God of War: Ascension – Collector’s & Special Editions unveiled

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God of War: Ascension – Collector’s & Special Editions unveiled

Calling Kratos fans everywhere! Today we can now show you the Collector’s Edition and Special Edition, both of which will be available at launch from 13th March across PAL markets.

First up, we have our Collector’s Edition which features the following content:

  • The ultimate GoW collectible – an 8″ Kratos figurine
  • Premium steelbook game case
  • Double XP bonus for multiplayer and a DLC pass to unlock all future DLC for the game at no additional cost (more to follow on these soon)
  • Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack (details below)
  • Official game soundtrack (digital version)
  • PS3 dynamic theme and an avatar pack

God Of War - collectors edition

And we also have a Special Edition which features the premium steelbook game case, the multiplayer double XP bonus, official game soundtrack (digital version) and a PS3 dynamic theme and an avatar pack.

God Of War - Special Edition

As well as the above, we have a Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack available for pre-order, featuring four armour sets from ancient Greece’s greatest mythological heroes, available for you to use in multiplayer.

God Of War - mythological heroes

Any questions on the above, just add them below!

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  • How about a God Of War SAGA Collection please? Annoys me when the US fans are appreciated & we’re not!

  • Wow, the Collectors Edition looks tempting ! Any word on the Total Recall Blue-ray (containing a demo for the game) promotion hitting the UK ?

  • OMG Collector’s Edition is so mine! Any info on the price?

  • Wow tempting indeed. That statue would look good beside my assassin creed collection. lol. What’s the prices for UK?

  • That steelbook game case does look nice :P :P :P

  • Nice, the steelbook looks great.

    I wouldn’t really want to go all out and get a statue so it’s a bit of a shame that there’s no other edition which includes the DLC pass

  • Excuse me if i am asking the obvious, but will this be going on psn, pre release etc, Or, seeing as sony are ‘involved’ with this franchise, would the obligatory £49.99 digital (mad) rrp be ‘awkward’, ie, no one could then say, ‘we don’t set the price’, be a interesting one to know. Am hyped for this, and unlike some i am really looking forwards to mp, and i Hate mp, mostly.. roll on March.
    @ catkiller1
    i had a US saga ed, but took it back, Grainger games, the origins parts are just digital downloads, but all in all the price was Very reasonable, just haven’t got the space, yet, need a 1TB, but don’t know of best place/price.

  • What is it with this pre order stuff.It’s on disc right,but getting locked because of retailers.

  • just been looking at the mp armour, awesome. but i have allways been a sucker for ancient Greek mythology, now which one is the best, …. hmm yep, the men in the white coats Have been called, will be back soonnnnnnnnnnn

  • Who’s making the statue? It looks great in the beauty shot but they almost never look any good in the actual product.

  • I once asked Sony Santa Monica on Twitter if the Omega Edition was coming to EU/UK. They said yes. Clearly whoever was using the SSM account at the time didn’t have a clue.

    I have been so excited about the Omega Edition, and now feel annoyed that we wont be getting it.

    Why only release certain editions in certain territories?

  • @9 chrisandsheva I bought a 1tb hard drive from amazon for about £70, it was easy to install but took a while to back up the old drive, glad I did it though

  • I will buy the CE if it’s available day 1 in Russia. In the past there were.. problems with collector’s editions here.

  • Will Sony shat all over EU again by asking premium prices in Euro while USA pays 80 USD for the collectors ed?

    GOWIII had the CE in USA back then for 100 bucks, while EUropeans had to pay 150 Euro. Crazy. Sure, we got 3 CD’s extra with music from GOW 1 to 3, but got a weak soft booklet while USA got a hard cover book and paying less.

  • Honestly, I’ll fork over whatever price SCEE will name. As long as this edition is available day 1.

  • @ Lord Gremlin

    I bet it’ll be 100 Euro overhere.

    Importing including shipment from the USA version might even be cheaper, that is, when one has a friend there that can ship it as a present/no import/tax added.

    Too bad that AxelPlanet.com is out of business, they imported USA versions too, and shipment was pretty cheap overthere. I think I bought the USA LBP2 CE from them for something like 85 Euro and getting more than the EU version while being at the same price pretty much.

  • @ silmorat1
    thnx m8.. i wouldn’t mind paying £70 for one, it’s a bit less than i thought tbh, But i try not to use online as it’s very awkward waiting/being home on certain days and such, But if i can’t find a shop one soon i will probably have to, am going to try cex (again) and another couple of likely shops this week, then if still no luck will look for that amazon deal… thnx again.

  • now that what i called a good looking steelbook day 1 for me

  • Gonna be importing mine from the US. Not just because its only $80 as opposed to at least £80 here but the OCD in me wont let me get the EU version. For all the comments you hear of a games cover art, NOBODY seems to care about the only bit of the case you EVER really see, the spine. For some totally unknown reason to me us in the EU always get the rubbish PS2 type font on the spine of ALL Sony exlusives whereas the US gets the real emblem of the games title on the spine of all their games.

    I know its picky of me but i noticed it ever since i imported the first GOW collection and ive done it ever since.

    Gotta keep them spines equal people. The PS2 type generic font of our EU games just looks so crappy next to other publishers games that put the real tital art on the spine, such as EA games.

    Go on, take a look at your spines, you know Im right.
    On another note, im really glad they’ve revised the deaign of the Kratos statue. The original was just the copy of the Sideshow statue that i already have but half as tall and made from plastic.

    Im now SOLD on this edition. Cant wait. Love Kratos and God Of War.

  • I hope I get the special edition for pre ordering at my local store. Although that CE is looking mighty fine, the figurine in particular is keeping me interested in this one, but with all the dlc included the price will probably be pretty high :p And buying a complete dlc pack up front can be risky too.. This one’ll be a tough choice :p

  • can we, Australian gamers, get a fair price for the CE edition? EBgames just list it on AUD 144. I know they sell it on Amazon US for USD 79.99. that’s almost twice the US price.

  • I am still waiting for the revelation of the trophy list, hoping, that there are no online trophies… I have played every God of War game so far and even got every Platinum Trophy. But I just can’t stand online Mulitplayer modes…

  • I’ll be sure to jump on the pre-orders for this as soon as they go live. Amazon, Play and Game don’t have the collector’s ed listed yet.

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  • AWSOME !!! :D

  • Hey Guys just to let you know that God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order at Shopto.Net and GameStop (Depending on what country you are from) :-)

  • The half greek in me quickens my blood each time I see this edition. I just went thru a really convoluted argument lasting months trying to convice mightyape.com that the image they had of Ascension’s CE wasn’t that but of GoW Origin’s CE, a South American CE to be precise. Seeing Mightyape have exclusivity on selling Ascensions CE in NZ I wanted to make sure Im getting the correct version of the game. They just went to google images and lazily dl’d the erroneous image onto their site without checking if it was kosher. Even Amazon didn’t have a packshot at the time. They would not listen to me telling them that the actual discs in this shot say GoW ORIGINS on them, their product manager refused to even speak to me. I suggest that Sony should vet who gets exclusives in the future and check that these companies are promoting the right product imagery when they have done so. Btw Anyone whom likes Kratos statues check Sideshow Colectibles 19″ Kratos maquette. Hand painted. I have one on my mantle…

  • Any ideas where the collectors edition can be pre-ordered in the UK? Can’t find it anywhere.

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