Dyad races onto European PS3s this Wednesday!

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Dyad races onto European PS3s this Wednesday!


Hello my European friends, Shawn McGrath, creator of Dyad, here.

My sincerest apologies for the long delay in getting Dyad to your lovely continent. I was completely unprepared for the extra work required to get the game out, but it’s all done now and is coming out this Wednesday, the 7th.


I appreciate everyone that’s been patiently waiting for it and to thank you I’m launching Dyad at a 30% discount: €9.99 and an additional 20% off for PlayStation Plus members for two weeks. I hope the wait was worth it =)

For those who don’t know what Dyad is, it’s a game I made mostly by myself with the help of a musician, David Kanaga. It’s an abstract tunnel racing puzzle game, (weird, I know), that’s been getting some fantastic reviews:


My friend Tim Rogers of Actionbutton Entertainment made a sarcastic ad for Dyad’s North American launch that still makes me laugh:

If you have any questions I’ll be hanging around the blog to answer them so post below! Thanks for your patience and understanding with the delay! I learned a lot and won’t make that mistake again.


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2 Author Replies

  • What about the PS+ instant game collection for PSVita update? The USA blog said on their update yesterday that info on this would be ‘VERY SOON’ with adding their current PS+ article. This is pointing towards an announcement today.

    How about PS+ Europe?

  • this game looks pokey, cant wait to have a go :)

  • Loved the demo on the american store, been waiting for this reminds me a bit of wipeout which ive been playing quite a bit recently on ps3 and vita. Ps plus discount aswell, day one purchase guaranteed!

  • @TheMART: Expect it next friday, that seems to be the new “PS Plus news” day.. Plus, this post is really not about PS Plus Vita, is it?

    Great to hear this has finally made it across the big pond. Now I can finally help Shawn out to get his kid though college (he’s expecting..) :-)
    Shawn, I hope you get all the support and downloads you as an indie developer rightfully deserve!

  • I would really love to know what this “extra work” entails, since it often seems to be at the heart of all the awful delays for european PSN users.
    It’s great to know that you learned a lot in the process, but what did SCEE learn to make it better for future releases and other developers?
    I’m still psyched for the game, btw.

  • I cant wait, we’ve been waiting long enough!

  • Now that you’ve achieved this, what is your stance on making on making a PSVITA port? I’d like to be trippin’ balls on the go.

  • Awesome news.

    So €9.99 is the 30% discounted price? Which would make it around €13.99 regularly, and €6.99 for Plus? Are the UK prices the same (matched €s for £s)?)

  • No worries, McGrath. Already bought it on the US store. :) But props on making the effort to get the game transferred, quant by quant, through the intertubes, and over to the old semi-digital world of SCEE.

    Great game, by the way.

  • Ohhh

    this is a very interesting title and the advert was funny yes :)

    are you planning a Dyad 2? maybe even Vita

    If so can we have more subliminal messaging, telling husbands and boyfriends to blindly go out and buy us more shoes pls :P

    Good luck with the launch Shawn, it looks lots of fun huh

  • @ Chrisboers

    You mean this coming Friday I guess then. Ah well. USA Blog says ‘very soon’ to me that seems almost at the same day, where soon could be days. Anyways, just excited to see what is up for my PSVita in PS+

    This Dyad Races looks kinda psychedelic gives me a feeling of the good old REZ on Dreamcast, or more recently REZ’s unofficial sequel in the form of Child of Eden…

  • Finally!!
    Can’t wait :)

  • Is it coming out on the Aus/NZ PSN stores? I’ll just assume it isn’t, as that seems to be the standard policy for PSN games nowadays (see: Derrick the Deathfin, Retro City Rampage and a ton of other games, usually the ones I want). SCEE sure does a great job of making me want to go with Microsoft or Nintendo next gen.

  • Any chance of the UK price please?

  • All your efforts are greatly appreciated Mr McGrath. You’ve single-handedly managed to make the US to EU transfer quicker than some of the world’s biggest publishers. :P

    I played the demo on the US store and it was a lot of fun. If I wasn’t smack bam in the middle of university ‘essay season’ I’d definitely be picking it up, I can wait until December though! ;)

  • At least this will be something that the moaners can cross off their list ;)

    Personally I didn’t enjoy it but i’m glad it has finally been released for the people that do/will!

    Nice one on the discount too!

  • The Tim Rogers ad made me laugh, too. “Could be the Large Hadron Collider. Could be a urethra.” :D

    A couple of people in the comments above have mentioned a demo. Is that something we’ll see on the EU store tomorrow?

  • Are you allowed to mention what extra work was required for the EU version?

    It’s seems like quite a long delay for localization of a relatively dialogue-free game, so were there other things that required alteration?

  • So the UK price would be……?

    This game had slipped under my radar and hearing that it’s been out for sometime in the US does not surprise me.

    The PSN delays of titles like Super Puzzle Fighter II HD, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Trine 2 amongst others plus the recent Retro City Rampage….
    Just show how the whole EU Submission process is not better, in fact worse than ever.

    So I am pleased you have managed to get this game out, it looks awesome and I love the trailer, with a double discount (hopefully translating into a nice £UK price) means I’ll pick this one up.

  • Oh… forgot to +1 a Vita version at some point?

    (cross buy for those that pick up the PS3 version too if thats not to cheeky?)!

  • There’s going to be an article in Edge Online hopefully tomorrow or Thursday where I talk about what took so long. Basically I had no idea how much work was involved and released in North America assuming I could release in EU the same week or the week after.

  • How did I ever miss news of this game. Totally off my radar. I’ll pick this up for sure.

    @Fred, if you read. You’re doing a great job etc, but “coming soon…” is all EU fans of PS have heard for many months. They’re just about the most hated words in existence right now haha. Today, tomorrow, next week – all much better words than “coming soon”. Just saying.

    Back on topic; any PS Vita version planned?

    • I’ve been busy with the EU PS3 version and haven’t even looked at the Vita yet. I’ll probably start on that next week… but no promises if it’ll ever come out. If it does, it will be free if you bought it on PS3.

  • 3 months late that is. -_-

    This is why SCEE’s QA is real slow.

  • Shawn, thanks for the heads up about Edge Online. It will be an interesing read, and might finally shed some light on the SCEE internal processes for getting a game on the Store. Maybe that will quiet some people over here, shouting Sony is doing a bad job (which I don’t think they do)

  • It didn’t ‘race on the EU PS3’s’ more of disappeared into the black hole that is SCEE’s QA department before having it’s price inflated to a rip off and pushed out again.

  • lovely news at last ;)
    Happy happy , joy joy .

  • Not even been near my radar [CENSORED].
    Loved the video, will be adding Dyad to my collection ;o)

  • *cross off 1 of my moaning list*

    1 down loads to go, anyhow it look great but i can wait longer to get it not because it crap & not because it very Late incoming.

    as for plus vita morgan said very soon, is next friday very soon? no it not. :)

    it be this week the infor next week a firmware update for Vita.

  • @28 Its a pity you gonna miss out on an awesome game over something that overall is pointless and silly, but its of course you choice.

    On Topic, this is a game that ive been watching since it released on the US store and cant wait to play it. Will need to prepare myself for the famous difficult trophies ive heard about

  • This looks fantastic and glad to see it made its way to EU but honestly I only game on my vita these days, will probably wait for word on that before picking it up as it won’t get much playtime on my ps3.. hoping it does very well here though, might buy a copy just for the support, wonder what the UK price is, I heard there was going to be a discounted price..

  • Happy days, can not wait to melt my face playing it. :)
    Thanks for the discount.

  • Good to hear some replies on this blog from the creator and even more interesting to hear that there’s an interview concerning it’s SCEE delays etc.

    A certain day 1 purchase for me.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for a Vita version down the line too.

  • GREAT!!! Now Closure as well. As for CS-GO, Retro City Ramage I know they are comin, But with Dyad I had the feeling it would never come out here. So now I have hope for Closure to come over as well.

  • This is such great news. Im pleased its released here at all, regardless of the timescale.
    I’m looking forward to reading the edge online article tomorrow about why its taken so long, I guess it’s the languages etc.. But Sony have got to get this sorted out or the platform is going to be marginalised by more convenient and portable platforms with lots of updated titles and support like IPads and iPhones and that’d be a great shame.

  • lol , in other blog some time ago
    them ask puting price on game not esy
    what price on which game = not 9 € on ith = i skip

    5 € jes
    also in other bog them say ZooZooGo gone lounch
    but stil not out, stil gone be released in europe price 3.29 = spot on

    i see games like Dyad as mini games = max 5€ + good entertainment untile big games like pantasy star online 2- ragnorak : odesy -gta -gt ( also try u best to get mh3p hd to europe on ps3/vita ore new mh game )

  • Right now, all I can feel is utter joy that this is finally happening… and tomorrow no less. My interest was certainly piqued when I was told on the blog last week there would be an update ‘soon’.

    Shawn: it sounds like it’s been quite a trip getting the EU version sorted so I can only say I’m grateful, hope we don’t let you down in terms of support. Thanks so much for putting all the labours and passion you have into this. Such fantastic concept and execution it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight.

    And I’ll be even more pleased once I get to play it properly.

    So happy to be able to support this on day one of release, and the plus discount is an added bonus.

    Look forward to hearing about your experience on this, even if it has been a challenge.

  • edit = on vita 3.29 wil 9/10 be 4 € stil not problem

    ps vita = strugling very hard i only can give u advice like hardcore gamer .only you decide when price goes down, I know only too well that your handheld just needd to be 199.99€ must have a 16 gb
    if you want to promote the downloading + korektere prices.
    ac3 vita in shop = € 36.90 in psn store = € 44.99 = hahahahaha

    + A world psn store with corecte price policy

  • Whats the Australian price? Note to mods, i’m more likely to buy stuff on PSN if you actually tell us the Aussie price on this blog..

  • Looks like the GBP price is on the store, though not officially (found it listed in a random search/game category). I can see it listed at £7.99 discounted to £6.39 for Plus users.

    Still doesn’t seem to be available for download… counting the minutes to the refresh.

  • Just read the Edge interview. Interesting to see why the game got delayed, and I suspect the same thing has happened to RCR, with the languages breaking everything in unexpected and annoying ways.


  • “Dyad races onto the store……..”

    Overstatement or what!!!!! Lol.

  • Weird, but I’m going to use that video in my philosophy class on perception and epistemology!

  • I’m getting a “this content cannot be selected at this time” message on the PlayStation Store. What gives?

  • jfedor: I’m getting the same. I think it has something to do with the PSN+ attatched. Doesn’t look like regular PSN users can get it… yet. But it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s a PSN+ only first?

  • I have same problem :( Nothing to do with +
    Same problem was last time with lpbpsvita. We need to wait unfortunately :( I was waiting for this game and when i read its finally coming to eu i was so happy. Today i was looking forward to get finally home from job and buy it but …. :( hopefully it will be sorted soon cos i wanna play it tonight ;) Those psn updates are …… :( and new store look …. :( some1 wanted to get look from xbox but why at least they should give us option to choose but …… Slowly i getting into it but why we dont have oportunity to choose :(

  • Damn, so nothing to do with +. How long did it take for lbp vita to resolve?

  • Really sad to see the developers do not care about releasing there game in Australia. They are so stuck up they do not answer emails or twitter messages. They do not deserve support.

  • After many months of follwing the development of this and then the wait for an EU release whilst looking over the Atlantic with envious eyes, I finally got to by this on release day.

    And I wasn’t disappointed.
    Thank you for persisting and ensuring such a great and unique game was brought to the EU shores.

    I can see many an hour lost on this game… even more so if there is a Vita release or remote play, at least :)

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