Fuel Overdose under starter’s orders on PSN today

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Fuel Overdose under starter’s orders on PSN today

Fuel Overdose tactical 3

Hi, I’m Skander Djerbi executive producer of Fuel Overdose which arrives on PSN today. With this post, I wanted to explain why and how we brought some strategy to our combat racing experience.
When you think of combat racing games of the past 25 years, you realise that they more or less follow the same pattern: you collect an item and then you use it before collecting another one, and so on. These games ask you to focus on speed and targeting but they don’t really challenge your mental skills. Generally, the only decisions you have to take are “Should I use my missile now or later?” or “Should I take that risky shortcut?”.
One of our ambitions with Fuel Overdose was to propose a more complex game experience by giving each player the possibility to build his own race strategy and reward his decision-making skills.

The choices made before and during the race have a real impact on your chances of success. The game leaves no room for luck and the depth of the game mechanics will constantly challenge your capacity to take the right decisions at the right moments.
The first decisions must be taken before the race: choose your racer after carefully checking his skills, vehicle and weaponry to establish a strategy. Will you try to lead the race from the beginning or stay in ambush and wait for the very last moment before outrunning your opponents? Will you go into the battle or bet on your driving skills? Ask yourself these questions, among others, before going further.
But because things don’t always go as planned, you’ll also have to adapt your race strategy and try to turn each duel on the race track to your advantage. Identify your opportunities and weigh the pros and cons of each option before making any move.

Fuel Overdose tactical 1

Here is an example: let’s say there is a vehicle ahead of you, right before the finish line. In most combat racing games you have very few options, and you’ll end up shooting him.
In Fuel Overdose, you have options. Should you simply shoot him with your machine gun or launch a rocket? Or maybe unleash a super attack? If so, which one? But are you sure that attacking him is the right move?
Don’t forget that hitting him will fill his Berserk gauge so he might turn against you with a super attack. So maybe it’s wiser to grab him with your grappling hook and try to overtake him. But if you do so, you’d be an easy target for his mines.

Fuel Overdose tactical 5Fuel Overdose tactical 4

Another example: how do you intend to use your Berserk gauge? Will you play defense and use it to trigger you shield whenever you’re being hit or will you play offense and unleash as many special attacks as possible?
In the beginning of the game you’ll probably ignore all these questions and rely exclusively on your instincts to play Fuel Overdose like any other combat racer. But as the game becomes more and more challenging, you’ll realise that establishing strategies is the key to success (especially online).
Whatever your plan is, keep in mind that each decision has consequences, even the most obvious choices can be questioned and that sometimes an opponent can be more useful alive than dead…
Please enjoy our game, and feel free to ask any questions below.

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  • Any plans to bring the sickness Vita bound??

    • @KillaT2501 > Not for the moment because we are a very small team and cannot handle 2 projects simultaneously. Also because Fuel Overdose is a self-published indie project and when we started it in 2010 there was no Vita.

  • Hi everyone
    Just to let you know that I’m currently online playing Fuel Overdose multiplayer mode (my PSN ID is skandertk).
    Of course I’ll be glad to answer your questions/ comments here on the blog .
    You can check the first reviews on our Facebook page. Most of them are between between good and excellent :)

  • i think its terrible this game isnt coming to the Australian store. what praytell is the big issue with having a game like this here?

    • It’s only a matter of time. The only issue is because we didn’t get our Australian rating yet. But you can still create a European account by selecting “Italy” for example, and you’ll be able to download the game.

  • hey skander how about some fuel overdose avatars ? this game is awesome been playing the demo all the time please think about it i would like those characters as avatars on my ID thanks :) & happy Holidays :)

    • Sure we’ll work on it once we clear all the stuff we’re handling right now (namely the North American version).
      Thank you so much for your support the game. If you like the demo please say it, and say it loud ! :)
      We indies need you guys!
      The full game is available. However for some reason it doesn’t appear in any category – I’m trying to sort things out with the people in charge of the store as we speak – in the meantime you can find it by using the search tool.
      I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, enjoy your holidays with friends and family!

  • Hello
    Looks really nice, if there is a demo i will definately give it a try. I really liked these kinds of games until the people who made the terrible WRECKED REVENGE recently killed my hopes of ever playing another combat racing title.
    Its games like this that fit the VITA perfectly though, in my eyes SONY should be investing more in indie devs to secure cross play titles like this, a quick 15 minute blast on a game of this type on a handheld would be pure joy.
    Good luck with the project, maybe if i like it i will see you online.

  • nice..it kinda reminds me of twisted metal..defo gonna pick this one up..it does look really gud..nice work Skander..ill see you online=)

    • Thanks!
      However I must say something REALLY important here: please please please spend some serious time on the offline modes first. The game features A LOT of new game mechanics and you’ll have to practice before you can master all of them and get familiar with the tracks and camera system. Understanding how the weapons, the combo system, the shield, the berserk gauge, and the special attacks interact between each other is fundamental is you really want to enjoy the game.
      As I said in the post, despite its arcade approach the game shows its true potential after several hours of practice. In the beginning you’ll play (and enjoy) Fuel Overdose like any other combat racing game. But you’ll have much more fun once you understand that building strategies is the key to success. Yesterday I read a review saying “The game defines the term ‘easy to pick up, hard to master”. That’s exactly what we wanted for the game.
      And once you reach a certain level, you’ll enjoy the online modes even more because online is definitely where the tactical aspect of the game really shines.

  • The game is nowhere to be found on the PS Store so far, so it’s gonna be difficult for me to play with you :(
    I feel like Tommy Refenes in Indie Game:The Movie right now.
    In the meantime take a look at the reviews on our fb page: http://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/Fuel-Overdose/137593856277495

  • Its in the store for me. There is actually 4 results for the game, I think the blog post links to the wrong item, cos you cant buy it on that page. But you can if you search for the game and you can also download the demo (which I am doing).

    • Is the full game available on your store (Which I believe is the Spanish store) ? Cos i still don’t see it on the French store

  • Trying the demo now, ive been looking forward to this.

  • is this coming out on the US store also on the 21st?

    • No hopefully end of january
      Fyi the game is still not displayed on the store as we speak :(((
      the demo is there, the videos as well (actually I think that the tactical trailer is still missing) but not the full game…

  • just finished downloadin it..unfortunally need to go out with my girl =( but cant wait to get on it =)..

  • Haven’t downloaded the demo yet but will do first thing tomorrow. Just wanted to say it’s great having you in this blog to answer questions about your game, which looks very interesting. Please please please consider a Vita version: it’s the perfect console for indie titles and a great opportunity for smaller developers as there aren’t yet that many games available, so a lot of people download all of them!!!!

    • It’s a real pleasure ;)
      We indies rarely have the possibility to take the time to explain you what we try to achieve. The PlayStation blog is one of the rare media that gives us such opportunity.
      In our case it’s extremely important because we tried to propose something different. Fuel Overdose is not just another mayhem-game-with-cars-and-guns and I hope that the messages I’m trying to deliver on the blog posts are (well) received.
      (Excuse me for my english, it’s not my native language)

    • Please please please get the PS3 version, continue requesting a Vita version, and Sony and I might work on it ;)

  • Message to the blog community
    Some of you might have tried to purchase the game today from the European Playstation®Store and couldn’t find it after browsing the New games section. I couldn’t find it either. For some reasons that haven’t been explained to me so far, the game is currently not visible on the Playstation®Store. I’m sorry about that but that’s totally beyond my control. I don’t know when the game will end up appearing on the Playstation®Store.
    However it seems that you can find the game and download it. 2 options:
    1 – Use the search tool
    2 – Use the PC store https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/fuel-overdose/cid=EP4349-NPEB00876_00-FUELOVERDOSE0001
    Will keep you posted once I have some news

  • I’m gonna buy this game when I get the chance (No money in mah pocket)
    Also, a Vita version would be awesome. With cross saves and maybe cross play ? :D

  • You weren’t kidding when you said this was a strategical racing game, I just tried the demo and it was hectic! It’ll definitely take a few hours to learn how to effectively use all the weapons, skills, specials and most importantly the grappling hook, that thing has SO much potential combined with the skills! Most games just add a few typical weapons and that’s it, but this game has added so much more to the combat racing genre, even the grappling hook alone could’ve been another racing game’s selling point but it’s just one of many aspects of this game.
    Even though it’s a budget game, this brings so much more than any AAA racing game this year, probably more than any of them combined to be honest.

    • Wow…what can I say…thanks mate :)…I’m moved
      You made my evening :) I was in a bad mood trying to figure out what’s going on with the PS Store but reading your message kinda relaxed me.
      Here are my 10 tips to help you establish your strategies:
      1. Don’t forget the shield (square button). Use it to defend yourself but also to keep a better control on your ride
      2. If you’re about to die, keep in mind that you can gain life by performing combos. So sometimes the best way to survive is not to defend but to attack
      3. If you want to lead the race from the beginning purchase loads of mines (and upgrade them)
      4. Keep in mind that the Berserk gauge can be used for defense (shield) or offense (special attacks)

    • 5. Survival vs Berserk: sometimes it’s worth letting the others hit you so you can fill your Berserk gauge
      6. You can whether specialize in a skill, for example speed, by combining a fast racer (Noa) with a fast vehicle, or try to compensate and combine for example a slow but solid vehicle with a fast racer
      7. You don’t need to invest in all the weapons. Start by focusing on only one or two weapons (including the machine gun) and then you’ll see if you need to spend what’s left in more ammos, more weapons or in upgrades.
      8. Machine gun is a must because you can easily perform combos with it (and combos means life)
      9. Race Danger: choose carefully where and when to trigger it. You don’t always need to spend a huge amount of money to get it.
      10. While you’re filling your gauge before unleashing a super ask yourself whether to trigger a super attack or wait for an ultra attack

  • Yes Skander, please get your team do make a Vita version, the Vita really needs more games. =D

  • I thinks that it’s a matter of good manners, not to mention having respect for others (and oneself) to always in any game, master it’s intricacies first, if applicable, in single player/campaign mode first before inflicting oneself online(same as I never send a blank add req to people, I at least say something to give us a sense of connexion with an add req PM ie we played Dora’s little Adventure together online last thursday, or I think your name makes you sound really hot… wait, forget reading the Dora part, I didn’t say that a-HEM…).
    Anyways this game sounds awesome i shall be buying it as soon as my country has it and thanks for being so receptive Skander personally answering our comments. You don’t know how much it is appreciated by us.Thank you to you and your team :)

    • Mmmm not sure I understood the Dora part…Am I missing something here :) ?
      You know it takes 2 min to create a European account/id so you don’t have to wait for the NZ release ;)

  • I vaguely heard the name of this game a long while back.
    Only right now by checking the PS EU Blog do I actually go and check out the trailers.
    To the guy who said this ‘resembles’ Twisted Metal is insane lol.
    It reminds me alot more of Death Rally for the 21st century!
    I hav’t been able to check it out on the PSN Website store(offline for some bizarre reason), but I’ll check it out in abit on the PS3 and am seriously considering to buy it.
    Pity you don’t list the prices right here though.

  • Hmmm, SAR115/UKP8.31/EUR10.20/US$13.43
    I’m going to download the demo and give it ago.

    • Price : 11.99 euro
      Indeed Death Rally is a game that inspired us (much more than Twisted Metal). I have to mention Rock’n’Roll Racing as well.
      Plz give me your impressions

  • Hello Skander
    After trying out the Demo, I really like the game!
    It is indeed very similar to Death Rally, although the 3D isometric view throws me off a few times. But I’ll get used to it in time.
    I plan to buy this very soon, just waiting out the PSN Xmas fever to make sure I don’t miss anything due to lack of funds (you’ll be surprised to hear that there is a massive shortage of [working/valid]PSN Vouchers over here, its crazy and at the worst time too).

  • Oh, one more thing.
    I find that in 1080p the game does slow down abit.
    Perhaps it would be alot smoother if it was running in 720p instead.

    • Yes indeed the game supports 1080p
      This is something that we decided one year ago. It was a very difficult “graphics vs framerate” decision to make. And we went for graphics because 1080p resolution suited the comics/manga feeling of the game. If you are concerned about the framerate of the demo I can tell you that Kyoto, Prague and Cairo maps run more smoothly.

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