The Last of Us demo included with God of War: Ascension

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The Last of Us demo included with God of War: Ascension

The Last of Us

In just a few short months, The Last of Us will launch and put the fate of Joel and Ellie into your hands as they embark on a brutal journey across a post-pandemic United States.
Right now, 7th May 2013 might seem like a long way away, so to help assuage the excruciating wait we have some very exciting news to share with you. We’re announcing today that players who pick up God of War: Ascension will be able to play an exclusive demo of The Last of Us when it becomes available at a later date.
We’ve teamed up with the development crew at Santa Monica Studio to include access to a chapter of The Last of Us in every copy of God of War: Ascension, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on two of the biggest games of the year. You’ll simply have to load your God of War: Ascension disc into your PS3 and find The Last of Us listing on the main menu. There, you’ll find details on how you can access The Last of Us demo, for free, as soon as it becomes available.
We hope you’re as excited about this news as we are and we know what’s likely on your mind now: what will you be able to play? We’ll have more news about what’s in store for you after God of War: Ascension launches in March. We hope your wait just got better!

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  • Great! All hail lord Kratos.

  • ..but I don’t like God of War. Will there be other ways to get our hands on the demo?

    • We haven’t decided on that yet. It’s highly possible but this is the way to get the demo the earliest!

  • Never played God of War, but I will get Ascension solely because of this. Hopefully I will like God of War to:)

  • On disc or a download voucher?

    • Download instructions will be given when you put in the God of War disc into your PS3 and click on the menu icon for the demo.

  • Never played Dude………..

  • Should also be avaliable to Playstation Plus members since we’re paying for exclusive content.
    Should be free period though, paying for a demo just isn’t right :/

  • I am getting the God of War: Ascension Collectors edition so I guess I will get the demo as well.
    Pity I won’t be getting The Last of US Collectors Edition unless it changes.

  • Sony answer. Do not be silent. Will God of War: Ascension support 3D?
    Demo will not change anything. All games from the Naughty Dog buy on release. Thank you.

  • i find it funny that one of the main selling points of playstation plus is ‘access to exclusive content’ yet in the half a year i have had it the only exclusive content ive seen mentioned is the stuff being pawned off on other products in order to increase sales.
    if you wanna do that then fine, but at least give it to playstation plus owners aswell considering we are paying for exactly that.
    im still waiting for the e3 god of war ascension demo that was pawned off on total recall.

  • Glory to SPARTA

  • Can you guarantee a spoilerfree demo?

  • Noo!! Don’t want to be tempt to play it (anymore than already am), don’t want to hear people talk about it and don’t want to see videos about it. :( This demo will ruin part of the story and the gameplay. The game deserves to be played before a demo should be released. Going to need to be very careful where I read news on The Last of Us now so don’t run into any spoilers. Already have the Joel Edition pre-ordered and can’t wait

  • All games from the Santa Monica buy on release. Thank you.

  • Is there no normal demo or even just a demo coming for PS+ users? Never going to buy God of war :/

  • You should release this with an extra disc or as a code. The extra space could be used for better stuff.
    As i personally mean a demo should be availble for everyone no matter what.

  • Don’t need a demo for The Last of Us already got it pre-ordered. As for GoW would be interested if it was GoW4 and not another prequel.

  • God damn it.Been struggling for months trying to stay away from any info.Yet you dangle this in front of my face.
    II you were building a Heavy Rain style Taxidermist demo,were we can look at the AI and stuff, it could be cool.But I guess it’s ime to go into N64 mindset mode.”There is no demo,there is no demo”

  • I’m with Wraxend on this one. I’ve really enjoyed the past God of War games but a prequel doesn’t interest me whatsoever. Oh well.

  • Already intended to buy GoW, so nice bonus.

  • Should be an awesome bonus in a should be awesome game. Santa Monica is the best studio ever!! Nuff said.

  • wow great stuff i want it now lol

  • I buy an awesome game and get a demo for another awesome game.

  • Got both those games pre-ordered and paid for already, so I don’t need a demo. :)

  • Just found out that are going to be doing the Joel and Ellie statue on its own and be around 70-90 euros. So the Ellie or Joel Edition and the statue separate is about the same price as the US Pandemic Edition. :)

  • Oh and

  • Seriously Sony you’re really beginning to **** me off majorly. DEMO IS TO SELL YOUR BLOODY GAME… NOT TO MAKE US BUY A DIFFERENT ONE.
    Is that so hard to get across to you?

  • I don’t need a demo it’s naughty dog lol Have Joel edition pre ordered, that and gta 5 and other than the odd vita game I’ll be tied over till ps4 :p hopefully before xmas but… hope it’s backwards compatible if not for any other games but uncharted, the last of us, gta 5 and arkham city :P oh and infamous and resistance :)

  • @08 Yes God Of War Ascension will be in 3D, Only took me 2 minutes to find, dont be so lazy!

  • hello sony and ND would it be possible if you could put a demo for the non-GOW buyers, ive saved up pound by pound for TLOU and wont be buying GOW, sorry SMS

  • @ ND. Naughty.
    So as discussed above you ‘feel’ that Last of Us Fans are glad at the chance for earliest access by buying a completely different genre game, Seriously disappointed that you’s have jumped on this bandwagon, a demo should be Given to Ps3 owners, full stop, imo.. obviously like myself, a lot of gamers Will be getting Both games, so for us it is a ok bonus, But i will bet you theres going to be gamers, you know your customers and loyal admirers, that’ll buy GoW solely for demo.. Never take to it, GoW, and lose around a tenner (£10) or so, IF there the type to trade back games, not everyone is. So basically you would be kinder if you just sold demo access on psn, for about £7.99, See how ‘some’ of us veiw this (?).. I bought the (avarage, imo.) Total Recal Directors Cut BD, Just for the 5 minute e3 GoW demo.. Or it cost me £6.. as i traded film back, So i am getting a bit fed up with These stunts.. it’s (again imo) totally taking advantage of, (milking) your most loyal supporters. Shame.
    PS. Roll on March.

  • also i forgot to add/ask, When is this ‘later’ date ?.. i mean GoW is middle March, Last of Us is May, so unless the demo is actually available in March, thats not That early, April will give us 4or5 weeks earlier access.. Nah, this post is bonkers in a few ways.. lastly. whats a Commutity stratagists job entail ?.. as i haven’t seen anyone with that title post on here before. it kinda gets one thinking.

    • We’ll have more information on the exact date for the demo at a later time.
      You haven’t seen my earlier posts? :) We wear a lot of different hats.

  • @another_gamer195 & ShadowDoGGG; Do you not understand the concept of advertising? The demo is an incentive. People can still choose whether or not to purchase.
    Comments like yours make me question if I really am going insane. Do you believe these companies are supposed to be our friends or do you realise they are actually businesses?

  • Care to explain why the “Post-Pandemic Edition” of The Last of Us is American exclusive and we’re once again being completely screwed over by Sony?
    Makes no sense really when the PS3 is selling better in Europe than the US, must just mean that Sony really enjoy screwing us over constantly, hooray!

    • There are a variety of factors that go into delivering these editions to market. There will be ways for you to get the statue that’s in the Post-Pandemic edition via other channels.

  • @Project2insanity
    Some of us DO understand the concept of advertising, its to show your product to as large an audience as possible. Therefore limited release demos are the most stupid form of advertising as they do the opposite.
    Its almost as stupid as Nintendo with their demos with limited plays.
    Demos are to promote a product, you should want to show them to as many people as possible.

  • So… I am not welcome to check your Demo without buying GoW?
    Demo is to sell your Game. I cant get your (60€) Game without testing it.

  • @ Eric.
    Thanks for replying, i Have seen you post before. but i guess i never took notice of the job title/description. too busy reading a good post, good stories about upcoming games. I been thinking more about the inclusion of demo in GoW, and i had a quick image of it being done to actually promote GoW.. like it may struggle to sell otherwise, But then i snapped out of it. Anyway i have GoW pre-ordered and will be getting Last of Us day1, probably pre-order to be safe but i don’t buy the CE editions, just standard copy is going to do me, hope you have a good day (?), or rest of evening mate, cheers.

  • Don’t really trust the “at a later date” part. Knowing SCEE the game will hit the shelves before this demo arrives.

  • it says when the demo is available so u can play it seem the demo is released I guess.

  • @AlexAtkinUK; I appreciate you putting thought into your response rather than what another certain community member does. However, despite his shameful reply to me, his very last post actually touched on the point I was making. This demo is promoting both The Last of Us and God of War.
    @another_gamer195; It’s quite fascinating that you replied so aggressively towards me then went on to just about figure out why this kind of advertising is done. I love the irony of what you called me.

  • I can’t believe how ungrateful some gamers are these days who doesn’t like god of war and anothergamer 195 why buy total recall just for the demo.
    I loved the film getting the demo was a bonus if you had checked online 1st for the e3 play though you would have know it was quite short.

  • Can’t believe this post hasn’t got 5 out of 5(score or stars or whatever you call them) by everyone. It’s the best news EVER!!! :P :P :P The only bad thing i can think of is how do i choose which game will i play 1st!!! :D Demo or Game??? Hmm…god knows i want both BAD…

  • @Project2insanity
    Unless you are completely brain dead.. nobody is going to buy the game JUST to get the demo. It is a demo’s job to LURE me to buy the game.
    I guess if Sony actually had some business sense, they wouldn’t be loosing so much money. Anyone can make a loss, I can sell £10 to you for £7, it isn’t hard.

  • Will it be a new demo or the one we’ve already seen videos of?
    If new will there be zombie/mushroom creatures?

  • At least the demo ain’t on some mediocre film like last time…
    They are both PS3 exclusives so it makes sense this time even though the games ain’t related to each other.

  • My mind will explode when put the God of War: Ascension Collectors edition blu ray disc to ps3 and Last Off Us demo appears. I Can’t hold up two awesome games the same time :) :) :)

  • Too bad… I’m looking forward to play The Last of Us, but I really don’t like God of War at all!

  • @ Project2insanity.
    You make me laugh fella, i mean apart from your allways i am right/white as snow replies to Us ordinary (moaners) customers, you also seem Not to understand when you deserve a insult (or2) in reply.
    ‘you people make me question if i really am going insane, reading Your comments’.
    iS that ok for (someone like !) you to say Without any response ?. Do You really Believe your That much our intellectual superior, Or do you just forget what you post Very quicly.. Your the fascination here mate, But thank you for your reply, it has put a smile on my face as i am going out in the freezing morning.
    Have to disagree about the quality of Total Recal, It was ok, and i wouldn’t of minded buying the dvd vers, for the short GoW demo, But to Have to buy the Special Directors blu-ray cut, well it was a bit much, imo.. and yes i knew what lenght demo was allready, but as another user points out, it’s business, I Have a choice. But who can Not buy the GoW demo ?. Guess it makes me a mug. lol. have a good day.

  • @ Carl-G
    Thats a interesting quandry.. having now given it some thought i reckon i will Have to play Last of Us First, at least one/two times.. as imo it’ll be a crime to Not complete GoW in one go. like i/most of us have with the others, i mean i just can’t imagine ‘changing channels’ on Kratos’s next adventure. For anything. glad i read that as it prob wouldn’t of occured to me till i had put game in console.

  • Woah what have I missed lol ?! XD
    By the time I get round to playing the new GOW, The Last of Us will probably be out anyway! Far too many good games being released this year.

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