New Frobisher Says DLC out this week

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New Frobisher Says DLC out this week

If you liked being ordered to open seafood, not smile at woodland creatures and punch a bear in the face, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Frobisher’s Mega Fun Pack arrives on PlayStation Vita later today, priced at €1.49/£1.19!

As if the previous requests Frobisher made weren’t crazy enough, the Mega Fun Pack contains 15 new games involving such ludicrous demands as joining a gurning squad, milking a mammoth and driving to Stephen’s house.


If you thought Frobisher had exhausted weird and wonderful ways of using your PS Vita, you clearly don’t know what he’s capable of! Don’t be surprised if you have to wipe fluids off your PS Vita from time to time!

It’s not all about the new games, though – there’s a free patch out too. Frobisher has listened to the feedback and has requested some new features for the main game and Super Fun Pack! If you’re used to doing his bidding, you’ll be pleased to know that Frobisher has found some trophies he no longer wants and he’s going to make you work for them.


For those of you who like to lurk in the dark playing games, or whip out your PS Vita on a bus, you’ll now be able to disable certain categories of games – like ones which use the camera or Microphone for example. Plus, you can now submit you best score whenever you like!

Lastly, Frobisher wanted to give you a little more insight into his lineage, so he’s set up a gallery where you can – though receipt of near gifts – view portraits of his bizarre family.


So there you have it. Free new goodies for those who already know the world of Frobisher Says! and a whole bunch of new madness in the form of Mega Fun Pack to download from the store for your PlayStation Vita.

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