Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – the first screenshots

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – the first screenshots

The loyal PlayStation Blog readers amongst you might have noticed that Square Enix has been unusually quiet here in recent times, but no longer! Today we come bearing gifts! For all our RPG-loving fans we’re excited to bring you the world’s first screenshots of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PS3 (Chocobos included)!


In our first PlayStation 3 reveal we wanted to give you a guided tour around the UI and menus. With a wealth of different options and commands at your fingertips at any one time it was important for us to create an elegant UI that is easy to read and navigate. Taking inspiration from previous games the look and feel of the new FINAL FANTASY will be instantly familiar to long-time fans of the series.


In FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn we’ve put an extra emphasis on customisation. Knowing that everyone has their own personal tastes, not to mention the need to have a load-out that’s compliments the character and role you’re playing in-game, all of the UI elements that you see in the screenshots can be enabled, disabled, and repositioned to suit your preferences. Menus are also simple to navigate with the command you’re looking for being only a few button presses away.


The UI, like the rest of the game, is built to offer the high-quality experience that you would expect from its PC counterpart. With FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn supporting cross-platform gaming it was important that the features and gameplay align across both platforms. The graphical quality is no exception to this, and FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn takes full advantage of the PlayStation 3 resources to bring you the amazing visuals you’ve come to expect from FINAL FANTASY.


FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn’s development is well underway (currently entering an alpha test phase) and the PS3 version is still on track for simultaneous release with its PC counterpart in 2013. We hope these screenshots have got you salivating and eager for more, make sure you keep an eye on the blog because we’ll be back in the near future with some PS3 gameplay footage. If you’d like to find out more about FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and to view our latest trailer, head to

As always please leave your feedback and questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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18 Author Replies

  • I’ve been waiting for the PS3 version of this for far to long! I enjoyed FFXI back in the day and this is shaping up to be a solid MMO.

  • Not related to game but are Square-Enix Europe ever going to release PSOne imports? Parasite Eve, 2 and The 3rd Birthday are on the store so it make sense for the first, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross etc.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any news to announce on those titles at this time. This is a topic that has come up before so if anything changes and I have any updates, you can be sure I’ll be back on the PS Blog to talk about them.

  • Far from the first screenshots (they’ve released many screenshots of 2.0 this year. The earliest ones were over 6 months ago)
    First time showing the PS3 UI that you can see in the first screenshot though and it looks good.

    I’ll definitely be picking this up on PS3 once it releases. Still play the PC version and have been playing since the original alpha testing back in 2010 but really looking forward to playing it on PS3. :)

    • You’re absolutely right, there’s a wealth of information out there for anyone who wants to find out more about FFXIV:ARR. This is however the first shots specifically taken from the PS3 version. We know you guys have been eager for more specific information so it’s great to be able to come to the PlayStation blog and show you what the game will look like for you guys and gals.

      Glad to hear you’ve been with us from the start! It’s the community feedback that’s really helped us build a game that we know you’re going to love. High-five for that!

  • I would like to know if A Realm Reborn will feature a World Transfer service so I can migrate my characters to a server where there are people that I know are playing or intending to play once PS3 version is released.

    Will it run like Final Fantasy XI where console and PC players are on the same server or will it be like Sony’s DC Universe Online with different servers for PC and PS3?

    Will I be able to use my PC characters on the PS3 version like I can my PC characters on my Xbox on Final Fantasy XI?

    • Morning Rident, good to see you here!

      PS3 and PC gamers will be able to join the same worlds and play together.

      We’re currently testing out the World Transfer to see whether it’s a service we can offer on the day of release. Expect more updates nearer launch.

      As to whether you can use characters across both platforms, I don’t have the answer for you on that one at this time. I’ll find out and come back to you at a later date.

  • Used to love playing earlier versions of this years ago!

  • This has to be one of the most confusing development histories I’ve seen since Duke Nukem. Announced back in 2009 for just the PS3 at the time. Released in 2010 on the P.C and then went into redevelopment that same year to Realm Reborn and no solid news on the PS3 release until now. Square-Enix needs to sort out their game development issues fast!

    They may have become a great Publisher by acquiring Western Developer but their own in house teams are a joke! I was gonna pick this up in the past but as we’re getting close to the next-gen I think i’ll give it a miss. Also where on earth is FF:V13 another example of bad development by Square.

  • Any news on Final Fantasy X HD ? Really want to plough through it on my Vita !

  • @4 Ridentffxi There are plans for server transfers in 2.0
    Also from what I hear there will be an option to move server once 2.0 launches but I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not (there were server merges earlier this year as well if you didn’t know so you may have merged with your friend’s server)

    @6 Wrexend This isn’t the first info for the PS3 release. They’ve released a lot of info over the past year and the release was originally planned for March 2011 but was delayed due to how bad the PC launch was.
    The game really needed to go back into development but because they’d already messed up and launched it, making 2.0 behind the scenes whilst updating the current version was the only feasible option to be able to save the game to give it a second chance.

    I agree that they’ve made a lot of bad choices though and rushing the launch for this was definitely one of them.
    Thankfully the game is considerably better than it was back then and 2.0 looks like it will be the launch that the game should have had.

  • This looks nice and pretty but why aren’t we getting ANY news on FF Versus XIII? I’m not talking about a trailer but maybe just a screenshot to let us know it’s not dead yet?

    • Unfortunately we’re only talking about FFXIV:ARR today. I don’t have any news on Versus other than it’s still in development. As soon as we have something to show you can be sure that I’ll be posting it here straight away.

  • Is this going to have the same stupid subscription as FFXIV? where it’s £6.99 to sub then an extra £2 per character slot? if so i won’t be buying this as it’s a complete rip-off to have to pay more money to make a new player.

    • Sorry you feel this way. Like most MMOs we have ongoing server and development costs that we need to cater for. We want to offer you a payment option that’s strikes a balance between being reasonable and offering you a great experience and service.

      As to the specific PS3 costs of FFXIV:ARR, we won’t be revealing these until closer to the game’s release.

  • Looks great, can i ask when the beta will start? And is there a chance PS+ users could get in? thanks!

  • I played the first month of FFXI and FFXIV on PC, and although i think they are great games, just the progress rate was soooo slow, it fealt draining, especially since its pay per month.

    I think it would be much nicer to play on PS3 and also like the interface console, but once again, not keep on the monthly :(

    I am curious though. Will the monthly sub work the same as the PC version portal? or will it be a item on the store?

    I do feel Square should look at a F2P model, rather sell extra junk to users that want to expand there experience.

  • i love ff serie

    but on ps3 = nope

    i need big world -vilages
    see armore + weapons on u carakter when u buy
    – carakter u created like skyrim
    also xp grinding i love + i need to controle every move of mi carakters en not some paradimm chift system .

    + online future like guild wars = no fee !!!
    guild wars = i buy + lots extra

    wow – ff – star wars …. = nope

    pay game – pay big expansions = al jes but i say NOOOOOOOOOOOOO against monyhly pay .

  • 2 things…

    1) Can we please have Xenogears (My favorite game ever) Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger PSone classics? (I’m sure there are others if I just try to remember for a bit, but thoose are the ones I want the most).

    2) Final Fantasy XIII vs. When? Been waiting for that since announcement back in like what? 2006?

  • Looks sick. Never been interested in them before but this looks like it might be a good place to start my MMO career.

  • Back when XIII came out, first generation copies got a redeemable code to apply for beta testing XIV when it came to ps3. This code also came with an exclusive item of some sort. Will we be seeing any more of this?

  • Screen shots love amazing and will love to finally be able to play this after waiting all these years :)

    My only concern is how well it will run on the PS3, having played DC Universe Online from Beta and seeing how poorly that performed at the start, and that was a game with lesser graphics and simpler menus.

    But hopefully when the beta testing starts I will be lucky enough to try it… hint hint ;)

    • This is one of the reasons you’ve had to wait so long. Not only does the game offer a great MMO/RPG experience, but we we’re adamant that the PS3 and PC experiences had to be as close as possible. Obviously you can only take my word on this for now, but hopefully when you see the PS3 gameplay video you will be able to see what I mean.

  • Benjamin, the FFXIV development roadmap on the FFXIV Lodestone states closed beta test for PS3 was Nov/Dec. Has that now been pushed back to March as the PC Alpha test is due to start end of Oct / beginning of Nov?

    If so, that’s quite a delay :(

    • The large arrow wedge on that roadmap symbolises the reboot phase as a whole that extends into 2013. This phase has begun with billing systems being turned off, character data frozen, etc. Ultimately we’re still doing a lot of testing but you can expect more concrete news about the alpha and PS3 beta on Lodestone and in future Letters from the Producer. All I can confirm is that the Alpha has been confirmed for March. If I find out any more information I’ll come back and let you know.

    • It looks my information is incorrect (sorry for the confusion) in the latest Producer Letter it was confirmed that the Alpha stage is on schedule for the end of October

  • I never played or seen this game in action before so don’t know what it’s like. Could someone tell me what the gameplay and all that is like compared to the normal final fantasy games?

    For anyone that wants the latest news on final fantasy versus check out this link:

    Latest news on Lightnings game:

    News on kingdom hearts 1.5 reMIX

    Also anyone that might be interested in kingdom hearts 3, i heard it wont be in development until AFTER final fantasy versus

  • wait what? your only running a closed alpha test in March? how long away is this game from launch?. I give up with S-E on Final Fantasy. No new info on FFX HD or FFvs13. Don’t know if KH 1.5 HD is coming to the west and now by the looks of FF14 it wont be hitting till september next year at this rate.

    Worse thing is by the time any of these launches we will have had 3 Final Fantasy 13 games launched which is proper depressing.

  • pro tip launch your game without a monthly fee and introduce it like 3 months later you will sell three times the amount of copies in the west there really seems to be a growing hatred of subscriptions. I know i would buy this if i could get AT LEAST two months free

  • As someone who had access to FF XIV on the PC and currently plays XIII-2 on the PS3 … I miss those days when Squaresoft was my most adored developer and when I was willed to pay little fortunes for US imports as a kid and never got disappointed.

    FF XIV ARR means nothing to me. When even SWTOR will turn free to play, why should people bother to pay fees for … this? Sorry, I simply don’t see how this should manage to compete with the like of Guild Wars 2.

    Seriously Benjamin, I’d appreciate if you’d focus on giving us Chrono Trigger and especially Chrono Cross. Never played the second one.

  • @Benjamin. Thanks for the clarification! I can’t wait for this game, as I’ve really enjoyed my time in FFXI and am looking forward to spending more time in FFXIV:ARR :)

  • a Final Fantasy MMO on a playstation in europe?
    i only had to wait a decade for that to happen.

  • Wow, so this game really exists! And you won’t have to sell a different one more times than FF7 to make it happen? ;)

  • Great news about the alpha testing coming so soon, but can you clarify if that’s PC alpha testing or both Systems??

    PS3 will need a lot of alpha testing and I’m willing to help :)

  • If it’s not F2P I’ll need some form of demo to even consider it.

    I did the same with DC universe.It went F2P and I spent 8 hours playing,it felt I’d got my moneys worth and I payed tenner.I think i’ve put 30-40 quid into DC subs over a year or so.That’s 30-40 quid they wouldn’t of got without F2P.

  • My interest for this one had gone up and down. The CGI trailer was absolutely awesome. But apparently the game back then was very bug-ridden.. And my question seems to already have been answered above.. The extra costs is the main reason I have never gotten into the mmorpg genre. Too bad I’m going to miss out on all this beauty again, but gaming is plenty expensive as it is :p

    • There’s so many great games out there and only so many I can buy! I feel your pain. Hopefully nearer launch we can reveal more about the costs and answer your questions. In the meantime I look forward to coming back to the blog in the future and showing PS3 gameplay footage, which should give you a better idea on the level of quality we’re aiming for.

  • hmmm…

    I’m not sure about this…I loved the Final Fantasy series until I played FFXIII and I have to say that was one of the worst games I ever played. I can remember the days when I was excited at the prospect of Squaresoft making a new game.

    MMO JRPG on the ps3 this interests me yet I’m wary. Ultimately it will depend on cost. I’m not up for paying yearly subscription fees to play online (why I stopped paying for xbox live)

  • @ Ben

    “As to the specific PS3 costs of FFXIV:ARR, we won’t be revealing these until closer to the game’s release.”

    Please consider this; I have huge interest in FF14 but I have ZERO interest in a monthly sub. I don’t have the free time available to me to justify the recurring cost. That said, I am keen enough to pay an elevated initial cost for the game to ensure a ‘lifetime’ subscription, call it a Special Edition or something.

    Without a consideration to this, I’m afraid, for me, this FF will join all other MMOs with monthly subs and F2Ps on my ‘Do not get’ list. :(

    • Absolutely, feedback like this is important. We collate everything you guys and gals are saying so we can make the most informed decisions. Nothing to confirm at the moment like I said, but expect to hear more about it in the future.

  • Has the Final Fantasy 14 game and install size been decided?

    • While we have specific technical targets that we’re aiming for we’re not at a point in development where we can discuss the final install size.

  • haters are going to hate.. squares other games u guys are crying about are on hold because of this game. square fronted all there own money for this game to make it perfect. and i beleave that will happen. houseing system crafting free companies all sound awesome and fun. square will be taking 15 bucks from my wallet every month 4 along time to come.. there going to have voice overs in missions and quest. with faster combat gameplay i can see alot of other mmo players moving to this game..

  • on and i do have a question have u heard anything about voice chat on the ps3 ? i know alot of my friends on dcuo are wondering.. me i played ffxi 4 over 6 years voice is no big deal. but other people that play games on the ps3 don’t even know they can use a keyboard on the ps3 or ps2.

  • I agree with Danlisa about the monthly sub. Perhaps it could have more choices to select from. Like say make it similar to buying ps+, can get a 1 month sub, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or even a 12 month with each 1 getting cheaper the longer it last.

    Another thought for paying could be buying a certain amount of time to play. Many people would like to play other games so surely they don’t want to pay for something they aren’t playing so perhaps maybe pay for the amount of time spent in the game rather than paying for days that doesn’t get played. Would mean would need to allow players to keep track in game how much they have left before they can top up to continue playing. Just a thought. Seems like a solution to allow players to pay for what they played rather than pay for something they didn’t play.

    An example of a bad payment plan would be doing the same thing as call of duty elite, it was paid for at the start but after a while got bored of it so it seemed like a big waste as it hasn’t been used. Am sure many wouldn’t want to do something like this again

  • For those asking more about the payment model, we revealed details as part of our legacy campaign. You can find out more here:

  • A few questions:
    1) Will is launch in all countries or only the few SCUK cares for?
    2) Will it go live befor the anouncement of the PS4 is made?
    3) How will it compare to Dust considering that one is free to play?
    4) Is the gameplay real time or as exiting as most FF games (if you like MSExcel)?

  • suprised 2 see SEE on this blog considering it ignores anything about it’s fans wanting classic yet it expect us 2 buy their games while we get ignored and treated like crap.
    for once do something right and release the damn classic it’s a joke how you guys exploit fans with Final fnatasy it’s basicly selling a dead horse and it’s been dyinjg since FFXIII

  • from a personal point of view the payment model will not get my custom, just like ffxi. The main reason being although i love final fantasy, i have all of the games, a huge collection of figures ect…. but although im willing to try mmorpg i cant justify the £8.99 per month subscription when i would only get the chance to play for say 10-20 hours per week due to other life commitments, though the most off putting thing is that i would be expected to pay the £39.99 for the game for basically only being able to play for a week for “free”. you would have to include a minimum of a two month supscription with the game for “free” at purchase for me to even consider paying for it. I understand you have overheads on the server ect but people can play fifa and modern warfare for free online 24/7 if they wished

  • …i know the games are different but in this economy you would do better to offer, as i just said, a significant amount of subscription with the initial purchase or people will be put off. I know 3 others who love final fantasy and have all said that they feel the same and wont pick the game up without a significant “free” period. And who knows we may all love it and the feel like we have to subscribe but we would have been given two months to enjoy what we payed for in the initial prchase then the subscription wouldnt feel as painfully unfair on the wallet. Still what do i know about marketing and long term plans for maximising the customer base and profit.

  • , i know the games are different but in this economy you would do better to offer, as i just said, a significant amount of subscription with the initial purchase or people will be put off. I know 3 others who love final fantasy and have all said that they feel the same and wont pick the game up without a significant “free” period. And who knows we may all love it and the feel like we have to subscribe but we would have been given two months to enjoy what we payed for in the initial prchase then the subscription wouldnt feel as painfully unfair on the wallet. Still what do i know about marketing and long term plans for maximising the customer base and profit.

  • can the mod delet my duplicate post as i cant for some reason

  • What’s the point to release a online game on a console that’s going to end in a few months? Square Enix really screwed up all PS3 games this generation.

  • Oke i dont comment often here on the blog , but for this i do .

    And i want too say that this news made me happy , i will play it and want too thanks Square enix and Sony for bringin this too Ps3 .

    i hope this will be a succes and it will open up that path for more of this on my favorite console.

  • definitely despise a game you must buy and then subsequently subscribe to, the only thing thats been holding me back from WoW all these years. some people lead very busy lives and will not get their money’s worth of play time.

    with the rise in multiplayer communities for gaming in general, subscribing is getting really outdated.

    if one absolutely cant do without milking customers after theyv paid quite an amount for the game in the first place, at least take concepts from games as simple as Runescape where much of the game is free to play that it’d last someone a while with optional membership for extra quests and goodies.
    to be honest, id even rather things come out in ridiculously priced DLC as long as it was a one time payment.

    its probably a bit too late now but who knows, many an MMO which had people subscribing for ages have converted their games to F2P.
    id love the idea of getting on board with my first ever MMORPG but until they are one initial cost only i shall have to remain in the dark.. waiting… :D

  • 30@ = if them ask 100-120 € after i am abel to try demo + i like
    i can play life time = ok
    if them bring later BIG dlc i stil gone pay if i am intrested .

    if i need pay montly , not good deal = 1 day i play 2 hr other 0 other 9 ….

    u also pay when u play 0 hr = very bad system

  • 42@ = jep good question = need corect anword .
    maby if them say = ps3 / ps4 compatibel + 1 time pay = more intrest
    + do micromanegment later new armore _ weapens .

  • sory antword need to be reply ;)

  • First I have to say thank you Square-Enix for bringing some of the best games of all time to us gamers. I am really looking forward to Final Fantasy X HD (that game was almost perfect!) and I really hope the Kingdom Hearts Collection will come to the EU.

    The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is the best storytelling franchise on the PS3 and I am really excited for the Lightnings next adventure.

    No, for Final Fantasy XIV. Since it is an online game and I had great difficulties in enjoying the Story missions due to my time constraints and the difficulty in finding a suitable party willing to do missions I have only 1 question:

    Will the Story-Missions be possible to be done solo or are you “forced” to find a party to be able to win the story battles? I do not mind the pricing model… I just fear that I will not be able to progress through the story of the game because I only have 1-2 hours of gametime a day.

  • Let’s hope this will be a great FF title. After all it has Chocobos. xD

    Haven’t found info on keyboard + mouse support on PS3, do you have any news about it?


  • Haha I shouldn’t post in the morning. Just read again and completely missed the fact that these were PS3 screenshots (yeah I should have expected them to be if they’re posted here!)

    And whilst many may not have liked the game on launch, I can easily say the November 2010 patch is the one that saved it for me. Since that patch up until now this game has easily become my most played game ever. Primarily because I hated random skill points so when that was changed I fell in love with the game.

    I’m kinda glad that there isn’t a feature to show my total playtime… I’d hate to see how high it is.

    And high five back! Can’t wait for 2.0!

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