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PlayStation.Blog Recap

Hey there everybody, Fred here with your weekly digest of all things PlayStation Blog. Highlights of the last seven days include a look back at the making of the first Ratchet & Clank, brand new footage from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the arrival of indie gem Dyad, an enlightening chat with the man in charge of Dead Space 3 and a pair of massive Store sales. See the full à la carte reading list below for more.

Looking ahead to next week, we’ll be outlining our plans for PS Vita Plus support, gaming legends Warren Spector and David Cage will be stopping by to shoot the breeze, and we’ll be speaking to the developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. See you all back here on Monday…

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  • Weekend Essentials – LittleBigPlanet Karting, When Vikings Attack and more… here’s our pick of the hottest new entertainment on PlayStation.
  • Game On – Scare your week into shape with a new Until Dawn trailer and a spine-chilling, real-life recreation of Silent Hill.
  • Top Tips – Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Leave the police and your friends behind with this essential advice from the team behind the game.
  • “Get a taste of PlayStation Plus” – Visit our official Facebook page to claim your free 30-day PlayStation Plus trial.
  • Smart As… Logic tips – Discover how to tackle the trickiest logic puzzles in the PlayStation Vita game which has clued-up gamers buzzing.

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18 Author Replies

  • Why isn’t WRC 3 on the Vita store? As far as I know, it’s the only title not available digitally.

  • Hi Fred
    please can we have a demo for NFS most wanted? want to try it out please :)

  • hi so is PlayStation Plus coming to the PS Vita next week? also thanks for 30 days trail for Plus :-)

  • Fred i’m starting to get annoyed that i keep asking this question and still am getting no answer. Will Parappa the rapper 1 & 2 and Umjammer Lammy ever come to the PS Store?

  • hi fred good week for me again this week as i was happy to pay £5.99 for modnation ps vita and i also picked up the jak and daxter bundle in the sale as i have never played them so that should be fun :)

    i know you had some things to finalise with plusvita but how about a little hint at something we can expect to see announced next week as im guessing at least 1 or 2 of the tiles are set in stone now :)

    anyway been enjoying the sales as of late and i was happy to buys titles as it was stated they were a safe bet for not being plus titles anytime soon.

    anyway have a nice weekend folks ;)

    • Hints? Hmmm… I really don’t want to spoil any surprises – I think you’re just going to have to hold tight!

  • looking forward to the part 2 of Plus vita infor we know you spoke on the same features like what the Ps3 had got, but what i/us want to know are what the games and how many per year plus can PSP saves go on the cloud that be very good.

    now some really sad news you know SCEA professor playstation [Jeff Rubenstein] he to leave SCEA,

    so we wish him the best whereever he ends up at working. :|

  • Fred, could you please forwards this comment to the store team?

    I’m currently searching for Killzone HD and I simply can’t find it. When I use the search function I find: Killzone 2 and 3, Killzone 3 MP and Killzone Liberation PLA.
    When I go via Games – PS3 Games – All games, the store finds me even only Killzone 3 Multiplayer. Seriously?

    And that is just ONE example where the store absolutely fails to show the available content.
    Currently we have sales with Uncharted 1 and the parts of the Sly trilogy. You can see that those games exist and purchase them. Now act as if the sale wouldn’t exist and search for Uncharted 1 or Sly 3. Good luck …

    I consider the design of the new store to be good, the structure needs to be reconsidered and improved in some corners. Obviously there are plenty of hiccups, as witnessed with all the problems when the weekly updates are full of delays and issues.

    But that content is completely lost and untraceable is beyond being acceptable. Especially if this isn’t a rare exception.

    Give us a store where our only worry is if we can afford the time or money to spend on even more games. I’m so tired of wondering what might go wrong next with the store instead.

    • I will indeed pass this on – sorry you’re having trouble. Hopefully things will go a little smoother this week…

  • I was told Parappa would never be released due to licensing.

  • Hey Fred – just two quick questions:

    – Will Black Ops Declassified be released on the PS Store in this coming weeks update (as it releases in the UK the day before) and if so, how much will it cost ?

    – I know you’ve said the Vita PS Plus post will be up early this coming week, but how early are we talking ? Can you give us a time frame i.e. Monday – Tuesday ?

    Thanks :)

  • Another week and another messed up store update, it’s becoming the norm now for these clowns. Zero mention about it from Fred. Zero update about Singstar. Zero update about CS:GO and the other missing games. Zero mention of why Fony offered a preorder discount for one of their games but made sure no one was able to preorder it. Little or no PS+ discounts anymore.


  • @DenzilOshamen

    Then why is Umjammer Lammy in the US PS Store?

    If Parappa is in PS All-Stars i wish they would have put all 3 games on the PS Store. I played the PSP Version of Parappa 1 and i think the timing is completely broken on it since i keep pressing the buttons at the right time Parappa’s pop up goes over the buttons but the game insists that i’ve done it wrong. So i throught that the PS1 version would have better timing and since you would be using a PS Controller that it would be easier. But i watched some songs of Parappa 2 on Youtube and they are so catchy, i really like Hair Scare (Stage 5), Stage 2 and Stage 7 and stage 3 are my favorites. But i would love to try out Parappa 2 & Umjammer Lammy since they are sequels i would think that the timing has been greatly approved. Also people are saying that the PS2 Classics need better games on the PS Store and i think Parappa 2 would be great along with Crash Twinsanity and Spyro A Heroes Tail.

  • #4: Take a hint, if you get no answer, then nothing can be said about it, nothing can be announced. Things doesn’t just happen because you want it to. All you can do is ask, but if you get the same answer every time, like for example no answer at all, take a hint.

  • @11

    But they could at least give me a answer. If someone asks about Spyro or Crash Bash every week and get a answer every time i don’t see why it’s so hard to get a answer about Parappa.

  • Also i’m not telling them to do it overnight like your trying to say i am. I’m just asking will there ever be any plans to bring the series over here. Everyone always ask about Spyro coming over here and don’t get me wrong i want Spyro 1-3 to be on the PS Store over here too but i’m asking them will there ever be plans to bring them here.

  • Yeah Vita Plus cant wait. Any idea when Holland will be getting PlayStation Mobile? Just got a splendid Sony Xperia Go ;)

  • ah there. are my reactions, on slowmotion :D

  • Any news your end on TOMBA!, should we assume it is still coming for Vita.

  • well we are nearly 2 months later fred said in about 2 months we should see some improvements not seen any yet.not seen any blog about what’s gonna be improved either so another couple of lies.
    still missing army off ps1 and ps2 classic which according 2 jawad isen’t important…yet newer games don’t even get released on time so take it all games in general are not top priority so i wonder what is at SCEE.

    can’t the xbox team take over SCEE they seem 2 get things done.

  • Fred, any news on resident evil 2 for vita? Like I have asked several times, I bought it when it was compatible but it got removed before I downloaded it. 7.99 out of pocket. Really need an answer on this as I have waited a few months now and got no where.

  • And the store still hasn’t completely updated as the three new pieces of Mugen Souls DLC still haven’t appeared in the store but besides that the music packs for Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru seemed to have vanished as well…

  • Lazy store team still cant add trailers to the new dynamic themes. What hope do we have for the future if they cant even do that correct!

  • X___WWEGTMJK___X

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you too today :)

  • How to download Cubixx HD

    1) boot up PS3
    2) select store icon (wait 20-30 seconds for it to load)
    3) scroll down to Playstation Plus and go over to Instant Game collection
    4) go to Cubixx HD and click ‘X’
    5) click ‘add to cart’
    6) click proceed to checkout
    7) click checkout
    8) click confirm purchase
    9) click really small download ‘arrow’ in ready to download section
    10) click download in backgroud…


    what a mess!


  • hang on…

    have 3 or 4 comments disappeared from this thread?

  • @voodoo341
    Why you saying that? What a mess, it’s how the purchase instructions work duh.
    Also It’s Sony.make.belive because they care for there consumers unlike other company’s out there for e.g Microsoft. They don’t even care for there consumers. Apart from that comment great blog recap I’m really happy after last week, bought plus and my trophies collection is really starting to fly up I earned 11 trophies last night in motorstorm apocalypse also if you don’t have motorstorm I recommend you should go into your local store and buy a copy, it’s a really fantastic game and great graphics. :) Cannot wait for next week. Keep up the good work. LongLivePlay Sony make.belive :D

  • Forgot to mention, I got my redeemed Book of spells theme and it looks very nice. As I said a thee weeks ago, I think books of spells is going to be a fantastic exclusive for playstation and as a Harry potter fan I am happy that JK Rowling and Sony have partnered to make pottermore and also this fantastic new IP, and only on playstation is this game better on, it would never be good on wii or xbox, because only ps3 has the strength and power for eg HD and 3D and don’t forget blu ray which is corse owned by sony and with the mover is just spectacular too. Your not a playstation gamer, I can garrentee you that with this great partner ship between pottermore (JK Rowling ) and Sony that Book of spells will force you to become a playstation gamer because it looks like a really special and incredible IP.
    Thanks for your time. :) LongLivePlay Sony Make.belive :D

  • Line 11 by the way was if your not a playstation gamer but what I said is basically the same. :) :D

  • Hi there ! how can i donwload the Davinci dlc for Assassin Creed Brotherhood (europa version)? I can’t found it in the store , I got the game on disc so i’m not planing to buy the whole game again from the store just for to have the dlc . any ideas ?

  • @declan_watson

    It wasn’t a purchase… it’s free! The store is a diaster and Fred and co sold it as the great improvement. With defence force guys like you blindly accepting the junk Fred and co call a service Fony will never improve.


  • @voodoo341
    Excuse me guys like me blindly excepting the junk. I think you mean guys like you coming in and going way off topic, saying stupid and silly things like fony don’t.believe. It’s sony make.believe because number 1 they care for there consumers. Number 2 they give you better deals and better products unlike other companies who can’t do those amazing things take Microsoft for example, they don’t give there consumers the great support that sony do and I am not being rude here but stop making such silly stuff up because your information is unacceptable and False and don’t say the store is a disaster stop making up lies . And by the way sony are way successful than any other company so just go away and stop making up such false and lame aqusations about them because there false.
    LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

  • Ah!

    Look at this: Another week with the singstar spam on my XMB without any update regarding the removal of it…

  • Hi, I preordered LBP karting soon as it was added to the store to preorder and after the payment was taken for the game the DLC vanished, so I didnt get the DLC that was meant to come with the preorder could someone look into this please?

    Btw I did create a post about this on the forums but seems Sony dont read their own forums these days, so hopefully one of you nice employee’s on the blog can help? thanks

    here is the forum post:

  • Really? Still no reaction on the thousands of complaints about the SingStar adware? You’re still thinking “my way or the highway”?

    We are not your children, Sony; we are your customers. And if you won’t talk to us, then we’ll just find someone else who will. Have you taken a look around the internet lately?

    By the way, according to Dutch law, the icon is adware. Why?

    – it was installed without warning
    – it provides no function needed by the system itself
    – it cannot be removed
    – the user is forced to install it to keep an important function (online play) that was active when the product was bought, from becoming unusable. It came with an update, the update had to be installed before I could continue to play online.

    Do you know what else adware is in the Netherlands?


    Like I said, if you won’t talk to me, I’ll find someone else who will. And something tells me Dutch authorities will be quite eager to do so.

    Check. Mate.

  • I got ‘LBP: Karting’ the other day & it’s BRILLIANT!!! :P + It’s better than ‘Mario Kart’ :D Yep i said it(hopefully tho someone will make some old N64 ‘Mario Kart’ levels/tracks tho on ‘LBP:Karting’, that would be well cool. I am to lazy to make tracks, even tho making levels/tracks seem easy really) NOW, BRING ME LBP3!!! PLEASE SONY!!! ;)

  • Lol am guessing declan_watson is about twelve and hasn’t been here before. not to burst your bubble kid but Sony don’t have great customer service. The issue with the store and the issue with cubixx are genuine problems. Not to mention weekly failures. It’s not all bad, plus is a decent product and there are plenty of good exclusive games. But I wouldnt put faith in anything that relies on SCEE

  • @thalia not to defend the singstar thong to much but by your logic them introducing features like netflix, lovefilm, mubi, trophies etc are all adware as they put icons on your console you can’t remove. Not being funny but I seriously doubt you’d get the win for accusing a console maker of putting a video game on a games console.

  • @Thalia_01

    Are you sure about that. We have had armchair lawyers here before like the other OS thing. Saying how many laws Sony broke and the courts dismissing them all.

    It is not installed it is an icon which sits there until you activiate it like HOME.

    It’s a game which is a function of the machine.

    It can’t be deleted because nothing has been installed like HOME.

    Also what adumr82 said. There are other icons on the machine you can’t remove.

    The update like all updates are required to play online. Courts have sided with Sony on this before and will continue to do so.

  • Where is retro city rampage for vita, better bloody be releasing it this week otherwise I say screw you to psn and buy physical copies and here I thought Sony is pushing digital release, and yet they continue to not realise they are the worst digital distribution network in euro and still they do not fix or respond

    Ah well time to move on to Microsoft when next gen consoles are released, at least they have proven themselves….

    Also you are proving is you are the worst and continue to be the worst

  • @declan_watson

    *sigh* Fony or more specifically SCEE don’t care about their customers and there’s plenty of evidence of that. The store mess, singstar, missing games, zero updates etc all prove that. Just look at all the complaints on this blog, thousands of unhappy customers and SCEE do nothing but ignore them. Fony are last this generation for three reasons, greed, poor customer service and poor design. It’s no coincidence Fonys fortunes have declined in line with the Playstation decline. If they don’t listen to their customers soon it’s over for Fony. Only the fanboys will care, everyone else will be glad to see the back of them.


  • @voodoo341
    Number 1 Sony care for there condiments that’s why there slogan is Sony Make.Believe Number 2 Is they didn’t care for there consumers then they wouldn’t have any costumers so you can’t say lies about them and there more successful dont say that there are thousand of unhappy costumers. I think more people are angry with Microsoft because all they make is windows which is rubbish, sony make more things every day like tv, music, films, audio systems, home cinema entertainment, playstation, Blu ray and Blu ray players, car audio, cameras, camcorders, laptops, online services etc i have never seen any other company making those types of electronics before whys that maybe it’s because sony are more successful than they are and yes I am a sony fanboy and I’m leased to be one great products, great consumer/customer support, amazing products you can rely on. So again stop making up such lies about sony because clearly you are like someone who is just stupid you make stuff up ok.
    Thanks for your time
    LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

  • SCEE is ignoring me, so I am ignoring the Store. Simple as that.

  • LOL!!

    WOW!! Is this declan_watson kid for real or am I hallucinating??

    Apparently all Microsoft make is Windows???

    What the hell has Sony’s other interests in other electronic devices got to do with their pretty poor customer services with regards to Playstation??? More specifically SCEE.

    I have seen some blind fan boys before but you Sir take the biscuit. In fact you take the whole damn bakery!!!

    Do you know what I like Sony Playstation because they have some great exclusive titles but when it comes to SCEE and their general handling of customer service issues then they continually fall far short of what is acceptable.

    I do agree that Sony probably do care about their “condiments”.

    Tomato sauce, mustard, brown sauce etc are all very important things!!! ;-)

  • @TINTINTB303
    I agree with everything you said. Those exclusive titles are the main thing I like also.

    Any chance we could have a ‘Like’ button on the blog?

    Also a little improvement for the ps chat. How about making it bigger. It’s so annoying writing to a friend only for all of it to not get typed and needs written again. Need to expand the max number of words.

    And how about giving the consumers an option to enable and disable swear words? :D You know we all like saying those words but having **** <–that is annoying. Make it an age thing. Over 18 have the choice to enable and disable while under 18 at all times is disabled. When disabled it can remain as them little stars.

    • All I can say here is that we’re looking at various revamps to the commenting system. It might not happen in the very near future, but we are working on stuff!

      I will say that unblocking swear words is unlikely, as that causes various problems with search engines.

  • Hi Fred or any other staff member who can answer my question.

    Will Call Of Duty Black Ops:2be on the store tonight for a midnight download? Or anytime soon and if so how much will it cost?

    I would really appreciate an answer as i want to get it on my HDD. If it is not to be released on digital then i want to get a retail copy?

    So please could somebody help with my question as soon as possible?

    • It will be available on the store tomorrow, though it wont go live at midnight. I can’t give you an exact time at present I’m afraid.

  • @Mr. D: If you are going to announce the PS Plus vita deal tomorrow, will that also mean it goes into effect this week? Or will you be announcing “In a few weeks, you’re going to get…”?
    Tension is really starting to be gripping!

    Oh, and as for teases, I expect something INFINITEly interesting to WIPEout us off our feet. Maybe something that’s a LITTLE BIG? :-)

  • Hi Fred

    Can I just ask, how come when someone asks a question re: a game being deplayed. All we ever get is ‘I can’t say why?’.

    Who stops you from telling you? Is it a Sony policy? Is it an agreement with the developer/ publisher? I am really curious, as I just don’t get it.

    I know you are only doing your job, but is there anyway you could maybe speak to those at the top? I think a few blog posts maybe explaining what you guys have to do behind the scenes and what can go wrong might help. Maybe also showing the difference between yourselves and the US store.


    • There are lots of reasons why we can’t always give you as much information as you might like. It could be because the details of a business agreement is inherently confidential and can’t be discussed in public. In other cases, such as with Vita Plus, we’ve decided on a date to announce plans, and don’t want to let the cat out of the bag early. In other instances, plans haven’t been 100% finalised on a particular issue and we don’t want to discuss them until everything is firmed up in case things change at the last minute. And occasionally SCEE staff posting on the Blog might not have all the necessary information at hand to answer questions so have to go off and ask other departments. It’s a big place! All I can say is that we try our best to keep you informed.

  • Thanks for your reply Fred. It’s a shame about the chat. :(

    I thought i might have read somewhere before saying there wouldn’t be a download copy on day one. Not 100% sure but just saying what i’ve read. And i doubt it would be on store any time soon. It’s a shame tho cos that would be a game they could added the price up on knowing many would buy it. Just buy yourself the retail disc (unless someone can confirm i’m wrong) and make the most of the double xp that we get on the 16th – 18th

  • Also, IF the fans wanted to maybe take this higher (no offence to yourself) to say ‘we want to be treated the same’. Do you think this would chanage anything? Would we have to get into the millions before someone who can change something listen?

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