Get ready for SingStar on the XMB!

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Get ready for SingStar on the XMB!

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I promised you exciting news, so here it is! SingStar, the ultimate competitive singing game for PlayStation 3, will now be available to everyone in SCE Europe territories (as well as Australia and New Zealand) as a free download straight from the XMB.

Yes, that’s right, no more need to slot in a disc to get that party started. Simply install SingStar from the XMB and you will be able to start singing in no time, share your performances with the community and visit the SingStore to get hold of more great tracks for your collection.

I’ve listed all the great things about SingStar on the XMB for you below but I am most excited about the fact that you can now play SingStar with your PlayStation Eye camera. We have spent many an afternoon testing this in the office and are pretty pleased with it so please let us know what you think! This will only work for single player mode, so if you’re gearing up for a serious SingStar battle, you’ll obviously still need to plug in some mics.

If you’re brand new to SingStar and have never bought a song from the SingStore before, there are also some short demo songs available for you to download and try out.

SingStar on the XMB:

  • The SingStar game client is FREE, no disc required!
  • Sing with PS Eye
  • Compatible with SingStar microphones, official PlayStation Wireless headsets and common USB microphones
  • Short demo songs available for download for new SingStore customers
  • Easy access PS2 and PS3 disc swap from song carousel
  • Use PSP or PS Vita to create playlists with SingStar Remote
  • Instantly share your performances with the SingStar community and your friends on Facebook
  • Acquire new trophies

SingStar will be added to the XMB very soon. Follow us on Twitter @SingStarHQ and keep your eyes peeled on for more news and a confirmed release date.

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58 Author Replies

  • Wait, so SCEE adding forcibly adding another icon to my XMB which I will never use? Are you sending out the required microphone FOC to everyone?

    Awesome for Singstar users, a bit crap for everyone else.

    • Well, have you read the post above? You don’t even need microphones, so why don’t you give it a try? You might even like it!

  • Will we get the option to NOT have this on the XMB? Will there be any songs included except for the few ‘short demo songs’? And if I might have some discs lying around, will I be able to load them on the PS3 HDD, so I don’t need the disc anymore?

    Questions, questions…

    • Answers, answers… :)

      There will be demo songs for new people to try the game out and yes, all your disc songs will still work and no, you won’t be able to load your disc songs onto the HDD.

  • I’ve got volume 2 and about 50 songs that I’ve bought. If I use the xmb version;

    1) Will the songs that I’ve already bought still work?
    2) I assume the 20+ songs on the disk that I have won’t work, or can they be imported?


  • What a shame, I was expecting exciting news.

  • like others if u not need icon on u ps3
    i need icoon patch = like ps store = app
    give us app to singstar
    app to home
    app to u tube on ps3
    if u not buy free ap in store = not chowing up !

    i not need home ore singstar on mi xmb menu
    i need 1 = u tube app on ps3
    2 = video renting app

  • I assume we can choose whether or not we download the app right?

  • Yeah, finally we can play Singstar without always putting in discs. Is there any news maybe if some new disc will be released?

    And I had to remind you of the problem with the playing. I haven’t tried it again now.

  • online battle playing*

  • Cool.

    I bought some songs a while back, and then my PS3 monolith gave up the ghost. Now the songs won’t work on my new PS3. How can I get them redownloaded and working on my new PS3?

    Thanks. :)

    • All you have to do is call customer services and they will transfer your songs for you. Redownload them and then you’re good to go…

  • You can’t save disc songs to the Hard Drive for obvious reasons, it’s all down to the music industry rules for copying tracks.

    You CAN use all Singstar PS2 and PS3 discs with the XMB version, though, with the disc in the drive and swap them out as you play. You can also use all the previous Singstore purchases with it.

  • @TheVVolf – The songs won’t work straight away. They’re linked to the console you bought them on. However, you can easily phone Sony’s Playstation helpline and ask for all purchases to be moved to the new console. Usually takes 24 hours and then they’ll unlock. Had to do it myself.

  • TheVVolf
    go to u dowload list in u acount ore in store

  • “Well, have you read the post above? You don’t even need microphones, so why don’t you give it a try? You might even like it!”

    What did I miss? Play with the PSEye? That’s a microphone! Headset? That’s a microphone.

    I have neither, don’t need or want either. Why do I want Singstar added to my XMB?

    Why was this made compulsory and not made available as an optional Store Download?

  • 11 = crazy stuf u are abel to put every dlc ore song on 2 consoles whith u id .

    also u need to deactivated u dead console on site belowe !

  • This is an amazing feature. Like pb-live said chrisboers, of course you need the disc. How many of your PS3 games install to the HArd Drive so you can simply throw/give the disc away then? Cop on.
    And to Post #1, well done, read the post next time about not requiring mics.

  • #9: Isn’t that kinda counter-productive with the “Yes, that’s right, no more need to slot in a disc to get that party started.”?
    You still need to slot the disc then. So, only works with downloaded tracks…

    Still underwhelmed.

  • Are the songs still tied to your machine and not your account? That is, do you still have to go through the headache of calling sony and then getting your downloads if your PS3 break. If that’s the case, no one cares, should be tied to your account and a simple deactivate allows you to get your download on another machine.

  • Danlisa
    i tink he saying u can sing whithout need of micro eye toy ore headset
    en enjoy whith u friends

    but also i am against forced entry of symbols ( icoon i not like )

  • Also, I think they posted a very misleading text when they postponed the ‘old’ Singstar game: ‘The complete Singstar experience will be available as a free download’. It’s not complete without songs.

  • u new moderation system = very not funy

    i even very nice system = always your comment is awaiting moderation = stupid

  • I think you always need a microfoon, Nina, otherwise it won’t work.
    They PSeye also has a build in microfoon. ;-)

    What are the demo songs and are it full demo songs or just a part of a song?

    • Obvioulsy the experience will always be better with a microphone but people who don’t have one can always try it out by using the PS Eye to sing into.

      The demo songs are short songs, not full versions.

  • What hasn’t been mention is that downloaded tracks are tied to your PS3 rather than your PSN account. I have loads of downloaded SingStar tracks tied to my fat PS3 I haven’t been able to transfer to my slim.

    I’d be interested to know whether this has changed recently as I purchased a *lot* of them.

  • @MartyGUK and anyone else that needs to transfer their tracks:

    In the UK, call 0844 7360595

    Press the option for PlayStation Network and you will be redirected.

    Explain to the operator that you want to download your Singstar tracks onto a new PS3 as your old one broke. On the phone, I was asked for:

    -my sign in name
    -my sign in email address
    -my date of birth
    -my new playstation 3 serial number

    (taken from Rabidwalker’s thread on the European PS forums)

  • It is well worth getting a PS Eye IMO, the video replay of you making a fool of yourself singing along is priceless, and you can upload them. Forget X-Factor.

  • Thanks pb-live, I’ll give that a go.

  • Hang on, are you seriously telling me that I have to endure having a Sing star icon permanently visible on my XMB?!
    I am dumbfounded and actually can’t believe this has been sanctioned.

    I have absolutely no interest in playing Sing star and, believe me, I never will so I don’t appreciate having it shoved under my nose without an option.

    Can you at least tell me which area of the XMB is about to be soiled, I sincerely hope it’s under music and not interfering with my games list.

    Sorry for the disgruntled tone but I really feel that this is not on. By all means release a client that people can download from the store but it HAS to be optional. I don’t expect to see permanent icons for game franchises I DO like so I most certainly don’t want then for franchises I can’t stand.

    Worst PS3 news I can remember!

  • This is excellent. I’ve never bought Singstar as I don’t know how much use I would get out of it (seems to be mostly a party game and I can’t have much of that where I live) but this way sounds more suited to me. I have to learn to sing for a play I’ve been cast in. This may give me some good practice. I have a PSEye so will use the microphone in that. May purchase a dedicated microphone if I get really into it all.

    Cheers, Singstar peoples. :D

  • Good idea to encourage new Singers to that game. But for those, who already have this game I think it is nothing special. And that just only those who are new get some demo songs supported my opinion that you “ignore” the old Singstar customers. What about Playlists?! Is it so difficult to create an option like that, so that we can sort our music for Singstarpartys?! I am a bit frustrated…

    • Have you got a PSP or PS Vita? You can create Playlists with that. Anyway, there are a few more things that you might like when you have a look around…

  • Hi Nina, will PS2 disks work with the new app on a PS3 that ISN’T a 60gb original model that doesn’t have PS2 compatibility built into it?

    • You can play SingStar PS2 discs on any PS3 already using disc swap, so yes, you can do this with XMB, too. Enjoy!

  • Good idea,never played it before so will try it out.

    I can see a lot of F2P on future PS Hardware.I’m sort of expecting this,Planetside 2,Dust/Eve,DCU all on a next gen interface when I first switch it on.

  • PS2 discs do work on any PS3 for Singstar as it just reads the song data.

  • Great idea. Shame we can’t save our disc songs to hdd.

  • This is great news for me cause I travel with my PS3 and I won’t have to use my mics. Despite the lacking of new songs lately, Singstar is the best karaoke game in the world!!!

  • hey Nina Scherer i never ever ever played singtat but i might give it a go but im not a good singer and very shy :( lol

  • Seeing as you have the cheek to impose your unwanted presence on my XMB, can you at least have the courtesy to answer my question about where the icon will be?

    • Just to be clear, I won’t be on the XMB, that would be a little difficult. SingStar will.

      But, I can answer your question. SingStar will sit under the game category, underneath the PlayStation Store logo. Unless one of your discs is inserted. Then it will be under that.

      With courtesy,


  • Hi Nina,

    Cool news,

    1) how will the Trophies work if we don’t own the disc version?
    2) Are they the same Trophies list as the disc version?

    Oh and lastly do we have a date?

  • Nina, if I wasn’t so annoyed at this that might have been funny ;-)
    Thanks for the answer but I am really irritated by this. I am all for accessibility and reaching people but this icon is intruding on the area I use most and it is insulting not to have the option to hide it.
    While some people will say it is trivial and to just ignore it, I shouldn’t have to. Now something I will NEVER use is right in my face and the things I want are one step further away, making my user experience worse.

    It had better not start playing music whenever the XMB rests on it! It’s going to isn’t it?!

  • Posted on 23 October, 2012 at 4:52 pm by Nina Scherer
    This is not possible due to music content restrictions we have to work with. Boring but true.

    Funny, it is possible on Lips for Xbox 360 and on EA’s Rockband….seems like that’s a Sony issue to be honest.

  • @MikLSP; Two things: Yes, it was really funny.

    You’re also correct thinking people will say it’s trivial although it’s likely to be the majority rather than just ‘some’. Will it really take that much effort for you to press a directional button once to move off it each time? There’s one or two things I’d rather not be on the XMB but all I say is ‘whoop-de-do’.

  • Thanks Nina, I didn’t know that I could have been playing old PS2 disks all this time… DURR!!

    Can I just apologise on behalf of all the decent PS3 users on here that DON’T think the addition of the SS app on the XMB is like someone stealing their freedom..!! Some people just complain for the sake of complaining. I for one appreciate your efforts.

    • Yes, well, you needed at least one PS3 disc until now to disc swap but now you don’t anymore…

      Thank you. I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it. :)

  • @ Project2insanity

    So can I put a traffic cone in your front doorway, it really won’t take much effort to just step round it every day!
    You wouldn’t accept that would you so why is this any different?

    What you fail to understand is the choice. If there are people who like it or don’t mind, fine, but I don’t want it so why do I get no choice?
    Why stop at Sing star, let’s add a franchise link for LBP, KZ, Uncharted, R&C, GoW, EyePet, Wonderbook etc. etc. etc. Will it really take much effort to skip past 35 icons before finding what you want…..

  • i have broke my micro receive so it’s a greaaat news :D

    I have a question btw : if a have the PS Eye + PS Headset can i sing with a friend ?

    • Gooooood!

      The headset would cancel out the other, so you could sing together into the PS Eye as ‘one’ or, if you plug in any comon USB microphones together, you can ‘battle’ that way.

  • I’ve given up wondering why Sony (the second largest music company on the planet) is not able to negotiate sensible permissions for the transfer of songs onto the HDD and between consoles when all their competitors seem to be able to. It seems bizarre that Sony Music Entertainment gives less favourable treatment to Sony Computer Entertainment than they do to Microsoft!

    However one thing which is clearly within the Singstar developers’ gift is the implementation of a feature whereby Singstar has the option to remember which discs the user owns, show all the available songs in the carousel and then ask for the appropriate disk to be inserted as required. This will allow many more options when creating playlists and also more variety in team battles. It should not be mandated, and it should be easy for the user to select which disks can be used in any particular circumstance (for example they may want to limit a team battle to the songs from just 3 discs, and they may want to include or exclude songs bought from the online store).

    Has this simple, much requested feature finally been included?

    If not, is introduction of this feature in your roadmap at all? If not, is there a fundamental reason why not?

    • Here’s the thing. We’re Sony Computer Entertainment, NOT Sony Music. We need to work with them like anyone else. Just because we have the same name doesn’t mean we are the same company.

      You may think this is all ‘simple’ so if you have some code condidering everything we have to when developing stuff, please send it over and we see how that works?

  • So… Sony gave the boot to Folding@Home and replaced it with SingStar.

    Makes sense.

  • I will refuse to download this and buy songs until the songs are tied in with a account. Having it tied to 1 ps3 is the worst thing ever.

  • @MikLSP; Wow, you’re really taking this out of proportion, aren’t you? This is one icon, not 35 and no matter how many ways you put it, it is still only one icon. A traffic cone at my front door is also an extremely poor analogy. The icon is closer to a stone in a garden so I repeat: whoop-de-do.

  • Thinking about DRM,I wonder if there will be a move towards hosting tracks via Gaikai.
    You could sign in anywhere,and stream the content but not download it.

    Also it would open up the possibility of expanding the service onto peoples TV’s.You could own the market,and have a massive user base ready to pay for content.

    A TV option could be a party pack,were the user pay’s £5 and gets access to content for 12 hours or so.Because it’s streaming,it should be easy to set up timed licenses and it’s easy money.

  • Thanks Nina, this might get myself and my wife back into it more.
    Hope SingStar continues this way onto the PS4 too!

  • great news..i was wondering why the singstar viewer had been taken from the store,guess this is why..

    1st off just to be clear you WILL have the option to download the app or all this moaning has been for nothing.secondly not being able to load the discs to your hdd is not a problem..imo this is great news for new and regular singstar users,i say this because youll find that like me and other regular ss users at least 60% of the songs we sing are songs that are downloaded from the store,we really only use the disc to start the game and maybe sing the odd couple of songs from the disc,so for veteren users it will take alot of hassle away..and the new option of using the pseye is brilliant,dont need to keep getting the mics out now..and if we can use a bluetooth headset aswell then that makes it even better.

    some of you guys just moan because you can.
    if they were taking something away from us then fair enough,but moaning because they are giving us something extra IF we want it is just ridiculous imo.

    anyway rant over,keep up the good work ss team,really looking forward to this.

    hope this clears up a few things.

    • To be clear – the icon will be there but you of course have the option of whether to install it.

      Good to hear that you, as a regular player, appreciate what we’re doing with this. There’ll be more to come too, so…

      PS: I appreciate a good rant like this :)

  • Will Dance (from Singstar Dance and songs which have it available on the singstore) be supported by the app?

    Currently if I want to play Singstar Dance with the dance features, I need to ensure that I boot up Singstar with the Singstar Dance disk (disk swapping would only give me access to the songs om the singstar dance disk, not the dance gameplay)

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