Turn your PS Vita into X-ray goggles with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!

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Turn your PS Vita into X-ray goggles with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!

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Greetings, everyone!

You may remember (or can read right here) about some of the cool stuff we’ve unveiled for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, chief among them the announcement that we’ll be supporting Cross Buy! But we’ll also be offering up some really cool AR features that you’ll be able to experience with your PS3 and PS Vita.

The Augmented Reality feature uses the PS Vita system to help you collect some valuable items as you play through the PS3 version of the game. Using the PS Vita system as a set of X-ray goggles, you can look into Sly’s universe to help track them down.

Simply point the PS Vita at the TV screen and press the button to lock onto the image, and the X-ray overlay will pop up and highlight all of the hidden treasures in orange throughout the world. The PS Vita player simply taps on the front touch screen to display a pointer on the TV that will show you where to look for the hidden loot!

To show you exactly how this works together, we had Glen Egan from Sanzaru Games sit down and walk through a demo of this cool technology with Frank Simon from our Product Development team:

Pretty cool, huh? You can also use Augmented Reality to help you collect ancient hidden art treasures as you play through the game. There are dozens of beautiful tapestries, paintings, mosaics and other ancient artworks scattered through the game.

You can use the camera on your PS Vita to snap photographs of these as a way to “collect” them and earn more money. Just point your PS Vita at the TV to aim, press the button to take the photo and bingo – Sly collects the loot!

Add that alongside with Cross Save and Cross Buy and you’ve got an incredible amount of connectivity and value packed into every copy of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!

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  • Love the cross buy idea but this isn’t something I’ll use. I don’t ever see me using both my ps3 and vita simultaniously, if one is on, the other is off. It’s great you can use the vita as a controller in this case, because switching between it and the dualshock would be pacebreaking. But still, I’ll go with the traditional way of playing :p

  • That looks really awesome and fun. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Quick question though. Will Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time support the cross-controller functionality between PS Vita and PS3?

    I’m just wondering because having to stop playing to switch between a DualShock and Vita constantly would become pretty tiresome and eventually a chore. Meanwhile simply using the Vita as a controller and looking down or raising the Vita would be much more convenient and appealing.

  • Although I admit this is a cool feature let’s be honest, this won’t work for one person alone playing the game as it becomes a pain swithing between ps3 controller and psvita. Now adding another party it works indeed but then again the other party would get bored pretty soon, I mean, all he/she has to do is point the ps vita to the tv and wonder around to find them treasures but lets face it, that’s boring as hell and I don’t think there will be people wanting to be a sidekick like that.

  • Amazing can’t wait for this game. Sanzaru keep it up :)

  • Did you guys add the target to the TV for the purpose of the video,or is that the level of input lag when using PSV to PS3?

  • Cool. The Missus will LOVE this!!

    She is always pointing out collectables when playing a game anyway so this feature will be a perfect fit for our duo :-D

  • That is well COOL!!! :P

  • I don’t own PS3 because I have no LCD TV because I don’t need it :P

    So, this feature is kinda useless for me.

  • Quick question will I be able to find every collectible without PS Vita?

  • Looks like fun, cant wait to play this on my vita and PS3

  • incredible :) can i use this x-ray to find real treasures outside ? :)

  • @#9 You will, this feature will just “improve” the ability to find them quickly. As I stated before it’s a cool feature but kinda useless at the same time.

  • Great way to utilise the PS Vita, I hope more games follow suit :D

  • @8 Are you even serious? I had a SDTV for years when I got my PS3 (2007), don’t let that stop you enjoying tons of awesome games just because you can’t play them in HD.

  • Hm should’ve watched the vid first, seems you can’t use the Vita as a controller during the X ray thing afterall. Could be nice if you have a little brother or a girlfriend that constantly watch you play. Agh gaming has become such a social matter, don’t forget about the lonewolves now! :p

  • SO MANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS. Number one annoyed me particularly;

    “I don’t ever see me using both my ps3 and vita simultaniously, if one is on, the other is off.”

    That’s probably because at the moment there’s no reason to have them both on SIMULTANEOUSLY; this game gives you a reason to, THAT IS THE POINT.


    Personally, I think this is a brilliant feature, and if more devs came up with innovations like this perhaps Vita might actually do well.

    We just need Sony to remember what a cool device it could be and SUPPORT THE RUDDY THING. For a start, bring back Remote Play to the PS Store, SingStar and iPlayer.

    VIVA LA VITA! Congrats to these devs for actually innovating. Ignore the negative Nancys, they just LOVE to moan about ANYTHING.

  • Really nice work. That is a very cool idea. I was never a Sly Cooper guy, but I picked up the HD collection & I’m liking it very much. Finished 1 & 2 so far.

    The X-ray goggles is probably the most innovative idea for the Vita so far. Great job.

  • sounds great, if i look at the xmb will i still see the singstar icon? if you can use this feature to hide that then ill buy it :)

  • Awesome stuff, wish more developers took the time to utilise ps3/vita compatibility.With cross save,cross buy and now AR ye really are showing how it should be done.

    To the nay sayers, it’s optional, you don’t have to use it.Personally i always have my vita beside me when using my ps3 so i’ll give it a go at least.

  • I don’t think this will beat Singstar, my number one game at this moment.

  • Off Topic:
    I just received a 30days trial code for PS+. If I’ll use it, will it stack with my current subscription? Thanks.

  • Vita love is always good

  • @16 Easy there kiddo, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’d be best to ignore your little speech there, miss Queen of England, but I’ll indulge you anyway.
    Even if there were more reasons to do this, I still don’t see me using them simultaniously often. Just like some might enjoy Singstar and others think it’s ridiculous, see how that goes?
    I wasn’t being a ‘Negative Nancy’, I wasn’t trying to bring this idea down, I’m just saying I won’t personally make a lot of use of it (not sure why I have to defend my opinion here, but apparently I do). Besides, I like finding my hidden treasure the oldskool way, by LOOKING for them.

  • Who needs the Wii U?!

  • Hi, Little bit off-topic…
    I owned a PSP Go with UK account. Now I sold it and changed to PS Vita with Hungarian account. I don’t know if there is a hope to transfer “sell” games between accounts.
    However even if that is not possible I really miss some strong PSP games from the Hungarian Store: GOW (both games), Valkyria Chronicles 2 (I read somewhere that it’s compatible with PS Vita.
    Can You, Sony Europe take steps?


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