PlayStation Plus Your November Content

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PlayStation Plus Your November Content

With the winter nights starting to roll in surely there is no better way to lift the gloom than spending some time with your PS3 and some great new content for the month. I hope that you’ll agree that we have tried to include something for everyone including a blockbuster title from EA, an extremely addictive fast paced puzzle game and a wonderful platformer from our friends at Insomniac Games.


Firstly, as I’m sure you are aware, we got a little excited and announced back on October 26th that we were bringing Crysis 2 to Plus as of November 7th. Crysis 2 is visually stunning and has a gripping storyline so make sure you check it out! For more details make sure you check out the previous blog……….CRYSIS 2!!

Also releasing on November 7th we have Ratchet and Clank All 4 One. For the first time this action / platformer game allows players to play as Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, or even Dr. Nefarious in co-op gameplay. In four-player story quests, you must work together, using each character’s unique skills as well as sharing weapons between players, in order to solve puzzles and eliminate the opposition.


Finally, releasing on the same day we have the extremely addictive Cubixx HD. This fast paced puzzle game has 50 arcade levels to work through along with 50 challenges to test your skills! If that isn’t quite for you, you can take on the world with 150 online leader boards available or join forces with your friends in the seven-player co-op mode. But if you’re feeling in a destructive mood just destroy each other in the seven-player death match!

Make sure you give this a go as I’m sure you will agree that this simple, fun, extremely addictive game is a must play for anyone who loves a challenging puzzle.


For your Plus subscription you’ll get access to all this in addition to the other great titles already available through your Instant Game Collection such as Bulletstorm and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, so make sure you download them while you can!

In addition to all these fantastic games we will be bringing you some great discounts on full games and DLC as the month progresses so keep your eyes peeled on the weekly store blog for all the details.

Below is a list of what will be removed from the Instant Games Collection this month:

  • November 7th – Just Cause 2
  • November 7th – Borderlands

Finally, without trying to give too much away we have lined up a critically acclaimed AAA action-adventure title for your December headline game that we are extremely excited about. We hope that you will absolutely love it so make sure you keep watching the blog for our announcement. But before all that, make sure you take the time to enjoy your new November content.

See you back here next month for more content updates but watch out over the coming weeks for the eagerly anticipated details of the VITA Plus service!

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23 Author Replies

  • Nice looking update! Keep it up!

    *wait impatiently for PS+ Vita news*

  • Thank YOU! Not for Crysis 2 (I’m sure many other people will enjoy that though) but for finally making R&C All 4 One free for Plus. Ok so it’s a bit late enough that most of my US friends I wanted to play it with and finished it and moved on but thanks all the same. I held off buying it in the hope it would become a Plus freebie here too. I shall enjoy it.

  • Hi chris! Good work this month!
    But when we receive news on the content for psvita?

    • Hey!

      Glad you like the update and the look of the November content.

      Look out next week for some news on the PlayStation VITA plus service :)

  • Great news, but I can’t wait to November Vita lineup! Does Uncharted 3 comming to PlayStation Plus in december? Could be, that make sense ;)

  • PSVita news please? Will there be a new Firmware Update for Vita to accommodate the new separate 1gb of cloud storage for Vita games right before Plus rolls out for it?

    • leave it with me and I will try to make sure that all the information that you could ever possibly need will be included next week!

  • great update.

    Keeps getting better and better.

    Very happy with the plus service.

    congrats. Keep it up!!!

  • Why is there no discount on games like unfinished swam and killzone hd? They’re your own games so it shouldn’t have been hard to negotiate. Just makes PS+ look like a bargain bucket rip off for old or average games.

  • I hope one of those “great discounts” is the Portal 2 In Motion dlc, big 30% discount in the US next week (and 30% off Portal 2 too).
    Reluctant to buy anything on Vita with the plus service constantly being dangled in front of us, hope you guys announce that stuff asap.
    R&C being free makes sense with Q Force out at the end of the month, hope it creates more interest in that game.

    • We are always trying to negotiate great plus discounts for you guys with the publishers and we will let you know when we have secured anything

  • Cant wait for Vita news!!!!

  • Hm, I consider All 4 One to be the weakest R&C title, ever. But hey, at least it’s not a game that I already have. Wish I could say that it wasn’t a shooter too, but it is. :P

    Oh and SCEE people, did you see the american store? They have a category that summarizes all new content of a week and lets you filter it. We want that too!

  • @andrewsqual I would think that there will be a vita update for plus, as features such as the auto sync and the sloud storage would need to be added :)

    need to grab just cause 2 before the 7th, and borderlands….. also looking forward for details on playstation plus on vita :)

  • Hm, I consider All 4 One to be the weakest R&C title, ever. But hey, at least it’s not a game that I already have.

    How can YOU consider it a weak title if YOU don’t own it?

  • What a Update!! Best month so far? And there is more to come!! Can not wait!

  • Brilliant update, absolutely brilliant. All 4 One has been highly requested ever since it became available to NA Plus members. Crysis 2 is a beaut of a game (I should know, I’ve already completed it), and while Cubixx doesn’t appeal to me, it looks like a lot of fun, thanks Chris !

  • Cannot complain at a ‘lil R&C :D

    Crysis 2 is a beast so that’s good.

    And another addictive puzzle game. They ruin my life!!

    Got the feeling it’s Uncharted for December. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest! Can’t wait to find out what us Vita owners are getting…although AC:Liberation is keeping me going!

  • @ Brodiesan
    I don’t know, perhaps because I played the beta?

    Oh, and I’m not dumb so I can also get an impression about the quality by watching videos and reading reviews as well!


  • awesome stuff, keep it up. Though please please please could we have an update as to when Retro City Rampage will be released?

  • Retro City Rampage a launch IGC for Vita maybe? ;)

  • wonder what the title in december is U1,U2,U3? Portal 2?

  • disappointing month for me but good for those who haven’t played Crysis 2 or Ratchet and clank all 4 one.

    How about giving us some hints on next month?

    Would have been nicer having this months content in December instead. Would be busy playing AC3 by then. For now I guess for this month i’ll just continue to play medal of honor warfighter.

  • Wow, two excellent full games this month and a nice PSN game, aswell as Vita PS+? Oh PlayStation you spoil me! Seriously though thanks guys, I’ll also be keeping my eye on Lord Ross’ twitter to see if he drops any cheeky hints towards Decembers big game (although I suspect it’s Uncharted 3 what with the anniversary and all the DLC it has(even though I own it, it would be cool to have on HDD, but maybe it’s not (stop rambling(ok))))


    Thanks guys! Love the work you do! ^^

    • Glad you are enjoying the content, unfortunately Ross has actually left the Sony family but we will try to keep you guys as up to date as we can :)

  • Is RC All 4 1 only for the move controller? Or can it be played with dualshock 3? thanks!

  • I have had my eye on Cubixx HD for a long time, ever since I played the demo, when it first came out. Nice to see it appear on PS Plus!
    I hope R&C will play well in SP, as I hardly ever play MP anyway.
    Well, Crysis 2, we already knew.
    All in all, a good set of games, that will get me through the month. Let’s hope the PS Vita arrives soon! “eagerly anticipated details of the VITA Plus service” is an understatement :-)
    One question: What happened with the ‘Sony Presents’ games Big Sky Infinity and Knytt Underground, which were supposed to come to PS Plus this year? (I know, the year is not done yet..)

    All in all, great update!

    • We are still utilising the Playstation Presents option and working with our teams to uncover some great new games.

      We may have one of those titles lined up for later in the month ;)

  • Ratchet & Clank All 4 One is the only game there I don’t already own, and that’s because I heard it was rubbish… but as I love R&C I’ll give it a go, for free!

    HOWEVER… last night I kept getting the PS Store crash on me every time I went to find my Plus content. Which, by the way, is no longer as prominent as it should be – it should ALWAYS be at the top level. Whoever redesigned this store needs firing and FAST. It’s TERRIBLE now. – No remote play is ridiculous – has Sony forgotten about Vita already?
    – The new search function is AWFUL, and slow. Let me use my keyboard, either the on-screen one (which I am very fast with), or my USB one, or the Wireless Keypad that Sony has also forgotten about.
    – Splitting out the “Latest” section into games & DLC is awful. Where are the themes? Where’s PS Access? Don’t make me search for them.
    – Furthermore the massive icons are ridiculous. I liked seeing “at a glance” ALL the new content, with only minimal scrolling. Now you have to wade through screens and screens of huge icons…

    BRING BACK THE OLD STORE PLEASE. This one is atrocious.

  • Awesome month, All just excellent games, only one I do not have is Crysis 2, I could highly recommend cubixx and all 4 one, the are both excellen.. But as most others, I’m anticipiating the vita+ update and wondering how it will turn out later this month!. I suppose the planned v2.0 Fw will be released at the same time Vita+ goes live?

  • Im sick of games getting put on that i already have!! And nearly all the games are old…

  • Not a great month for me, I have cubixx but might give crysis a shot. Shame it isnt one of the non-co-op based ratchet games that would have been great. Fingers crossed the AAA action game in December isn’t something incredibly popular like an Uncharted game that most people already own.

    Out of interest is Playstation Plus Presents still a thing? When the revamped PS+ was announced it sounded like it would be a regular way to showcase interesting indie games but so far it has only been retro/grade (which was fantastic). I’d really like to see some more from this.

    • Yep PlayStation Plus presents still exists it’s just a little difficult to be able to put exact timelines on titles. We have a couple of titles lined up over the next few months so look out for an update

  • Well that’s a really great collection of games for me. Well done to everyone involved.

  • @johnnyquicknives
    Machinarium was also one of those PPP titles I think. I also expected those PPP titles to be Playstation exclusives as Retro/Gread, but it seems that isn’t (always) the case.

  • @GUDGER666
    I agree. Always stuff we already have. But their not likely going to put something new on. Going to need to stop buying and wait to see if it comes on plus. If it never does then can buy them and by then it will be real cheap

  • OOH! I think I just guessed two games of the IGC lineup for Vita: Big Sky Infinity and Knytt Underground, which are both PS3 + vita games, with cross-platform saves :-)

  • @22
    You can play it with a Dual-shock 3 controller. (You can’t play it with a move controller)

  • Yay! Rachet and Clank a game I don’t have finally!!

  • ill give ratchet and clank a go as i have never tryed, i did not enjoy crysis so ill prob leave that.

    im gonna throw a curve ball out there for next months game and im thinking batman ac partly because its on the store and i dont think uc3 is and i really dont think they would give us a title as old and as well sold as uncharted 2.(but i could be wrong lol)

  • hi chris, when you listed the games in the Halloween sale on the 24 oct it said it would be until the 7 November but dead island is £19.99 on the store not the £11.99 (+ 10% ps+ discount) stated in the blog post.

    • Hi SpinalXTX

      I have raised this with our operations team who will get it updated to the correct price. It may take a few hours to come through though, sorry about that!

    • Hi SpinalXTX,

      Apologies, I have just checked this pricing again and I’m afraid that we only had this as a discount for one week which is why it has reverted back to it’s full price. Sorry we should have mentioned that on the blog

  • Awesome month yet again!!

    Really hope December game is not a Uncharted game :(. Most people already have does games!!!

  • Interesting stuff but I need VITA news!

  • *sigh*

    another FPS game, bored of seeing these games now

    Some better games would be

    Uncharted 1 or 2
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Lego games
    The Saboteur
    Transformers War for Cybertron
    Heavy Rain

    Just something other than FPS games please

  • I new youd push the vita service to the back end of the month, if you even get it out this month. Still pretty disappointed with the titles, would love a good RPG. If the December title is uncharted then everyone already has it

  • The December game will be God of War 3. Calling it.

  • You said “watch out over the coming weeks for the eagerly anticipated details of the VITA Plus service”.

    I thought you said the VITA Plus service would start in November?

    Is this still going to happen?

  • Good choice for games this month BTW.

    Very happy.

  • #42: Next weeks are within the month of November. They already said it wouldn’t be right at the start of the month.

  • Thanks for another great PS+ month! When the IGC was first announced, the one game I was most jealous of the US having over us, was Ratchet & Clank, but I also held hope that it’d come our way and sure enough, it did. :) Crysis 2 is fantastic, I’ve already gone through it a couple of times, but I’ll be happy to see the online more active through November. As for Cubixx, it’s not my sort of game but I’ll be busy enough with R&C, along with my Halloween sale purchases.

    And I’m loving the content at the start of the month! Please continue where possible.

  • R&C all 4 one is a great game how can someone say its crap wen they dnt even own it BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

  • Hey Chris,
    Nice update. I am looking forward to being a plus member after vita support is announced. But I am getting torn between buying most wanted on vita or waiting for vita plus details:)
    Just some suggestions, I hope vita IGC contains atleast as many games as ps3 so vita only users can justify the price of plus. I also hope ps3 igc games can be added to download list via vita so that users like me aren’t missing out on major portions on plus.
    Cheers !

  • Access to the PS3 store through the Vita would be very handy, for sure. Especially if you’re going on holiday with your Vita and leaving your PS3 at home but don’t want to miss out on any of the Plus content.

  • Hey Chris!

    Nice Update! Crysis is awsome game, i don´t play Crysis 2 already, so… i am realy tuned!

    For other side… as everyone say… here is lots of Shooters games, what about some RPG´s???

    Second question – SingStar icon…. is it realy necessary? We want option to delete it!

    • We are always listening to your ideas for the content that you would like so please feel free to post here and we will see what we can do

  • What ever happened to the free PSone game(s) per month?

    About the new store, it looks great but it’s not easy to find things, Like why doesn’t What’s New take you to a screen with all the weeks releases?

    Why have a banner that takes up 1/4 of the screen to tell you what menu you’re in? I clicked it I think I know where I am

    Why zoom so far in making it so there’s only 3 lines(2 if there’s a banner)?

  • Where should we go to make requests for PSN releases?

    I’d love to see Fantavision compatible with the VITA

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