Zen Pinball 2 goes to a galaxy far, far away in February

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Zen Pinball 2 goes to a galaxy far, far away in February

Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios has been making pinball games for nearly a decade now, and today is one of the most exciting pinball moments for our studio! We are extremely excited to announce that Star Wars is coming to Zen Pinball 2! Zen Studios has been working closely with LucasArts to create an amazing collection of videogame pinball tables set in a galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars PinballStar Wars Pinball

Star Wars PinballStar Wars Pinball

The first pack of tables include Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Beyond these exciting tables, there are seven others in production as we speak, all to be revealed as 2013 unfolds.

Each table features a different iconic moment from the Star Wars universe, with interactive 3D characters and unique gameplay. If you have not yet downloaded Zen Pinball 2, it is pretty easy to do. The free download will give you access to a great library of pinball content, where you can download demos for each table and pick which you’d like to buy. All content is cross-buy entitled on PS3 and PS Vita.

Star Wars PinballStar Wars Pinball

We will be unveiling more details on each table over the next few weeks leading up to launch, so be sure to keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog or for the latest Star Wars Pinball updates.

May the Force be with you!

Star Wars Pinball

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  • That’s pretty sweet! ;]

  • Wow!! if these are like your other tables then i want them…….

    Any chance of a sale on some of your older tables so anyone that have not yet indulged in your high quality pinball tables then be tempted to get some in readiness for these glorious new Star wars tables?

    Just a thought…….

  • Wow, star wars was one real table I actually remember. Will these be priced the same as theother packs? I need to start saving.

  • I love Star Wars and I love Zen Pinball (hate The Clone Wars tough).
    Can’t wait.
    But I love to see some discount on current tables and I would love to buy a “Season Pass” to get these tables for a small discount.

  • I will buy, i will :D This is the BEST News EVER!!! :P :P :P

  • Wowser, that’s some properly epic news! I remember going to the cinema with my mum and dad as a kid when The Empire Strikes Back first opened in UK cinemas. It was my first ever cinema experience, so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Star Wars’ darkest episode in particular. Man, I so can’t wait to get these tables onto my Vita!

  • I’m interested. Also would like to see a sale on existing tables, I have some of the Marvel ones but £35+ for entire collection is hard to swallow.

  • WOOOOOOOO YES YES YES YES YES YES YES BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY i bought all tables few weeks ago im deffo gettin the starwars tables may the launch be multiballed BEST NEWS EVER since the GTAV delay

  • I actually kinda suck at pinball but I absolutely love what Zen Studios did with their games so much that I had to get them anyway!

  • why is everything so pinball related lately. the pinball games on ps3 are of no improvement to the ones from the 90’s

  • nice
    i am fan of star wars ( films )
    also of zen pinbal ,

    Only ting i not like from lucas arts = never ps3 owners have star wars kotor to play ( from bioware )= best sp rpg game from al the games – even playing like bounty hunter in next gen game 1313 = not mi ting ( if u start like bounty hunter then become jedi after = jes ) .

  • As if there’s not enough stuff coming out this year begging me for my money! Can see these being bought very damn quickly :D

  • star wars zen pinball???????

    take my money!!!!!!!!

  • @Mulukh

    These are all original tables – only Pinball Arcade would be able to get the rights to the original arcade table but even then they would probably need to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to do it.


    I don’t really think the price is too much of an issue to be honest. It might be £35 for the whole lot right now, but that is for 28 tables that are Cross Buy which is incredible value for money. Back in the 16-bit days, you would have paid almost that much for four tables!

    I’ve got all of them so far and I’ve had more play-time out of this (on both the PS3 and Vita) than pretty much every other game I own!

    BTW, if you want to see more screens, I’ve got all the official images that Zen Studios have released so far from SW Pinball on my website at

  • Looking forward to this. I don’t even care much about Star Wars, but any new table from Zen so far is good news, the tables just keep getting better and better! Which is why I too have all of them. And it certainly helps a lot that they are a cross buy between Vita and PS3 … Game is amazing on Vita, the lag is amazingly low. Would be great to know the time between pressing a button and pixels changing on that OLED screen – must be one of the lowest response times I’ve seen for anything!

  • I just had a crazy idea – how cool would it be if I post something using my PSN account, like on the Blog here, and it would appear in my activity feed on my Vita if I looked at it, and conversely, I could look at my activity feed if I clicked on my user in the forum or online?

  • The tables look impressive. A very good work again, Zen!!!

  • I don’t know much about Star Wars but I know a lot about Zen Studios, which is why I will be buying the pack on release day. :)

  • Very much looking forward to these.

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