Behind the scenes with Portal 2 In Motion

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Behind the scenes with Portal 2 In Motion

Portal 2 In Motion for PS3

With the European release of Portal 2 In Motion today, I’d like to share a little more about how the project came about and why we believe that this is an important day for the PlayStation Move community.

At Sixense we focus exclusively on motion control, so for us the motion experience is the essence, not an afterthought. Our goal is to release a product only after extensive development and testing to demonstrate that the overall experience is enhanced with motion.

While developing Portal 2 In Motion, it was critical to have a partner like Valve, who holds the user experience sacred. Valve understood the value of Sixense’s expertise in motion gaming and gave us the incredible opportunity to innovate within the Portal 2 universe to create an experience for Move that does justice to the hardware’s advanced tracking capabilities.

Portal 2 In Motion for PS3

People have asked why Portal 2 In Motion requires the Move motion controller and why the puzzles cannot be solved with a traditional controller. The answer is that Sixense designed the experience around the specific capabilities that the Move delivers, capabilities that are not possible with a dual analogue controller.

For example, an analogue stick is a fine tool for aiming in two dimensions, but only with Move can you reach out into the third dimension (or Z-axis). Only with the Move can you rotate an object on all three axes as if you were holding it in your hand. It was around these abilities that we designed the gameplay features that are required to solve the puzzles and progress through the test chambers in Portal 2 In Motion.

Check out the video below to see some of the features in action.

At Sixense, we see Portal 2 In Motion as just the beginning of what we can do for PlayStation Move. Portal 2 In Motion is built on our own core Sixense software technology, which we’ve been developing for all game genres, from first-person shooters to real-time strategy, which (believe it or not) could be great with Move.

We are planning to take the technology that we’ve established with Portal 2 In Motion and apply it to develop Move-required DLC for other major titles. We’ve got some great projects in the works. We also want to make a point of listening to the community, so please let us know what titles you would like to see with In Motion DLC in the future!

For those who missed our announcement post last week, Portal 2 In Motion is a DLC campaign developed by Sixense for Portal 2 releasing later today on the PlayStation Store (€9.99/£7.99). It requires PlayStation Move and a navigation controller is recommended but not required.

A free patch for Portal 2 also releases today to provide basic Move compatibility for the main single player and co-operative campaigns. The patch does not include all of the advanced PlayStation Move gameplay mechanics available in Portal 2 In Motion.

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  • Is this DLC region locked within different coppies of the game spread trough EU?
    I buy in UK but like to download it from the store in NL.

  • The video featured linked to in this article is private and therefore I cannot view it.

  • Not to worry, all is fine now. My last comment is now void.

  • Great news, I love Portal and all updates gratefully received. How much content does the £7.99 get, how many more chambers etc?

  • Great, Portal is a really fun puzzle game :D Is there any story to the new In Motion Pack?

    Also I know this is off topic but since it’s Valve i thought i would ask. Will Team Fortress 2 PS3 ever be patched to have Man Vs Machine in it?

  • I doubt it, but In Motion be released stand alone?

  • @sterushton – 20 New Chambers.

  • So the new chambers really are Move exclusive? Even with the Plus discount that’s a downer. Just seems like a mistake for a game that’s not Move exclusive to have Move exclusive content. Would have been a lot better as a standalone side-release I think.

  • @A_Nonny_Moose – I agree. At least let people choose whether to play it using PlayStation Move or a standard controller.

  • Does this mean that Portal 2 will be released online on the PlayStation store today? I only ask because I really want to buy the game but my PS3 blue-ray laser is broke :(

  • the whole point of the new chambers is that you NEED a move controller to be able to play it.

    People who missed it should get portal 2 if they don’t own it, especially now you can play through the whole thing with move.

    And if you haven’t got move then you probably never will by now, it makes sense to tag it to the whole game, isn’t it now available on psn too? Clever timing.

  • @Ants_Pai – If not today then certainly sometime in the near future, I would expect.

  • Should be free, shame on you Valve.

  • RE 13, it is nothing to do with Valve (as such), they’ve allowed a third party to use move to provide further content for Portal 2.

  • Entirely agree this should be free. 30% discount for a control system that doesn’t add anything extra to the game. Pathetic!

  • Why has peer review been removed from the store?
    As always I presume nobody will answer this question.
    Waste of time complaining about anything on here.

  • Why is reading so hard for some of you guys? The update to Portal that supports Move controls is free.

    I’m very glad this finally came, because back when Portal 2 was first released,

    In Motion has also created a new set of missions, that are specifically tailored to motion controllers like the one they supported on PC, and now they’ve ported this new set of missions to the PS3 and the Move controller. This is a separate set of misssions, and is being released as paid DLC for the listed price.

    I thought it made so much sense to play that with the Move controller, that I refused to play it until that was patched in. To date, I’ve still not played the game, and am glad I can be a patient guy sometimes. ;)

    And now I’m very happy too that this special set of DLC is coming to the PS3 and Move as well, because obviously back when that was announced for PC, I thought the same thing.

    So we can play the main Portal 2 game co-op with two Move controllers now as well? That’s great. Now it will be interesting to see if I can get the missus to play this with me.

  • Actually on PC the stuff goes free with the device. Why doesn’t everyone who has PS Move get it for free? It’d be best of promos, and it’s much needed at these harsh times for Sony’s struggling controller.

  • I thought Portal 2 was to be released on the store as well.
    Also, the search function is not working correctly on the store as it won’t find Portal In Motion, nothing comes up although it is on the store.
    I really want to get this as I have also waited or the move update. Well done guys!

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