The Last of Us: Joel Edition and Ellie Edition announced!

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The Last of US

As you know, The Last of Us is coming to PAL regions on 7th May, 2013. The game centres around two key characters, Joel and Ellie, and their journey across a post-pandemic United States.
To celebrate these very special characters we’re delighted to announce The Last of Us: Ellie Edition and The Last of Us: Joel Edition – two special editions of the game exclusive to PAL regions.
Packaged in a tactile canvas wrap, the contents of The Last of Us: Ellie Edition and The Last of Us: Joel Edition should get any collector’s heart racing. Dark Horse teamed up with Naughty Dog to produce The Art of The Last of Us, a mini artbook filled with the remarkable artwork that gave shape to the game, as well as The Last of Us: American Dreams Issue #1, which is the first in a series of comic books that explores the backstory of Ellie. This mini version included in each of the special editions features a variant cover found only in these two products.


Both editions are completely themed to that character, with artwork representing each on the premium outer and inner packaging. A screen print effect poster of each can also be found in their respective editions as well as a Dualshock 3 skin branded with Joel or Ellie, depending on which edition you decide to order.


You can also express your admiration for your favorite The Last of Us characters in LittleBigPlanet as the respective editions will have voucher codes for a downloadable Joel costume or a downloadable Ellie costume for Sackboy.
Both editions are also loaded with The Last of Us downloadable content in the forms of two DLC packs:
Survival DLC Pack
Multiplayer bonuses:

  • Bonus XP
  • Melee booster
  • In-game currency
  • Customisable character items

Bonus Joel and Ellie skins available once the single player game is completed
Sights & Sounds DLC Pack

  • Official game soundtrack by Academy Award-winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla
  • PS3 Dynamic Theme
  • PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie

Both Special Editions, The Last of Us: Ellie Edition or The Last of Us: Joel Edition, are available for pre-order now at your local participating retailer or online for £59.99/€79.99/AU$114.95. Pre-order today and find out more at
Finally, for those of you that haven’t seen it already, check out the stunning story trailer for The Last of Us below.

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  • have Joel Edition, so guess I will have to look on ebay to get Ellia LBP costume.
    Unless a 2 Survivor edition get released

  • what will the game be kept in? is it a cardboard case, steelbook or standard amaray case?

  • I don’t usually bother with special editions but this one looks awesome!
    I’m tempted. :D

  • Gamestop Ireland will be doing the Ellie Edition :) (Its just not up on their website yet)

  • Gamestop Ireland will be doing the Ellie Edition

  • Finally some news on collector editions :D I’m going for Joel Edition
    So everything is the same between the two apart from the front cover? Even the comic book is the same?
    It would been nice if there was a big poster of both together so I could stick it up my wall

    • The content will be themed Joel or Ellie depending on what edition you buy. The comic book and art book interiors won’t be any different.

  • we want post pandemic edition.
    why this edition is only for nord american market??

    • There might be opportunities for you to nab some of the contents of the Post-Pandemic edition via events and other promos.

  • Hmmm this is a bit threadbare compared to the US special editions just announced.
    I’d much prefer a proper artbook than the flimsy mini ones offered and the US is getting a Steelbook as well.

  • No dark_angel, the controller skins and LBP costumes are different. :P

  • OMG never mind the Joel edition. I want that post pandemic edition instead!! Why do american always get the better stuff :(

  • How come we get no statue edition, or full proper artbook edition?
    The joel and ellie ones are cool and all, but i’d love a full sized artbook :/

  • Love that the comments here want the US edition and the comments on the US blog want the Europe edition.
    I will probably just get the normal version, but can’t wait for the game!

  • How much is this going to cost?

  • What happened to the STEELBOOK ???
    Please say this an error and EU is getting steelbook editions like US.

  • I’ve put in a pre-order for the Joel edition already and can’t wait for the release date, but eyeing up the US Special Edition does make me more than a little envious. Pay just $20 more over there and you get the full artbook, and a very nice looking steelbook! The special editions here are decent, but the mini artbook instead feels like a bit of a slap in the face.
    Was there not any way of releasing that edition over here in Europe? I’m sure there’d be more than enough interest!

  • Getting the Joel Edition! I’m happy Europe Get’s something better then USA. In my Opinion that is! :) I Love you naughtydog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey? it saids it’s a bluray disk, does that mean it’s not the steel box? :(
    It looks like the steelbox but it doesn’t say it is.. i’m comfused..
    Still looks better then the originall though! :)

  • The Ellie Edition shall be mine MUHAHAHAHAAA….Too much?:P

  • The Art Of The Last Of Us Hardcover Art Book is on Amazon UK for pre-order priced £29.99, release date 3rd July 2013.

  • Bit expensive. Is it really worth it?

  • It’s the full size Artbook, but hopefully may come down near release date im guessing.

  • This is the first game I might pre-order – normally I’m patient and wait for sales, but… better start saving for this! :D

  • I hope we get the steelbook for this game.Because all it states is a blu ray disc, Ummm could come in a paper sleeve, lol only joking.

    Where is the post pandemic edition….come on man you know for a fine fact the PS3 is bigger and sells more in Europe.
    Why is the post pandemic edition not available for the UK at least, that’s not fair.
    I mean you’ve even spilt the Joel and Ellie editions, why not just have a Joel and Ellie edition together with the figure and steelbook
    How could you do this to us ND, the Uncharted 3 explorer edition did really well.
    Please, please please reconsider…there’s still time

    • Many factors come into play when making these editions. There might be opportunities for everyone to get the contents of the editions in other countries via promos and contests in the future.

  • Hey Naughty Dog. I’m loving the style of both versions but I can’t help feel that Europe have been cheated on the chance for those fantastic editions that USA get like the Post Pandemic Edition. Like the artwork book USA get seems to look much better than Europe one and they get the chance to buy an edition with a statue! How come Europe don’t get those versions?

  • I have no idea why people want the Post Pandemic more than these editions.
    Well, I’m guessing for the statue.
    Other than that these editions are much better.

  • $25 in Australia tax, how about I just order it from the UK instead of Australia then…

  • Everything about these collector editions look amazing, I wish there was a physical copy of the soundtrack offered instead though!
    But still a great deal.
    Will there be a post pandemic edition offered in the EU?
    I’m very interested in that one because of the steelbook edition of the game as well as the bigger art book.

  • £59.99 is an excellent price considering you’re getting the game and controller (plus artbook and other stuff)
    is there any possibility you can sell the statue that NA are getting seperately on your website shipped or something? Would love to add it to my nathan drake and jak/crash statues. I wouldn’t want to buy it over ebay cause i wanna support the developers.
    Either way extremely excited

  • I agree with Adie.
    These editions look much better than what the US is getting. It’s only a statue.

  • @fireburn
    Theres no controller, its a sticker to go on dual shock… :/

  • I have my all LBP games imported from US, so I can’t use Ellie or Joel bonus costume? I can’t choose between them, both are good!
    any chance for Post Pandemic edition or other collector’s edition for EU?

  • if you want the dlc for this game wait a few months they will add it to psn store and add the game to the ps store
    no onder blockbusters & HMV colapsed its because online game buying is now the norm you can either buy it from online disk form ebay amazon etc or from ps store the same day its coool :D
    fireburn95 and with that money £59.99 i could get loads of pc games for free well demo’s lol

  • @Adie…we just do. We want the Steelbook and the statue
    They always get stuff better then us
    Come on SCEE….Naughtydog said it was up to YOU GUYS what their region got in the CE. So what the hell happened
    Can you give us an answer, you wonder why people say SCEE always ignore us

  • Anyone know who is stocking the Ellie edition?

  • What is a Screen Print Effect Poster?,is that a big poster?.

  • I am severely disappointed with these Collectors Editions.
    I buy games and if they come with a colletors editions I usually buy them. I do with 95% for the time.
    I will be getting the normal edition for this game and I am sad to say that. I would have loved the Post-Pandemic Edition and I would have gladly shelled out for it. I have 6 collector editions on pre-order so far and I was waiting for this one. Pity you dropped the ball on this one.

  • not even a steelbook? we only have mini version of both artbook and comic as well? AU sucks. $114.95 is way too expensive.

  • “Many factors come into play when making these editions. There might be opportunities for everyone to get the contents of the editions in other countries via promos and contests in the future.”
    What many factors are we talking about here, your supposed to inform us on things and yet you just seem to worm your way round the questions.
    Naughtydog…the big guys said that YOU GUYS get to make the choices so why didn’t you just do what SCEA we’re doing.
    Not even a steelbook, a small art book and no statue why the hell would you go for that. It’s like you don’t give a crap and it’s insulting that us ND fans won’t be able to get our hands on the best edition now.
    Promo’s and contests…..AND
    We want to pre order the game now, we want to BUY the game not compete for one.
    Time to pull your finger out SCEE, you can see the comments that we want this so get cracking…you have until May. All you have to do is get more copies of the America edition made and sell them to, Zavvi or Amazon.

  • No steel book. No Full size Art book. No full size comic. No sale.
    I am sorry, but what am I supposed to do with a canvas wrap?? I can not slip it in next to all my other games on my shelf. It is just a pointless waste. Terrible marketing.

  • @Robsonmonkey I agree what you say, a pandemic collectors edition for europe, sony should release this in europe being the bigger market then america for ps3. What they should of done was go one better for the european version and include as follows,
    The Last Of Us Steelbook
    The Statue of Ellie & Joel
    The Art Of The Last Of Us Full size Hardcover Artbook, which is on pre-order on Amazon UK.

  • Agree with the other people complaining…
    Post-Pandemic Edition for Europe, or GTFO!
    Personally I’m a huge fan of collectible figures with my editions, and I love steelbooks. These Joel/Ellie Editions are NOTHING compared to that amazing US edition.
    What a shame we’re getting looked over AGAIN.

  • Why do you hate us SCEE, what we git are total crap editions compared to US.
    Do you not realise this leaves a bitter taste in fans mouths? People do not like to feel they are missing out, and yes, we are before an excuse about ‘least we got something’. We get crap in comparison.
    Last of Us is now a bargain bin buy or a rental, I would have bought a Post-Pandemic Edition day 1…
    – Steelbook
    – Statue
    – Full artbook etc
    You have time to fix this, FIX IT. Don’t soil this games release.

  • “You have time to fix this, FIX IT. Don’t soil this games release.”
    So true KylieDog…they have time to fix it
    Even if it’s a limited number of copies
    As I’ve said you have Amazon,, Zavvi, Gamestop UK, maybe HMV since thye’ve sorted themselfs out now
    Keep complaining people, they’ll have to listen to us sometime, they have untill May….4 months away.
    Fix this SCEE

  • Not Post-Pandemic Édition for Europe?
    Seriously SCEE messes us !?
    I want to be able to buy it, not participate has a concour to have a chance on one millions…

  • i do not caire box + extra´s are stupid , onli not sel 69, ore 69+ €

  • i only wil buy when normal edition 59 € more = keep ith

  • The content is unique, will be looking forward this.

  • Thanks for treating us like second class customers again

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