PlayStation Store PAL charts: January 2013

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PlayStation Store PAL charts: January 2013


As ever, January was a relatively quiet month for new releases, so the charts were dominated by a mix of end-of-year blockbusters and older titles benefiting from discounted prices. Let’s have a look how everything lined up:

Full PS3 game downloads:

Saints Row: The Third took the top spot by a whisker thanks to some nice savings in our January sale. New releases DmC Devil May Cry and Demon’s Souls didn’t quite make the top 10, though both were released at the end of the month.

  1. Saints Row: The Third (Re-entry)
  2. Just Cause 2 (5)
  3. Sports Champions 2 (RE)
  4. Far Cry 3 (1)
  5. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (RE)
  6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (RE)
  7. Lord of the Rings: War in the North (New)
  8. Borderlands 2 (RE)
  9. Red Dead Redemption (RE)
  10. Max Payne 3 (RE)

PSN games:

Journey rocketed back to the top spot, buoyed by its appearance in a number of Game of the Year lists. Elsewhere, Double Fine’s eccentric subterranean adventure The Cave entered in second place, and The Walking Dead showed great legs at five.

  1. Journey (6)
  2. The Cave (New)
  3. Sonic Adventure 2 (RE)
  4. The Walking Dead – Season Pass (4)
  5. Mass Effect (1)
  6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (5)
  7. Okami HD (7)
  9. Hydrophobia Prophecy (RE)
  10. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (RE)

PS Vita games:

It was a second month of chart domination for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on the PS Vita chart. Congratulations to the team at Just Add Water. Retro City Rampage put in a strong showing to debut in second place, while Table Top Tanks and Table Ice Hockey popped up courtesy of price cuts.

  1. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (1)
  2. Retro City Rampage (New)
  3. Table Top Tanks (RE)
  4. Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified (3)
  5. Table Ice Hockey (RE)
  6. MotorStorm RC (10)
  7. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (2)
  8. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation (5)
  9. Plants vs. Zombies (RE)
  10. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (7)

PS Classics:

No surprises here – GTA: San Andreas continued its reign at the top of the Classics chart. Will Vice City dethrone it this month? Elsewhere, Final Fantasy titles put in a good showing courtesy of recent discounts on the series.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (1)
  2. Final Fantasy IX (RE)
  3. Final Fantasy VII (7)
  4. Final Fantasy VIII (10)
  5. Crash Bandicoot (3)
  6. Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (2)
  7. CTR: Crash Team Racing (4)
  8. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (5)
  9. Final Fantasy VI (RE)
  10. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (6)

Head on over to the US PlayStation Blog to find out how things differed across the pond.

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18 Author Replies

  • Final Fantasy IX above VII.

    Hope in humanity restored.

  • All praise the glory of JAW! (And OWI)

    Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on the Vita is a magnificent game.

    It is a shame that the rest of the Vita list is so dire… there’s a few good games, but I can think of quite a few much, much better games that aren’t on the chart. But then again I never shared the taste of what seems to popular.

    I wonder why people aren’t buying Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed? The Vita version is extremely good. A few reviews took a crap all over this version, but I could easily pick their crappy critique apart. This version might be missing some effects, but it looks so sharp and crisp on the Vita. Easily the best -image quality- of all the console versions. An amazing game that no one buys…

  • If I’m now seen Finland is now Official Google & Youtube region (as location) so can You finally publish Youtube App for PS Vita in Finland too it’s whatever for most of people will it be With Finnish or English language & Can u please fix the problem with Uncharted 2 digital purchase getting wrong dlc that are compatible with disc version but not with digital version…

  • Interesting thing that Saints Row: The Third is on this list. Perhaps there was a deal involved, but I can’t honestly remember.

    Anyways, congrats to Oddworld Inhabitants for that #1 place o Vita. Looks like the Oddworld franchise is one that is still quite strong :D

    By the way Fred, any chance that in the future DLC can get in the charts? I see the US have them and it would be really interesting to see how different things are (Call of Duty aside :P).

  • Square totally got the list, but still got loss for previous year. Oh boy, this generation isn’t very lucky for Japanese devs.

  • Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable bombed pretty hard I see… Maybe they should not have OVERPRICED IT. Got what it deserved.

  • I’ll post this here too, incase you don’t see the other post.

    Fred, I am sorry for hijacking this post – but I have a very urgent matter I would like to talk with you about. Can you come onto PSN please?

  • Is the number in (brackets) after the game the number of copies sold?

  • You forgot the PSP games. I wanted to know if Corpse Party sold well.

  • Hey Fred, I hope you don’t mind when I post the charts for Germany?

    1. Not available in Germany.
    2. Not available in Germany.
    3. Not available in Germany.
    4. Not available in Germany.
    5. Not available in Germany.
    6. Not available in Germany.
    7. Not available in Germany.
    8. Not available in Germany.
    9. Not available in Germany.
    10. Not available in Germany.

    And that in all categories of course. ;)

    Of course everyone is excited about the upcoming hits in the SCEE stores, Not available in Germany and Not available in Germany too.

    • Hey Golwar. I appreciate your frustration over the Plus issue this month. We’ll hopefully have an update on the German Blog later today/tomorrow.

  • Have some games gone up in price? I was looking to buy The 3rd Birthday for PSP a couple weeks ago and it was £8, I bought a PSN card today and now the game is £16.

    It wasn’t advertised as being in a sale…why the price hike? I’m certainly not buying it now.

  • I’ve heard so many good things about Far Cry 3, thinking this will be my next purchase.
    But for now I’m happily rocking through Ni No Kuni. :)

  • Go FF7! Go GTASA!

  • Sad EDF didn’t make the Vita chart, it really is tons of fun. At least it seems to have done well in the US, hope it inspires Namco Bandai to bring over more of their Vita games from Japan.

  • You might sell more if:

    – Remote Play for Vita was brought back to the store, and

    – The store wasn’t so SLOW to use now.

    I remember being able to go through the old store hitting SQUARE on every icon to add them to my basket.

    This version takes an AGE to add ONE ITEM to your basket.

    I used to buy loads but I cannot be bothered these days!

    Also, I hate that for “Trial & Unlock” games it says “Purchased” underneath the title if I’ve downloaded the trial version, even if I haven’t paid for the “unlock”. So I get excited, thinking perhaps it’s a freebie I missed, go in and look and… no, still gots to pay. SO I NEVER PURCHASED IT. Don’t go dangling carrots like that!

    I don’t know who thought this new store redesign was a good plan but they should be sacked.

  • Oh yes, and the amount of times it crashes is shocking. I’m just pleased someone had the forethought to code it so that my “carted” stuff stays in the cart because it’s frustrating enough as it is.

    So well done for that.

    But bad show for coding something that crashes so frequently in the first place.

    I find it head-slappingly frustrating that a company with the technical know-how of Sony don’t have an ounce of common sense, marketing nous, or even the plain ability to give customers what they clamour for, instead preferring to adopt an arrogant business approach, namely “we don’t care what you want, we’re Sony and you’ll probably buy our stuff eventually”… that won’t work forever, y’know… and you want us to get excited for PS4? Congrats, Sony! I’m more intrigued by the new XBox… Microsoft seem to have SOME idea of what they’re doing.

    Christ almighty, I must now go and wash my mouth out… never thought I’d say such things…

  • @Bumblebee you need to quit whinging. The store is no slower, in fact it is faster and just because you have crashed it a couple of times (or it has crashed for some other reason), does not mean the entire corporation of Sony should be denounced.

    Fred: The store now downloads items immediately on purchase, removing the basket step a lot of people must have found too time consuming. For instance the only way to purchase Sleeping Dogs on PS+ is to download it at immediately at 6gb. Damn I can’t tell you how annoying it is not having a basket, is there anyway to turn it back on?

    • I’d like to post something constructive re. your Store issues, but it’s just not something I can speak on with authority. All I can say is that there will be new features and optimisations added throughout 2013.

  • It’a shame CoD Vita is so high…

    Sony, correct the price of MGS HD in the Polish store! The bundle of MGS 2 and 3 is more expensive than buying the games separately. I doubt that’s why you bundle games. And please just drop the price of the bundle, as you’ve increased it recently by 5 Euro anyway. Now it costs the same as MGS HD on PS3 at retail, while still not having Peace Walker…

    PS. You should release the Peace Walker HD with second analog stick support on Vita and make a sale for all MGS games. Just a hint.

  • @MastrOfRenegade actually the store crashing is a VERY common issue. You’re just very lucky if it doesn’t happen to you. Three times it’s crashed on me in a way I can’t even just exit it the whole ps3 has had to be switched off at the back (which of course made it throw a right fit >. <)

    On the topic of the charts I'm well surprised Ni No Kuni isnt mentioned… did the "technical difficulties" affect sales that much?? So glad I pre ordered my wizards edition back in july. Also I was pleasantly surprised when the store didn't shove saints row into the basket and make me confirm it a million times before download… "are you sure you wish to purchase this??" ITS FREE?!

  • @Golwar

    It’s sad to see how paranoid germany is in regards to over censoring content. I think part of this is guilt placed on that nation for wrongs done in the past(over guilted by the wronged party as this wronged group is showing they have learnt nothing(or too much)by their repeating exactly what was done to them on the population they are now wrongly occupying.
    I have said this on here before and I will repeat it. You cannot censor out your past. you have to face it, accept it happened, show remorse if applicable and MOVE ON. All that this over-censoring is doing is, like a wound left to fester, is leaving this problem for future german generations to suffer from and try to resolve. What is worse is like the Irish whom are affected by the “famine” of the 1900s, the longer it is left, the more out of touch you become of the real root problems.

  • I think they just wanted sleeping dogs :-D not a history lesson not sure how the two relate :-D

  • Stewart Gilray

    Hi everyone, and especially SCEE,
    Many many thanks for this, we are all truly moved here at JAW/Oddworld by this.

    Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for some MORE news on Stranger VITA soon ;)


  • Hi Fred,
    would it be possible to see not just the ranking but also the quantities sold?
    and could you link the Japanese charts too?


    • Alas, I can’t give you the numbers.

      I’ll look into Japan, though I’m not certain they publish their charts.

  • I was trying to buy unit13 from psvita sale but it was unavailable for me because I had used 5€ discount voucher for it and I have other unit13 title there which stands at ~30€. Could you fix this so I could buy it :D

  • I downloaded Ni No Kuni demo yesterday and thought that was a pure crap game. Didn’t enjoy it one bit. Wanted to see what the big fuss was about and why people are saying it’s so popular. Then last night I went on Kotaku and seen someone wrote a comment saying we can control the character during the battle (I expected it to be like Final Fantasy).

    They also said the demo was a disappointment which I also agreed (especially when I kept dying when didn’t know we can move around). So I’m just after trying the demo for a second time and this time was on the second mission and WOW what a game!! Will most likely be the number one in January post. I’m very tempt to buy this game but have so much to play right now and don’t want it to make me lose interest in sleeping dogs.

  • Ops. meant February. lol

  • @procion
    Well in this specific case the topic isn’t really how Germany regulates games, as Sleeping Dogs is available in any store. So the only question is why SCEE and SquareEnix didn’t manage to get that version into the store.

    And while I agree that adults should be free to buy any game (yet again, that is legally the case. It’s once more the stores failure that they fail to arrange an age verification system), I don’t think that it is necessarily problematic to ban very extreme scenes from games.

    I played the US SD demo when it was released and some of those death scenes disgusted me, even with my 30+ years. Seriously, why is it necessary to shred your enemies? Does such a “feature” enhance the game play or game design? And if it is considered a great fun to kill humans that way, we shouldn’t be surprised that the NRA and FOX News attempt to fault video games for corrupting the youth.

  • @Fred
    Thank you. I somehow doubt that the replacement will improve the situation though. Not after the experience with PSP Lego Batman and Gotham City Imposters, as the replacements for the last 2 months.

    If the replacement is from SquareEnix too, there are only few possible remaining candidates left. Hitman Absolution would be the same quality (both games got a 83% Metacrictic rating) and they are just 3 months apart from the release date.
    But I simply don’t believe that either SCEE or SquareEnix would really care about a fair replacement title for Germany (see examples above), so Hitman seems very very unlikely.

    As most other PS3 games from SE were in the IGC already and games as FF XIII-2 or Dungeon Siege 3 aren’t in the store, only PSN titles as Scarygirl or Elevator Action Deluxe remain from their catalogue. And honestly, if we should get either one of those, don’t expect me to react friendly.

  • Hey Fred, you said that there will be a little news of Sly Cooper news back in the blog recap. Do you know when?

    And I can’t say why CoD: Declassified is still on the charts for a reason even though it is a broken half-finished game and got really poor critic scores.

    • Hopefully tomorrow, but it might slip til Monday – I’m trying my best to get it sorted but it’s a busy week here at SCEE.

  • @Fred

    This is the 4th time that I’ve asked but no reply yet!

    Will the EU store ever get Xenogears as a PSone Classic? Please let me know thanks :D

  • No problem Fred thanks for answering!

    I’ll go bug Square-Enix instead lol

  • no big surprises there with all the sale stuff being back in the charts :)

    does stuff thats free on plus place on the charts? if so i expect sleeping dogs will be number 1 next month with the dlc dominating the charts, i had it a while and i really suggest everyone buys nightmare in north point its great.

    if walking dead gets the sale that chris is trying for im guessing that will take a jump back to 1 or 2 in the charts.

  • The whole PLUS/pricecut thing influences these numbers so much.. Most of the PS3 downloads are obviously games that have gotten a pricecut lately. Expected Okami and Mass effect higher up too.
    Still need to get Walking dead, not my type of game or series, but it’s gotten such good reviews, and I do dig the Heavy rain influences :p

  • Sony employees keep saying contact Square-Enix about certain games – well considering Sony owns 8.53% of Square- Enix (making it the 3rd biggest share holder in Square-Enix) means that people aren’t wrong coming to the blog to ask about certain Square-Enix games. After all several Square-Enix games have been offered in the IGC, not to mention consistent sales on Square-Enix products so we are well aware of Square-Enix and Sony relationship.

    So why are people asking for games like Chrono Cross and Xenogears somehow wrong to ask Sony? Sounds more like a case of SCEE not being bothered to ask themselves and at the same time not being bothered about making any revenue from the sales of these old Squaresoft titles.

  • @procion
    The Irish famine didn’t happen in the 1900’s, and the Irish people don’t try ‘censoring’ it, especially ‘worse’ than Germany ‘censors their past’ as you put it. I would love to correct you properly but this is not the forum! Just know, you’re wrong :)

  • Fred, I do indeed still have the problem. Money has been taken from my PS Store wallet. Money I was saving for the Skyrim DLC, £12.01 to be exact. I have checked my transactions and nothing has been purchased with it….. so it has just vanished..? I just want my money back. :/

  • @ procion
    perhaps you meant 19th century instead of 1900 hundreds ?, as your usually on the ball with your points, anyway as was said this ain’t the proper place, though AC3s portrayal ‘may’ null that a little, imo.

    i am a bit sad when i see some people not getting the same treatment that others do, usually though it’s with scea versus scee’s differences, but this Sleeping Dogs mess, coming so soon after the subpar last ‘replacement’ issues got me thinking that the ‘next best’ solution, i can see in this case, is to either offer other regions the ‘replacement’ title, or let them choose a Free extra months plus sub. as i too cannot see how scee can possibly find a fair ‘replacement’ here. Also Fred can you tell me if Saudi region Ever got a ‘replacement’ for RDR, and if so what it was, thnx.

  • @Fred

    I honestly think you either a) do not actually read the comments or b) think that people asking questions on this blog are somehow mentally defective.

    Of course Square-Enix releases games when Square-Enix wants to.

    However as Sony actually is a shareholder in Square-Enix (the third largest shareholder) that instead of fobbing off requests of people on this blog that you (and other representatives of Sony) are actually in a position to contact Square-Enix directly and state quite clearly that certain titles are being requested for by customers in SCEE territories.

    Really how difficult is that? Considering the titles in question are already on PSN in other territories and we already know that import titles are allowed on PSN.

  • here’s another question since when does the blog arbitrarily add spaces in words upon clicking the submit button?

  • @ Izorpo
    I 100% agree, how hard can it be for someone here to pass on requests, just makes no sense, unless the two companies are having issues, not so i believe in this case. however i suppose a blog worker Could just reply with a ‘i’l pass it on’ only to totally ignore/forget it. or basically just lie, it would make it easier on them. so some credit i guess for being honest, still for a business to operate at full capacity they should really do these thing For us, i mean sen is big, but it isn’t a massive corp, were stuff like this would create more problems than make feasible profit, even just good old fashioned create better customer satisfaction, scee, sce itself really do have some funny ideas on making a profit or pr work.

    • Nobody is having issues with anyone.

      Yes, I’ll pass this request on, but in the interest of managing your expectations I think it’s unlikely a clear response will come through.

      If you really want a particular game to get a release, the best way to make that known is by addressing the publisher directly – via their own blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages.

  • @Izorpo
    Agreed. I have no idea how often I asked SquareEnix and SCEE for Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross meanwhile. First never ever even bothered to reply, later never had anything of value to share.

    Just for example, when I ask on GOG for a missing game, addon or why a game disappears, I always get a clear answer. License runs out? It isn’t clear who currently holds the license? Sad to hear, thanks for the info!

    But those 2 japanese gaming giants are clearly far above such standards.

    • Just to update you on my message above – alas, we won’t have an update for you on the German Plus issue now until next week. We had a replacement title secured, but we’ve passed on it as it wasn’t up to scratch. More news soon…

  • Hi Fred, as usual, cheers for the chart update, always good to see what the fellow gamers are buying.

    Quick Q for you, is there any chance of seeing Killzone HD in a sale any time soon, or even Quantum Conumderum (is that spelt right), maybe a PS Store sale for download games only to celebrate the PSN greatness and the news for the 20th…..

    Cheers me old mucca!

    • Well, the best way to save cash on Quantum Conundrum would be to pick up a Plus subscription! It’s one of the free games this month.

      There’s no sale on Killzone HD coming up as far as I know, but never say never…

  • @orten131

    If you’ve been charged for something you didnt buy and are told by an SCEE employee to phone a premium phone line for help then you’ve had your consumer rights infringed. Go to the trading standards website and lodge a complaint against SCEE.

  • @Fred: You sir are a gentlemen with a backpack full of patience. That’s all I can say.

  • @ Bumblebee (post 18)

    You forget my friend that this is the company that continues to ignore the Singstar fiasco. In true SCEE fashion and their proven business practice: “We’ll just ignore it until THEY go away”.

    The Store was changed, even though no one wanted it to change, with a new version that is slow, and buggy. But hey, at least publishers can advertise more, that’s what’s important.

    Nothing will change. SCEE is outdated, archaic, and downright broken. Loosing money hand-over-fist, and loosing support just a quick. Yes it’ll be exciting to see the new PS4 later this February, if only to heighten my excitment for the XBOX3 even more.

    After 18 years of supporting the Playstation, SCEE have killed all the love I have for this brand.


  • It’s interesting Fred that you bring up the subject of conspiracies. If there isn’t any maybe you’d like to explain then why you and your moderators have banned quite a few cash paying PS3 customers from expressing their honest opinions on the blog? Comments that break no blog rules, don’t use abusive or offensive language and are just as on topic as any of the comments you allow. Surely SCEE employees are not afraid of genuine, honest feedback from the customers that pay their wages?

    • Yes, we absolutely welcome honest feedback – whether it be negative or positive – providing it’s offered in a constructive manner. There’s plenty of examples of both in this thread and many others published this week. If we were interested in censoring feedback, I hope you’d agree we’re doing a very bad job of it.

  • @Fred
    Thanks for the update! I don’t mind waiting a bit longer, the quality of the replacement matters far more.

    And I even learned something new! Never before heard the expression “to be not up to scratch”. Still sounds odd in my ears, haha.

    I hope that you still can enjoy your job, despite the current circumstances. No hard feelings for most of you guys, but it’s a bit complicated to love Sony, when it punches you every second week. ;)

    And back to Chrono Cross & Trigger, if we could ever receive an honest reply why we still didn’t get those PS1 classis, I’d be very grateful.
    I just want to know if there is no chance that we’ll ever see them in the SCEE stores, for whatever reason, or why they hesitate to release them.

  • Fred, I have a suggestion that would hopefully satisfy your German customers without alienating other customers (I know German customers are asking for a game akin to sleeping dogs, but there will no doubt be non-German customers who would/will prefer the German offering. Therefore when this comes up perhaps allow an either/or option for consumers to choose which they want (obviously Germans won’t get that choice, but that’s not your fault). I’m assuming this is technically possible as the choice option happened before when the psn outage happened

  • @Sicmay
    That’s a good suggestion, but business realities are different. Usually you’ll get a replacement from the same publisher, as SCEE has a contract with them to deliver content.

    The problem is that few publishers have plenty of options. Warner Brothers had been already shameful the last 2 months, SquareEnix isn’t much better now.
    Many of their games have already been in the IGC, others as FFXII-2 or Dungeon Siege 3 aren’t in the store. So only games as Hitman Absolution (which they won’t share) or Kayne & Lynch 2 remain (which is a 2010 game with 61% rating). Besides that they only have PSN games as Scarygirl, Elevator Action Deluxe etc.

    So there is hardly something of similar value as Sleeping Dogs and it should be very problematic for SCEE to find a fair replacement. At least not without any additional costs for them.

    So I understand their situation, but on the other hand it’s not our fault either. I still don’t get why they didn’t manage to share the cut version of SD. *sigh*

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