Brand new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer sneaks in

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Brand new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer sneaks in

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Greetings and Happy New Year from the Sly gang!
2012 was full of fantastic gaming goodness. Hopefully you’ve found some favourites that you’re still playing, but we’re sure you’re already looking ahead to what’s landing in 2013.
It’s shaping up to be another cracking year with the upcoming release of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! Sly and the gang are back on the 27th March on both PS3 and PS Vita. What’s more, for those of you that purchase the PS3 version of the game, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version from the PS Store at no cost! Great news for Sly fans who’ll be able to play at home and continue their adventures on the go.
To whet your appetites, take a look at the brand new gameplay video below. It’s a sneak peak at how Sly and the gang work together to pull a heist on El Jefe, the epic boss you’ll meet during your travels to Feudal Japan.

This is just a slice of the action but there will be plenty to get your teeth into, including earning costumes, finding new collectibles and hiding treasures. For PS Vita fans, you’ll even be able to use your PS Vita system as a set of X-ray goggles to collect some valuable items as you play through the PS3 version of the game. Cool, no?
We’ll have plenty more updates on Sly in the coming weeks as we prepare for launch – watch this space!

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  • How come it is 1 1/2 month delayed over here in europe?

  • Any chance of a demo? A demo maybe? Perhaps there will be a demo? In the near future might there be a demo released? For PS3 and Vita? A playable demonstration of the game as it were?

    • You bet. We haven’t quite confirmed the date for the demo yet, but you won’t have too long to wait. We’ll make an announcement soon on the Blog.

  • Cool. Coolcoolcool.

  • wil it in europe be a option to select the original ( english ) voice acting ????? because i Love the original acting ???

  • Cannot wait for this :-D
    Played the HD Sly remakes last year (brought back great memories of the fun I had on the PS2 :-))
    So glad you are supporting Cross-Buy with the free Vita download!
    You’ve won yourself an extremely happy customer with that move ;-)
    Hope other devs/publishers sit up and take note!!
    Good luck with the project Marta :-D

    • It’ll be worth the wait! Marta is buried under a stack of paperwork right now, but I’ll pass on your well-wishes when she digs her way out.

  • An instant buy :)
    A question Fred.
    How many languages and which ones will “Sly Cooper Thieves in Time” will have?
    Also for the English language will this be same as for the US release or will this be a UK dub?

  • I don’t get it, why did Sanzuaru Games decided to release Sly 4 before Easter when it’s coming out early next month in the US. Ah well, I have other games to clear first oh and is it coming out on 29th March for the UK or 27th like all other countries? Just wondering.
    Played the entire Sly trilogy last year and it was great and Plated both Sly 1 and 2 and loved it.

  • @supersmith
    ditto on Platting Sly 1 & 2 ;-)
    Couldn’t quite get the Plat for the 3rd one in the series though :-(

  • Oye, un tigre Mexicano en Japon! Muy divertido!
    Looking forward to Sly’s latest capers, and always love a game with time travel in it. Also, El Jefe slapping the geisha Murray on the caboose is hilarious!
    Fred, use your legendary powers of persuasion to get Sanzaru to put this game’s soundtrack up on the Store come release day. This game’s got some seriously awesome choonage. :D

  • Can’t wait to play this game :D, I’m a huge Sly fan and Sly along with Jak and Ratchet are my mains in PS All-Stars Battle Royale :D
    1.Hope we see the demo next week :)
    Off Topic but Fred when will the PS All-Stars costumes be coming to the PS Store?

  • @TINTINTB303:
    Yup, managed to plat it in one playthrough of Sly 2.

  • Demo for Sly is coming very soon guys. Keep your eyes open as there is going to be loads of buzz around Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. The game is just amazing and it really worth the wait, I promise you! :)

  • Thank You Guys, Marta and Fred :
    and fred i hope my question will be awnsered in the Demo :P
    Sanzaru is Just amazing <3
    i am wondering what there new (secret) project is :D

  • By the way,will you patch the 2 mispelled trophies in Sly 3?(Slytankhamen Approved and Wirlwind of Awsome)

  • Will UK version have different BCES code from Europe? Is there an English voice-over in Russian version?

  • SCEA priced this game 40$ PS3 version (Cross Buy), and 30$ PS Vita version (Only PS Vita).
    There is a chance for a competitive price here in Europe?

  • i don’t know about your country but in the Netherlands its the price you said.

  • i expected 60 euros, so i was verry happy:P

  • Could you confirm the Price for certain Shops like AU ? Im afraid that the US has it going for $39.99 while the AU PSN store will have it for $50-$60 or some insane price =/. Also any word on Sony changing prices around for AU ?

  • Sorry I mean the US Blog has the Ps Vita version listed for only $30 so could you confirm the Price for AU and other stores ? I assume the AU PSN is going to get stuck with $50 for SLy (WHICH IS INSANE). Please respond much appreciated.

  • If the Price is at least $40 then Ill swallow the price and kiss you.

  • Is the cross buy going to work the same way it did for PSASBR, where it’s accessed on disc via the PS3 XMB?

  • If the price is as low as even £30 (nearly $50) for the PS3 version then I will eat my hat. I would love for it to be true but this is SCEE and I’ve learned to never ever get my hopes up. I’m expecting a £40 PS3 release and and £30 Vita release, and will continue to expect so until it’s 100% confirmed otherwise.
    Vita prices are already jacked up beyond reason in the UK. There is not one single Vita game that costs more than $50 in the US, and most cost $40, compared to $60 for PS3 games. Yet we’re stuck with PS3 prices for a lot of Vita games. I was looking forward to buying the new Sega cart racer on Vita until it released and actually cost MORE than the PS3 version did.

  • I love sly. Have them all. But Feb on US.. and March here?.. March.. The month that all the games will come out.. I was goin to buy sly if it came next month.. But well its coming and march and i will be playing gtav for a long long time..

  • Still if GTAV comes in may.. i still cant get sly so i will not have money for GTAV. But great work on the game finally its coming and it looks like the last one oooo new characters <3

  • I’m going to buy this on my US account on the 5th February for $39.99 (£30) I’m so annoyed that we have to wait over a month for no good reason.
    Just make a US account and buy this way early. Plain and simple.

  • The Murray, dressed as a geisha, doing karaoke?! So wrong but so right! Think I’m actually more excited about this game than any of the others coming out this year and I’m a huge Dead Space, Bioshock and GTA fan so this year was already looking pretty awesome :)

  • Well since Sly 4 is out right before the Easter Holidays, I’ll get it then.

  • are we getting a demo the same date as the U.S? (well on the wednesday)

  • i think tennessee kid cooper’s gameplay wil just look like carmelita’s gameplay :p
    and @ KAP thats a verry good Idea :P

  • Why is there such a delay between the US & EU release? EU shafted yet again…

  • I dont know if you can answer to this, but how many speech languages are in this game :D?, like in SLY 2 and 3 had Finnish, so is Finnish in this game aswell?

  • it is the 22nd now im on ps plus and i cant get the sly demo

  • @34: Why don’t you check back tomorrow evening, when the Store actually has been updated? It always updates wednesday later afternoon…

  • @33: I don’t know about other languages but it will be at least in Finnish and other Scandinavian languages like before, at least according to the trailers on “PlaystationNordic”‘s Youtube page.
    that is why it is delayed in Europe so they have time to do the other languages…
    And then here is the Finnish trailer that came out on 6th of Dec
    I know that the voice acting is terrible on this one but it is only a trailer, and they might even have different voices in the actual game. But we’ll have to wait for that c:

  • Definitely getting this game on the Easter hols, it comes out right before my 2-weeks Easter holidays and it could be an awesome time to begin Sly’s 4th adventure. You know, I’m not fussed about it being out in NA in early Feb but hey. Worth the wait. Could it be the language issues that causes weeks late for Europe. I think so.

  • OH god! I have wated sins 2004

  • The one and only game I’m looking forward to on any system this year; hope the pointless and inexplicable delay is worth it. Regardless, pretty much sucks being a gamer who doesn’t like violence now – if you don’t enjoy shooters, slashers or post-apocalyptic excuses for tasteless brutality you’re frankly screwed. I’m genuinely dreading E3 this year…

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