Corpse Party: Book of Shadows coming soon to PSP

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows coming soon to PSP

Corpse Party Book of Shadows on PSP

Corpse Party on PSP. What more can you say about it? In my previous PlayStation.Blog entries, I’ve likened it to horror classics such as Clock Tower and Fatal Frame. I’ve talked about how it’s one of the creepiest, most effective horror games I’ve ever played, and how its unique visuals, its 3D binaural audio and its storytelling methods help give it an uncomfortable, unforgettable atmosphere.

And you, fair players… you agreed with me. You played it late at night with headphones on, just as I suggested, and it kept you awake. It haunted your nightmares and made you jump every time your house creaked or your neighbor’s kids smacked the wall… until you realized, wait a minute, I don’t have any neighbors!

And then you were never heard from again… Presumably because you were too busy getting every wrong end in the game, of course. It’s hard to resist the charm of those horrible, horrible deaths, after all! Call it morbid curiosity if you will, but we all know you, like Morishige, get a certain sadistic thrill out of seeing (or, more often, hearing) these characters you’ve come to know and love get killed, slowly, in the most creatively twisted ways imaginable.

Corpse Party Book of Shadows on PSPCorpse Party Book of Shadows on PSP

Today, I’m happy to reveal that its sequel, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, has officially been confirmed for digital release on PSP in North America this winter, with a European release to follow sometime shortly thereafter. So you’d best get familiar with the denizens of Heavenly Host Elementary School now, as they’re going to be coming back full-force in a just a few short months!

…Ah, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I’ve been translating that game for the last couple months, and I have to say, it is one hell of a sequel. It’s divided into eight chapters, each of which tells its own self-contained short story.

Some of them help fill in the blanks of what happened during crucial off-camera scenes from the original game. Others go into the back-story of various characters, helping to flesh them out and make their roles in the series mythos a bit clearer. Still others ask “what if?,” presenting an alternate version of events from the first game in which characters who previously died are kept alive and given a fleeting chance to stay that way.

The game’s wonderfully-titled final chapter, “Blood Drive,” serves as a true sequel, focusing on two of the first game’s survivors as they venture somewhere even deadlier than Heavenly Host Elementary School in order to dig up some answers.

The whole game is presented in a first-person point-and-click adventure game style, and is much heavier on dialogue-driven cutscenes than its predecessor (even venturing into visual novel territory at times). The spooky atmosphere is as thick as ever, though, and the gameplay is aided by fast-forward and message log features, as well as the ability to open the menu and save at absolutely any time (even during cutscenes).

Corpse Party Book of Shadows on PSPCorpse Party Book of Shadows on PSP

Fans of the first game are virtually guaranteed to love Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and fans of survival horror and horror fiction in general (especially Japanese horror) who haven’t already given this series a try are strongly encouraged to do so, since it really is among the best at what it does.

Specific information on pricing and release timing will be available in the coming months… and in the meantime, that first Corpse Party is calling your name, quietly and mournfully, in the voice of a child. A dead child. And how can you possibly ignore the voice of a dead child? How, indeed…

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  • It’s nice to see the PSP still getting some love. I noticed you didn’t mention Vita once, but I assume this will be Vita compatible from launch?

    Also, you might be careful with statements like “a European release to follow sometime shortly thereafter”. We’ve heard that line before, only to never hear from those games ever again.

    That said, I’ll gladly get this on my Vita (or PSP, if the Vita is excluded), and take it up to the bedroom when it’s sleepy-time (only to be still awake hours later, I’m sure!)

  • Why would they want to give this sequel the same subtitle as the megaflop sequel to The Blair Witch Project? Weird.

    Loved the original game. Another great release for the PSP – still getting better games that the Vita! ;-)

  • Absolutely brilliant news. LOVED the first one, absolutely amazing. Hope this one is just as good.

    It has to be Vita compatible for me to buy it though. So hopefully you’ll make sure it’s Vita compatible on day one :)

  • Any news on Ragnarok Odyssey european release?

  • Great news! Hopefully it won’t get overpriced in Australia. The only PSP games I’ve bought have been on sale and slashed dramatically. Here’s hoping the IT and Electronics inquiry goes somewhere.

  • @RobbyAddy: It won’t be released in Australia. XSEED never release their games on the Aus/NZ PSN. We’re apparently not worth bothering with.

  • Great news! I will be on the XSeed forums to shower you with more praise! :)

  • Been waiting for this! :D

    Hope we don’t have to wait too long after the US release.

  • Great news, I didn’t have much hope of this ever being translated! Thanks XSEED! Loved the first one.

    Bit of a shame it won’t be out for halloween though. Better than never anyway. :D

  • Yes a sequel!!!!

    Oh wait for psp and not for psvita? Not so excited anymore :/

  • Any chance for games for Vita yet. Seems the Vita isn’t getting any love yet but let’s hope the Vita will get some games soon.

  • Thanks for removing one of my comments, XSEED. Terrible company.

  • Awesome! This is really good news! I just recently finished the first one and loved it! Thanks XSeed!

  • I love the feeling you get before playing sequals, like visiting an old friend!

  • And Unchained Blades? Any chance to see it on the EU Store?

    @IT: I need to pick the first one first. :p
    Right now I’m focused on finish my UMD titles (SO2 now). Right-after will be the turn of this, TitS, Persona and YS.

  • I gave the first Corpse Party a fair chance, and I didn’t like it as much as I hoped. The many ways to die combined with an inability to skip through text you’ve seen before made it a frustrating experience for me.

    That said, I’m tempted to give the sequel a chance if it addressed these issues, and fully support XSeed either way for their efforts in bringing unique games like this one over for us to play! Please keep up the great work!

    PS. Remember that game Retro Game Challenge you released? We want the sequel!

  • This is good news. I really appreciated the first one that came out on European PSN.

  • I loved the first one! Will buy this one ASAP when it is out.

  • Never expected to see this game in the west anymore since its on near dead PSP. Xseed you rock!

  • I’ve enjoyed Corpse Party a lot on my Vita. I just hope sequel will do away with bloody chase sequences and focus on puzzles more.
    A bit more clarity would be nice – is sequel compatible with Vita? It looks like it should be.

  • @StuDevo At this point everyone, myself included, will just import Ragnarok Odyssey. Even if EU release is announced it’s too late.

  • @Lord_Gremlin

    i advise waiting if i recall multiplayer wise it’s region locked. not sure if it was for this game but be carefull. and gungho online etertainment was bringing it 2 europe if i recall been i while since i read the post also dokuro coming this winter for europe.

  • @dgnfly Release dates are crucial here. If it comes out in Europe in 2013 by that point I will play, complete, get platinum trophy, put on my shelf and forget about this game.
    And if it’s coming soon.. It’s hard to believe, they’re too silent about it. Plus, Mercenary Edition for $50 looks way more appealing than $50 digital version with no bonus content.

  • Awesome! I just hope this one will be released physically. I am really disappointed not owning a physical copy of Final Fantasy III on PSP…

  • Can we get an Australian release on this one? PLEEEEEAASE!

  • Can you please remove ‘AU’ from the list of countries, because we all know it won’t get released here. I rememeber really looking forward to the original, then it never got released.

  • Happy to hear that the PSP still gets some quality games! I haven’t played the first game yet, but it seems this is be the right moment!

  • Please please PLEASE! Bring this to Australia! The first one also if it’s not too much trouble.

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