Dead or Alive 5+ picks a fight on PS Vita in March

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Dead or Alive 5+ picks a fight on PS Vita in March


As we recently announced, Dead or Alive 5+ is coming soon to PlayStation Vita! Now you can enjoy the same powerful new moves and acclaimed in-depth fighting system with over 20 playable characters and blockbuster stages from the PlayStation 3 version. Today I would like to tell you about a few of the new features we’ve included in the PS Vita version.


Cross Play
Dead or Alive 5+ will have cross-platform compatibility with PS3, which means you fight not only against other players on PlayStation Vita, but also against players on PS3. All characters available on PS3 can be used on PS Vita as well. Battles run at 60fps for both systems, so there’s no lag or stress even when playing cross-platform. This will allow players to enjoy serious battles across the two platforms!


Cross Goods
Many have questioned us about the DLC content. Yes, the DLC content can be shared between PS3 and PS Vita, so players can play with their desired costumes wherever and whenever they want. We will have delivered over 100 costumes as DLC by the end of this month. Players who purchased them on PS3 can use the same costumes on their PS Vita, and vice versa.


Cross Save
Players can also share their save data between PS3 and PS Vita, so you can enjoy the battle even when on the move. This means the costumes that you unlocked in PS3’s different modes can be used straight away on the PS Vita, and vice versa.


New touch control fighting
In Dead or Alive 5+, you can attack your opponents with a simple tap of the touch screen. Characters react based on where they are touched or attacked during a fight. This allows you to enjoy the fight from the traditional third person view, or hold your PS Vita vertically to interact with characters from a close-up first person perspective. I like this!



  • The new Tutorial Mode will teach you the skills needed to come out on top in a variety of different fight scenarios.
  • There is three times the detail for each move in real time – like delay interval frames, move reach and more.
  • You can also choose your favourite music to set the tone for each fight.

Dead or Alive 5+ for the PlayStation Vita will be released across Europe on 22nd March 2013. For more information, please visit the official site. Get ready. Fight!

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20 Author Replies

  • Cool. Hope we get to see some screenshots from the Vita version soon :)

  • Any idea on what the price will be and how big the PSN download will be?

    • We’re still working on this. As soon as we have it finalized. We’ll announce. Thank you for your patience. :)

  • This looks awesome. Any chance of cross buy?

  • This is great!!
    Good to know that the game will be running at 60fps, same goes for the cross play feature (playing against PS3 players that is :D).

  • Will Dead or Alive 5+ have a CE similar to JP?

    • Unfortunately not, but we’ll try our best to bring as much content as possible from Japan to our European fans. :D

  • Sorry for double post, hope a Moderator will be nice to delete #6

  • Seriously cant wait. Sadly I made the mistake of buying the Xbox version and have bought all the DLC there. ¬_¬
    So quick question, is there any news that the bundle Japan get that has the PS3 and PSV games together is being released in EU territories?

  • Since EU won’t get a CE is there any chance, that the Paradise Costume will be available in EU?
    Also is there option for Touch Control in DoA5+?

    • More updates are coming!
      As for the Touch Control in DOA5+, yes, you can attack your opponents with a simple tap of the touch screen as mentioned.
      We’ll keep you updated.

  • Hopefully it’s reasonably priced (£30 at most).
    Also hope any pre-order bonuses will be available with digital purchases as well as retail purchases. I’m all digital on the Vita.

  • Miss u guys on the blog when DOA5 for ps3 was coming out, but better late than nver :)
    Anyway, i have a request – please get some DOA/NG AVATARS here on PSN already!!!
    Also how about digital versions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma & Sigma 2 for us PS3 guys?
    Anyway, long time Team Ninja fan here since PS2 days so keep up the good work :) also really looking forward to DOAX3 ;)

  • Thank you for your help Chin Soon Sun :)

  • I’ve never played a DOA game before, but I think it’s time to change that. Definitely buying!

  • Just let me say a big thank you to everyone involved in the game.
    It’s really nice to see this kind of support, and what’s more impressive is that this support is offered even 6 months after release.
    It’s great news to hear that there is going to be Cross DLC, and that Cross-Save will be an option.
    Plus the newest patch, which is coming next week. So yeah, one happy costumer that will make sure to take out the dust of his DOA5 case and start playing again this awesome game :)

    • Thank you for your support. You can always let us know if there’s any issue and we’ll do our best to bring it over to the developers to see what we can do. Thank you for loving DOA5 and we believe you’ll love DOA5+ too.
      Yeah, can’t wait for the newest patch next week, there are a lot of updates coming!

  • Wow, you’ve replied to a lot of questions. That is nice to see.
    This seems great.. even to good to be true. I’m going to fight my boss for the review copy when he gets it!
    [I’ll be on the PS3, he’ll be on the Vita.]

    • It has always been my responsibility to respond as a community manager :) and thank you, glad to see you like the game! I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the cross play with your boss!

  • I loved the Vita port of Ninja Gaiden (Sigma Plus). I will definitely get DOA5+ and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus.
    Thanks for bringing the Vita goodies!

  • Ps3 will have custom music too ? Features on doa5+ are very genius ! Keep up the good work !

  • Thanks for the quick responses. Can I also back support for some DoA inspired Avatars? I’ve represented Ultamecia long enough. Also, let TN know I’d love to see a new DoAX come to current systems! Still play the others to death!
    Quick final questions, I see the saves are cross compatible, will DoA5+ have its own Trophy set and how will this affect them if you use a current ps3 save? And will there be any different Trophies if it does?

    • I’ll let them know.
      Regarding the Trophies, as far as I’m aware, they would be similar since it’s Cross Save and we have patch for the PS3 version coming up as well. But I’m not 100% sure, if there’s any changes, I’ll let you guys know.

  • So it is a late port that is going to be full price (all the retailers got it so) when the PS3 version is now a bargain bin price.
    Why is the DLC not included with it? What exactly warrants a high price?
    Not actually DOA5+ is it, that suggests something extra, is just DOA again..

  • On the subject of NGS2+, when are we going to get details on that?

  • Hi Chin Soon Sun, thanks for answering our inquiries. I’m hyped for DOA5+ as Team Ninja’s Vita conversions are shockingly close to their big console brethren. Can’t wait what they will concoct on Vita if given the opportunity to create a game from scatch.
    I’ve got an important question as it decides whether I’m importing or not. I would love to support you guys as thanks for bringing the game to our shores but I need one very good reason for it: will we get all the costumes, and most importantly, the extreme gravure movie DLC, that are offered with the Japanese version as (paid) DLC? I’m aware that you’re probably still figuring out the details yourselves but I rally want the costumes and the movie. I’d even pay for them, despite our Japanese friends’ getting them for free if they pre-order.
    best, Roland

    • I’m still figuring this myself too as some of the stuffs we haven’t been finalized yet. But if you really want the Collector’s Edition it’s only available in Japan. But the other content, pretty much all of them, we’ll have it. I’ll keep the community updated. Thanks.

  • Thanks, for the quick reply. If you guys can bring the “gravure movie” to our shores – which I know might be difficult as it appeals more to Japanese gamers – then I’m voting with my wallet. Buying the costumes is no big deal for me as they’re really nice and I’m happy to read that they will be released as DLC. It really just depends on the movie as I imagine the chance of it being brought over to NA/EU is very slim.

  • I agree with #21. Ive already paid for all of the DLC so far on Xbox and fully intend to again for PS3/PSV so I have no issue with paying for the extra content that Japan gets, CE or not. The gravure mode included. I understand some things are aimed at Japanese audiences, but I’d at least like us to be given a choice of being able to buy it. I don’t like to import. I want all my stuff to work equally and easily.

  • Does cross-save count towards the trophies? Like, would I need to play 1000 online games on both versions of DOA5 to get both trophies? Or could I play 500 on the PS3 and 500 on the Vita to unlock them? Please tell me it’s the latter.

  • would this be compatible with cross buy like all stars and theives in time was ? (buy ps3 version get vita version free, if not (without sounding cheecky) why not ?

    • I have the confirmation from our team. Unfortunately you need a copy of PS Vita version and another one for the PS3 version, because PS Vita has more functionality with the touch screen. However, we will also be releasing a patch for the PS3 version to make the update.

  • Hi Chin Soon Sun
    i allready buy a lot of PS3 DLC
    all of this DLC will be compatible with the vita?
    i just need to download it again on the vita?
    thx I’m a fighter

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