters, but in all honesty, such similarities are shallow at best! While you will get to enjoy the thrilling challenge of taking on enemies several times your size, your hero fights with a unique combo system that lets you unleash a variety of powerful skills. You can play baseball with Porings or knock an Orc sky-high, only to follow him into the air and continue your devastating onslaught.

For lack of any better words to describe it, the game just feels different from its co-op action RPG brethren. If only there was some way for you so sample the game…

That’s where the demo comes in!

Choose from three available classes: Sword Warrior, Assassin, or Cleric, and set out on sample missions to get a taste of mercenary life. The first two take place in the scenic Idavoll Plains, and they allow you to ease your way into the game. They also give you a taste of that first sweet, sweet giant boss battle. Keep in mind, as tough as this Orc King may seem, you will face foes exponentially larger and more deadly in the full version!

Lastly, we have a wolf hunt in Thor’s Volcano. The change of scenery is nice, but you will quickly notice that the seasoned adventurer’s journey becomes much more perilous as you venture further from those pretty green plains. Do you have what it takes to bring some order back to the Sundered Land?

The Ragnarok Odyssey demo is available later today, and the full version will be released on the PlayStation Store in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 20th February 2013 for €29.99.

For more information, check out the official website here.

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