Joe Danger 2 out today: new video and PS Plus deal!

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Joe Danger 2 out today: new video and PS Plus deal!


Hello World! I can’t describe what this feels like. Joe Danger 2 is released on PlayStation 3 today. This is both the most exciting and nerve wracking day of my life.

Two years ago Hello Games released Joe Danger for PSN. We were four friends, we were broke, so we had to release the game. People loved it, but to us it wasn’t finished, there was so much more we wanted to do. If we could have, we’d have spent two more years, with twice as many people! Luckily that’s what the support of our fans and community has allowed us to do.

We’ve had a lot of fun making this game, but plenty of ups and downs too. I wanted to share a little behind the scenes video that our artist Grant made. Hopefully it gives a flavor of what it’s like to be part of Hello Games, and the excitement we feel today.

I want people who have played Joe Danger to death to think “Now that’s how you do a sequel”. If you haven’t played the game before, I want to blow you away with a game where you dodge avalanches, stop nuclear missiles, fight robots, chase dinosaurs and fly jetpacks!

You can find some great reviews here, here and here!

With 10 hours of extra content, featuring “Joe Danger Gaiden“, as well as YouTube support, extra gameplay tweaks and some hidden extras I hope that PS3 is the ultimate version.


Once again, Joe Danger is on the store in Europe today and we really hope you enjoy it! Spread the word!

And one more thing. If you are a PS Plus user, be sure to check out our bundle of Joe Danger 1 and 2 for £7.99/€9.99. That’s an amazing deal for two of the highest rated PSN titles released, with around 80 hours of gameplay in total.

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a mail!

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7 Author Replies

  • WOW !! That’s a killer price.. but.. I already own Joe Danger 1, is there any separate discount for Joe Danger 2 ?

    • Hello! I think it’s a great deal, we’re really happy we managed to bring it together.
      It’s actually just a great deal for Joe Danger 2 as well. JD2 on it’s own is €12.99 (£9.99), but in this pack is €9.99 (£7.99)! That’s 30% off!

      If you own Joe Danger already, this also contains 4 new characters for the original :)

  • hi sean is there a platinum trophy for this?

  • Meh I would rather just have a ps+ discount on Joe Danger 2.

  • I actually wondered the other day, whats the chances of seeing a xbox remote on the Playstation blog?

    Guess that answer’s it :)

    I only played demo of Joe Danger 1, was fun, but wasnt sure on the worth of the game.
    Possibly will give it a shot with that bundle, good price.

  • @#1 Like wise I have Joe Danger 1 and lived it. Would love to see a deal for Joe Danger 2.

  • And are we getting it for Vita? It can’t be a coincidence, that both recent news on JD2 we “Filed for” PS Vita

  • That’s good, but still waiting for Jawad’s Store update blog.

  • Would be a great game for the vita too .

  • Amazing deal for PS+ members! Thanks for that!

  • Yeah, I’m like most others who already have Joe Danger 1. The Majority of fans excited for this game will be the ones who bought the original, then got sad when the sequel went to Xbox. It’s amazing to have it back, but we still have the first game… a bundle that includes it isn’t really that great, because we’re not really getting anything extra.

    Having said that, I expected the game to be £9.99. So only £7.99 for the bundle is a great price anyway, but a little PS+ bonus discount can always bring a bigger smile :)

    • It’s a fantastic deal I think, given that it contains not just the first game (which is like 25+ hours long), plus the second game (with around 40 hours of gameplay) and then 10 hours of bonus content for PS3 players. Even if you own the first game, hopefully it’s still great value :)

      Thank you for your support of the original!

  • I already have the first game so the discount just feels wrong to get. I know its still cheaper than buying the second game alone but it just feels wrong…

    I dont want to buy the bundle because I have the first game. But I also dont want to buy the second alone because its more expensive than the bundle. Its a physiological paradox and I might end up not getting either and wait for a future deal. Worst marketing strategy ever!

  • Great job guys. Look forward to downloading this later. Can’t wait to play Joe’s latest outing. Keep up the good work :)

  • I wonder if devs ever get sick of working so hard to be greeted by such a annoying response from some commenters. You save no matter what and it is a FANTASTIC deal.

    I was addicted to JD1, dangerously so. Tried to tick off every challenge for every level before moving on. I will be getting this for sure but only after the current AAA rush of games has calmed down a bit. I know if I buy it I’ll want to play it. So my question: How long is the PS+ deal on for?

    Also, I don’t care but Sony might: There is a 360 controller in the first picture. I wish for a world where we all coexist! But I know the companies don’t like advertising the ‘other consoles’.

  • After playing JD2 at the Eurogamer Expo it was already a definite purchase for me – the deal just sweetens the purchase for me (I already have JD1 – but hey, a discount is a discount, right??)

  • Call me an old skeptic but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that, as an owner of JD1, the store won’t *let* me buy the JD1/JD2 pack… We’ll see… Hope I’m wrong… ;)

    • You’ll definitely be able to download the bundle, and you’ll get some free DLC for JD1 when you do too :)

  • I don’t get why you don’t want the bundle. It’s cheaper. Just don’t play JD1 :/

    Also this raises the point that PSN needs gifting. As people wouldn’t be weirdly complaining about a great deal if they had someone to gift JD1 to.

  • So no special deal for the beta testers of Joe Danger 1.
    Thats another slap in the face.
    Also the first one is so frustrating that most peeps wont get the 25 hours out of it. If it was the Xbox version then it would be something else, but it´s not.
    You say Hello, I say Goodbuy.

  • Great work hello games! I’ll be picking it up… Also, have no idea where to report something on the PSN store… been wanting to buy the preorder version of Worms revolution on the front page of the PSN, but it says the following:

    “This content cannot be accessed on your account”

    I’d love to order it and take advantage of the worms golf preorder bonus before the offer is over. Please help!

  • Wow talk about ungrateful. You’re being given a fantastic deal and you’re still moaning. People are so ungrateful nowadays.

  • Is that Kevin Butler with the Xbox controller?

  • It’s funny how people’s minds work. If you had just offered the sequel with a discount people would be happy about it. But since you also decided to include the first one, it feels as if the ones who supported you in the beginning get a worse deal than the new customers.

    Thinking logically, I think this is a great idea. However, I can’t help feel a little bit sad. Go figure xD
    Regardless, I’m a great fan of Joe Danger. Congratz on the new release =)

    • I know where you are coming from, but we only had one the opportunity to put a single offer on PS Plus. What we decided to do was hopefully the best of both worlds that gives a great deal to people who own JD1, and people who don’t!

      Normally a bundle would be half price at best, but we went even further to give JD1 owners a good deal on PS Plus this month too :)

      Also! It contains all the DLC for JD1 as well!

  • JD2 looks super cool! sounds like its jam-packed full of fun stuff too. never played the first game, so will totally look into the Plus deal, sounds like a great price for both :). cant wait to give it a go.

    hehe, the unanswered platinum trophy question may have actually got an answer because it was left… unanswered xD (my brains in noodles now).

  • That’s a superb deal Sean – I know I was one of the ones that asked for a bundle deal with 1 and 2 included.

    As you point out for the ones that already own JD1 – it’s still a good saving for Plus members.

    Do you have any plans to release a bundle (say£11/12.99) of JD1 and 2 for nonPlus members? or even a sale on the original JD?

    I personally will not buy plus and I’m just wondering whether to get this today or if something will come along with both games in.

  • Very good deal – these games are basically being sold at a “sale price” but in a combined group, very good work!

    One thing that I can object to in this blog entry is the picture. Now I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to advertise a rival system on a Sony website!

  • @11 Hyodra. WORST MARKETING STRATEGY EVER?!!! Are you for real? Why because your OCD wont let you buy a game you already have, even though its bundled together with the new sequel for a price LOWER than the sequel itself?
    Your right it is the worst strategy ever, for Hello Games’ Shareholders, if they have them. For us its yet ANOTHER amazing deal thrown our way by SCEE’s Plus division, which is just getting better and better every week.

    There really is no pleasing some people is there.

    Feels WRONG? Just dont download JD1 if it bothers you that much.

  • @21 Answer by Sean:
    I think so as well. Like I said, I think it’s a great idea. Quite possibly the best idea possible (specially if you could only do one single offer)both for customers and Hello Games given you made a high quality game. Offer something good to the fans and give a little extra incentive to turn new customers into fans. Given you’re a small company, it ends up being better for us fans ‘cuz it increases your sales and allows for more or even better games in the future. I was just perplexed at the emotional reactions (my own included =P).

    All the best!

  • I just played the US demo and was automatically pushed into the store after playing 2 very short levels. Canceled this and when I got back into the game it freezed my system with a resulting db check after the restart.

    Dear Hello Games, when I want to buy a game I’ll manage it on my own. You don’t have to force me into the store. Intended purchase canceled.

    • :(

      It always asks you before taking you to the Store! The message you got there told you, you had earned a Trophy in the full game, and asked if you wanted to purchase it. The actual demo is about 6 levels long :)

  • Hey, it *does* work! :D

    PlayStation Store Team: One
    QW’s internal old skeptic: Nil!

  • Would love to see this on Vita also, would be almost a perfect game for it. I know you are a small studio, but considering you already made a PS3 version, it might not be that hard a port, with some help from Sony, which I’m guessing would love to see it on Vita also :)

    *pst* Please do cross support :)

  • No, thanks!

    After being considered a beta tester, won’t be making the same mistake again.

  • A Vita version (cross buy so I don’t have to pay again) would be awesome. Hello Games – get it sorted :-)

    As for the deal – nice price for the first game + DLC and the second with the added extras. I already own the first but I’ll be getting the bundle for sure.

    Thank you for (finally) bringing the game back to where it belongs.

  • @Sean
    Oh, guess it was my mistake then, sorry. And I probably should have rather blamed Sony for the poor store integration anyway. ;)

  • Hello Games…

    Posts something in PlayStation Blog.

    Has a guy in the picture playing with a Xbox!

  • I tried the demo of JD2 with my hype at star level and…i’m sorry Sean, but technically is so BAD!
    So much aliansing that seem an subHD game (maybe it is…), it’s worse than the first JD!
    And yes, the 360 version of JD2 is better on this front.

    On this blog post:

    you have suggested to look the official screens… but those are bullshot in confront to the final game.

    I don’t accept to pay for a BAD porting one month later the 360 version… maybe one day, if you release the game on the PC… but seriously… this PS3 version is a joke :/

  • Wow it’s pretty hard to find the bundle! Nice way to make ps+ members who don’t visit this blog pay full price without knowing there is a cheaper bundle.

  • Theres an awful lot of PSN games I’d have no hesitiation in buying if they were released for Vita as well. This being one of them.

  • I really wish I hadn’t just wasted my last bit of psn credit on this, I thought it was a much better game than it is. My felt I guess I should of read/watched more about the game before buying.

  • Good stuff guys¡

  • Probably will buy it, backlog of games to play getting massive…
    need to outsource my gaming to India soon. :(

  • Nice update! :)

  • Cannot access the bundle deal, says my account can’t access this content… :(

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