BreakQuest: Extra Evolution lands on PS minis this week

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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution lands on PS minis this week

BreakQuest 3

Hi there! It’s Alexey Menshikov from Beatshapers and I’m pleased to reveal our next game – BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, coming this week to PlayStation minis, priced €3.99/£3.49.

This game has a long history: the original title was released back in 2004 on PC by Spain-based developers Felix Casablancas and Nurium Games. We were one of its biggest fans and when Sony announced PlayStation minis, we decided to bring this game to the platform with considerable success.

A year after the PSP minis release we started thinking about a sequel. We’d had feedback from players, so we decided to improve the gameplay and design. We took the best elements of the original game and rebuilt it from scratch, incorporating our vision and our inspiration from the original BreakQuest. As a result – we have a great game full of style, which really gives players a new experience.

The original BreakQuest boasted 100 unique levels, each containing their own interactive physics, layout, art and sound. We redesigned all of them preserving their original mechanics, but sometimes adding a new look or design following our lead artist’s vision. Actually, it’s 101 levels – we have a secret one, try to find it!

BreakQuest 2BreakQuest 1

Moreover, we decided to create 10 boss levels. Each is a unique mini-game: bosses attack with a weapon that makes your shuttle unresponsive, reverses the controls or kills bumper for a short amount of time, so you have to destroy them with a combination of strategy and brute force.

BreakQuest 7BreakQuest 6

Each boss unlocks a new shuttle which can be selected from Options menu. In the beginning, you start with one basic shuttle but by defeating bosses, you can unlock 10 additional vessels. Every new shuttle comes with a unique power-up – which can help you progress and gain higher scores. By design, boss levels atomically switches to the basic shuttle.

Another new element in BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is the Energy Shield which helps to keep balls flying if you use it cleverly. Once a ball is launched, the charging lines grow from left and right until they meet each other in the middle. When the shield is fully charged, you can activate it using the L or R buttons. If a ball touches the energy shield once, the wall changes color to red and is damaged. One more bounce destroys the shield completely.

We’ve improved the controls and removed any inertia: PSP widescreen is still quite long for fast shuttle movements, so the Energy Shield is very handy here.

BreakQuest 5

Gravitor was another unique element of BreakQuest. By pressing and holding the Square or Circle button, you can attract the ball to the shuttle’s bumper. This time around we’ve made it unlimited to use – it’s not dependent on energy as it was in the original game.

There are 21 trophies to reward players for outstanding performance: each for boss levels, for game completion and more.

And last but not the least, the game features 33 new absolutely amazing music tracks from created by the SandS Band, it will be released shortly and will be completely free.

We hope you’ll love the new evolution of the BreakQuest as much as we do! You can find more information at or @Beatshapers. Alternatively, ask a question below and I will do my best to answer!

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7 Author Replies

  • I’ll give it a try, but i’m sure this game would fit nicely in PSM or as a small PSN game. Both for ps3 or vita. Better resolution and those colours on the vita would make it irresistible.
    My question: is this game a remake of the 100 original levels, plus the bonuses mentioned?

    • Some levels are remake, some completely new, 10 bosses are surey brand new.
      I just tried US release on PS Vita – looks and plays perfecty. Unfortunately, its not possible on PSM at that moment.

  • There goes my bet on whether ‘Achievements’ would ever get mentioned on the PS blog…
    That aside, I got the original Breakquest as part of PS Plus back in 2010 (I think). I never got around to play all 100 levels, but it’s a nice time-waster nonetheless :-) Fortunately, it also works on the Vita, so it had gotten a second chance for me.

    So, for this sequel. Do you feel this sequel is an ‘improved and expanded’ version of the first, or is it truly a new game and game experience? In other words, does it completely replace the original, or can both be played side-to-side?

    • Forgive me Mr B – it’s a very, very busy day here! Fixed!

      Alexey will be along later this morning to answer questions!

    • @chrisboers – well both games can exist separately, its different experince.
      We just take BreakQuest idea, mechanics and some elements and created another game with our vision – added bosses, Energy Shield mechanics, so technically its totally different game.

  • Ps minis has no place in the playstation ecosystem with playstation mobile announced

  • So PS minis do still exist. I do think they would be better being integrated into PS Mobile now though.

    • @MikLSP Exists and kicking!
      We have 3 minis left to be released: BreakQuest, secret title to be announced very soon and new Carnivores which was already announced.

  • @Fred, it wasn’t a complaint, just a funny remark. It was actually quite funny to encounter that word. But, I don’t think the writer actually meant trophies, as this is a mini, and minis don’t have trophies at all. I’m pretty sure Alexey meant some in-game achievement list, no PS trophies or Xbox Achievements.

    • Yes, this is in game Achievements which was renamed to Awards. US version released with Achievements, European/PAL got Awards =)

  • There is video trailer here (this post should be updated soon)

  • Also, its was a good question on US playstation blog – about single level gameplay length.
    Here is an answer: longevity depends on skills obviously, than which shuttle equipped and which powerup activated, how smart you using Energy Shield and on level design. I’d said 3-7 mins per level, boss levels are up to 15 mins.

  • BreakQuest is one of my favourite minis – i’ll definitely be picking this sequel up! :)

  • based on screenshots i have no idea what this game is ;)

    hope to see some videos ;) anyway good luck :)

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