Check out the new story trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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Check out the new story trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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Happy Holidays, everyone!
The gift-giving season is upon us all and by now we’re sure you’re happily soaking in the goodness from all these awesome game releases. However, we want to make sure that you’re thinking ahead, past the impending apocalypse and on to 2013 and the upcoming release of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!
Arriving on 27th March 2013, the game is packed with all sorts of Sly sweetness. The game not only supports Cross Buy for PS Vita owners, but also Cross Save and some very cool AR functionality that lets you use your PS Vita to find treasures when playing the game on your PS3.
We’ve also shown you how Sly’s costumes will allow him to complete challenging puzzles in a variety of stages throughout time.
But what about Sly himself? Just who is this enigmatic racoon? Learn some more about Sly’s predicament today in this brand new story trailer:

We hope you liked the additional look into the game! We’ll have plenty more to show, including some (re)introductions to the rest of the gang, next month. Keep an eye out and don’t forget to pre-order today to secure your early unlocks!

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  • Marking March 22nd on my calendar and pre-ordering asap. Can’t wait for the game. The team has done an unbelievable job.

  • Give us a demo already!!I can’t wait any longer!!:(

  • I have been looking forward to this game for ages, I love the fact that it’s cross-buy & cross-save. I didn’t think anyone but Sucker Punch could make a good Sly Cooper game, I’m very glad I was wrong.
    Please find a way of having a collector’s edition with the Sly Cane and / or a Sly Cooper figure* that would be brilliant.
    *Perched on the same rooftop corner as the inFamous Cole.
    [Okay I’m a fanboy I know]

  • By the way I know it’s completely irrelevant but why mass effect 3 price got increased 2 weeks ago from 29.99 euros to 69.99 euros?!I was going to buy it :(

  • March 22nd, Finally a release date!

  • Hi all,
    I´m happy to hear how excited you are about Sly! It is an awesome game! Just to let you know the current release date for the game is the 27th of March. Sorry about our typing mistake there!

  • End of March UK is getting it while in the US End of March? I mean come on guys that’s 7 weeks we have to wait. X (

  • I mean’t the US is getting it early February while UK nearly end of March. Sorry for mixup but sorry, 7 week wait is not worth for me. -_-

  • Why such disrepancy in release dates between EU and USA? Why is Europe being punished again for no reason?

  • @ruinereraser:
    Well if I remember, back in summer we got Ratchet & Clank HD Collection first in about June, US had to wait for theirs for two months and yes, they got the Sly 4 demo and the 20th Anniversary avatar as a bonus and we don’t. We barely get any bonus and to me I find it unfair.
    And plus that’s six games the US got that we haven’t got yet.
    They got Ranagrok Oddseey, we don’t.
    They got P4 Golden, we don’t.
    They got RCR, we don’t.
    etc. etc. etc.
    Face it, the Vita will bomb for Europe due to lack of good games. X_X

  • Since you apperently do not read our comments in the update-post.
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is missing from the SWEDISH store.
    Many people have made comments and twitters about this and still no response, what are you doing!?
    This may not be the place for this comment but open your eyes.

  • Sly is awesome and i played i since i was a kid and i still am, but what i wanted to ask is, why do we get it the 27th march and the UK gets it the 5TH FEBUARY i would love an answer, a i don’t know answer is better than nothing. The awesome Sly Cooper fan :D

  • @caspergreve:
    You mean the US is getting it 5th Feb?

  • How come it that it’s releasing 7weeks later here in Europe? Is it because of you are going to translate the games language to so many different languages?

  • @supersmith2500
    Yes the US is getting it the 5th Feb

  • Is this game region-free?

  • @DSR3:
    It should be.

  • whats languades in sly thieves in time

  • Ok, can we please get the recently released on PSN Castlevania : SOTN available in Sweden? Would be great!

  • Game looks outstanding.
    Definitely importing this because of the two-month delay between this and the US version.

  • Real shame about the release date. SCEA may be getting my money instead then.

  • Murray:He’s uncatchable!….Except in Sly 2 where Sly is captured and Bentley saves him.
    (I’ve been replaying Sly 2 :D)
    Anyway I can’t wait and i hope we get to hear about a demo soon :)

  • every time i see something new about this game, i’m really happy but now i want a DEMOOOOOO!!!!!

  • i would be verry happy if the original voice can be chosen in the options. because i LOVE the original voice acting (and the most of Bentley :D) and usually in Holland they use their own voice acing. like they did with Ratchet And Clank Q-force, you can’t chose the language :( they are not bad but in my opinion the original english are the best :D

  • Really excited about this game!
    I’m sure it’s worth the 7 week difference wait. :)
    Not sure if I’ll resist importing it from the US, though.

  • So no special edition then?

  • Just saw the date the same week as Bioshock Infinite.

  • Sony Playstation I want to thank you!!!! THANKS :D
    We finally got the Playstation 1 Spyro series in the PS Store… it’s unbelievable. Thanks! Also thanks for San Andreas.
    But what do we have to, to get Bomberman Fantasy Racing???! The American PS Store have had that game for years now… for years and we still don’t have it. It’s not available in the EU PS Store… why :( ? hurts in my heart.. that game is big and sold alot. It’s not the normal Bomberman we know.. it’s a unique racing game.. BIG!.

  • YEAH! I want :D

  • damn.. so its this or bioshock infinite that comes out a day before it.
    Decisions decisions.

  • Why is this being released in EU almost TWO months after the US gets it? Like the demo being US exclusive was not enough of a finger to your EU fans. So disappointed! I was screaming like a little girl at E3 when this was announced, and now its finally releasing we have to wait almost 2 months extra! And it’s releasing in what probably will be the busiest month of the year!
    How is this suppose to compete with Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Gears of War Judgement, God of War Ascension, Metro last light, Army of Two The Devil’s Cartel, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, all coming in march. Not to mention the games coming out just a few weeks earlier like Metal Gear Solid Rising, Crysis 3, and Dead Space 3. Not to mention rumors say Splinter Cell Blacklist, and GTAV will be out in march also.
    Sorry Sony, sorry sanzaru games, but you just lost a whole heap of sales.
    People, me included, can only afford 1 or two games a month. And there is no way people are going to choose this over Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, God of War, ect, ect.
    Always said publishers don’t know how to look at a calendar, you did not have to prove me right…….
    oh well, don’t come complaining to us when this game struggles to hit 100000 units!

  • I mean seriously Sony do you want the Vita to flop in Europe??

  • instead of CS GO , Youtube app we have a mandatory singstar icon, great job

  • Can’t wait for this, great looking cartoony games like this have become a bit of a rarity this gen.

  • Right now I am playing and enjoying The Sly Trilogy and as a result I have heard both the English voices and the Danish voices as well. Let me say that both of the languages are really good, but personally I like the English version the most while children might enjoy Danish better, since they understand that. In Sly 2 and Sly 3 one has to quit the game and change the system language and then start the game again in order to change the spoken language of the characters (and the loading times are a bit long).
    So I was wondering if Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will have some way of changing the spoken language within the game or if one would still have to chnage the system language for getting “The Murray” to speak in Danish?

  • sly 4 will be AWESOME

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