PlayStation Store PAL charts: October 2012

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PlayStation Store PAL charts: October 2012


Good afternoon, and welcome to this month’s Store charts. With the Christmas games rush approaching, it’s been a busy month for new releases, with big launches in all categories.

Few will be surprised to see FIFA 13 dominating the full PS3 game chart, though stiff opposition came from Resident Evil 6, Assassin’s Creed III (which managed fourth position despite being on sale for just one day in October) and Bethesda’s stylish stealth FPS Dishonored.

Tokyo Jungle is showing fantastic legs at the top of the PSN chart, with new entries there including Worms Revolution and The Unfinished Swan. A few older titles – such as infamous: Festival of Blood and Amy raced back up the chart too, courtesy of our recent Halloween sale.

The top PS Vita download for the month was Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, closely followed by LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, while Crash Bandicoot continued to reign supreme on PS1 Classics.

Here are the charts in full:

Full PS3 game downloads:

  1. FIFA 13
  2. Resident Evil 6
  3. Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition
  4. Assassin’s Creed III Classic Edition
  5. Dishonored
  6. Borderlands 2
  7. One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  8. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record
  9. Doom 3 BFG Edition
  10. NBA 2K13

PSN games:

  2. Worms Revolution
  3. The Unfinished Swan
  4. Sonic Adventure 2
  5. inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
  6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD
  7. Amy
  8. The Walking Dead – Season Pass
  9. Journey
  10. Hydrophobia Prophecy

PS Vita games:

  1. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
  2. LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita
  3. MotorStorm RC
  4. Doctor Who : The Eternity Clock
  5. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  6. FIFA 13
  7. SunFlowers
  8. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition
  9. Burn the Rope
  10. Table Top Tanks

PSone Classics:

  1. Crash Bandicoot
  2. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped
  3. Tomba!
  4. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
  5. CTR: Crash Team Racing
  6. Final Fantasy VII
  7. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  8. Final Fantasy VIII
  9. Final Fantasy IX
  10. Metal Gear Solid

Finally, if you’re interested in how things turned out across the pond last month, the US PlayStation Blog has all the details!

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2 Author Replies

  • im surprised assassins creed didn’t knock fifa off the top spot

  • I’m surprised anybody pays those outrageous prices for the PS3 games. Oh well guess they have more money than sense. Glad to see Tokyo Jungle being number one and that people are still buying the season pass for Walking Dead even as its about to end.

  • Good to see ACL at the top of the Vita chart

  • Glad to see the game that makes it impossible to continue the single player campaign if you unlock and equip a certain costume because of a game breaking bug is the Vitas number 1.

    Seriously though, how can one release a game with THIS MANY BUGS?
    45 euros is not the price we should be paying for a beta!

  • So glad to see Tokyo Jungle and Unfinished Swan doing well in the PSN charts. The one thing that Sony have over every other console manufacturer is a wealth of imaginative and playable games. If you want something professional, but interesting and different, the only place to get it from is Sony (or more specifically PSN).

    If you still haven’t got Tokyo Jungle, here’s a review I wrote explaining why you should :)

    Same here

    Also surprised Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is number 3. Thought it was an awful game. It was a good idea and thought but there was just so much stuff wrong with it and thought it wasn’t as good as it looked. Problem with the story was that it wasn’t even much of a story at all. Cut scenes shows all 4 characters but doing the game play it only has yourself with no AI buddies (unless playing online). Would be nice to see the sequel learn from that mistake and make it a decent story and game play. If it was anything like Uncharted then it would have been great. Maybe it would have been better off as Naughty Dogs game as they know how to make the good stuff.

  • Wow, ACIII: Liberation just hit the No.1 spot with LBPV second.

    Also XDerKleineX, which game was that?

  • @supersmith2500 ACIII:Liberation.

    If you unlock the bayou outfit (you have to bead up all the ill people and give them the medicine in the bayou to get it if I remember correctly) and equip it once you quite the game and try to continue the singleplayer you will get stuck in a loop where the game will load for a second, then the ubisoft logo animation will pop up, then there’s the message saying that the game was developed by a team of (…) and you’re back in the main menu after going through the title screen. This will happen every time you hit continue. (=> You’ll have to start a new game, wich can be quite annoying when this happened towards the end of it, in my case in Sequence 8)

  • Why is there no PSM top list?

  • Hope to see something like this for PSM when it finally opens up to the public and we get more games on there.

  • Considering how you forced Singstar on all of us I’m surprised that that isn’t at the number one spot.

  • Great to see the AC series doing well – bought and completed both and absolutely loved them. I didn’t encounter noticeable glitches in my play through of Liberations – especially not on the scale the previous comment has cited. Did you download the update ?

  • @SpitelordDekka I’ve never bought a Singstar product and them forcing that stupid advert/game in my gaming list means I never will.

  • SingStar is great, I know they shouldn’t have forced the icon on those who don’t want it but there’s a lot of silly negativity about it.

    Personally, I’ve not bought as much off the store this month because it’s such a mess now, what with having to plough through reams of icons for DLC for games I don’t have; the ridiculous lack of an “Everything new this week” section; the massive icons that mean scrolling through pages of rubbish (rather than easily being able to whizz through a nice list at a glance); the slooooooow way you have to add things to the cart now (three slow loading screens until it’s in rather than one button press); and the utterly abysmal lack of Remote Play for the Store which means I can’t log on from work any more to have a look so my stuff is downloaded by the time I get home…

    It’s just a total, total shambles.

    That’s not even mentioning the stupid pricing of new digital content, and (quite often) DLC being listed without even mentioning what game it’s for.

  • @dark_angel69

    “Also surprised Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is number 3”

    Wasn’t it only £15 or something with plus.That could explain the boost in sales.

    Another game that did well was Hydrophobia Prophecy.It’s only £2,and i wouldn’t recommend it for that price.but I’ll be interested to see if the numbers are good enough for other dev’s/pubs to try aggressive pricing.

  • PS2 Classics:

    #1: Grand Theft Auto III

    Time for Vice City.

  • im currently using an xbox to type this the web browsers only been out for 3 weeks and is already 10 times better then the ps3s

  • @11 Hehe. To make things worse, that friggin singstar screen is the first thing I see when I start up my console, even when there’s a disc in it.. The store is ruined compared to what we’re used to, and the xmb has been bugging me a lot lately too, it also feels slower to navigate, somehow.. (The trophy section being moved doesn’t help either.) I have no idea how this all got pulled through, it’s like they never even bothered to ask which changes the gamers want – if any. Didn’t mean to go offtopic but I’m just adding to the obvious here and letting them know we’re all still frustrated with these changes and hope for change. If I sound spoiled, it’s because of the high standard I expect from the Playstation brand.

    In any case, back to LBPK :p

  • @S-o-h-a-i-l If you mean the one update that has been there since release (1.0.1) then yes, I did download that right after I downloaded the game

  • Nice to see good old Crash Bandicoot still doing well in this day & age :D Brilliant games they all were :P It’s just a shame SONY didn’t keep Crash Bandicoot PlayStation Exclusive(i.e after the PS1 days):(

  • @fred

    next year microsoft is going 2 integrate MSN with skype. and i take it we need 2 make a new E-mail account or change it. so i’m wondering considering you can’t change your I.D cause it’s tied 2 your current account does that mean i have 2 start over again with my thropies cause if it is so goodbye sony hello xbox cause there is no way i’m getting a 110 platinums again. or starting over with it all again.

  • Just come across the AC:L game breaker :-(

    It happened in New Orleans after charming all the trinkets off dirty old men. Then it says you have unlocked a special assassin’s costume.

    Next play time. Stuck on an infinite loading screen :-(

    Lucky I knew about the bug so have been backing up every hour or so using the content manager and only lost about an hours playthrough but I should NOT have to be doing this!!!

    I would have been FUMING if I had lost all +15 hours that I have put into the game. Plus about 3 hours multiplayer to get the “reach highest rank” trophy.

    How did this game pass QA with a bug as bad as this one??

    The small glitches and minor bugs I really don’t mind but this one is totally unaceptable in my opinion!!!

  • Shame because AC:L is a brilliant game and I was loving playing it.

    Now in the back of my mind I’m thinking:

    When is it going to happen again?!?!

    Ubisoft need to fix this one QUICK!!

    One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Vita title to date and it is ruined by a game breaking bug!!

    Sony will be the laughing stock come Xmas if this is not sorted out.

    and yes I’ve reported it to Ubisoft

  • It amazes me how, after the terrible store update, it gets burried with blog posts. It’s disgusting, Fred!
    Buying from the store should be fun, it isn’t, it’s horrible!

  • About the AC: Liberation… I can’t continue playing too since a few days. After earn all coins the game don’t load and continue…. What is happening??

  • No Singstar? There’s a surprise! I thought thousands were downloading it and enjoying it. Liars!

  • @ Psicojacorral

    If you are stuck on infinite loops with the loading screens then sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is a corrupt save.

    You have to delete EVERYTHING (AC:L related) and start from the beginning again. Only 18mb if you have a Vita card. I feel soooo sorry for those who have bought it via the store!!

    If you have a laptop or PS3 then I suggest using the Vita’s Content Manager every hour or so and make a new copy of your AC:L data. Just make sure that the new data you are copying via the Content Manager is not corrupt first.

  • @Fred

    When will Sony give us the option to just copy our Vita saves ONLY????

    Will Vita PS+ give us a “copy save files only” option!!

    Seems stupid that it is only copy all game related data or nothing at all at the moment.

    Hope that makes sense….

  • Why no PSP list? I bought Corps Party at least….

  • Just Hold on why I go Take Out a Lone for your overpriced store.
    I seen a game for £59.99 on the ps store.
    I pretty sure you get more people to come party when the prices are lower.
    Right Now Steam is destorying you!

  • Any news on a release on Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP/Vita?

    or atleast please get us Castlevania SOTN so i can play it on my vita!

    or even better why not let me play some US PSN games on my UK vita??

  • As SingStar is now my favourite game of choice, at least it looks like that when I turn on my PS3, I would like to know how many songs were bought. Thanks Fred for info, I’m just dying to know.

  • Hello there
    Great store update, I did expect FIFA 13 to top the charts I don’t have my copy but I would like to get mine soon. Crash bandicoot too this game should still be a PlayStation exclusive because only on playstation did we make the game as fantastic as it was but I don’t think It would be good on xbox 360 and wii it’s much better on PlayStation same too with spyro it should still be an exclusive playstation game because only on playstation was it made to be a fantastic and fun game to play. Please buy back Crash bandicoot and spyro please. All and all great store update.
    Thank you. :)

  • @23 Hm I still haven’t figured out how to backup my Vita saves. It was so easy on PSP with the cut and paste.. Guess I’ll try to hold off AC:L untill they come with a new patch.

  • Hello again
    I have a question do you think that maybe in the near future we could be seeing sony buying a huge big games developer like for eg activision blizzard, ubisoft or ea because I know all these companies make fantastic and amazing games for eg ea is know for battlefield crysis and dead space activision for its fabulous call of duty franchises and ubisoft a Creed, far cry, just dance etc i like ea and activision any way I am just asking if you think this could happen in the future? Thanks again :)

  • and for god sake fix the bloody download servers, when a one gig demo is corrupted it’s annoying, but when a 16 gig game is broken and all that time i spent downloading, i left it on most of the evening and overnight and it still hadn’t finished so it must be 10 or 12 hours.

    you going to reimburse me for the electricy i wasted because of your dungheap servers took half a day to give me a broken file?

    no, i expect not, so how bout you fix the damn things.

    i don’t know why i’m surprised, why should the servers actually work, nothing else at scee bloody does.

    a bloody disgrace this sad excuse for a company is.

  • Hi Fred.

    Please answer.

    UK Store Vita NFS:MW: £40
    PS3 NFS:MW: £60
    PS3 LBP Karting: £40

    US Store Vita NFS:MW: $40
    PS3 NFS:MW $60
    PS3 LBP Karting: $60

    I know that publishers set the rrp but why are EA applying a DIFFERENT rrp for us Europeans. And why are you letting them.

    Forget sales tax or more expensive eu store. LBP Karting (first party game) shows the rough guideline for pricing. £1 = $1.5.
    (try it with itunes, amazon etc. Eg GTA V pre-order. Amazon UK £40. Amazon US $60)

    Please answer Fred. You’re from the UK right? Here we have something called consumer rights and the OFT.

  • Thanks for the reply Fred but that does not wash. SCEE are the provider. The Eu Store is a closed shop (I can’t buy this content digitally anywhere else without committing fraud. Oh the irony.)

    US top tier pricing has remained at $59.99 digitally. Lately, on the digital front in the eu, the encroachment of our top tier (£40, which is $60) has become more and more commonplace. Not just EA.

    I will contact EA (and the rest) but perhaps it might be a good idea if SCEE have words with them also.

    Without sounding harsh my friend, charts are just meaningless lists without sales figures. But perhaps sales figures would tell a different story.

    Have a nice weekend chap. Peace.

    Ps, to any Americans reading this. If you plan on visiting the UK, do not use your bank to convert your money ($1=£0.62), get yourself some EA dollars (apparently they are $1=£1). he he

  • @sem1471: I agree quite a bit here. I understand that the price is up to the publisher, but if you guys try to reason with them perhaps they’ll be willing to change a bit the plans.

    Just look at your own All-Stars digital version. Is 10€ off (which should be the price of the box and the disc) and that means that people that usually wouldn’t buy a Day one digital version might be considering it (I know I would if I could afford it).

    Then there is the whole sales stuff, but the dgital arket on consoles has just startes and I guess that’s a debate for another day.

  • Sorry to double post but:

    *Then there is the whole sales stuff, but the digital market on consoles has just started and I guess that’s a debate for another day.

    You guys should look for an Edit option to be implemented :P

  • @Fred “Sorry, I really can’t give you a satisfactory answer on this one. You’ll have to have a word with EA!”.

    Isn’t this the PlayStation Store? Surely you should make the rules not EA? If Sony is allowing third parties to price their games differently between retail and digital – this is Sony’s fault.

    Can we as customers choose how much we want to pay for a game too?

  • @Unicronic

    Gamers and their stupid ideas about how markets work, eh?
    Sony offers the market place and demands a fee for that service, EA sells their product and sets the price and we customers decide if we want the product for the given price. End of story.

    So yes, EA acts unfair and stupid. But so do you, when you are angry with Sony about this.

  • @Golwar. Peace.

    “EA acts unfair and stupid”

    And SCEE provides the delivery method on which to do it and the customers to do it to.

    I think that’s why questions are directed at SCEE.

    I also don’t really detect much anger (have you seen the other blogs), more like confusion. I also don’t think it’s ever ‘stupid’ to ask questions.

    On another note. And you said it yourself. “Markets” denotes more than one. Where else can I buy digital content for my PS3 and Vita? Without committing fraud.

    Take it easy pal and, as is your right, continue fighting for Sony. At least we agree EA are unfair.

  • I would like to see a chart of the most PLAYED games, mildly intrusive but still would be interesting…

    Tokyo Jungle definitely deserves top spot.

    Has the Tokyo Jungle DLC been fixed?

  • Really have to laugh at the ‘it’s EA’s’ fault comment from SCEE. £59.99 for Far Cry 3, £59.99 for Need for Speed, £49.99 for Assassins Creed 3. Seems Sony are victims of all these publishers setting high, rip off prices on their store. It’s your store SCEE man up and admit you’re robbing your customers blind.

  • @sem1471

    I specifically criticized Unicronic and not you others.

    Read his comment and you’ll register that it is full of nonsense. It’s Sony’s fault how EA sets their prices? Because a seller can chose the price he demands, a customer should do so too? Ahem, sure.

    To answer your question: You aren’t forced to buy online. You can purchase your game retail. You can purchase it later when the prices drop or during a sale. Heck, you can even switch territories and buy elsewhere. Or you might chose to buy a similar product from one of EA’s competitors. Are those enough alternatives and alternative markets for you?

    So yes, EA’s pricing is ridiculous, no need to debate that. But the complains about Sony are more or less bulls…

  • @Voodoo341:
    Yeah, don’t know why UbiSoft is joining the rip-off bandwagon now. Don’t know why SCEE agreed with these prices. I mean Steam on the other hand declined the high prices. Typical SCEE is typical.

  • Hey, fred!

    how are overall sales compared to before your shambolic, advertising-focused new store went up?

    *snicker* ;)

  • @supersmith2500

    Loool. Steam did what? Okay, I want to see where you got that from. Come on, show me when and where Steam shall have refused a publisher the price that they demanded. Make my day.

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