A-MEN out today for PS3 with PS Vita Cross Play support

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Hi everyone! Care for some mind-twisting adventures in HD?

If you were among the hoards of people who spent countless days in the ’90s playing games that involved guiding tiny, relentless creatures with green hair through hazardous obstacles to safety, then prepare yourself, because those days are back!

After the PS Vita version released in February, A-MEN is back on to Playstation Network for PlayStation 3. Developer Bloober Team has teamed up with Namco Bandai Games to bring A-MEN to the PS3 with bang up-to-date features that will satisfy you and your craving to show off your capabilities and tactical playing skills.


For those of you who haven’t played the portable version yet, A-MEN is an action-puzzle game that will challenge you with a series of complex puzzles, expansive levels and worlds within a retro-style game. Chase down and get past all of the A-droid enemies and traps through a series of different worlds and levels.


This new version of the game is loaded with exciting new features, including full HD, new action‑based multiplayer modes, Cross Play with the PlayStation Vita version and more PSN trophies. It will set you back €9.99/£7.99. We’re taking 10% off that price for the first two weeks of launch starting today, and Plus members get an additional 10% discount on top of that.

Please enjoy – and feel free to ask questions!

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  • Nice!

    I liked the demo, but thought it was a little short on content for the price, now it’s a no brainer :)

    Cross-play and multiplayer are a nice touch!

    Is this a cross-buy title?

  • No Cross-buy, no buy

  • What will be the ~required time to finish a level?

    Is it a game that can be played for around 10 minutes or will the levels be more difficult?

  • That’s great but what about retro city rampage? How about an announcement on how long we’ll have to wait for that.

  • I tried the demo a while ago and while it is a good pick up and play game for the Vita, I wouldn’t be tempted into buying it for the PS3.
    What would really be needed is the MS:RC style buy-one-get-both model, or at the very least a significant discount bundle on the two copies.

    @ ownjoouk
    What exactly do you expect Namco Bandai to do about it?! You should probably look out for the store content update post later today to ask about that game, you never know it might even be in that update.

  • My comment was aimed at the Sony blog not namco bandai……..

    • Yes, please respect the author of the post and only ask questions relevant to the story. Store update will be up shortly – that’s the place to discuss this sort of thing.

  • Yes but this post was not created by people from Sony and they may not reply here. The store update post is a better option as those comments definitely get read by guys from the blog :)

  • Will you make a price drop for the psvita version? Becuase right now the PS3 version is cheaper.

    Oh and is this a Cross-buy game?

  • Great, this is what Vita needs. Who needs to buy Vita, if Vita games coming to ps3? Answer: NONE SONY.. The game is very good and fun, only little expensive. i buy it a couple monts ago when has discount

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