PlayStation Mobile: Alien Breed returns next week!

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PlayStation Mobile: Alien Breed returns next week!


Hi everyone, we are very proud to announce the forthcoming arrival of Alien Breed on PlayStation Mobile! Back on your screens to celebrate its 21st anniversary, it will be available to download on 14th November for just £3.19/€3.99.

For the uninitiated, Alien Breed is the classic sci-fi, top-down shooter developed by Team17. Originally launched in 1991, it’s now been remade for PS Mobile, which can only mean one thing… it’s time to turn down the lights, turn up the sounds and encounter Alien Breed again!


This release offers the opportunity for both old and new fans to experience the original survival-horror game. Featuring a choice of either old-school Amiga graphics or new enhanced visuals, Alien Breed retains the challenging gameplay of the original while offering players additional assistance in the form of an in-game store for extra ammo, keys and weapons.

Alien Breed features:

  • Classic Mode – Play using the original graphics, music and controls
  • Enhanced Mode – Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls
  • 8 new levels – entirely new levels that intersect with the original Alien Breed story
  • 6 original Alien Breed levels
  • 12 Alien Breed Special Edition levels

We hope you enjoy the game – please feel free to ask any questions below!


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3 Author Replies

  • No ad-hoc multiplayer ? :(

  • Too bad there is no PS mobile at Greece, I’ll jsut ahve to wait for it :)

    But I have to ask, istherre a change to see at Vita the PS3 versions ?

  • this blog sucks… no freedom of expression what so ever here…. we can´t talk about the truth that we get moderated… clap clap sony clap clap

    • Out of respect for the author who has taken time to come on here and discuss their game, we do remove off-topic posts. If comments are posted in the right place and are not offensive they will not be touched. Please appreciate that while this game might not interest you, it will interest others, so please allow them to discuss it without distraction.

  • Argh. Been wanting you to bring back Amiga Alien Breed for ages but as a PSP Mini I can play on my PSP and PS3. I don’t have PS Mobile compatible stuff. :(

  • Since we say the little glimpse of this in the PlayStatiom Mobile sizzle reel from Gamescom, this has been the PSM game I’ve been looking forward to the most! Lots of great memories of playing Alien Breed on the Amiga when I was growing up :)

    Having pulled up the Amiga again last year, I can actually say that the original graphics and gameplay hold up very well, not the new enhanced graphics do look very nice!

    Going by the Team 17 twitter, I believe the PSM version has four exclusive levels as well?

    I can think of a whole heap of old Amiga games that I would love to see get re-released like this. Would be great to see some off the old Bitmap Brothers or Psygnosis games get released like this.

    Will we maybe see a few more Team 17 Amiga titles getting this treatment? Maybe the likes of Project-X?

    • Hi Ravenblade86 – good to hear you’re looking forward to the release!

      Yes, there’s 8 new levels in total, four of which are exclusive for you guys. We hope you’ll enjoy it :)

  • I would really like to spend my gaming budget on these kind of titles, but alas the PSMobile is confined to less than half of Europe.

  • BispooPortable if you’re gonna be a sarcastic idiot at least get it right. Alien Breed was a 16 bit game. And a classic.

  • This is the speciel edition version or just the normal?

    While your at it throw in Tower Assault and Projext X speciel edition.

    Maybe SuperFrog soon ? :)

    • Hi WilliamBirkin, the game consists of 6 levels from the original Alien Breed game, 12 levels from Alien Breed Special Edition and 8 new levels (4 of which are exclusive to the PlayStation Mobile version)

      You can also play either:
      * Classic Mode – Play using the original graphics, music and controls
      * Enhanced Mode – Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls

      Hope this answers your question! :)

  • Nice News sony, Any ETA to the release of CFW on our vitas? it feels bad to be stuck with drm in year 2012, thanks, hope it doesnt take too long now.

  • Didn’t like the remakes on PSN. Would happily get this if PSM was compatible with PS3 (hint hint, Sony).

  • PSM probably won’t ever be compatible with PS3. There’s no way to replicate touch input.

  • Excellent Stuff!!!

    As an original Amiga gamer from almost day 1 ( Flights of Fantasy pack with F-29 Retaliator!) I’ve been looking forward to this coming for PSM!

    Even better to read we not only get the original levels, but the SE one’s too!!! Not to mention bonus new unseen levels! AND! with an option to play with original Amiga GFX and sound!!!

    You’re spoiling us old timers T17 :D

    I only hope the in game shop for ammo and coins isn’t some form of IAP :-\

    So, ATR & Body Blows next? :-)

  • Looking forward to playing this whenever PlayStation Mobile hits Ireland

  • Us dosent evan have playstation mobile

  • nice game in de old days

    not intrested in fone games vita 3.99€ = why not = tip

    Also agreed no playstation mobile + no renting moevis in Belgium
    so no tanks .

    i hope the game respects the release date not like past updates on the new store .

  • This news totally caught me off guard. Considering I’ve played the original game on Amiga so many times when it originally came out, having the chance to play it on a handheld is mindblowing!

    *whispers: Does this mean we might get more Amiga greats on PSMobile? XD

  • #12: Holycrap! That’s exactly the package I got when I got mine! I remember wandering around my local town with £400 in my pocket, waiting for the shop to open where I was going to buy it from. I still have her up in the attic, although the box no longer remains.

  • I’ve previously complained about the price difference compared to iOS (£3.19 vs £1.99 and less on special offer) and would have again if somebody hadn’t mentioned 4 extra levels for the PSM version. I checked Team 17’s twitter and that does appear to be the case. Why isn’t it mentioned in this blog post?

    I’m not sure 4 levels added to the existing 26 justifies a 60% price increase but at least it’s something.

    • Hi Shin-Ra, there’s 8 new levels in total which is mentioned above. 4 of which are new and exclusive to you guys. Hope this clears things up and thanks for your post.

  • monoliet you’re posts are a joy to try and read them :)

    £3.19 for PSM game is greedy ‘imo’

  • I would buy this, if only PSmobile was available over here.. But nope, apparently Sony dosent care about the others except UK and US.

  • Is there no way these can be ported over to the PS3.I understand it’s PS Mobile,but I’d of thought Sony would of made it possible to include home console support with it.

    I understand why touch heavy games couldn’t be done on a PS3,but this seems perfect for a controller.

  • Massive Amiga fan and Alien Breed is one of my all time faves. So I will be getting this for my Vita on day one!
    Would love the other AN games like Tower Assault to make it over to, plus many over Amiga classics!

    Any chance of this getting a trophy patch when they are released to PSM games??

    Either way I can’t wait to play this again, the extra new levels are a bonus. Wonder how the new graphics will compare to the originals?
    I loved the look of Tower Asault with its AGA A1200 graphics but I’m sure the original AB will look cool still.

  • This looks like it could be my first PSM purchase. Good job!

    Have you any plans for other Team17 classics or was this just a one off?

  • when trophies are given to psm game, are you going to patch it for trophies?

  • Please bring a Worms game to PSVITA!!!

  • Gutted, no Playstation mobile for me.

    I was hoping this would be a PSN/mini release. Like many others I’d love to see a retro Team 17 compilation, featuring the likes of Superfrog, Tower Assault, Project X, Quak, F17 Challenge, ATR, Overdrive etc.

  • MordecaiHunter =3.99 € not £

    jes i now i talk very smooth french engels vlaams
    tekst = not mi ting , very sory

    3.99€ to old game ore minis like flower ore burn the rope = i buy

    new games like ac =59.99€ ore le edition +- 69.99 €
    far cry 3 = insane edition 79.95
    hitman = 49.90 €

    so i not tink i am greedy , some games are worth 3-5 €
    others 59€ other more

  • Yes talk about the extra levels and not about the reason for price increase… Great job guys (note I am being sarcastic)

  • Can’t wait to see how much this PSM game breaks the exchange rate when it comes to the Australian price. It must be pretty bad if the publisher isn’t listing it anywhere.

    I’m betting about $12 AUD.

    Still, game looks really good. I loved the original.

  • oh i remember this all though’s years ago, for a moment i thought it was a game i remember called Die Alien Slime on the good old amstrad, man that game was hard lol

  • Great to see this game again, look forward to playing this (whenever PSM makes it to the Netherlands) and hopefully many others like it on the Vita, as since it has buttons and sticks and the screen is fast enough to match good old CRT, it’s kind of perfect for reliving these classics.

  • Still waiting for a superfrog combeback for the playstation, either a Vita or a ps3 version or both would had been awesome!

  • Is the new control scheme dual sticks?

  • would love to get this too but Finland is banned from buying PSM games! :(

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    Try it, you might like it!!

  • Yes! I’ll buy it at d1.
    Now remake superfrog and assassin too please! Or at least alien breed tower assault that i was never able to finish.

  • I hope people realise that you don’t need a Vita or a Sony Tablet to enjoy PSM.

    I’ve been enjoying a few games on PSM using my Xperia S phone! It’s brilliant to have this feature to compliment the few ‘Android’ games worthy to keep on my phone with these ‘top drawer’ PSM games!

    I’m even enjoying my disc versions of the Spyro series that I OWN – I still have the original games from the PS1 days! But to have them running on my phone for a quick blast now and then is amazing!

    Can’t think why Sony dropped the PS1 games from Playstation Pocket to PSM???? Granted some were showing their age, but other should have been kept and there was some that should have been released!!!

  • I’d just like to point out I don’t condone piracy in and shape or form! Any PS1 games I’m running on my phone are from the discs I OWN and have collected since the PS1 days that I didn’t trade in or get rid of due to their collectors status!!!

    The PS1 had some cracking games back in the day, and I couldn’t part with them – still my PS2 slim and PS3 slim do still play them, just like my Xperia S ;-)

    Back to Alien Breed – Can’t wait for tomorrow! Day 1 purchase and the good thing about PSM, it’s updated before I wake up for work at 6am!!! (it has anyway since it launched!) so no waiting like the PS3 store until late afternoon!

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