Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming starts today

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Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming starts today

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Are you looking for some fun games to help you banish those January blues? Then why not brighten your morning with this great offer: starting today, we’ll be offering you one free PlayStation Mobile game every seven days for the next six weeks.
The first title is Samurai Beatdown, a colourful 2D rhythm action brawler in which you defend yourself by tapping in time to the music.

Head over to PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile to download it now to your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation Certified device, and come back to the Blog next Wednesday to find out which game will be up for grabs next.
For the uninitiated, PlayStation Mobile is packed with an ever-expanding selection of new games at a snackable price. It’s perfect for discovering new titles you can enjoy wherever you are.
You’ll find available titles in the PlayStation Mobile area of PlayStation Store on your PlayStation Vita system.

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Alternatively, if you’ve got a PlayStation Certified device - currently Sony smartphones, Sony tablets and HTC Android mobile devices – you can get them by downloading and installing the PlayStation Mobile for Android app. Visit our download hub to install PlayStation Mobile for Android and start playing now.

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PlayStation Mobile is currently available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.
We’re sorry that PlayStation Mobile isn’t available yet in some countries and we are working hard to expand the service. We’ll keep you posted right here at PlayStation Blog as soon as we’ve got more news to share.
To find out more information about PlayStation Mobile, visit

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6 Author Replies

  • please expand the market, 9 countries is just too small number

  • Indeed when will the rest of EU get the PSmobile store, PSvita Netflix app, Psvita Youtube app???? Denmark is still under SCEE right??

  • Why is this in the Irish blog channel? PSM is not available in Ireland.
    And, yes, I’m going to keep commenting this EVERY TIME you make what is a disrespectful mistake. Don’t bother replying, just remove the channel and maybe try and not do it again in the future?

  • Nice giveaway. Have to remember to log in to this on the Vita.

  • Dagnammit PSmobile for Sweden!

  • We want PSmobile for Poland !!! ;)

  • “We’re sorry that PlayStation Mobile isn’t available yet in some countries and we are working hard to expand the service. We’ll keep you posted right here at PlayStation Blog as soon as we’ve got more news to share.” Yeah, right. And why should we trust you on this? You said the same thing about the movie store, and here we are… what, 3-4 years later and we still keep an eye out on this blog to see when we’ll get the video store.
    Sony, and to a greater extend SCEE, just don’t know anything about making good money, that is why you are bleeding money worse than a menstrual women on blood thinners (did I take that methaphor to far? it still fits sony). I live in a SCEE country. I have a Asus Transformer Pad (you said back in, what, october, that it would get PS certefifed “very soon). Still, you use all your money on 6 countries and left us in the dust and cry when your company is failing.

  • When will You make it available in Ireland?…

  • I can understand that for soem reason you dont have this service on most of the countries, what I would like to know is if when a new country gets it, will they also get those free games ?

  • What about making PS Mobile available to countries like Denmark?
    Wake up, Sony!

  • trophies for PS Mobile? Any word on when if this will happen?

  • Great news, I’ve never tried out the Mobile games before, I’m assuming they are a bit like minis.

    • Hi
      It’s a wide range of great mobile games including puzzle, sports, Shooter, etc.
      Please start trying with this week’s offer “Samurai Beatdown” – fun music game. Enjoy!

  • “We’re sorry that PlayStation Mobile isn’t available yet in some countries and we are working hard to expand the service. We’ll keep you posted right here at PlayStation Blog as soon as we’ve got more news to share.”
    And what about telling us what the issue for this hold up is?
    I actually find it insulting that Sony are limiting this service to some countries without ANY explanation. Furthermore, it’s hurting PS Mobile developers since they are not able to reach all consumers and make less money.

  • Any news on Trophies coming to PSM?
    It was announced shortly after PSM launched that they would come but there has been no mention since?

  • We want PSmobile in Danmark :( me PSvita need new app’s NOW

  • What I love about sony is that they ALLWAYS get back to their customers, who are the one who pays their bills (in this case, tries to, but are not allowed to)… In a perfect world!

  • I’m sure sony already knows this but if you want to make Playstation Mobile a profit generating mobile store then it needs to be opened up to more devices and obviously to more countries asap. Otherwise you can’t expect developers to take it seriously. Who wants to make exclusive content for a limited amount of devices and 9 countries when they have android and apple markets with a much bigger audience.
    On topic great deal I just wish it was available to more

  • A big thank you for nothing from Portugal! :)
    We’re still waiting for the youtube app for vita.
    I should have never bought it, instead i should have bought a new smartphone.
    But it’s ok, really, we’ve always been marginalized by SONY…
    I have a psx, 2 ps2, 2 ps3, 1 psp, one psvita, several SONY devices like tvs and such.
    I’ll think twice the next time i choose to invest in SONY.
    Time to break the cycle i guess!
    At least SEGA cared… Curse you for ruining SEGA!

  • Wait so does this mean we who don’t have PSM yet will be able to get these games for free later?
    But really what is it that takes so long for it to launch into more countries? It’s not like a movie or music service where license and stuff comes in. PS3 launched all over europe in the same day,same goes to every other plattform. Why is it so hard to expand the PSM service. Becuase some weeks the vita collection have been dry and PSM would really make it look better.


  • Um.. I can’t download this through the website store. (Sigh)

  • Yes guys please listen to some of these people on this blog! We’re here supporting Sony now please show us some love and release this app in more countries. Would love to see this PS Mobile in South Africa but alas :(

  • Awesome….. for some countries, i guess…
    So i guess and wait to see if South Africa is added to the list.
    I wonder if it would be in time for some of these games?
    My money is on 0 games for South Africa though.

  • I expect this will turn up for Ireland as quickly as the Video Store, i.e. Never!

  • So NZ was in the list before but now it’s not? What happened? Usually we get lumped in with AU for everything else, but not when it comes to free games? No wonder my Vita’s battery was fully drained, I have little reason to charge it these days :(

    • Hi RorschanchNZ,
      PlayStation Mobile is not currently available in New Zealand. Apologies if there were any misunderstanding.

  • Thanks Sony! This week has been great for releases and now we get free mobile games! Cannot wait for the update tonight!!!

  • All we need now is trophies and more games what use the pad on the official Playstation mobile phone (Xperia Play)

  • Cheers just downloaded this to my vita, reminded me to get Lemmings too.
    Jet Set Radio is today as well isn’t it?

  • @27 The game is on there now

  • All fine and dandy, but when is PSM coming to Poland?

  • SCEE adding insult to injury.

  • And when is the playstation mobile and youtube app is coming for portugal? I did buy a ps vita so can i support some dev. in PSM its sad and im still waiting for the 2 services PSM and Youtube app…

  • SCEUK strikes again. Rest of Europe You’ve been SCEUK’d.

  • This is a neat idea I’m approve & I hope this many times you SCEE do this deals kudos.
    The other thing I like of this deals is SCEE has done a apple, because apple IOS has App of the week by giving out 1 free game each week. nice. :)

  • even the most of the european union countries can not get ps mobile, I think my complaint would be so pointless that I don’t have access to ps mobile in Turkey…

  • Any chance of PSM making it to iOS?

  • Every PlayStation Mobile post, at this point, generates far more badwill in the countries in which it’s not available than it can possibly achieve in terms of goodwill in the countries where it is available.
    Is an update all that much to ask? Giving some kind of reason for the delay and an approximate release date? Even to the month?
    “We’re sorry that PlayStation Mobile isn’t available yet in some countries and we are working hard to expand the service” is all well and good, but we heard that with the Video Store and it has turned out to be a complete and utter lie. When you say “we’re working to expand”, without giving anything resembling details, we hear “You will never see this service ever”.

  • @luckysalt81
    Don’t forget the highly addictive Jetpack Joyride if you haven’t got it already!! ;-)
    It’s FREE plus has online leaderboards and trophy support! :-)
    To answer your question on Jet Set Radio. Here is the PS+ games for January:
    2nd January – Bioshock 2
    2nd January – Guardians of Middle Earth
    2nd January – Mortal Kombat – excluding Australia and Germany
    2nd January – Gotham City Imposters – Australia and Germany only
    16th January – Jet Set Radio (PS Vita)
    23rd January – Pinball Arcade (PS Vita)
    TinTin :-)

  • Thanks guys this is brilliant :)

  • [DELETED] really? somebody on this blog thought that’s a good idea?
    to brighten many people morning with this great offerning
    that will work for only few countries? and will just [DELETED] off the rest and remind them that not only are they missing Playstation Mobile
    now they are missing this great offering too and they are even missing any real information when or why they can’t have it. really i am shocked that anybody thought that’s a good idea. and i am shocked that the person is probably has finished some school to make that kind of decisions and even gets money for them. crazy. stupid.

  • Can’t wait until you release all these great miniature games in the Irish language because surely that is why they aren’t on the Irish PS Store right?
    What’s that? They are going to be the exact same games when and if they ever do release on the Irish Store down to the crc size of the game files?

  • I hope so much that with PS4 Sony will pull their heads out of the gutter and finally make one PSN for entire world, instead of trying to destroy the unity of their own consumers by generating envy and inequality.
    But who an I kidding? Not with this 0 ability to learn on their own mistakes and successes of others. I won’t be surprised, if even Nintendo (with their hatred for internet) will make their service better and more popular than PSN. And as for making PSN as good or better than Steam? Only in my dreams, I guess.

  • +1 for PSM for POLAND!

    • Hi
      Sorry that PlayStation Mobile is not available in your countries.
      We are working on bring PlayStation Mobile into more countries. Please keep checking this place.

  • Awesome – Thank you Sony, what a brilliant bit of news!
    Some people will cry and whinge about anything!

  • When will PlayStation mobile games work on my Nexus 7.

    • We will update you as soon as we have news about coming up PlayStation Certified devices news. Please watch this place.

  • Aww how nice of you Sony.
    Oh wait, there’s still no PSM in switzerland.
    You give me free games I can’t download, great.
    I love you SCEE, but some stuff should be done much faster than they are right now.

  • This is a great way to get people into the PlayStation Mobile games, I have to admit, I forget to check that part of the Store all the time.
    I’m trying to do an app for PlayStation Mobile but the SDK isn’t loading properly at the moment. Anyway I digress, well done on another great promotion.

    • Thank you ChazzH69,
      Look forward to seeing your app in PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile in the future!

  • How many more products/games/releases are we going to have to watch pass by without being delivered to everyone? No Youtube App for vita, no Netflix for vita, delays on all fronts and content that’s not even released in certain countries is, in this day and age, unacceptable. Other companies DO NOT HAVE THIS ISSUES.
    SCEE’s policies belong in the stone age. The lack of spine shown by the staff to actually face and solve this issues is unbelievable. If I am hired by a company that is CLEARLY DOING THINGS THE WRONG WAY I would try my best to come to a solution.
    I don’t mean to be offensive and apologize in advance if someone finds that last part of my comment offensive. Maybe, just maybe, if SCEE improves it’s communications and let’s us know exactly why we don’t get apps, contents (or entire stores in this case) or have it delayed, many of us (not just me) would not be so upset with you guys. Just my opinion.

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