LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross Controller Pack launches next week

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross Controller Pack launches next week


Next week sees yet another awesome addition to LittleBigPlanet 2; the Cross-Controller Pack, making LittleBigPlanet 2 the first game to support this exciting new feature!
But what is Cross-Controller? Well, Cross Controller lets you to use your PlayStation Vita as a controller for your PlayStation 3, allowing you to use PS Vita-only features such as front and rear touch, in PlayStation 3 games. More importantly, it also provides a whole second screen for action to play out in! This allows for an unimaginable number of new ways to play, some of which you’ll be able to experience with the LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack!
In the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack, Sackboy joins up with a group of lovable Space Pirates as they race to find a valuable treasure long thought lost to the Cosmos. On their adventure they’ll encounter new obstacles that can only be overcome with the help of the PlayStation Vita‘s unique features in surprising and exciting ways.
As well as a new adventure for Sackboy to take part in, players can also get their hands on a suite of new tools that let them create Cross-Controller levels for the community to play.
The LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack will be available on 19th December for €4.99 and requires a PlayStation 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and a PlayStation Vita.

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  • Price in £s? Discount for PS+ users?

  • If we don’t buy the pack, can we still play community created cross-controller levels?

  • Really?
    You’re really going to ask loyal customers and fans who bought a Vita, a system with nary a “killer app” in sight save for Persona 4 Golden (which launches in the EU NEXT YEAR,) to pony up additional cash to get extra functionality out of their device for a game that is very nearly two years old?
    Furthermore, who on Earth would design levels for this? Like I touched upon above, the Vita isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, thereby creating a limited market and limited incentive for people to create levels for this thing, even if that incentive is merely exposure or the pride of having good work recognised.
    To further limit the appeal by charging for it isn’t just insulting, it’s downright INSANE.

  • hoorray, now let’s hope other developers will give cross-controller also a try.

  • I might as well ask this here, why does LBP save all it’s data in Game Data rather than Save Data? When I swapped the HDD in my PS3, all my save files transferred over during the back up+restore, but none of the game data did, so I lost all my LBP2 progress.

  • How many Vita systems are able to connect locally to this cross-controller pack?

  • Hi Steven. 2 questions:
    1) Do you know when I will be able to use the beta blaster I got from the lbpv beta in lbp2? I told you about this in a sack it to me months ago, and you said that you didnt know when I can use it. Do you know now?
    2) Are there any costumes in the cross controller pack?

  • how does one report a fault with a store item.
    I would like to report a major problem with the in store item “little big planet”
    It is a 2039Mb (PS3 version) download that refuses to install on a PS3, when you try to install it gives onscreen instructions how to install on a PSP or Vita.
    I downloaded it 3 times today to make sure I got the correct version, each time the correct file size of 2039Mb’s but will not install on the PS3
    I also downloaded the PSP version (as I have a psp) and confirm that it was a 1.3GB download.
    PLEASE FIX THIS as I want to go back and start playing it again on my PS3!!

  • Hundreds of euro for 2 consoles and game and you want from us 5€ more for stupid add-on?! Give me a break.

  • @11,
    It’s not only the cross-controller functionality you’re paying for. The pack contains a new adventure (story).

  • Sounds like it could really be an improvement, but I’m not sure if I want to spend 5€ to check out how well they use the Vita.

  • Hello Steven
    This looks really great, seen it on E3. Is this free I hope so I’m getting a vita for Christmas so I would like to just flip into the store and just install this and get playing with the beautiful 5 inch OLED screen, motion sensor and rear touch pad. ;)
    Thanks Steven hope to hear back from you. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

  • Hi again
    Sorry Steven I just saw the price £4.00 that’s great I’ll hit the shop and bye a psn card keep another 17 pound for a re-registered account with playstation plus.
    LongLivePlay Sony make.believe
    :) ;)

  • You’re really MILKING it now here! With such POOR portable market penetration for Vita you should be offering this for FREE (or maximally at some nominal price like £0.99) and be glad that there are even people who bought both PS3 as well as PSV and are still interrested in Playing and most of all CREATING for LBP2. This recently highly booming trend of overpriced DLCs is what’s killing the greedy gaming industry :( Real shame …

  • @11
    I agree with 12 your paying for a story mode and pack, I would’ve wanted it for free but it has to be paid for.
    :) LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

  • @HEC007
    Your paying for new story mode and controller dlc. I don’t think it’s gonna be free, like what I said I’m just gonna buy a psn card and bye it. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

  • @A_Nonny_Moose
    You can create a backup of your LBP/LBP2 profile through the game’s Options menu. That backup will be stored in your Save Data folder. Once it’s there, you can even upload it into your PS Plus cloud storage.
    In the XMB, go to Account Management -> Transaction Management -> Download List (or similarly named). You should be able to get a proper PS3 download of LBP from there.

  • Great, but I have a question. I use a region 1 imported LBP2 version on my PS3 (you only gave them the collectors edition I wanted). All my DLC is from the US store but I use it all on my Dutch acount. No problems there. My Vita has also the Dutch acount on it.
    I will download the DLC from the US store and install it and switch over to my Dutch account again.
    Will I get in trouble or will I be ok?

  • @SpitelordDekka (#4) Seconded
    This should be a perk to lure people into Vita territory, charging extra is just insane

  • Bizarre question; I’ll try wording it as best as.
    Both me and my wife enjoy LBP games, and through a peculiar coincidence, both bought eachother a Vita.
    Would this be one price download to share on PS3 enabling both Vita’s to use cross-controller, or two price download?

  • People are getting confused, you can play community created level’s with the Vita, you are just unable to make them without the pack, hope this clarifies things :D

  • I remember this was going to be free when it was 1st announced. Never mind I’ll pay the fee just give me the doc.

  • @21:
    This is PS3 DLC / Download only – so one price / payment for both of you.
    The way it works is that first you need to run PS3 Title which supports Cross-Controller, then on Vita you select Remote Play and there is a blu circle icon on the right named Cross-Controller. Tap on that and it will guide you through and download the neccessary application directly from PS3 via WiFi.

  • @17:
    Sorry, but I know pretty well what I’m payinf for, doesn’t mean that I agree with that though …

  • you don’t need to have the ps vita version of the game right?

    • Correct! This is totally seperate from LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.
      This add-on adds support for the PlayStation Vita in LittleBigPlanet 2, very much like the Move Pack did for the PlayStation Move.

  • HEC007, greedy gamers are killing the industry just as well as overpriced DLCs. And this DLC is not overpriced in the slightest. But yes, if you disagree – you don’t have to buy it.

  • so is this going to eventually update a vita into a ps3 controller, as if so then tbh, that’s the best news i could hear regards a vita, i have little interest in handheld gaming but either remote play or a wiu type controller might tempt me to get one, a vita i mean. i recal getting a move pack with a ps3 once, bought the 2nd bit for it and tried it, never again to be used, so 70 pounds just gathering dust. but using a vita for ps3 games sounds like a well better deal. expensive but if it adds to experience then one i would get.

  • Boo we have to pay for it. It was ment to be free and out in November. Not a big lbp fan, was hopein that this would be the thing that would make me fall in love with the game but not if I have to pay for it. This could off been the start off some thing big, free pack to start then hit us with the paid dlc

  • Great ! I’m buying it :)

  • Sorry ment the start off something bigger

  • So is this cross controller stuff only working with the special new storymode DLC?
    As far as I know I would swear I saw on E3 that it would add extra gameplay to the current storymode of LBP2…
    Is there a mod that can share any light on this?
    Besides that, I guess it’ll work on newly created user made levels. The cross controller patch only comes with this DLC? It won’t be separate/free if you don’t want the new storymode but just want to play it with user created levels?

  • Its daft that the vita has this functionality but only the DLC of a single game that you have to pay for it works for…
    Start enabling remote play on stuff instead, now that the store is disabled on remote play I have no reason to use the function at all and its a shame as it was a big selling point to me when I got the vita.
    I don’t have access to the TV all the time but i can use my vita as much as i want… if hackers can do it, im sure if Sony tried they could too.

  • @33 This DLC isn’t remote play, it’s not even streaming video from PS3 to PS Vita.
    LBP2 on PS3 transfers a mini version of the game over to PS Vita and the two network with each other wirelessly, like a multiplayer game over WLAN (wireless local area network).
    I’ve personally connected over the internet to dedicated PC game servers with a sub-10 millisecond latency, using a Wi-Fi connection to my router. As Cross-Controller is bypassing an internet connection (between PS3 and PSV) there shouldn’t be a noticeable delay between the systems like there is with Remote Play.
    With Remote Play PS3 has to encode a video of the game in REALTIME without dedicated hardware, to stream to the PSP or PS Vita. The PS3 video ENcoding, and PSP/PSV video DEcoding process add a significant amount of latency, delaying response to button inputs, even if you prioritise responsiveness over video quality in the PSP/PSV options. The fact that Remote Play is transferring more data means it’s more susceptible to wireless interference and generally low signal strength.

  • Every LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 story/level pack has been paid DLC.
    Everybody downloads the content via a mandatory (if you use online features) patch. People that don’t pay for the DLC still benefit from levels created using the new tools including backgrounds, stickers, objects etc and even new gameplay features. See: the Paintinator (MGS pack), Water (Pirates of the Caribbean pack), Attract-O-Gel (Muppets pack) and I see no reason why that would change with this pack and the Cross-Controller functionality.
    So everyone will benefit from community made levels using everything in this DLC pack except the new story levels.

  • Slightly off-topic but it’s LPB related.
    – Get United Front Games (UFG) or San Diego Studio to fix the freezing issues on LittleBigPlanet Karting it crashed my PS3 2 games in a matter of 30 minutes. I’ve tried sending messages to UFG but it seems UFG don’t care.
    – More community levels when your voting for tracks online I’m sick to death of Das Boot, Winterness and Orion’s Glade appearing all the time and story levels. At least promote some new player tracks.

  • It is very dissapointing to read that there will be a charge to be able to use a feature of a game. Buy the Ps3, buy the game, buy the Vita, and just pay a bit extra to use a new feature… not for me, thanks. It’s like paying for a patch that would allow you to play with the PS Move.
    So next it will be to charge for the few games that get Remote Play on the Vita, no?
    Very sad indeed, this will surely back off a few future Vita adopters

  • @ Shin-Ra post34.
    That sounds very interesting, bit to technical for me to fully understand, but if, when playing lbp2 via vita, can you then also, like in most games, use the games menu to connect to the ps store ?. i won’t say much more, as i would only get misunderstood.. but am sure you understand what i am getting at, for those people who need remote access to the store from a vita etc.

  • Wahoo! well I’m really looking forward to this :D

  • It is a bit bizarre that an owner of a PS3 and Vita, which probably cost in the region of €750 together has to fork out for an add-in pack that utilizes these machines with software that costs €50 stand-alone!
    This is a mistake of the scale of Resident Evil 5 which did not include move support unless you had the Gold Edition!
    Come on SCEE, get real! You gladly market PS All-Stars and Ratchet and Clank as Cross-Buy and then charge for a small add-in that only allows loyal customers to use the expensive hardware that they purchased.

  • Okay, cool, we can use our Vitas as controllers for LBP2 for free. MAYBE that should be been made clearer in the post, PERHAPS?

  • PSP support nice :), but why not a PSP firmware update for trophies, etc.?

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