Activision sale starts tomorrow on PS Store

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acti sale

Hi everyone. This week we’ve teamed up with our friends at Activision to bring you some great discounts on a few of their titles. These items will be on sale as of 21st November after the weekly Store update has taken place and will finish on 28th November.

Please enjoy, and look out for news of another Store sale later this week.

Full games:

Amazing Spiderman (Not available in Russia/Ukraine)
Was €69.99/£49.99 Now €29.99/£23.99

(Not available in Bulgaria/Germany/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Ukraine/Qatar)
Was €39.99/£31.99 Now €29.99/£23.99

Prototype 2 (Not available in Australia and New Zealand)
Was €69.99/£49.99 Now €29.99/£23.99

Wolfenstein 3D (Not available in Bulgaria/Germany/Hungary/Qatar/Russia/Ukraine)
Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Artic Games (Not available in Italy/Australia/New Zealand/Russia)
Was €59.99/£39.99 Now €19.99/£15.99

Men In Black: Alien Crisis

Was €59.99/£39.99 Now €19.99/£15.99


Prototype 2 – Colossal Mayhem Pack
Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Prototype 2 – Excessive Force Pack
Was €4.99/£3.99 Now €2.49/£1.99

Guitar Hero – KISS-mas Track Pack (Not available in Bulgaria/Hungary/Israel/Kuwait/Qatar/Russia/Saudi Arabia/Ukraine/UAE)
Was €5.49/£4.39 Now €2.49/£1.99

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  • Hi Chris

    Keep the sales coming! :)

    I’m hoping for a discount (50%) on:

    Okami HD
    The Unfinished Swan

  • nice but are we getting the Sega one like the US

  • Sorry guys for the three posts doing it on the android app and having some issues

  • Still no PS+ discounts…. rip off

  • We would love some half price DLCs.
    Old DLCs for old games, such as Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2, Kingdom of Amalur, and so on.
    Please, we would love to buy them, but not at full price.

    As Plus member, I enjoyed the Red Ddead Redemption dlc deals, why didn’t you replicated them for games like Crysis 2 and Borderlands? If you offer a geame in the IGC, I would love to buy the dlcs too, but not at full price.

  • @Chris

    Is Hitman Absolution coming later today/tommorow on PSN as digital release ?

    It’s day 1 digital on US psn store !!

    Sorry for offtopic but you should know.

  • Hey Chris, any chance of a sale on the Gravity Rush DLC to coincide with the PS Plus thing?


  • Is there more stuff to be added? Seems very small considering the amout of games and dlc they could of used.

  • Hey chris.

    I tried to reply to the race sale, but I guess you didn’t see it.

    I was wondering why the wipeout complete package was only buyable on the PS3 altough it is techincally the same package on both PS3 and vita as they are the same price and you get the other version no matter which version you buy.

    So I was a bit dissapointed after buying a psn card to find out that it was only the ps3 version when the original article didn’t specify it. It felt a bit unfair.

    Is it possible to get the Vita version on sale at the same price point that the ps3 version was? Even if it is only for a day?

  • Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the special, not much a prototype fan though.

    Anyway, 3 quick Questions for you:

    1: Ive seen online a part 2 for the PS all stars sale, but only all the original stuff is in there, when will the part 2 sale start, maybe Bioshock 2?

    2:Will the racing sale be extended with newbies at all? really holding thumbs for some GT5 DLC specials.

    3: PS Vita Plus…. I want a PS Vita, but its not gonna happen for the next few months. Since i pay monthly for my PS+ account, can i pick up the free games on the store for when i do get a Vita?

    Your doing a great job in making me broke…. im not complaining though :) Keep it up!

  • Not a big issue, but is there any chance of fixing the white border around the icon of “Populous: The Beginning” when downloaded to the PS3? It’s been bothering me for years.

  • Might get Wolf 3D. would you happen to know the $AU conversions for these? (They only get posted half the time, it sucks)

  • hi how long we have to wait for black ops 2 and counter strike?

  • It’s a pity that some of the items on the racing sale were never available to be purchased, at least in the Spanish Store. I’ve tried to get the Wipeout HD complete pack since the sale started and even today it shows as unavailable. I guess it’s too late to do something about it now…

  • Where is my Hitman Absolution?

  • Activist on should be giving away some of these free as an apology to the Black Ops 2 customers they messed around with the DLC codes!

  • Prototype for £23.99 – think I’ll pass

    also Prototype 2 (Radnet version) can be bought new for £17.99 at Blockbuster

    people at Activision don’t really understand the concept of a sale do they?

  • These are honestly the worst sale prices I’ve ever seen. None of those games are worth even half of the discounted sale price. What a joke of a sale.

  • “Activision sale” = dropping prices to what should be a normal digital edition price point.

  • Activision must be smokin’ rocks lol.

    Prototype 2’s price is more expensive than that of other digital platforms that aren’t currently having a sale, the same is true of the original game which is even cheaper on other digital platforms and how they think Prototype warrants the same price as it’s sequel is utterly baffling.

    Sony, I know you don’t set these prices but seriously have a word with these publishers, their pricing structure for digital titles like this is utterly ridiculous.

  • those discounts are most laughable. but what you expect its Activision. the company that doesn’t care about his gamers but only thinks about dollar signs.

    I just saw a Physical Copy (prototype part 1) for 10euros. so what justifies 29,99. prototype 2 for 20 euros and Amazing Spiderman 15 euros.

    Keep scamming your fanbase. At some point nobody wants to buy your overpriced broken ass games anymore. im already one of them.

    Talking about Black ops 2. that one is so broken, that it shuts down your console while playing.

  • With prices set like this, forget about digital content taking off. its ridiculous! Digital versions are and should be cheaper for us all! The physical product is here to stay, well, until these prices are fixed anyway.

  • How about some sale for Asura’s Wrath DLC?
    Or maybe even making it a bundle just to have it cheaper??

    Sounds good to me :)

  • Suits at Activision must be sniffing glue it they think that’s a “sale”, while both PROTOTYPE games can be bough at half this price, brand new on the disc. They should be displayed in a circus for money.

  • Any chance you can drop the prices for CoD games too? No one would really want to buy MW3 for like £57.99. Thanks.

  • “Posted on 20 November, 2012 at 3:52 pm by MaxiM_82

    Suits at Activision must be sniffing glue it they think that’s a “sale”, while both PROTOTYPE games can be bough at half this price, brand new on the disc. They should be displayed in a circus for money.”

    Agreed their like £10-15 in ASDA for gods sake.

    £9.99 is a sale, still double average shop price is not.

    Why on earth are digital copies on the PSN of anything £50odd quid when the usual costs in the stores are only £39.99 RRP my arse, a digital copy should be CHEAPER not dearer.

  • Any chance of getting discounts on the Motorstorm RC DLC Chris? Maybe even as part of the new Vita +??

  • Hi, just wondering if there is any chance of a metal gear solid sale?
    I really want to get peacewalker and re-buy portable ops (as i sold it with my psp for a vita) but I’m not too keen on the high-ish price.

  • I’m still waiting for today’s store update to get some games in the sale, it’s now 2145 GMT time and still no store update.

    I thought store updates was meant to be between 1500-1700 GMT time?

  • Sorry is this a sale? I can get everyone of them on disc for cheaper.

    Worse sale in history.

  • @ZACHSP8:
    The store usually updates on Wednesdays for Europe in case you didn’t know,

  • @31 I thought it did but Sony stated the yesterday that the sale starts today.

    It did use to update for us on a Tuesday though didn’t it?

  • nice to see they included all their top brands and DLC for the franchises that people are interested in, oh wait, they didn’t. i cae into this post thinking “this should be a laugh”, but it was worse then i expected and i feel dirty for thinking Activision could have done better then this when we all know they only care about CoD and WoW their 2 big cash cows…

  • I’m hoping to see sales on :

    The last 2 COD:MW3 packs

  • Hopefully you still see this Chris.

    Any chance of a Telltale sale at some point? Would love to check out some of their older stuff at a cut price :)

  • Amazing Spiderman
    – Was: £49.99
    – Sale: £23.99
    – Amazon: £17.99

    – Was: £31.99
    – Sale: £23.99
    – Amazon: £16.32

    Prototype 2
    – Was: £49.99
    – Sale: £23.99
    – Amazon: £27.47 (Collector’s Edition)

    Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
    – Was: £39.99
    – Sale: £15.99
    – Amazon: £17.99

    Men In Black: Alien Crisis
    – Was: £39.99
    – Sale: £15.99
    – Amazon: £10.92

    Sale… What Sale?

    Must Try Harder Sony / Activision.

  • On top of that. no Rock Band, no Call of Duty or even it’s DLCs? Weak sale Activision. Steam has better sales than that man. >_<

  • Still looking out for the other sale this week…..

  • activision need to look after customers and stop ripping people off !!

  • activision need to look after customers instead of ripping them off

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