The Weekend Playlist, 26th January 2013

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The Weekend Playlist, 26th January 2013

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Good morning all. It’s time once again for you to let us know what media you’re devouring this weekend, and vice versa. Our guest this week is Pawel Lekki from EXOR Studios, which released the brilliantly over-the-top Zombie Driver HD on PlayStation 3 this week. See his post from earlier this week for a closer look.


Jawad Ashraf, PlayStation Store Content Coordinator

What was the last video game you played?
Bayonetta! It’s been so long since I last played it that I actually forgot how to play! Planning to get through a few missions or so to familiarise myself with the game all over again. Love the game though so it’ll be worth it.
What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
Tiger and Bunny – another anime as recommended by some friends. The concept of heroes on a live TV show sounds pretty good! No-one told me it had heroes in it!
What was the best book or article you read this week?
Sadly I haven’t read anything that’s totally struck me this week, what with finishing up Persona 4 Golden. Anything I did read ended up being sad news :(
What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Nothing in particular for me this week. I’m all in a Bayonetta trance at the moment so maybe I’ll just listen to ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ on repeat.

Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager

What was the last video game you played?
Killzone: Mercenary ;)
What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
So, I’ve made it to season three of The Walking Dead and you lot were right – it’s a massive improvement. I was punching the air when a certain someone was finally killed off in episode four!
What was the best book or article you read this week?
Edge magazine’s run-down of the top 50 game studios in the world. I can’t say I agreed with all their picks, but that’s the point of these lists, right?
What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Darn, I hate this question. It just makes me sound old. The best thing I heard this week was a Bob Dylan rarities compilation :(


Chris Howe, PS Store and Plus Content Manager

What was the last video game you played?
I’m slowly working my way through Vanquish at the moment, but I am looking forward to testing out the Dead Space 3 demo over the weekend.
What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
No movies so far this week but I did watch a few episodes of Family Guy last night which never fail to make me laugh!
What was the best book or article you read this week?
Just a small article on BioShock Infinite and the Industrial Revolution DLC planned. Bring on March – exciting times!
What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
I’ve got a bit of Radio 1’s Live Lounge on the pod today, easing my way into the weekend

worms revolution

Pawel Lekki, Co-Founder, EXOR Studios

What was the last video game you played?
It would be Mortal Kombat with three other guys (2 vs 2) and Worms Revolution, also with four players. We started just after work and finished at around four o’clock in the morning :) I definitely recommend those two! Obviously I also played Zombie Driver. I can’t let other people beat my high scores on the global rankings so easily :)
What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
The Hobbit. You can really feel those 48fps. I wasn’t convinced at first if it’s for the better. Basically, things look ‘more real’ and ‘less epic’, which I’m not sure is good for this kind of movie.
What was the best book or article you read this week?
I read mostly Gamasutra. There was a good article about making games at Insomniac and some old stuff that I just found time to read – post mortems on Trine and Renegade Ops.
What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
Game soundtracks. Super Meat Boy, Journey – pure awesomeness!

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  • Wiwo, PS3 user
    What was the last video game you played?
    Right now I’m playing Strike Suit Zero on PC. I think is going to be released on PS3 too. It’s having mixed reviews, but for now, I’m loving it.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Nashville, it’s a TV series about the music industry in that city.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    Ready Player One. Great for the people that love videogames and grow up in the ’80s, like me (and for the youngers too)
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Strike Suit Zero and Guild Wars 2 soundtracks. Both are great.
    Great mini-interviews with your team.

    • I’ll second your Ready Player One recommendation. Read it last year and really enjoyed it – mindbending stuff.

  • What was the last video game you played?
    I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer nearly religiously. I just turned to a 3* prestige yesterday. Though I have to admit 99% of my time is spent in Wolfpack.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Arrow. It is a superhero series like Smallvile on Sky1 about Green Arrow. 11 episodes in and I’m really liking it.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    It’d have to be just a moment ago, whilst the actual subject is a mixed bag it shows that Ni no Kuni has beaten demand in the US:
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    I don’t listen to much music, but ever since playing the game I’ve often had tunes from Super Smash Bros Brawl stuck in my head.
    At the moment it is Tunnel Scene X.
    BTW Jawad I had heard of Tiger and Bunny but hadn’t got round to seeing it yet. I’m avidly watching Shippuden, the war going on is awesome. I may try Magi soon, set in Arabia. :)

    • I’ve done one episode of Arrow. I enjoyed it but haven’t got around to checking out more. Soon, hopefully…

  • Game: I downloaded the free Jetpack Joyride earlier. And damn me if I didn’t wasted hours with this fantastic time burner since. Addiction level 11+
    Film: Went to see Lincoln yesterday. Appart from some typical Spielberg mellowness and an uplifting speech or three to many, I was quite impressed. Although you know how it ends, you’re constantly thinking ‘I so hope this amendement passes!’. 2,5 hours of people talking in theatrical language, and the movie flew by. Also, at moments Spielbergs shows his immense talent. In some small scènes he can conjure the horror of war in a little detail and smack you in the face with it like it’s a jackhammer.
    Book: Started the new short collection of one of my favourite Belgian authors Annelies Verbeke: ‘Veronderstellingen’ (‘Presumptions’). Truly great stuff with her usual blend of great characters, dark humor and typical Belgian surrealistic touches. Also wonderfull that every story holds his own when you read it appart from the others, but because some characters cross over they tend to get extra dimmensions…
    Music: awaiting the new Eels, in the meantime it’s Lord of the Rings while working.

  • What was the last video game you played?
    I have been playing tales of graces f,. which to be honest was one of the reasons me getting a playstation,. (oops i havent switch my xbox on since christmas)
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Breaking bad.. what a masterpiece. if any of you guys havent tried it, i cn honestly say it is definately worth a go
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    Any article including rumours of a next gen system..the fanboy wars have started already. which is pathetic,why would you care what system robbie random is going to buy??
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Pearl Jam x

  • Game: alternating between searching for the last few missing items on Lego :LotR and replaying Dead Space 2 in preparation for Dead Space 3
    Film: Dead Space: Aftermath :)
    Book: randomly flipping through pages of the Marvel Encyclopedia the in-laws got me for Christmas
    Music: Last splash by The Breeders, can’t beat a bit of Kim Deal

    • I saw Kim Deal play a solo show just before Christmas at the ATP event in Camber Sands, followed by a surprise turn on the karaoke machine in the pub next door. Great stuff!

  • most recent game i played was kingdoms of amalur i bought it yesterday in asda for £7 which seemed like a good buy, not played much of it due to my time now being squeezed but what i did play i enjoyed and i will be playing a few hrs more today, i also have the ico collection to get started on and its a set of games i have never played so if all i have read about those 2 games is true i have a real treat wating in the wings for me.
    i watched 2 movies i really enjoyed this week, here comes the boom which i found to be very funny and hotel Transylvania which was fantastic :)
    im currently reading pride and prejudice and zombies which is aright so far ill see how it goes.
    im not someone who listens to music much i tend to just listed to whatever the soundtrack to what im playing is and so far i quite like kingdoms of amalur’s music score.

  • @Fred
    What’s Killzone: Mercenary like compared to the other Killzone games? Did you get Far Cry 3 finished and get the platinum?
    Do you like Vanquish? I loved that game. Played it over and over. You should get stuck into Dead Space 3 demo this weekend then get back to Vanquish and enjoy it.
    @Pawel Lekki
    I think that movie was O..K. Wouldn’t be excited to see the next two hobit movies. Obviously it was nowhere as good as Lord of the Rings.
    Me now
    What was the last video game you played?
    Dead Space 3 demo, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo and Ratchet and Clank Q Force. Need to get Ratchet and Clank platinum which is almost there and the other two games was some great demos. The co-op was great fun in Dead Space 3 demo. Will be playing the real game like 3 times. 1 in solo, and 1 as each character in co-op as the cut scenes seem to be slightly different.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Suits! Great show that. Season 2 on every Thursday at 9pm on Dave. If you haven’t watched it before then get stuck into season 1!!
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Just random ipod stuff

    • We’ll be talking more about KZ:M next week, so I’ll leave you hanging for now!
      I was on the road a lot this week so didn’t get much time for Far Cry 3. Hopefully I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

  • Who reads books anymore I haven’t for a long time, I wait for them to come out on blu-ray.

  • Game: Bioshock 2 & Playstation all stars. I’m so chuffed B2 made it to ps+ because I always wanted to try it but the similarly to the first game really put me off dropping coin for it. I just finished the Paupers drop section last night (I choose to let the woman live – I’m just a sucker for a sob story). Have to say, I’m really enjoying the game, it just serves to remind me why ps+ is such a good service, because it lets me try things that otherwise would escape under my radar. I finished up last night with a quick go on ps all stars which turned into two hours. Again, this was one I wouldn’t have usually gone for but @ £17.99 I’m glad I did.
    Film: Me and the wife went to watch les mis. Very enjoyable (I didn’t cry thank god, i usually do with sad films)
    Book: World war z. Amazing read, I’m as worried as any nerd on the net now that the Pitt movies will suck the big ones.
    Music for the weekend: JLS and One direction of course – I have 2 daughters at home :-(

  • I’m still working on Okami. I’m at the very end of the game though and I’m gonna miss spending my days in this Japanese tale.
    Thankfully Ni No Kuni releases soon, the hype for this one is at max..
    Still listening to the Okami OST to keep me in that atmosphere between playing the game. The hurt locker was on tv so I watched that. And the Simpsons is my cartoon at this time.

  • What was the last video game you played?
    So I’ve been playing a lot of Sleeping Dogs lately as I haven’t gotten around to it before now. I found it quite fun! I had been playing so long hours that I started having dreams about the chinese mafia, hah!
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Hmm, would be the last episode of Suits and White Collar. Two great shows!
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    I donno, don’t read that much (or I do read articles, but they don’t stick to my memory that well)
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    So I bought this Johnny Cash boxset with 63 of his cds (or cds he’s been part of at least), and there’s many amazing songs from the old era of Johnny Cash that I haven’t heard before! Also came over a solo album of Rob Coffinshaker which was extremely fun.

  • What was the last video game you played?
    Playing Saints Row all weekend, as a final salute to all the people at THQ. Thanks for all the fun memories you gave us, and may you all find new and exciting homes within the gaming community.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Reruns: “The Hurt Locker” (TV) and “Soylent Green” (DVD)
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    Just finished “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell. Next up: “Bring Up the Bodies” by Hilary Mantel
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Started the day with some Tim Buckley and Tim Harding, before moving on to the Velvet Underground

  • What was the last video game you played?
    Been playing Dead Island and Battlefield 3 plus having a hoon on Retro City Rampage
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    xXx²: The Next Level (or “XXX:State Of The Union” in the USA) was on TV tonight.. last one I chose to watch was “Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman” (2005)
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    an article on New Zealand Heavy Metal on called “New Zealand Metal 101: Filth, Squalor and Noise from the Antipodes”
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Tragedy, Razorwyre and Marduk!!

  • What was the last video game you played?
    I’ve been jumping between Gravity Rush and dmc Devil May Cry. So much fun :D
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    The 12th episode of Last Resort, only 1 left this season.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    I keep reading Storm of Swords, getting better and better :)
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    I’ve been listening to a mix of game soundtracks, right now it’s playing Build That Wall from Bastion.

  • Video game: Uncharted 3 online last night. About to start the SimCity closed beta :)
    Movie/Tv: uhm.. last weekend Inglorious Bastards. On Tv I just started following Elemental.
    Book: currently reading the first Harry Potter book. Got the English boxed set for Xmas ;)
    Music: just some radio

  • How is Killzone: Mercenary?
    I hope it’s better than BLOPS Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies.
    I assume it is as well considering it isn’t made by Nihilistic.
    Could you give a short few sentence review?

  • I just wanted to say that there’s error on PSN – FFVII pre-sale price 39 PLN, sale price 39 PLN … Description says that sale will last till 06. Feb, rest of the Final Fantasy games are for promotional prices. Could you fix that? I wanted to buy that game when it’s cheap…

  • Hi Fred
    When will the playstation plus February content is getting revealed

  • What was the last video game you played?
    Far Cry 3 and Sleeping Dogs, both great games and definitively worth checking out. Just busy liberating the outposts in Rook Island while doing more favors and other tasks in Hong Kong.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    Some horrors, can’t remember the names.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    Same as usual, Eurogamer blogs.
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    The Sonic Generations mashup on YouTube by NicoCW. Give them a listen if you can if you’re a fan of Sonic. His mashups are amazing. =D
    And Fred why Killzone Mercenaries. The game isn’t even out yet. XD

  • @Shado0ow90:
    Sometime after the weekend. Should be some good games.

  • @supersmith2500:
    Ok thx
    I really hope we’ll have heavy rain or Jak and Daxter HD collection

  • @Shawo0ow90:
    We may not likely get 1st party games but we might get a few along the way.

  • I see some people have gone off topic and Im gunna too, as this is the latest post on the blog
    I see its confirmed Sony are releasing the blue and red PS3 super slims in UK Feb 15th it comes bundled with a years PS+, shocked this isn’t news on the blog already but nothing surprises me anymore with this blog, anyway im expecting Feb’s Plus to big pretty decent as its gunna be pushed with this bundle.
    Isn’t Feb’s plus going live this weds and it still hasn’t been announced? I say this as Bioshock 2 was only on for 4 weeks which will be this Weds, so surely there will be an update to replace it.
    Why’s the announcement so late? Surely could have been done Friday already

  • @luckysalt81
    next wed is the last wed of january not the first wed of feb so the plus refresh wont be until the following week

  • Fred, that’s just mean! Haha.
    Last game played – Borderlands 2. Still working on that platinum. Only a bit more to do – have to up 2 more levels to get to 50, do the final sidequest (You. Will. Die.) , and find all of the locations. Shouldn’t be too hard. Then onto the next item on my backlog (have no idea what that will be yet)! Have to say, i’ve really loved Borderlands 2. Everyone should pick that up. Great experience. Tiny Tina is my favourite.
    Last Film/TV Programme: I’ll go for film on this one – i watched Men In Black 3 (again) with my girlfriend during the week. Really is a great film, and Sony did a good job of bringing it back. Really loved where they went, and there were some fantastic performances in the film. Hope for a fourth one at some point.
    Book/Article: Hmm, too many to be able to single one out.
    Music: Just random stuff, as always.

  • I’m absorbed in Persona 4 Golden. The game’s phenomenal! I wanted to play several other games this weekend but P4G just won’t let me.
    Playing imported US copy, naturally.

  • Sorry to post it here, but I want a mod to read it and the original topic is old already.
    Fix the FINAL FANTASY VII price! The game is more expensive than before the special offer started! And it was supposed to be 50% off.
    Thank you :)

  • @hayzink
    So Bioshock 2 is going to leave plus and not be replaced? As it was game of the month I find that hard to believe

  • Well I just saw plus is being announced Monday, so in time for something to be added Weds even if the rest of the plus is from the following Weds

  • Game: Persona 3 FES
    Tv: Breaking bad
    Music: Skrillex and Damian Marley
    Book: Walking dead novel

  • Video game; PS3- After finishing Okami with a platinum trophy, finally got round to Hitman Absolution. Started slow but it’s really kicking off now.
    Vita- Life of Pixel, an impulse buy from PS Mobile. Pretty fun although it’s a shame the music wasn’t matched to the consoles. Next week- Killzone: Mercenary. (Psst. Fred. Fred! Send it over, won’t you? I won’t tell anyone…)
    Movie/TV show; Cabin in the Woods. Um… don’t watch it expecting to put any thought into the story. Perfect for me!
    Book or article; I read a panel saying ‘haggis pie’ when I was at Greggs. One day, I’ll have a decent answer to this part. Likely buy the pie first, though.
    Soundtracking; Okami soundtrack. Nearly finished the fourth disc on my Walkman. Legendary!

  • Please fix the Final Fantasy VII price, it’s back up to £7.99 from £3.99 and the Final Fantasy sale isn’t over yet.

  • What was the last video game you played?
    I’m currently playing White Knight Chronicles 1 & 2 (first game was included for free with WKC2). It’s a nice, colorful JRPG with an interesting battle system and a great soundtrack. However I’m a bit sad I won’t be able to play it online on my European account because i bought the game in the US and the GeoNet licence can only be used on an American account.
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    The latest UFC on FX.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    A zombie manga named I am a Hero. It’s very good so far and very, very gory.
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Newest albums/EPs from Legowelt, Dutch Uncles, Burial, Lindstrom etc.

  • No Dead Space 3 pre-order PSN :( why?

  • game cod bo 2 , reason = 2 xp + no rely other good games in jan.
    but next month = ni no kuni – skyrim dlc -( terraria feb march release ) + hoope to see ranorack odysee.
    tv. grim
    books = to peopel who not respect nature ( destroying trees to get books !!!! )
    read on internet thq ending = shame but i tink stil more are coming ! the games are getting more expensif to make but ,
    we have reached the max of how expensive a game may be = 59 € for new game. Already by julie 2nd hand combat, people are much more difficult to have to choose in as many games.
    film = 0
    muziek = lots on the radio when i work .

  • What was the last video game you played?
    I’m in-between playing Black Ops 2 which is mainly on Friday nights but due to the double XP this weekend, I will more than likely put some time in tonight & tomorrow, & i’m also playing Walking Dead Chapter 2…..I wish I started it earlier as, the game is very…very good!
    What was the last movie/TV show you watched?
    The last movie was Dark Knight Rises on Blu Ray…not much to say really, apart from excellent! Tv Show is Ripper Street & Benidorm ER.
    What was the best book or article you read this week?
    Not really a book but a bookazine, Retro Gamer Collection Volume 2 CAPCOM special. Very rare now but an excellent read along with all the other volumes!
    What tunes are soundtracking your weekend?
    Bit of a mixture really but mainly Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne & Pearl Jam.

  • I’ve been playing Darksiders 2 recently and I think you guys should get in touch with the devs and try to snatch it for the Vita! The game is really great. It wasn’t very successful on home consoles, so no point in making it a PS3 esclusive, but it may find its footing on a handheld. Even getting Vita ports of DS 1 and 2 would be cool, since we need this kind of games on Vita.
    Hope all guy from Vigil find a new job soon, preferably under Sony wings :)
    And fix the FF VII price!

  • Just started borderland2 and boy it’s fun :)

  • when will february ps plus content be announced :( i need to plan my gaming accordingly!

  • @Terarded:
    Sometime early week.

  • I’ve been watching some of my BDs that I forgot I had.
    It’s great getting older. You can’t remember anything about a film you only watched a few years previous, so it’s like watching it for the first time again.
    Now that’s value for money.

  • Would you believe it, my original fat PS3 gave up the ghost this Thursday. I was devastated. Got another yesterday though, so all is…. better, but still bittersweet.
    Playing this week before death:
    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo… Oh my word… Day 1 buy. Love it. Bloody hard though.
    Watched this week:
    The first episode of the new Kevin Bacon drama ‘The Following’. It’s very good, I can strongly recommend it, its going to be an award winner I reckon. Also the original French version of Nikita. Superb film.
    Read this week:
    Still reading the Jack Reacher novels that I had missed.
    Listening to:
    The heart rending sound from my old PS3 as its refused to turn back on.

  • Off topic: could you please have a look at fixing the final fantasy 7 price? An acknowledgement of this issue from a moderator would be very much appreciated, thankyou

  • @ Fred
    i hope you will share with us some gameplay footage for Killzone: Mercenary
    i hope this game will not disappoint us
    any news about multiplayer , i hope it will be 8v8 or at least 6v6

  • I’m officially updating my movie to The Last Stand. Arnie’s back, baby!

  • Last Game I played:
    This week I’ve been trying to get the platinum on Assassin’s Creed Revelations but with work and then the god awful multiplayer it has been difficult. Still only 1 trophy to go.
    Last Movie/Tv Show I watched:
    Movie – Halo Legends. Borrowed this on from work and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The animation styles of the film really worked. It had elements of anime, pastel art and CGI.
    TV Show – Supernatural. I am literally hooked to this program, It is amazing and I am loving every second of it.
    Last Book or article read:
    The last article I read was regarding the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Wii u.
    Last Music track I listened to:
    This week I’ve been listening quite a lot to The 2nd Law by MUSE. Great album definitely recommend it.

  • @Fred
    Well, I just finished Last Resort a few minutes ago and you can tell the show was cancelled, the final episode has a whole “last minute ending” in my opinion. It has it’s ups and downs, it highly depends on your tastes, but I think you’re better off watching a few more Arrow episodes, the acting is a bit bad but it is getting better.

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