Killzone Trilogy post-launch double XP weekend announced

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Killzone Trilogy post-launch double XP weekend announced

Killzone Trilogy

Just two more weeks until the Killzone Trilogy bundle is launched. There’s only one way to properly celebrate such an occasion: organise a post-launch Double XP Weekend!

From Friday, 26th October at 5:30pm UK time, until Monday, 29th October at 9:00am UK time, you can earn twice the regular amount of XP during online multiplayer matches of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

If you’re new to the Killzone universe, this is your chance to catch up with the higher ranks! If you’re a hardened veteran, this is a great opportunity to revisit some of your favorite maps!

As a reminder, Killzone Trilogy not only includes Killzone HD, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, but also every multiplayer map pack for Killzone 2 and 3. The full set of map packs is as follows:

Killzone 2 Map Pack Bundle

  • Steel & Titanium Map Pack
  • Flash & Thunder Map Pack
  • Napalm & Cordite Map Pack

Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle

  • Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack

The Killzone Trilogy bundle will be available in stores on 24th October at an RRP of €49.99/£39.99. In the UK, the bundle is available exclusively via GAME retailers.

Mark these dates in your calendar and keep checking and the PlayStation Blog, because we’ll have more exciting Killzone news soon!

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  • Great deal, but I wonder.. Who in their right minds doesn’t own this yet :p I’m going to have to miss out on the double xp with Dishonored and RE6 and all :p

  • Can’t wait for the KZ HD release, I hope the more exciting news is a PS Plus discount… ;)

  • I take it Killzone HD can be bought on it’s own as its the only one I haven’t played?

    I had the KZ 2 & 3 and enjoyed them so wouldn’t bother with them.

    Cheers. :)

  • @ D-Star_1
    KZ HD can be bought separately as a digital download from the PS Store but not on disc.

  • @D-Star_1 yeah they already said it would come out separately on psn, looking forward to diving back into a classic

  • So excited. Was the price for the digital download about £12 or so? Any ps+ discounts?

  • shame there is no vita version would be awesome.

  • @4 & 5.

    Cheers for the info. I might still get it. I played a small bit it. At the time I didn’t like it, so I never went too far into the game.

    But now that I played 2 & 3, I might still get it as I have said. :)

    Again cheers lads. ;)

  • New maps would be nice, especially the operations maps. There is so much more that could be done on Killzone 3 to keep it alive.

  • Just incase some of you are unaware, GAME acquired Gamestation & the Trilogy will be available within Gamestation stores too!

    Thought some of you would like to know, as some places only have Gamestation Stores available to them.

  • Nice, really looking forward to getting hold of Killzone, and the fact it isn’t a standalone disc, ?.. just find it hard to believe that will upset people so much, i mean it’ll (prob) be £12ish on psn, has a plat (looking at the re4 bs) and if others are anything like me, well no offence to G.. but by the time i do finish it, or it finishes me lol.. a trade in disc would be worth maybe £2 ?. Still i guess those who want disc to add to other two, yeah that’s understandable.

  • yay, we all love a good Double XP weekend!

    everyones welcome to pop along to the KillzoneAM event that runs on Saturday mornings to grab lots of lovely KZ3 XP too :D

    KillzoneHD looks very cool aswell 8).

  • DLC as redeem codes or on disc?

  • Think I’ll be opting for Killzone 2 that weekend. KZ3 was great ‘n’ all but it really can’t compare to the second.

  • Killzone is a ps2 game afterall.. It probably doesn’t justify a 25 gig Blu ray disc for that one game, seeing how other classics got remastered with their sequels on one disc.. Anyway, I don’t mind.

    @14 KZ3 was better imo for the simple fact that the controlls were more on point. Much more accurate and responsive, I loved the M82 even more than in the previous parts, the 3 shot burst and silencer was just heaven.. Plus they kept that heavy feeling of the weapons, but only in the animations, it didn’t actually slow down your controlls. Not to mention the Operations mode, which imo was more fun than I ever had in regular Warzone. But yea, to each his own, they are both brilliant games by themselves.

  • I still play the first killzone it’s a pain that I can’t play it on ps3 so can’t wait for the trilogy to come out
    It’s a pity they never added beach head it was only a small map but hectic when it was full

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