God of War: Ascension PS Plus beta starts today

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God of War: Ascension PS Plus beta starts today


Warriors of PlayStation Plus, our God of War development team here at Sony Santa Monica is proud to break open the arena gates to the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta for you.
All PlayStation Plus members can download the beta software from the PSN store today. If you have opted in for auto-download direct to your console, you will have the beta file ready for you soon in the XMB under the “Games” tab. Just click it to instantly boot up and get to the action!
This beta is your opportunity to share your opinion, inspire change and ensure we hear you. Visit our official open beta forums; your feedback is vital.

You should also visit our official GodofWar.com website where we’ve just launched a suite of new beta strategy sections: God profiles, basic and intermediate Tips you won’t find in-game, and your keys to victory in each mode.
Our multiplayer beta is a slice of the full-game experience, here’s what you’ll see featured:

  • God Allegiances: Zeus and Ares (two of four)
  • Modes: Team Favor of the Gods, Capture The Flag, Favor of the Gods (Deathmatch)
  • Maps: Desert of Lost Souls (large map) & Forum of Hercules (arena)
  • Vast amount of weapons, armors, magic, relics and God items to customise and earn
  • Ascend to Level 30 – can you do it during the short beta period?!
  • VoIP – bust out those headphones and mics, team strategies are crucial (especially in CTF)

This is God of War, PlayStation Nation; one does not simply walk into the Ascension multiplayer beta and think it ends there. Here are few things not in the beta that will of course be in the final shipped game this 13th March:

  • God Allegiances Hades and Poseidon
  • Third in-game weapon class – to be announced soon
  • More large and small maps created from signature God of War locations
  • Ability to customise your Warrior deeper than the Pits of Tartarus as you unlock all the weapons, magics, armors, relics and God items from the four allegiances and level them up!
  • Team up with friends – this is a heavy team-multiplayer game, you will have such abilities to join your friends and dominate the competition. More on this closer to launch.
  • An unannounced fourth multiplayer mode. We don’t screw around here (well, we do have fun)!

Our development team has been burning the midnight oil pouring every last ounce of passion into creating a multiplayer experience worthy of sitting atop Mt. Olympus. This has been no ordinary journey for our team. Epic in every way, it has been a new beginning.
Whether or not you have been following our transparent making-the-game series, Unchained, here is the five-minute story of what’s been a three-year journey in creating something once thought impossible. Enjoy our latest episode, A New Beginning.

By the way, if you made it this far and you love God of War single-player, fear not, a wealth of new information is coming sooner than you think.
Finally, for expert tips on how to get the best of the trial, take a look at our God of War: Ascension beta dedicated guide.

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  • I’ve already played this beta a while back now. Have to say it was loads better than what I thought it would be. Very excited to play the full game and have my fingers crossed for co-op.

  • I got on the early beta as well and although it was better than I feared, I still got bored after the first few fights. Then again I’ve never been fussed about online multiplayer, it’s much more fun when your opposition is sat next to you so you can give them a sly jab in the ribs if they’re doing a bit too well….

  • How long does the beta last?(Since I won’t be able to play for two weeks :( )

  • hahahahaahahah first day and now it has an update ;p

  • Apart from the fact that this ‘game’ should have been released to ps+ members a lot earlier…. the game itself is absolutely terrible.
    It is like having prolonged fights with NPCs but with people and they just keep coming back. The BEST part of god of war is the fighting of huge bosses, that’s it really. Everything else in between is just a case of, well at least something will happen soon.
    Back to drawing board, I would say.

  • Not sure if this are offtopic, but will EU PSN+ subscriber also get a chance to download the Eye of Kratos Avatar like US PSN+ currently can?

  • #4 for u its a first day, but they are testing it non stop for some time and patches and reactions on feedback on forums are super fast

  • It was much better than i thought,although it lost it’s fun pretty quickly for me.What i really liked was that the whole game had an option to be in Greek.The voices were too i was amazed,good work Sony!Will the Story Mode has Greek voices too or only the Multiplayer?
    Thanks in advance ^^

  • @OrhuN__06
    ^As bennyraffal has said, been out a while ago. Many of us has already played it. You just get to play it now while most bugs has been fixed. Every beta gets more updates than what a full games does.
    I thought it was really good. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t say its something I would play a lot. Even if the multiplayer isn’t your thing, I’m sure you will still enjoy the single player. Multiplayer is just a bonus and never feels the same as single player. If it has co-op then that would be something worth playing a lot
    Have you tried asking Jawad?

  • How exciting!
    @OrhuN__06 – The Private and Public Limited Beta took place during December and the first week of January. Now that we know it is stable, we are now pleased to be able to roll it out to all PlayStation Plus members to ramp the numbers up :).
    – LiquidRunner
    PlayStation Betas – Coordinator

  • Is it just me or is the update taking forever to download?

  • Can someone please explain how auto download works I never understood how to get it working.

  • @residentSteve – On your XMB when signed in with your PlayStation Plus account, go to System Settings > Automatic Update > On > Select a time slot for when your console will turn itself on > Ensure “Download recommended games and videos” is checked > OK.
    – LiquidRunner
    PlayStation Betas – Coordinator

  • Thanks liquidrunner I thought it must be that option, the ps3 must use what you have already downloaded has a guide.

  • Guys Guys it wasn’t meant bad or anything i know its been released earlier anywhere alse :P and i have to say I really enjoyed the game i have played a few matches, later this week i will have enough time to play more, i had not expected so much because its God Of War’s first online game, and i really liked the fact Turkish is avaivble too :D
    and sorry for bad English :D

  • Played until level 8. Really good PvP experience, like the leveling up perks. It gets impossible to track WTH is going on when there are many players battling it out in one place, and kill stealing is common (although alleviated with a token assist credit) for the kdr whores out there. I got a few stupid deaths due to falling, some of them even my own fault.
    I do like how it ranks players based on contribution, and kdr is only one factor. But I think kdr should be ranked higher: I went 7-1 in one match, but only came in second in rankings since some guy had almost double the points with only two kills.
    Remains to be seen how long this can keep interest, but is a welcome addition to the upcoming GoW which will surely be worth the investment for single player alone. Really good beta, doesn’t need much polish to be a final product!

  • Can someone help me? When I click on the God of War icon on the XMB to download the beta it takes me to the psn store but nothing is there!!!

  • The beta is damn sight better than I expected. I’m considering buying Ascension now

  • got on the beta wen it first dropped . not feeling it
    will still buy the game tho

  • Do you already know if this game will have online trophies required for the Platinum?

  • @21 Don’t you realise those things never work?

  • Really fun Beta version. After a couple matches ya it kinda gets repetative and everyone on my team quits and there aren’t many items as of now. I got to level 12 for ares and was wondering if I keep the same level/higher when I get the ACTUAL game in March?

  • @22 – Nope, you don’t get to keep your rank. This is a beta, you are supposed to be testing the game not worrying about losing your progress when/if you buy the final product! :P

  • cant wait to get my hands on the full game im loving the beta good taster of whats to come

  • great choice of upgrades with different magic different items lots of ways to mix it up to suite your own style brilliant

  • Will we get any exclusive content for playing the beta? Nothing big, just some skins or other small in-game items? If not, who cares, I’m still downloading this beta. See you all in game.

  • taking AGES to download 552 Mb…..

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