Doodle God launches on PS Vita today

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Doodle God launches on PS Vita today


Hello to all the happy owners of PS Vita. I’m Konstantin Feofanov, game designer at SPL, the studio behind the popular Doodle God series, which is available on your system from today, priced at £4.79/€5.99.
This project was very interesting for us, since we not only got the opportunity to carefully transfer the gameplay of this funny game, but also to use the best features of PS Vita without making the game overly complicated, but more addictive and friendly to our players.
The essence of the game is simple yet complex. You are a god, standing at the threshold of new discoveries. You have an empty, bare world before you, begging to be filled, and there are indeed lots of things to fill it with. Starting with ordinary things like marshes and mountains, our new god will uncover the secrets of the human soul, study the tricky concepts of magic and discover the fascinating world of science.


All of it can be completed by combining various elements, like air or fire. There is a twist to it, though: the player starts out on the long road of creation with only four elements, but will end up with over 200!
The gameplay is basically a puzzle. By combining ‘elements’ from different ‘groups’, the player creates (or does not) something new.


Successful discovery of new elements is rewarded with the small prize of funny, recognisable quotes and sayings. If you’re stuck and can’t find the right combination – don’t be shy, use the hint, it’s always there for you, ready to point towards the right answer. However, it won’t give it to you out-right – it may still take some thought!
Altogether, there are four different worlds to fill. The first one is the beginning of life, with winds only starting to blow, volcano eruptions all around and basic microorganisms just appearing. The second one is the world of humans, who always seek knowledge and understanding of all things new, inventing steam boilers and weapons. You’ll have to discover the other two yourself.
While making this game, we aspired to satisfy all kinds of players, using not only the console’s touch screen, but familiar buttons as well.
We hope that Doodle God will find its way into many hearts, fully satisfying the thirst for creating something new!

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