The 12 Deals of Christmas!

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The 12 Deals of Christmas!

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.
Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.
Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.
Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!
Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.
Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • Not one to usually bash or even comment, but lol at this deal.

  • Awesome! now I can get Battlefield for £10 more than the disc version instead of £40 more!… :-/

  • Something really needs to be done to fix the prices of old digital content, it needs to change price over time so that it is in line with retail. Then “sales” like this could be of some use. I really hope no one buys this deal just so it becomes clear how crap a deal it is.

  • I mean, come on, It’s a year old game selling for what? 36€ on a “sale”, digital title, on top of that, that should be naturally cheaper than retail.
    I think that even over here in Portugal the game sells for 40€ new @retail (whoever lives here knows how ridiculously overpriced games are due to tax), so please, you can do better “deals” than this.

  • When management gave you this “offer” did they refer to it as “taking one for the team”?
    Was eagerly awaiting these deals… wont bother even checking now. Bad promoting guys. Bad.

  • This is an absolutely shocking deal, cant imagine anyone buying this

  • When we complain that selling digital copies at 60 pounds is ridiculous, you claim it is the publishers choice and nothing to do with you. But now you are jumping on the back of it by doing 50% off and calling it a sale. Absolute joke of a deal!

  • Good luck with that one aye.

  • That is a ridiculously stupid deal. Straight up.

  • Think il pass the price of digital games is way to much.
    just look at Far Cry 3 £59.99 thats £19.99 more than in shops.
    its meant to be cheaper due to not having to print manuals or make the Blu rays and box’s , not more expensive
    Lego batman 2 £34.99 on PSN. £19.99 on Steam and £21.99 in shops. notice how its cheaper on steam as its a digital version, yet its £12 more on PSN also a digital version why.

  • i hope you put lego lego of the ring and family gou on the 12 day of xmas

  • Absolutely crazy deal. If memory serves me right, was BF3 offered in another sale at this price months ago? 29.99 would be too expensive even at a non-sale price.
    29.99 for BF3 with ALL the dlc I could understand, but this, just lol.
    Very poor so far, and to think I topped up my wallet.

  • I have still 10 deals to get excited about. I hope they are very different from the first 2 because they are very disapointing.
    I know this is not a Steam sale but I’m not sure why not…
    Anyway Dec 5th is comming soon and I get 3 Plus games I don’t have so any sales after that will be very low on my “to buy” list.

  • @ Chris Howe. Is this Battlefield limited edition or regular? The answer really determines whether this is a deal or not.
    Either way offering a highly inflated price game for an in-line retail price and calling it a deal is in poor taste.
    I would highly recommend, and most would agree, that this kind of deal not be offered again.
    Please let us know if our feedback matters in this case. Thanks.

  • By the way to everyone who wants to know, I recently got a clear answer from Ninja Theory on this retail vs digital price hoax. They’re basically saying that until digital becomes #1 for popularity big retail releases will always be cheaper than digital. The question then comes how does digital become #1 if it isn’t even attractive to buy?
    Go here for full response

  • is black ops declassified going to be put on here, because i want to get it but i don’t want to pay £45 for it.

  • i don’t think i will bother checking these offers anymore,i have a feeling the only one worth getting was the 1st PS+ deal, the rest are going to be a joke like this battlefield 3 offer.

  • I think a deal on the bf3 dlc should be done and that price is ridiculous I bought bf3 in I think the summer psn sale for 23 euro

  • When the fact is that you can get the retail copy of BF3 shipped to your home almost no matter where you live in the world for 21GBP or less, then 26,99GBP for a digital copy of the game locked to a PSN user and no re-sell or trade after you’re done with the game is pretty expensive, and not exactly a good offer.

  • I hope you people didn’t need us to tell you what a sad joke this deal is. For 20€ I might have considered to buy this game for my PS3 too, but 40? Insanity.
    I’m already disappointed enough that we still don’t have Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross in Europe. At least make those deals a success. Journey for 50% would be a good start.

  • Playstations DIGITAL content is a rip off, the plus deal is alright, definitely worth it for what you get, but battlefield deal ha, why would anyone pay more for it than the disc version? come on sony, the GTA 4 deal is pretty good tbh

  • Absolutely ridiculous that this is considered a deal, its 15£ for a copy of the game in cex and bus fare is 3.20£ so it would be much quicker and cheaper to go buy it from the shop and Id get some trade value back on it when I want to get a new game, how can you give away 12 games + 4 more if you have a vita for 8£ (and dont forget thats 3 months worth of psn so you will also fall into the bracket of December, January and Februarys free psn games) 1 day then 2 days later think that this is any form of a deal to get an out of date game above retail price? Really this needs to be stepped up or just cut out the 12 deals of xmas crap now and call it a bad idea, this is just gonna annoy the people who care enough to check the supposed deals if they are all as pathetic as this

  • Wooo! What a deal! xD
    I could have get BF3 premium for half that price on the PC last week on Origin. Regular priced BF3 premium costs as much as this “deal” :D

  • instead of offering discount on game price (which is overpriced usually), why don’t we get the discount of DLCs or online only contents? maybe for all Asura’s Wrath DLC episodes or Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass?

  • @Chris Howe, and this is why I don’t bother buying content on PSN. BF3 is less than £20 in several UK online stores. Can you put up the AU price as well – I want to have some more laughs.

  • LOL ‘deal’ that price is still significantly more than what they sell them for in the store. i got my battlefield 3 a year ago brand new for 10$ (AU)

  • I feel kinda bad for Sony on this, feels like bad research. I do LOL at the comments saying they won’t even check out the rest of the deals (who are you kidding?).
    I will admit when I saw deal#1 I was like “meh” (I still bought it, as my sub was going to expire just before the summer) and they did drop the ball on deal#2, but from what I heard, the deals last year were pretty good.
    However I have a sneaking suspicion that this does concern the Premium edition because I just checked the prices of both editions in the PS Store and they do not appear to have been updated (so Chris, I think you made a slight mistake in not mentioning it was the Premium edition).
    If so, I would love to see the above flamers come crawling back. If not, ouch, prepare for more flamers :/.
    Ayways, just here to say I still have faith in you Sony ;) (as I am not so quickly to forget the incredible deals I have got bestowed upon me, being a PS+ member, before shouting “ripoff!”).

  • my mum works at Morrisons and has got me 4 copies for 98p each!

  • If you don’ like it do not buy it. It is that easy

  • The Walking Dead PLEAAAAAASE :D

  • I logged in to PSN yesterday and I didn’t see 12 deals of Christmas anywhere. Does someone else has the same problem too ?

  • Not really interseted in deals on the most expensive games on the store.For the €36 this 2nd deal would cost me i’d be hoping to pick up 3 or 4 games in the sale.Looks like i’ll be holding on to my money and just playing the plus deals this month.

  • LOL Typical SCEE sale! Even with the 10% PS+ discount it’s still significantly more expensive than retail versions. You pay you PS+ sub just so you can pay more. SCEE need reported for ripping consumers off. More evidence SCEE have dropped PS+ discounts to pay for PS+ Vita content.

  • Don’t worry guys, I’m sure there will be some good ones. It was like this last year; some of the deals were pointless, but others were great. At least now you can save your cash for when the good deals show up!

  • Not for me this one. Started off well with the Plus deal but I don’t think this one will go down as well.
    Mind you, if you prefer digital over boxed, then I think this is the cheapest Battlefield 3 PSN has been, so it’s a ‘deal’ from that perspective.
    It can only get better from here, right? :p

  • only an idiot would buy this deal, you can buy the disc for £20. someone should do a a bit of research before setting prices.

  • Deal #2 Huh!? What a joke!

  • rather dissapointed with that 1, got some great deals last year, lets hope for something better on deal 3

  • Unless this is with the premium this is really overpriced. I paid £17.99 for this from psn in August this year in a sale.

  • Kind of a downer from the first offer, If this included all the DLC then it’d be alright, but charging this much for a barebones copy is just daft.

  • sorry but the price for the normal bf3 on store is 49,99 and 69,99 for the premium why now change the price???onother anomaly change is mass effect 3 29,99 to 69,99 why??

  • bargain!! got this for £30 on launch day!!! ;)))

  • Lol, the price difference is huge (30£) but it still sucks. I saw this game in the store for about 20£ some days ago!

  • I bought this game for 35 euros a few week after it launched. You can find it in stores now for under 20 euros.

  • Ill skip this one …

  • Hope that other deals will be more valuable to buy like for NFS most wanted which is very expensive….

  • I’m with everyone on this one. Battlefield 3 is one of those games I’ve really wanted but never bought simple because the publisher can’t get the price right.
    If this were a sale for the Premium Edition (with the DLC etc) I’d have it in a heartbeat. And in response to what Dominic Matthews wrote about digital vs retail, I have only one thing to say – have Sony and the publishers been drinking?
    My Amazon wishlist has about 20 games I’d have bought on PSN if the price wasn’t mental. So even if the games were £20 quid retail, thats £400 in sales that Sony/the publishers are giving up because of the retailers. I cannot be the only gamer in this position.
    I only have AC3 because someone at work bought a PS3 for their kids and it came bundled so they sold it to me.

  • Not even talking about price itself – why the deal is 33% off for EU and 50% off for GB? At lesat get your math right, not that anyone will get it for that price.

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