Sackboy hits the launch button on Project (Near) Space in Australia

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Sackboy hits the launch button on Project (Near) Space in Australia


Sackboy is preparing for his biggest little big adventure yet! Later this month Sackboy will rocket from Australian soil, and journey into the Earth’s ‘sackosphere’ attached to a meteorological balloon!

Yes, you read that right, our hessian hero Sackboy is preparing to soar over 30 miles above this wide brown land. There’s just one problem… Sackboy’s basically naked! Seriously though, he needs an astro suit for his maiden extraterrestrial voyage, and that’s where you come in.

Head to and use our ‘Suitinator’ to design a suit for Sackboy.


‘Create’ and submit your design, and if chosen, you’ll see the suit made and worn by one very happy astro-Sack as he waves goodbye to the ozone layer.

It doesn’t stop there though! Later this month, the next phase will offer Sackboy lovers the chance to ‘play’: with a range of clues, community members can estimate and mark his landing spot by placing a pin on the map. More on that to follow…

What are you waiting for? Stretch off those mouse-clicking fingers and head to to design Sackboy’s suit.

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  • Thats an awesome promotion. Would be great if there was a camera attached so we could see pics/videos etc of his trip. Very interested in following what will happen.

    Its obvious though that he needs to go up on his spacesuit

  • Great idea!

    I’m still behind in getting LBP Vita but hopefully i’ll get it soon enough, if i can find some money that is.

    Btw, does anyone have a Jak 2 and Jak 3 key they could give away? Just wondering seeing as my disc version isn’t working anymore. Off topic, i know.

    Awesome idea, though! :D

  • @2 Have you tried contacting Sony, they may be offer a fix

    PS LBP is awesome, you have to get it :)

  • @3 Yes i phoned them, friend, unfotunately the issue’s still there and i have no option but to trade in my disc in hope for gaining money to buy the digital versions.

    PS thanks for that, i’m on it :D

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