Crysis 2 lands on PlayStation Plus in November!

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Crysis 2 lands on PlayStation Plus in November!

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Hi everyone! We here at Sony Computer Entertainment are very excited to announce that the headline title for the PlayStation Plus service from 7th November is… Crysis 2!

Originally released in March 2011, the second installment in the multi award-winning Crysis series is a visually stunning, high-concept FPS with a gripping storyline written by sci-fi veteran Richard Morgan.

Set in the year 2023, three years after the events of Crysis, you’ll find yourself in control of a Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz”, who gains ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0 from Army Delta Force officer Laurence “Prophet” Barnes, who many of you will remember from Crysis.


The violent alien race from the original game has returned, with a full invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind. In New York, the invaders stalk the streets and a nightmare plague strikes down the city’s inhabitants. The city’s infrastructure is in ruins, while its streets and skyline are smashed and in flaming ruin. This is New York City like you’ve never seen it before.


Neither law enforcement nor the might of the US military machine can stand against the invaders, and all who choose not to flee are dead men walking. One supersoldier, wielding the combat enhancement technology of the future with Nanosuit 2, will make the last stand to save humanity from destruction in the urban jungle that is New York City.

Newcomers to the series are in for a treat – this is one of the smartest, most exciting shooters of the past few years. “It’s challenging, facilitates and then demands the use of tactics, and is more generous in scale than almost any other first-person shooter of the past few years,” said Eurogamer, while IGN judged it “a beautiful, engrossing experience.”


We are extremely excited to bring this title to PlayStation Plus for our subscribers. If you’re not currently a member, visit the Plus page on for everything you need to know about the Instant Game Collection, which gives members access to at least 10 games at any one time and over 45 games across the course of a 12 month subscription. That’s for a one-off annual payment of just £39.99.

And Crysis 2 is but the tip of the iceberg. Look out for more details of the rest of the November Plus content very soon, including details of the service’s impending expansion to PS Vita. We’ve got some fantastic titles coming your way!

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9 Author Replies

  • Nice! While I’m not really a FPS gamer, this is really a great game to have on my game list. Hopefully I won’t become too car-sick while playing this one!
    (Sooo much looking forward to the PS Plus Vita news…)

  • I got given a code for crysis 2 on 360 by a gamestation manager because of poor customer service. It seems its just one of those games you have to give away.

  • Disliked the first one greatly, but can’t complain for free. I’ll give it a go, anyway

  • perfect choice bravo! pretty-new-fps-shooter

  • Looking good. Some great games you have brought us lately :-)

  • Oh great. Another FPS…

    Although Bulletstorm was surprisingly fun and became the first FPS since the Timesplitters games on PS2 to actually entertain me somewhat.

    This one though I’ve already tried and really not my thing. Fine for those who like it but I’m hoping the other Plus games are very different.

  • Fantastic!

    What will the file size be please?

    I owned this upon it’s initial release & i’m pleased it’s within our IGC :)

  • Nice one Chris! Good to see your keeping up the high standard of games we have been receiving. Can’t wait for vita plus next month as well. Any chance you could look into getting either a walking dead discount or some free episodes like the US got a few months ago? Thanks again!

    • We will always try to provide the best content that we can :)

      Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into them and see what we can do

  • WOW great !
    but when we going to see VITA titles ?

  • @ Carnivius_Prime

    It was mentioned yesterday that 1 out of the 3 titles would be a FPS. At least the other 2 titles will add some different genres into the mix for a change!

  • @9 Read the last part of the post

  • Nice. This one was on my ever-growing list of titles to eventually pick up. I have rated this post 5 stars. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Good job.

  • Nice. Will look forward to this, perhaps as a break from AC3 sessions. Any idea when we’ll hear more about the Vita Plus service?

  • Another FPS, another game I owned, and another game I disliked. Kind of regretting getting PS+ so far. Hopefully the Vita gets some good stuff soon though.

  • tis a good game i wouldn’t mind playing it again.

  • ps would also love assassins creed revelations to join the instant game collection at some point :D

  • Another shooter ALSO from EA as November’s GOTM. So that’s two games EA had with Dead Space 2 back in August. I’ll pass, I already got 2 EA games anyways.

  • Didn’t Fred himself say the other day that November WOULDN’T be giving us shooters?
    I’d like to see some fun little titles added on here, Like R&C all 4 one or Modnation racers or something.
    I’m not really complaining about this, Crysis 2 is one of those games iv’e eyed up for a while but never bought, But i’d really dig some more variety on the PS+, Not just side scrollers and FPS games. Some RPG’s Would be brilliant, Same with some fighting or Racing games too.

    • Umm, I did not say that. I probably said we’ll be bringing you a good mix of titles in Nov, which we will be! Chris will be along shortly to answer questions, where he can.

  • Vita PS+ information in November, like they’ve been saying for the last 2 months

  • Another shooter, please give us variety

    • look out for a further blog post coming your way next week with more information on the November content.

      We have looked to get a little variety so hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised :)

  • Typical! Again another game I already own. How about posting a few months in advance what games are coming to PSN+? Great service for anyone who doesn’t buy games but it punishes those gamers who have bought these games already. Why is there no PS+ discount for Unfinished Swan? I just don’t see the point in spending money on games for the PS3 anymore.

  • I’m a mixed with this…it’s great that we get this, but its just another game that I already have, albeit on the even better PC version. Guess I should be so eager to buy games :P

    But hey, for those that don’t have it, it’s a great addition!

    Any clues as to what we will get later in the month? :)


  • Had a good time with this when I first played it, and I’ll be glad to give it another go. Looking forward to the Vita PSPlus support too! :)

  • Well that’s the FPS announced which was one of the three games for the month. That leaves the other two non-FPS games to go.

    With Knytt Underground and Big Sky Infinity due on Plus before or in December I’d assume maybe one of those is next to be announced. Unless Ross lied to me before he left of course…

  • Oh well, haven’t been lucky with the major Plus releases lately. The only game that I didn’t already own was Bulletstorm and in that case I received the completely crippled & cut german version. Didn’t even bother to play that one yet. :(

  • Already got this on 360.

    I find Crysis as a series is somewhat overated. A decent game and if you like FPS’s and not got it yet, its worth picking up but don’t expect it to be brilliant.

  • @ 22 yer i do semi agree knowing maybe a full month in advance would be helpful.

  • I do somewhat agree that seeing EA-published FPS games is a common sight recently with PS+, but I don’t think that’s inherently a bad thing, I suppose. It allows me to play their games without directly supporting them, something I never want to do again.

    Regardless of it’s publisher, this looks like it’ll be fun, and along with the Vita games, should give me plenty to do in November.

  • So will Saudi Arabia / Middle East ever get Red Dead Redemption or an equivalent stand in to replace their missing September Game of the Month? What’s happening there? Jawad said that it was ‘being sorted out’ but when?

  • @ Voodoo341

    The thing is, it’s always going to punish someone. Last month ‘Hell Yeah’ was new & quite refreshing so hopefully we’ll see a new title released.

    You can’t please everyone in the gaming industry, it’s too diverse!

  • Can we not find out about the Vita love we have been informed is coming in Nov?
    many thanks

  • Maybe next month Assassin’s Creed will take the GOTM. *Shrugs*

  • Yeah, I’m more interested to know what PS Plus for Vita will entail at this point. Heres hoping we find out soon.

  • Nice, so the UK get’s another AA title, while the US has gotten a $1.50 football game and a crap Japanese fighter?. The difference between US and UK Plus is getting ridiculous now.

  • Yay! Had bad luck with the Plus retail titles so far, having already bought most of them, but not this one. So you’re off to a great start in my book Chris!

  • @ 35 you had payday the heist .. we didn’t get that

  • Sorry Fred, you did say at least 2 of the 3 titles won’t be shooters, It’s just getting a little dull though is all, Could we at least get some Exclusive shooters or titles on here? Like Resistance or God of War or something that the PS3 is known for. And more PS+ Discounts would be great too! A week’s early access to unfinished swan isn’t as good as 10-20% off. Looking forward to the other titles announcement though.

  • @Catkiller1

    It would help if they’d publish what games they’re going release a few months in advance so you could see if PS+ was for you. I thought Hell Yeah was poor like quite a few of the free digital games. I liked the 20% discount on new PS Store games but that seems to have disappeared. How about giving a discount on new full price games? Offering free DLC or exclusive levels to new games? There’s plenty they could do to help. PS+ just has a bargain bucket feel to it now not the premium service $ony were touting it as.

    • Hi Voodoo341,

      We are always trying to work with the publishers to get the best content we possibly can for our subscribers and we are trying hard to bring you guys great discounts but we can often be restricted by publisher needs as well

  • @37 You can have my copy, it’s a $15 game that feels like a decent PC mod and is basically online only.

  • And again a headline title I already have but lets see what the other games are. The game is ok and looks wonderful but I didn’t like it. I loved Bulletstorm last month tough.

  • According to my trophy list, I’ve only played 5 Plus games since it switched to the IGC, mainly because I’m just not a fan of shooters. 3 of those 5 were only played for a day or so before I gave up on them too (Double Dragon, Rock of Ages and Borderlands), and the last two I played to completion (Motorstorm Apocalypse and Machinarium). Hell Yeah will be #6 once I find the time for it, but it’s a drastic change from when I used to play every game offered on the old, supposedly inferior Plus.

  • Also, you know what’s funny, we get crap content at the store while the US gets crap games for their IGC. While in the US is the direct opposite. ;P

  • ANOTHER shooter? Really? This is getting ridiculous now, there are other genres besides shooters and people who like to play those other games. Hopefully there will be something else for me and the Vita expansion will offer something good because my subscription lapses at the end of the year and I’m just being disappointed by plus lately.

    • look out for our update next week on the rest of the November content hopefully there will be something for everyone :)

  • @43 I hear that you guys get crap in the store or late content. I love what Sony is doing, don’t get me wrong but why can’t Sony treat our regions the same? They act like we are all from different planets or something, we aren’t that different. It’s not like comparing the US where they mostly like FPS to Japan where Horse Racing is a top seller.

  • Hmm I’ll probably give it a try but not too fussed. I was really hoping Assassins Creed Revelation would have been game of the month to promote it before AC3 comes out; especially after there was no PS+ discount on it :(

    I seem to remember Ross saying he was looking into getting the full walking dead once it was all released so I really hope that happens soon.

  • @ Voodoo341

    You really think the way this blog & store is being run at the moment, that you would have confidence in the information that was given out months in advance??

    I agree 100% with more discounts, as the discounts & CLOUD storage are the only reasons why I wanted PLUS in the first place. To be fair, the titles that have been offered with PLUS have been great, apart from a select few, regardless of the titles being ‘old’ etc, as most of the titles are the more popular ones!

    Yes it’s annoying if you already own the title or have done in the past & not enjoyed it but it’s like a lucky dip!

  • @ 40 you still got it tho. just because you didn’t like it to much. all we got the past 2 weeks was really bad discounts.

    when the ps+ came out the US had way better games. id say its only been in the past 2 months that the EU has started to get some decent stuff.

    personally i cant understand why the PSN store isn’t 1 unit instead of broken up to regions where many many diff problems stop a game coming out … CO:GO … i have a feeling the content will yoyo between good and bad stuff between the regions.


    Now, how about making the Assassin’s Creed Lost Archive available in the reduced price?

  • Plus for Vita sounds better than Crysis 2 :p

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