007 Legends – PlayStation-exclusive content revealed

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007 Legends - Zero Gravity (Moonraker)

The 007 Legends video game, in stores later this week, is a true celebration of the James Bond film franchise’s 50th anniversary and features five classic Bond movie-inspired missions along with a downloadable mission based on the next Bond film, Skyfall.

Skyfall (due in cinemas on 26th October) is an integral part of 007 Legends’ story – the action from the film bookends the other missions and we’ve built the overarching narrative of the game around a pivotal event that occurs early on in the film.

EON Productions, the production company who produce the James Bond films, has been a fantastic partner to work with, granting us exclusive behind-the-scenes access to many of the film’s stunts and action sequences, allowing us to recreate those breath-taking moments you’ll see on the big screen within the game as fully interactive segments within the game.

During the Skyfall mission, we visit two striking locations that have been faithfully recreated from the film, and we also feature some of the film’s fantastic acting talent, including Daniel Craig as Bond.

Patrice (PS3 Exclusive)Eve (PS3 Exclusive)

As a special Playstation Network exclusive, two of the main characters featured in the film – MI6 field agent Eve (played by the actress Naomie Harris) and the assassin Patrice (Ola Rapace) – are available as multiplayer characters, each with their own special features and abilities.

To re-create these two characters, we were given special access to the wardrobe and armoury departments of the film and took high-resolution digital scans of the actor’s likenesses to ensure that what you see in the game is as close to their real-life appearance as possible.

The films that make up the other six missions featured in 007 Legends are Goldfinger (1964), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Moonraker (1979), Licence to Kill (1989), Die Another Day (2002) and Skyfall (2012).

If you’re a keen Bond fan, you’ll have noticed a pattern to the movies that we’ve adapted for 007 Legends – one movie from each of the six actors who’ve played Bond over the last 50 years. This was a way for us to pay homage to not only the original actors, but also to all of the other cast and crew who’ve been involved with the various eras of Bond over the last 50 years.

Each movie-inspired mission features multiple levels and you’ll experience moments as diverse as fast paced skiing, gadget laden car chases, daring helicopter assaults, space shuttle launches and combat in zero gravity!

Alongside high intensity first-person action, 007 Legends also allows the player to really immerse themselves into the world of James Bond. A range of upgradable gadgets are available, offering you choice in how you achieve your objectives; do you go in guns blazing or use the radar in your wristwatch to plan a route past the guards, then use your distraction and tranquilizer darts to take down the opposition without raising the alarm?

007 Legends - Gondola (OHMSS)

Alongside the rich, single player campaign, 007 Legends provides a great selection of content and game modes for multiplayer, including classic four-player split-screen. There’s also another single-player game mode with an online leader-board component, called MI6-Ops. In this mode, you’ll have missions for Bond, as well as some of the other story characters from the game, with the setup for these missions inspired by events from the main story. Now you get to experience the action through another pair of eyes, and in some cases that will be through the eyes of the villains.

007 Legends - Jinx (Die Another Day)007 Legends - Car Bomb (Licence to Kill)

As a life-long Bond fan, developing 007 Legends has been a fantastic experience. We’ve had a hugely talented and passionate team of developers at Eurocom dedicated to the title, and we, along with our partners at Activision and EON Productions, hope you enjoy the unique experience that is James Bond in 007 Legends.

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  • Would love this on the Vita aswell!

  • We’re long over due a good James Bond game. I genuinely hope this is it. Skyrim is getting great reviews hopefully this does as well.

  • soz not Skyrim…. Skyfall

  • Call me crazy but if “exclusive” content makes it into the headline, I expect a bit more than just 2 further multiplayer characters.

  • @Golwar For a crazy person, that is actually the most sensible comment. I thought it was single player content tbh

  • That wii remake reminded me way too much of COD, and since Activision is still on this, I’m going to let this pass. Can’t come close to Goldeneye64.

  • Why is the Skyfall thing only as DLC?
    Is this 1 game with 1 story or do we get a part of the game and a incomplete story?
    Or does the mismatch off all those Bond movies not include a story at all.

    Cool DLC would have been the other Bond actors. This is a bit disapointing.

  • Can’t wait for this game. From the YouTube videos it looks like they have got it right. Eurocom did make nightfire which was a good PS2 game. So fingers crossed.

  • Moonraker and Die Another Day are by far the worst films for Moore and Brosnan, there were much better choices available.

  • Got this on pre-order, after spending a significant amount of the last 12 months playing GoldenEye Reloaded on local multiplayer.

    Question though; the single greatest downfall of GoldenEye Reloaded was that my friends had to set up their weapon sets every single time we came to play the game. There was no way to save the weapon sets for extra players. Any chance that this has been fixed this time round? Maybe using multi-user PlayStation sign-in?

  • I’m renting the game because the psn digital version is too overpriced, especially considering how short reviews of the game have said the campaign is.

    I also don’t like some of the missions you choose to include in the game. Did we really need Die Another Day to represent Brosnan’s run? The film was terrible. I know Goldeneye has been remade to death but theres a reason for it. It was one of his best. I’d even take World is Not enough.

  • Dare i say it(why am i wasting my time typing this :D because like all FPS this Gen none do have it, god knows why not), anyway – Will it have 4 player split-screen mode with ‘BOTS’??? If not no buy sorry.

  • @ryumoau maybe because his other films have already had games based on them.

  • No offense, but:

    “The films that make up the other six missions featured in 007 Legends are Goldfinger (1964), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Moonraker (1979), Licence to Kill (1989), Die Another Day (2002) and Skyfall (2012).”

    That’s seriously the best you can come up with?

  • Haha… seriously? Die Another Day? The other films all make sense, but Die Another Day is a complete piece of crap, not only Brosnan’s worst outing, but one of the worst Bond films full stop.

    Probably doesn’t matter though, as I won’t be bothering with the game seeing as Activision is yet to release the Bond game that isn’t a steaming pile of excrement.

    Even EA could manage a couple of decent titles with the franchise ffs.

  • At the moment (and since launch date) non of the U.S. players of this game have been able to play online as the servers for ps3 007 Legends are not working – AT ALL!!!
    Will they be working for Europeans on Friday???
    This is apalling especially in the light of the problems with the Reloaded servers which Activision/Eurocom never even bothered to send out patches for.
    I’m a die hard Bond fan but will not be buying this until it’s established if the online is going to work or not.

  • I’m sorry Activision but £59.99 for a digital copy of the game? I mean what are they smoking for making that ridiculous price. Good god Activision and their money greed. No way I’ll be getting Black Ops II this Christmas.

    And let’s not to mention the Skyfall mission won’t be available on Nov 9th due to movie spoilers. Good lord why does every EA and Activision games always have to too overpriced on the Store!?

    EA and Activision. Away with you.

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