Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut coming to PlayStation 3 in 2013

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Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut coming to PlayStation 3 in 2013

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition was the ultimate ‘love it or hate it’ when it was originally released back in 2010, to the extent that it currently holds a Guinness World Record, and it is wonderful to continually see the tremendous support from fans all over the world.

On that note, we really took into consideration feedback from our loyal fan base and are thrilled to announce Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is about FBI special agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates the murder of a young woman in the town of Greenvale. In this small town, players have to solve a murder mystery and survive against the killer and supernatural creatures that have taken residence.

Along with the original story and gameplay, there are some great new features, including HD graphics, an updated control system, a brand new scenario from the game’s director, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, and DLC to keep the mystery going once you complete the main campaign.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is both a love letter to fans that supported the game and a great update for new players. With the enhancements and new content, the team is confident that old players will re-experience Deadly Premonition the way it was intended to be and that new players will discover a narrative experience unlike any other game.

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2 Author Replies

  • This might be interesting. Never tried the first edition, but maybe now is the time

  • Excellent news!! Can’t wait to play this again.

  • Japanese voices?! (And text?!) Please say yes!

  • YES! No matter how tempted, I held off watching the Giant Bomb endurance runs in the hopes of this day coming. And now, I have been rewarded. Day one, Rising Star, day one!

  • Can’t wait! One of the best games ever made.

  • @RagingAvatar Well, I don’t know if anything’s changed in this version, but the original only had English voices – even in Japan. It’s set in the US and inspired by Twin Peaks, so that’s how the creator wanted wanted it to sound.

  • Yes, Yes and Yes! Bought this recently on xbox and love it er lets say its unique? will be buying this version with the improvements and what not.

  • DAY 1

    im gonna buy 3 copies

  • This game has the best story I’ve ever seen in a video game. And special agent Morgan might be the best character ever. and that music! and the atmosphere! and the movie trivia! and those wonderfully weird little moments! Gah, I’m gonna melt my brain just by remembering it.

  • Fantastic news! I was scared that ps3 version was canceled. Cant wait <3

  • This remake exclusive for ps3?

  • read about the game a long time ago diden’t think it would get released. so will this be dual voice option, also for virtue the last resort for psvita good decision 2 keep just japanese dub cause it would just sound lame in english dub.
    also any chance 2 do some normal novel games based on some anime series? also any chance for
    Muramasa: The Demon Blade’s New PlayStation Vita never owned a wii and would love 2 try this game.

  • Great news, played it about 2 years ago. however it really needs new controls and HD gonna be nice cos’ the graphics were like PS2 quality. Cant wait!!!

  • I actually imported the Asian version of this 2 years ago from Hong Kong. Be getting this version day 1, can’t wait!

  • I hope it comes to psn and is cheap. I’ve seen too many negative reviews of the game to be willing to pay too much for an old game like this.

  • I recently got this game on another platform. I’m not sure yet if I love it or hate it, but it certainly is an interesting game. One thing that’s very clear is that it could use some updates, so I’ll keep watching this version.

  • Give me a more concrete date so I can give you all of my money thanks.

  • Will we be getting it this year, as soon as you give me a release date you’ll get my money!

  • i never play it the 1st time so i get 100% enjoyment out of it.

    i remember playing this scary take of the jack the ripper copy it was on the 360 or 1st gen xbox you went up this apartment then the bathroom you see a naked woman in the bath also in the morgue.

    could it be the same game the killer wasn’t caught at the end you see he got a top hat on.

  • Great news, we need more PS3 games of this genre !

  • “This remake exclusive for ps3?”

    At this point, yes. But we all know that only time’ll tell.

    (Remake is probably not the best word for this. Dir cut sounds about right.)

  • Wasn’t this supposed to provide PlayStation Move support as well?

  • Why are you not talking anything about the move support?

  • I really like survival horror so I will definitely look into this one.

  • darn, this rings a bell, but for what reasons i’m unsure, wasn’t going to pay that much interest after reading the comments earlier, But the post above mentions the magic words/genre ‘survival horror’, so now i Have to do more research, has this got a demo out on xbox ?, as that could be where i noticed it before, the original vers i mean.. Though IF it has, i prob tried it and dismissed it allready, just not sure, oh well looks like the xbox is getting a (quick) power up shortly..

  • OMG I loved this game – as for survival horror there were some unbelievably creepy bits in it – 2013 can’t come soon enough

  • Best. News. Ever.

  • Wow, such a great response! Thank you very much all for your kind words. I’m sure I speak for SWERY-san and everyone involved in the project that we are really excited about working on this great game again.

    Just to confirm, Move support is still part of The Director’s Cut, so don’t worry :)

  • Played this on the 360 at a friend’s house and it was pretty terrible :/

  • Cult Classic and proud to work on this title! :D

  • Yen Hau – can you confirm the mechanics have been updated on this? Its the only thing that put me off buying it on the 360 if I’m honest cause I really want to play it based on comments about the storyline and the main protagonist.

    Also can you confirm if this is a PS3 exclusive or is it coming out for 360 as well?


  • Already done everything in the Japanese PS3 release, Red Seeds Profile, and got the platinum in the process :)

    One of the best games this gen, the characters, story and locations are very memorable, it’s entertaining the whole way through and honestly I was sad when it was over and I had done everything. The tongue-in-cheek humour, the quirks and how it has such a good sense of humour yet knows when to take itself seriously are a big part of why I loved the game, that it had a low budget and the production values weren’t as expensive as other games with tighter combat, more natural animations and better graphics didn’t detract from the experience at all, in fact it kind of added to its charm.

    Like I said, I think it’s one of the best games this gen and it’s clear SWERY and co. really knew what they were going for and worked hard to make it what it is. I hope the Director’s Cut is a big success, I know I’ll be buying it and doing absolutely everything again :)

  • This is just too awesome!

  • @ODirtyB_69 Yes, controls have been changed to a more natural and standard mechanic, and yes, it is a PS3 exclusive.

  • Yay PS3 exclusive, good to hear it won’t be held back by the 360. I liked the controls though, driving felt great and combat difficulty was balanced well, there was nothing in the game I disliked at all (the medical quiz was a bit of a pain, but that’s only because answering a text only quiz in Japanese is naturally going to be more difficult for non-native Japanese speakers, lol). I can’t wait to see what’s changed and how in this version, but I’m mostly excited for all the new content :D

  • While this is great news as I personally rate Deadly Premonition as the best game of this gen its a real shame this is format exclusive. As a 360 gamer that has done alot to promote the game its hard not to feel a bit let down in this development and im sure alot of the European/American fanbase feel the same way.

    At the very least please only make it a timed exclusive and consider putting it on the 360 store (or retail) at some point down the road.

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