God of War: Ascension single player demo included with Total Recall Blu-ray

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God of War: Ascension single player demo included with Total Recall Blu-ray


Good morning PlayStation Blog. I’m here today to let you know that if you pick up the Extended Director’s Cut of Total Recall on Blu-ray when it launches in your region you’ll gain access to the E3 2012 God of War: Ascension single player demo.
Included within the Total Recall packaging will be an insert with a voucher code for you to download the demo from PS Store straight away.
This offer will be available in the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Nordics, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey and South Africa.


For the uninitiated, Total Recall stars Colin Farrell as a factory worker who visits Rekall, a revolutionary company that can turn his superspy fantasies into real memories. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, the line between fantasy and reality blurs as he becomes a man on the run and the fate of his world hangs in the balance.
God of War: Ascension, on the other hand, sees Kratos cruelly tricked and left to rot in prison by the gods of Olympus. But the fires of betrayal ignite his anger and now he will rise!
The single player demo showcases Ascension’s new gameplay mechanics and combat system, so you can get a taste all of the brutal action before the game launches in March.

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  • And once again – as usual – the only EU country excluded / not listed for getting this: Germany!
    Srriously, why is Germany ALWAYS left out of these things?

    • The decision on where this promotion would take place was taken by Sony Pictures, not SCEE. I suspect that it wasn’t included due to age rating concerns in your territory.

  • Because Germany has some stupid *** laws, blame your own country for trying to suppress you.
    Anyway, please explain the link between a futuristic world where you can have memories implanted and erased with a game about kicking mythical gods’ ass? It isn’t even like it is 300 or something. Total recall did that badly?

  • @TheHellcat (#2)
    Uhh.. EU is bigger than those countries listed. It’s not only Germany. And the reason is your country, not Sony. Netherlands isn’t listed either, do you see me complaining?

  • Germany has some terrible laws in place. Democratic country? Not really.

  • The main reason Germany is so strict when it comes to cencorship is that its a remnant of how careful the German government has bad to become after the Second World War.
    Agree with me or not it is a fact.

  • *….has HAD to become after the Second World War*
    WHY they still dont allow edit on this blog is beyond me.

  • This is so “LOL” because this have been avaible since October in the US and who wants to play a single player demo there is build from E3 since then the game have completly change in the single player department. No give me more Single Player news in stead of only focus on multiplayer.
    I have now played Multiplayer demo for a week, and its “fun” but i still need more single player info .. i played all GOD of War games, and im afraid this version is gonna be totally forcused on the Multiplayer than the single player campaign.
    Its like AC3 over again , high expection for game, but it doesnt deliver.

  • A good idea but I’m skeptical as to how many copies Total Recall will sell. I would have thought packaging it in with a bigger movie like Dredd in January would have been a better move.

  • If you have played all the previous god of war games then why worry about the next god of war being not so good is what I am wondering, but then again pre release moaning is pretty hipster, just like making comments on gamefranchises adding MP modes in traditional SP games and moan that the SP will be bad because of that? I must have missed something and did not notice that everyone is a gamedeveloper these days.

  • Dammit, on the one hand I love the God of War series and would love to play some of the single player game (the multi-player beta isn’t really cutting it for me), but I love the original Total Recall and try not to even acknowledge this reboot even exists, so there’s no way I’d buy the blu-ray! Pretty shrewd marketing tactic though, bundle a demo for a hugely popular game franchise with a movie that tanked pretty badly, got to give them credit for trying ;)

  • Damn, and for others users? when it will be available?

    • As the post states, this is the E3 2012 single player demo that also featured at Gamescom, and lots of other trade shows since then. It won’t be released publically on PS Store as the game has changed a lot since this demo was created.

  • No thanks. I’ll wait until i can get it without buying a terrible film.

  • I don’t know what you mean @14 I thought it was a great film I normally love remakes the Italian job remake was way better than the old one.

  • Is it just me, or does this make zero sense?
    Why do we get a game demo for buying a movie??

  • Come on Ross!
    Those with jail-broken Ps3 already played the demo!
    Now we must buy a movie to access a 15 min demo! :|

  • those with jail broken ps3s also dont have to look at a annoying singstar logo and wallpaper everytime they turn on their ps3 or eject the game disk

  • shouldnt this just be free for psplus users? i mean playstation plus proudly advertises ‘gain access to exclusive content’ ive had it for half a year and ive seen what, a dust 514 beta and one other thing thats so unimportant ive already forgotten the name of.
    i know sony is trying to sell products, but staying true to what has been stated on an already sold item should be more important than trying to use a demo to sell something else.

  • @15 Residentsteve
    And there was me thinking that everybody on here had great taste being Playstation fans and then you go and put a comment like that. The Italian Job remake was WAY better than the old one?
    No class, NO TASTE!

  • Sorry @20 I just find the old film boring.

  • As much as i am so getting this, The extended directors cut, BD.. god won’t that cost like double the ‘normal’ version.. Still i have a good few Games shops that pay top trade in prices for Films, and i find that trade/selling back the first week/s is usually around Same price of renting from service/store, Hope that applies to extended directors cuts as well.

  • @ Ross
    i noticed you said ‘this’ demo won’t be getting released on ps store, but is there going to be any more SP demo’s before March ?. hope there is, even if it’s a plus exclusive.. i will just hijack my bro’s account lol.

  • Hi Ross,
    I know its just a little bit offtopic and i don´t know whom my THX belongs to so i just want to Thank you all at Sony.
    On Friday when i was getting home i was a little stressed because of so many work i got to do, but after i checked my E-mail Account i was like: Totally totally Freak out.
    I got an Email wich said your were just invited to the God of War Multiplayer Beta (i instantly got tears in my Eyes cause i cant believe it). After a little download session i startet some games, and man i have to say i got a blast of fun. So really really want you to know I LOVE You Sony.
    The Beta is one of the best balanced i have ever (and as a plusler i played a lot of them).
    Best regards and once again go further with this good work Sony.
    (Sorry for my English)

  • Yet more stupidity from Sony, A demo should be used to advertise to us gamers and put into as many hands as possible not limited to some completely unrelated film promo, all publishers need to realise that we are not privileged to have a demo, they need to get them into our hands so we might make a purchase. Sony are doing nothing but [CENSORED] me off towards the end of this gen.

  • Hopefully the GOW:A Demo is not only limited to this film and will be released on the PS store at a later date. I find this sort of thing a really big mistake on Sony’s behalf and is a disgrace to gamers by doing this. The film isn’t a good one maybe at best mediocre and there are absolutely no links to the game and the film… Total Recall isn’t a blockbuster movie…
    What should of been done was to add the GOW:A demo to another PS3 game earlier this year to get people to buy that game as well. I have Lovefilm and I don’t even think I would even rent this film and if I did it will be like at the bottom of the list.

  • Don’t understand why people don’t like the new recall its awesome looking forward to this and the demo.

  • Would love to try out this demo but I don’t feel like buying this movie. Will get round to watching it someday. So far I must say the beta is awesome and i’m enjoying multiplayer so far. Just hope it has co-op. Will wait for the game to be released so I can enjoy the story better rather than letting a demo ruin it. If you loved the previous games then will surely love the new one. A demo is really pointless.

  • @GABBA11 (26)
    Of course it will make its way to the store. They wont make a demo and not allow everyone have a taste of it. It seems like it’s only timed exclusive to the movie meaning the demo could appear in store closer to the release (possibly a week before it released). It would be a real shame to have went through such work to make that demo and not allow everyone a chance to try it

  • @dark_angel69
    As Ross has already mentioned:
    “As the post states, this is the E3 2012 single player demo that also featured at Gamescom, and lots of other trade shows since then. It won’t be released publically on PS Store as the game has changed a lot since this demo was created.”
    Unless they release a different demo version I don’t think we will be getting it. I’ve being playing the GOW:A Multiplayer Beta and it’s pretty awesome as an addon to the main game but I purchase games based on the single player not the MP so I do like playing a demo before buying a game, it pretty much makes my decision whether or not I pre-order or wait for a price drop.

  • To bad, since it is historical thing :)

  • @GABBA11
    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Dunno how I ended up missing that. lol. Yeah I’m the same as you with buying based on single player and not the MP. I’m not much of a demo person when I’ve played a previous game as I like to enjoy the story at it’s best. Only demos I play are games I’ve never heard of before which helps decide if I should purchase it or not. I’m sure the story in this game will be just as good as the others

  • It is seriously annoying that the German version does not have the demo.
    Maybe it would be a fair idea to release this demo at least via PS Plus (in Germany) to compensate?!

  • Hi
    No sure if any one will see this post but I just bought from Amazon the 2 disc extended cut and it had no voucher inside. Only a leaflet to advertise about God Of War.
    Not sure what to do and whome to contact to get the voucher.

  • Same here just received it from Amazon with no voucher just a God of War leaflet….Thanks Sony

  • I have sent a message to Sony Pictures UK on FB. Not sure if they will reply or help.

  • According to Sony Picture the content is on the second disk. Yet when I put the disc in the PS3 nothing appears under game and only have the movie available to view. It is clear that my copy of the extended directro cut does not have a copy of the game and I ma not sure what to do.
    I guess complaining about it here will not make a difference.

  • Yeah I checked both discs and there’s no demo, also the menu of the discs is badly designed as I selected Extended Cut to watch and disc played the Theatrical version…lucky I noticed after 15 mins….doh

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