Sumioni: Demon Arts paints a picture on PS Vita next week

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Sumioni: Demon Arts paints a picture on PS Vita next week


At long last, Europe, the fate of the world can rest in your brushes as well! It’s official: Acquire’s action-packed PS Vita platformer Sumioni: Demon Arts is slated for release in the European PlayStation Store on 16th January, for the entirely affordable price of €9.99/£7.99. Soon, the epic travels of the demon Agura, the lion god Shidou and the firebird goddess Yomihi through feudal Japan will brighten up those OLED screens all across the many countries of the EU!

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If you’re unfamiliar with this title, allow me to elaborate. Sumioni: Demon Arts is a side-scrolling platformer presented in the style of classic Japanese “sumi-e” ink prints. Agura can run, jump and swing his sword like any old platforming protagonist if you wish – or you can pause the action and trace designs on the screen in order to set your enemies (and their towers) ablaze.
If fire’s not your thing, you can also switch to the water brush and douse enemy projectiles. Or spawn lightning from the heavens. Or just draw your own platforms and pass right over your enemies unscathed!


And when push comes to shove and you’re faced with a massive boss enemy, that’s when it’s time to summon Shidou or Yomihi. Tracing a specific design on the screen brings one of your followers out, and he/she remains at your side for quite some time, dealing massive damage to all enemies on screen and totally saving your bacon.
Some stages take a different approach to the action, requiring you to survive wave after wave of enemy troops for a set period of time, or outrun a massive creature that’s chasing you down (with intent to smush you flat under its gritty boot!).
Each stage you complete is rated based on your performance (how long it took, how many enemies you killed, how much damage you took, etc.), and this performance determines which path you take through the story. Ultimately, your adventure is concluded in one of six very different endings, ranging from total annihilation to eternal victory.


With beautiful Japanese artistry, cleverly-conceived PS Vita-specific controls and frenetic platforming action all in one game, Sumioni: Demon Arts is sure to sate PS Vita fans looking for something fun and unique to play on the go. Be sure to pick up your copy on 16th January, and may the Inkgods rain their blessings down upon you all!

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