Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 things you need to know

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Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 things you need to know

Hey, it’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog. We’ve been working hard on Need for Speed Most Wanted, our second Need for Speed game after 2011’s Hot Pursuit. I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve just put the finishing touches on the game, and we’re winding up the online servers to take a beating from you guys come launch day – October 30th.

It’s a pretty exciting time for PlayStation fans, and we’re really excited to be able to talk not just about the PS3 game, but also our first for PS Vita. If you don’t know anything about Most Wanted, here’s the deal. The original Most Wanted was our favorite Need for Speed game. We loved the epic cop chases, hot cars, and most of all that unbeatable sensation of fast, reckless driving while on the run from the law.

So after finishing Hot Pursuit, we set out to create a game that brought you all these great elements, but fresh for 2012 and with a little Criterion DNA running through it. That means it had to be about online, friends and competition, with a Most Wanted twist.

There’s a whole lot of game to talk about, but here are four things you really need to know.

1. It’s about causing trouble

You get to drive amazing cars like a maniac through a big open city, get in massive chases with the cops and ditch them in style. The whole game’s pretty much designed so you’ll want to break the law. Restricted area? Bust into it. Speed camera? Rip past it. Jump? Hit it. Parked car? Steal it. Cops? Not an issue.

2. The world’s always connected

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

In Hot Pursuit, we introduced Autolog. We started tracking everything you did and comparing it with your friends in leaderboards called Speedwalls. Autolog turned your newest and most hotly contested events into play recommendations and notified you and your friends to reheat the competition.

This time, Autolog lets you leave your mark across your friends’ games. It displays record speeds, pursuits and jump distances throughout the city. Cruise past any speed camera, Jack Spot or jump to view its Speedwall, and then take a run up, hit the gas and see if you can top it. Hit the biggest air off any billboard jump, and we’ll display your face on the billboard. Your friends will need to beat you to get rid of it.

Everything you do earns you Speed Points and eventually increases your Speed Level. Earn more Speed Points than your friends to become the Most Wanted.

3. You can drive pretty much every car from the start

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

This is hard to get your head around, but bear with us. Grinding through hours of gameplay to get the cars you really want to drive doesn’t actually make sense, when you think about it.

So, most of the cars in Most Wanted are just parked up in hundreds of Jack Spots throughout the city. If you find one, you can just switch to it. Obviously, there are still great unlocks waiting to reward the most skilled and dedicated players, but if you want to drive a 918 Spyder, Evo X, RS500, V12 Vantage and many, many more, you’ve just got to get out there and find them.

Each car has a series of events, designed to showcase its unique qualities. Master each car in your own time, and you’ll earn Speed Points and rank up. Score enough and you’ll earn the right to take on 10 of the hottest cars in the game – the Most Wanted Racers. Beat them all one-on-one to become Fairhaven’s Most Wanted. Swing the odds in your favor by modifying your car with such pursuit-busting delights as: Reinforced Chassis, Reinflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.

4. Our multiplayer is way more than just racing

It wouldn’t be Need for Speed without killer racing, so that’s the heart of our online, but we also wanted to mix it up a bit. It’s still tight, competitive and fast, but there are some twists.

Every Race starts with a Meet Up. Race there, jostle for position, watch for the start and boot it. Time your move right for a headstart. Get it wrong, and you’re a sitting duck. In Speed Tests, you get 90 seconds to set a high score. Hit the longest jump or drift, be fastest through a Speed Trap or set the fastest time between checkpoints. In Challenges you do stuff like hit 5,000 yards of drift, accumulate 2,000 yards of jump distance, access a rooftop or jump over each other. Anything goes!

PlayStation Vita

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS VitaNeed for Speed Most Wanted on PS Vita

PS Vita represents a huge step for us.  We managed to crowbar the entire PlayStation 3 game onto the system. Almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight) and the massive open world is right there in the Vita version, plus a few more that are exclusive to the system.

That’s pretty cool on its own, but everything you do on your PS Vita copy earns you Speed Points, inching you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list.

PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

And that’s not all! We love to play with new hardware, from Burnout Paradise‘s Mugshots (using the original PS Eye) to the full online multiplayer in Burnout 3: Takedown (in the very early days of PSN). So we thought we’d see what we could do with the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

You can use it to control the car, obviously. When you’re happily ripping through town, it glows green, but attract the interest of the cops, and it flashes red and blue. Hide out in a CoolDown spot, and it’ll glow cool blue.

We’re out on 2nd November – hit this link to pre-order from EA, or head over to the PlayStation Store to pre-order your digital copy now.

We’ll see you online soon.

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8 Author Replies

  • Looks way cool! :)

    Can’t wait!

  • @Jeremy

    You bang on about the Vita version being “identical” to the PS3 version but you have shown us ZERO Vita footage.

    It feels like you have something to hide!?

    TINTIN :-(

    • Jeremy will be along to answer queries soon, but in the meantime I can confirm Criterion are hiding nothing! I got some hands-on time with the Vita version yesterday and it looks great. We’ll be going into greater detail on the portable version next week.

    • We’ll show some soon. It looks amazing, and it’s the whole Autolog-powered connected game world, all the events, collectibles, cars, 4-player online. The works. You’ll love it.

  • P.S. Will it be cross-buy for the PS Vita?

  • Burnout with Need For Speed slapped on top…

  • Looks like the perfect Burnout / NFS Hybrid, can’t wait!!!! Will there be a demo coming out?

  • I’ve got this ordered for the PS3 and really looking forward to it. Still slightly concerned that we are so close to release and there is no footage (that I can find anyway) of the Vita version in action. It seems in quite a contrast to the footage of the home console versions.

  • Can’t wait for this..i am sure it will be a ton of fun!

    But one question, Why is it we in Europe haven’t got a 10% PlayStation Plus Discount like those across the pond have? Will we be getting a discount at all?

  • Looks great, cant wait, I only hope the online system doesnt have the horrid lag The Run had, I also hope those god awful muscle cars arnt in this game or forced to use them, they have ruined so many games

    • You can play most of the cars from the start, so you shouldn’t get lumbered with any particular category. It’s a VERY freeform progression.

      We didn’t make The Run. Just the Burnout games and Hot Pursuit.

  • @Fred Dutton

    This is a copy and paste from the US blog so is there any point in asking questions?

    Will Jeremy Chubb or anyone from Criterion be along to answer any questions or should we just not bother?

    Cheers in advance

    TINTIN :-)

    • See above. Yes, he’ll be here soon, hopefully.

      There’s no copy and pasting going on here at all. The US and EU blogs share posts when it is relevant to do so, which is on a regular basis – we’re all gamers and we all enjoy playing the same titles. Sometimes it’s sourced from the US, sometimes it’s sourced from the EU, as is the case here – Criterion is a UK-based studio.

  • I may check this out. I usually try to avoid Need for Speed games as I’ve not enjoyed many of them at all but Hot Pursuit was a huge exception and became one of my all time favorite racers and yes I believe it’s because of Criterion since Burnout is one of my very favorite racing series.

  • Tintin: There are a couple of demo vids on youtube, of people playing the demo. One of them is here:

    Looks pretty solid to me, actually. And knowing Criterion, they won’t deliver half a game.

    That said, I’m too interested in the crossover options this will offer. Is it a cross-buy title, or will you have a special ps3+vita package deal?

  • Ah, I have another question (for anyone who knows)…what do the Speed Points do? Plus, what can we use them for? Haven’t been able to find out any information on this…


    P.S… PlayStation Plus Discount!! :)

    • Speed Points are the currency of the game. You get them for pretty much everything in the game from winning online races to drifting and driving in oncoming.

      They unlock Modifications for the car: stuff that lets you go faster, handle different terrain or shrug off attacks from other players and cops.

      You’ll be compared with your friends and listed on the Most Wanted list. Whoever earns the most is Most Wanted.

  • Looks like this is going to be a day one buy for me

    On PSVita :) Good job on the Vita version. From what i’ve seen it looks great. Also great to see you handled it in-house rather than farming it off to some other developer.

  • this game looks awesome, but im afraid i wont be buying it i only buy digital mostly and with the prices set at £59.99 i find myself disgraced please sort the prices out nearly all retailers are selling all games(new) under £40 so to find digital copies without any packaging WOW bad eh

    this comment wont get a reply but needs other people to see it n not buy highly over priced games

  • @Fred

    Cheers for the speedy reply bud ;-)


    Nice one matey. I haven’t seen that one :-D Looks good

    I’ve only managed to find that blurry 24 second video from OZ doing the rounds ;-)

  • If you think im gonna pre-order a game at that price on the playstation store think again, I’m a big fan of all your games but no way I’ll be ripped off. I don’t care about online passes/extra content its 25quid cheaper on amazon.

  • Got the game pre-ordered for a while, love the Burnout series and this looks like another great entry but with a NFS badge slapped on and some fancy licensed cars.
    One thing stopping me getting Vita version atm is lack of cross-buy offer, wouldn’t expect it for free but just a nice discount, although given the price of the game on the store for PS3 (£60) I think that even if it did happen then it might still be cheaper to buy both at retail unless there is a code in the boxed copy.

  • @Mr D #2 Is that when you’re going to talk about PS Plus for Vita?? (No, I know I still have to wait until somewhere end of November)

    and #9: First everyone is complaining about not having a global store, and now a global blogpost release is a problem? I like it that we get the same post as the US at the same time.

    Oh, and I checked the pro-order site. No crossbuy at all? That’s tough.. Now I really have to choose between a PS3 or Vita version…

  • @ Jeremy

    Some people who have played both the Vita version and the the PS3 version say there is a definite lack of traffic on the Vita version (compared to it’s bigger brother).

    Is there anything to these claims or is the traffic flow pretty much the same across both platforms?

    TINTIN :-)

  • So when are we going to get the pleasure of drooling over some Vita footage? So far I’ve seen one screenshot and a bunch of blurry-cam videos. We could really use some glorious official stuff of this game!

  • I don’t really agree with point 3. It seems that you must grind even more now to gain access to the best 10 most wanted cars.
    And if you don’t want to compete for those 10 cars it seems pointless to play weaker cars, as you don’t need those points as rewards. So you’d play some few cars straight from the beginning and stick to those. Seems like a poor decision if I got your description right.

  • @chrisboers I agree, if it was crossbuy I’d pay 60quid all day I don’t care about extra codes/Online pass I’d buy them think about this Criterion it would encourage more gamers, however add that as an option and maybe a lower price for just PS3 users not everyone has a Vita.

  • How about you gice us a trailer and some gameplay videos(official gameplay videos and not some crap quality) of the PSvita version?

  • @Chris

    Now that is a HARD choice!!

    With AC3/AC3:L too, that’s 2 MUST BUYS for both the Vita and the PS3 very close to each other ;-)

    Hard life owning both Vita and PS3 at times!

    Well hard on my wallet anyway ;-)

  • And it will be all your fault if the psvita version won’t sale because it’s almost like you don’t want the game to sale.

  • Just echoing what others are saying, but we really need to see some Vita screens and/or footage.

    Hopefully Jeremy will be along to discuss it shortly.

    There’s a contradiction when you say “entire PS3 game” in one sentance, and then “almost all the events” after it,which is it?

    Are you able to share any new screens?

  • @ Jeremy
    Could you please comment on the speculated lack of traffic in the Vita version? Apparently that’s the only issue think that people are pointing out.
    Other than that it looks pretty great to me!

    • There’s less traffic in the Vita version.

      And you won’t mind a bit. Seriously, what you have is pretty mind-blowing. A full blown, state-of-the-art open world online game that you can play on the bus.

  • Why is it that the Americans get a PS+ Discount, yet we get nothing?

    It’s another kick in the teeth for us Europeans. :(

  • You know, I think you guys should make NFS games with EA from now on, Hot Pursuit was a success while Shift, The Run and Undercover were just crap. I mean EA can’t make a great NFS game now. Show EA who can make a better game Criterion and is the PSVita a direct port from the PS3 version.

    I mean look at WB Games, they just port their games from the 3DS version.

  • Thanks for the Reply Jeremy :D

    So I guess the 4 Hours of Double XP would be a pretty big bonus! ;)

  • That week will be crazy. Need For Speed Most Wanted on PS3 and Vita, plus two different Assassin’s Creed games on PS3 and Vita. Been looking forward to Most Wanted since it was announced, and I’m so happy to see Criterion do the Vita version in-house. Can’t wait to try both versions.

    Will there be DLC for this game? And can you confirm/deny: Will PS3 and Vita versions have there own trophy list, or will it be shared? E.g., if I get both versions, will I be able to get 2 Platinums, or only 1?

  • Is it possible to change the controls like Hot Pursuits?

  • Is it possible to change the controls like you could in Hot Pursuit?

  • I want to see footage of the PS VITA gameplay before buying it please.

  • 2 questions

    1. In the article it say the vita version has “Almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight) and the massive open world is right there in the Vita version” I’m confused about the “almost” does that mean thing were cut on the vita version?

    2. This is the same article as the US yet the release date it the same on both is this right or a typo?

    Thanks guys :)

    • I had to write “almost” because a few of the longer races aren’t there. It’s like 98% of the races and events from the PlayStation 3.

      By way of recompense, you get some exclusive events just for PSVita.

  • Really looking forward to this as loved Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise (so much so I didn’t stop till after got Diamond P12).
    Disappointed this won’t be cross-buy (if it was I’m fairly sure it would have been announced by now) as although I really want this on both PS3 and PSVita, I’m kinda loathe to buy essentially the same game twice even though I know I’ll play it loads. That’s my opinion though
    Keep up the good work guys :)

    PS – Any chance of Burnout HD Collection?

  • The one thing you need to know is BUY it from asda or tesco for £37 DONT BUY from the RIP OFF PSN STORE at £60 …..What the hell is that all about

  • Looks a lot more like Burnout than NFS. I loved Burnout 2, one of my alltime favorite racers. The issue I had with Paradise’s open world was that there seemed to be less of a focus on the actual racing. How you had to figure out your course during the actual racing. This gave it kind of a strategic touch which I’m sure the veterans didn’t mind, if you were very fimiliar with the layout of the open world you definitely had an advantage. But for me it kind of ruined the experience, a lot of the time I was in the heat of the race, just to mess it up by taking a wrong turn and being totally off course. It was very hard to indicate the actual course in that cluster of roads in an open world, and the subtle signalling didn’t help much either in the heat of a race. Since this is open world I have the same worries, although it looks like a technically decent game.

  • Another question if you don’t mind Jeremy, does Fairhaven compare favourable to Paradise City in size?

    I know you must be getting frustrated with video/screen requests, but we Vita owners were let down with FIFA 13 having a lack of information, and the same is seemingly happening with Call of Duty.

    This is out in two weeks, and even the iOS version has had screens…

    Thanks. :)

  • It’s been almost SIX months since we saw the first official footage of the PS3 versions and we still haven’t got any official footage of the Vita version, why? Are we even going to get any?

  • Its a definite buy for me ,however see the car shadow 16-20th sec :

  • Guys, its fairly obvious to me thsa its only going to be Sony Exclusives that are going to be cross buy now and in the future.

    Why would EA (especially them) want to give us a free game?
    Sony are doing it in a hope it will sell more Vitas, which is a good thing dont get me wrong, the more Vita sells is better for all us owners, but other publishers arent going to be doing it.

    I think the price of the DD version of this game says it all; £60.
    I shudder to think what the days of Digital download will be like when it’ll be our only way of buying games.

  • Its a strange “lack of VITA screenshots treatment”.Dont get it.Not fair.

  • Did read something about Road Rash.Yes please,and set in the early-mid 90’s.

  • Any chance of PS3-PS Vita cross play? I dont see the point of a vita version if I’m segregated from my ps3 friends.

  • I need to see the VITA version now
    really exited to buy it :)

  • @Coody-Baroody, EA stated back in August they were investigating the potential of the Cross-Buy scheme. Its down to what sales they could gain against those they could lose. Many people can’t afford to buy as many games as they’d like but may be more inclined to buy a game if they feel they are getting better value for money through incentives such as a second version of the game

  • Will there be a limited edition for the Vita? That’s the only question I have at this point. I bought the Vita for this game, can’t say I’m not excited :)

  • i speak for everyone here when i say Jeremy Chubb why the huge pre order price for a big game dont you think thats abit steep like the top gear hamerhead car they made going backwards down it faster then your fastest cars in the game

    it should be £40 pre order not £57.00

    some of us aint made of money bro well carl jjohnson is but that int the point great games should be at great prices not expencive prices sorry but i am right

  • I VOTE THAT WE GET THIS GAME ON PS PLUS GAME OF THE MONTH IN NOVEMBER that will really make then loze money LOL and Opt1mus76 well said

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