Dishonored: Unleash supernatural powers this week on PS3

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Dishonored: Unleash supernatural powers this week on PS3

Later this week, we release Dishonored, our new first-person action game developed by the talented team at Arkane Studios.

Dishonored puts you in the role of Corvo Attano, bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall. A pretty good gig… until you’re falsely accused of killing her, kidnapping her daughter, and subsequently imprisoned/tortured by the sinister Lord Regent! Despite this, you remain the best hope for saving Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is on the verge of complete collapse.

Early in your quest, you will receive “The Outsider’s Mark” — a mysterious tattoo on your left hand that grants you supernatural abilities. As you progress through the game, this mark will allow you to unlock new abilities, each of which can be upgraded to a second level for improved functionality.

Below is a look at two of the development team’s favourite abilities:

Devouring Swarm: Summons a vicious swarm of rats that will consume corpses or attack the nearest living thing. Level two summons a larger, more vicious swarm of rats.

Wind Blast: Release a powerful blast of wind, knocking your enemies off their feet. This power will also douse fires, shatter wooden doors, and reflect projectiles back at the enemy who fired them. Level two increases the power of the blast.

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4 Author Replies

  • Well I have my doubts about the game or more specific the ps3version.

    Will this game be as bad in comparison to the Xbox360 of Skyrim?

    • The game runs great on PlayStation 3. I wouldn’t just take my word for it though. There’s plenty of PS3-specific reviews that are up for the game already.

  • Does this game have support for mods like the elder scroll games?

  • Bethesda? +es that mean it will have crippling framerate lag for 6 months?

    I assume the DLC will be a Microsoft exclusive for 30 days? After which it won’t work at all and then Bethesda will just abandon the PS3 version?

    Am I wrong to judge you by past products?

    • We’re doing everything we can to support our PlayStation community. Our Skyrim dev team continues to work on bringing DLC to PS3. When there’s new info to share, we’ll let you guys know.

      As already noted, we think you’ll have a blast with Dishonored on PS3. I’ve been playing it on my test kit at work for a few weeks now.

  • Game pre-ordered =)

  • Can’t wait to get stealthy in this :p Still loving Skyrim as well :p

  • looks like a very cool game! kinda like a mix up of the crazy powers and setting of Bioshock and the stealth of Deus Ex.

    cant wait to give it a go!

    • It’s a lot of fun for us to hear the comparisons made between Dishonored and Bioshock/Thief/Deus Ex/Half-Life 2. Those are the types of games Arkane loves playing, too.

  • I know it’s Arkane studio but as long as Bethesda is not telling me why I didn’t get my promissed DLC and their seal of aproval is on the box, they not get my money.

  • it looked like a good game til i realised bethesda was involved its a no point in bothering from me !!!!! how long have you been in the business and still cant code games ?

  • Why can’t we pre-order this with PSN? or is that only for America?


  • Same as most on here, looks really good but Beth have lost my respect so I won’t bother with this unfortunately.

  • I think Bethesda should “unleash” a patch for Skyrim on the PS3 that fixes the lag and framerate issues. Just saying…

    Are there any PS3 gameplay videos for Dishonored? I’ve only seen X360 videos/a few PC videos so far. Not a good sign considering what happened with Skyrim, i know Arkane are a separate studio but…three broken games in a row makes it hard to trust Bethesda.

  • Day 1 digital copy?

    Day 1 digital + £39.99 price = day 1 purchase on ps store.

  • What exactly does the Nordic edition offer? Im deciding between buying it in store or online…

  • I have a question about the supernatural powers.
    Does the mana/magic bar regenerate over time or we need potions to refill it?

  • not buying this game – was a Bethesda supporter for many years (shelling out for collector editions of games, first day buy of all dlc, the collector strategy guides etc and over numerous consoles (xbox, xbox360, ps3)- I even bought Wet for chrissakes

    but never again – not after the excessive delay of Skyrim dlc. I’m done cheers for making games I enjoyed for a decade but I won’t give Bethesda any more money. You couldn’t code for the ps3 should have hired someone that could (its been out for 5 years, people earn university degrees in less time)

  • If there was a third person mode I’d buy this, but first person always seems to give me a headache, so not for me I guess.

  • Thanks for not including English audio on the german version. It really helps to prevent grey market purchases….

  • Boycott Bethesda all you want, you’ll be foolish to miss this game.

  • Feels bad knowing I wont be buying this.My favourite genre (FPS Adventure/RPG) But the publishers on my no buy list.
    It’s not because of Skyrim,I’d already finished with’s just things like ports,DLC deals,PR BS.Just had enough of them.I do hope it does well,but I’m a stubborn git.

  • Cant wait for this! Looking like a strong contender of GOTY! Stealth Assassin games are the best, I think this and Hitman will be my most played games this year.

    Any chance of some Avatars?

  • I’m sorry Bethesda, but until you fix Skyrim for PS3, i’m not throwing anymore money in your direction. I feel sorry for Arkane Studios, they should have worked with a different publisher….

  • When I decided to pre-order Dishonored a couple of months ago, I thought to myself, “Bethesda… hmmm.. better pick this up for the 360”. I realise it’s a different studio that developed this title but having been bitten by Skyrim on the PS3 I didn’t want to take any chances. I really hope Bethesda can win back my trust as the PS3 has become my preferred platform in recent years.

  • Oh bethesda makes it.. I won’t be getting this then.

  • Hope Pete Hines comes by here and reads this, he can change our minds with his awesome PR skills.

  • @craigiverson

    I’m with you on that. Not because first person games give me a headache it’s just that in my experience I ALLWAYS seem to enjoy games that are in third person!

    All down to personal taste I suppose. A bit like I would prefer it if Far Cry 3 was coming out as a third person game rather than first person.

    Third Person view FTW :-D IMO ;-)

  • After Bethesda flat out lied about Skyrim on PS3 (which is broken and in fact a fraud – dear god laws can’t keep up with this market) it’s safer to just never buy Bethesda games. Until say a couple of years later, when everybody and their dog confirmed that this one does indeed work.

  • @DJrya and others

    Dishonored wasn’t developed by Bethesda. It was developed by Arkane Studios and merely published by Bethesda.

  • What about EU pre-order version? Is it only on US Store?

  • @ blendercat27

    most people know Bethesda didn’t create The Dishonoured – however they are the publisher of it and Arkane Studios was bought out by Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media

    That there is enough for me to avoid. I won’t put another 50p in the coffers of Bethesda or more accurately ZeniMax Media.

    Maybe before Bethesda starts publishing other games they fix the last one they made

  • @blendercat27

    I can’t speak for everyone but I already know that, it doesn’t change my view point. Bethesda have done nothing but screw up porting to PS3 this gen and I will not let them see anymore of my money.

  • you need to separate out bethesda zenimax the publisher (who’ve put out stuff like id’s rage and the upcoming doom bfg edition) from bethesda softworks the developer (who made skyrim). their big RPGs are still made with the morrowind engine which is old and decrepit and it doesn’t really support multiple processors well which is largely where PS3 has an advantage (6 usable cores) over the xbox (which has much easier/more flexible memory management). dishonored isn’t made with that game engine.

    anyway, digital foundry posted vids of the PS3/x360 versions of dishonored and they looked identical. i was somewhat interested in this but all the comparisons to bioshock have rather put me off.. that was a well-lauded game, but i didn’t really like the gameplay at all, though the idea and design were good.

  • @dogwalker4000 – @Izorpo

    I’m not going to try and convince anybody to buy this. I didn’t bother with Skyrim, and indeed the last Bethesda-published game I even remembering buying was Brink, or Wet (whichever came last). But I think Dishonored looks really good, and the few reviews I’ve seen so far are good(particularly Kevin VanOrd’s review at GameSpot).

    Like I always say: You can scold a dog when it craps on your rug, but if you don’t pat it when it behaves well, then how will it ever learn?

  • @Matt Grandstaff
    What about exclusive pre-order DLC’s are all of us going to get them on PSN later???

  • If you are worried about the quality of the PS3 version read this:

  • @twistedintoform

    no Skyrim did NOT use the same engine as Morrowind. Morrowind used Netimmerse and Gamebyro while Skyrim used Creation Engine Havoc Physics. One only has to google both games to see the difference.


    the game may be the best thing since toffee that doesn’t pull out fillings but I will not buy anything new Bethesda even sniffs at. I’ve given Bethesda too much money over the last decade (I even have Call of Cthulhu)and tired of defending them as I have done many times over that decade. As a consumer and supporter of their games for many years the only way I know to protest over the shoddy treatment of Skyrim is with my wallet. And the only way I will ever play anything either by or put out by Bethesda will be bought used.

  • lol Skyrim made on Morrowind engine, that made my day.

    This does look good though. I had decided to never buy a Bethesda game on PS3 ever again due to the problems with Skyrim and dlc but this looks good, only thing is will XBOX get dlc that we get later or or not at all even. I have an XBOX but i haven’t bought anything for it in over 2 years.

    I would prefer to stick with PS3.Not out of loyalty to Sony, that ship has sailed but simply because i have put to much time and money into my account.

  • @blendercat27

    The problem is I patted the dog when it crapped on my rug multiple times so now I would just rather not have one at all than take the risk of more stains.

  • Is the game going to be on PSN as a digital download? If so when? Cheers.

  • Relax, folks. Arkane Studios isn’t Bethesda; developer/publisher = big difference. And each PROJECT is completely separate from another, with zero correlation with other projects that have Bethesdas name on it. I understand the whole Skyrim frustration, but you’re honestly blaming all the wrong people. Anyway, I can’t believe Dishonored isn’t being compared more to Thief. This game has has everything Thief fans have been waiting for… For years now. I’ve got the Day 1 Digital preorder, but it’d be nice if it released at Midnight like any other Day 1 release. Either way though, I’m stoked.

  • Mr Grandstaff, myself as with many others, have been looking forward to Dishonored. The main reason I have decided to buy it though….is simply because Bethesda are only the publishers, and NOT the developer.

    I will NEVER buy an internal Bethesda product ever again, and this is from a gamer who has played The Elder Scrolls games from the very beginning. But after the lies and corruption surrounding Bethesda and Sony’s forced release of a broken Skyrim last year, all trust, confidence and respect have gone for you guys.

    To be honest (look it up…interesting concept “honesty”), Bethesda no longer exist as anything but a deceitful publisher.

  • Like many posters here, I will also not be buying this game due to Bethesda’s poor track record with PS3.

    Matt, unfortunately you’re the messenger being shot but I have lost hope that DLC will be released for PS3, and if it is, that the performance and experience will be comparable to other platforms. I would love Bethesda to prove me wrong!

  • I’m downloading Dishonored as I write this. I’ll post some impressions of how it runs after a few hours of play, if that’ll help ease any minds of those on the fence (or confirm their fears). This is just my opinion here, but those who have chosen to boycott Bethesda are doing the right thing by voting with your wallet, but also keep in mind that boycotting projects that are done WELL simply keeps Bethesda from cleaning up their reputation no matter WHAT they do. While I totally understand the frustration gamers have, such a harsh attitude will only see Bethesda developing/publishing exclusively for MS and PC in the future, robbing the rest of the PS community from their games. In addition, by avoiding great projects, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. Just food for thought.

  • Bethesda PUBLISHED the game.. They did not make it.. You have to be a complete idiot to miss out on ‘one of the greatest games of this gen’.. And FYI gen means generation if you dont have the IQ to process that. ;)

    Personally I cant wait for Dishonored.. Looks a little like Bioshock.. And every review so far has said it’s a fantastic game.

  • @JackMcKak

    You seem to be missing the point entirely. Bethesda will still be getting a huge chunk of the money made from Dishonored and for that reason me and many others are out. They don’t deserve it.

  • IMO, if Dishonored is as good as its been said to be, Bethesda will have earned that. Again though, I DO understand, and I haven’t missed your point. Just trying to tip the scales a bit back toward balance. I too, am a Skyrim owner, and have been displeased with Bethesda’s ho-hum attitude toward PS3. But if Dishonored is what I hope it will be, it’s also a step in the right direction. Unfortunately for Arkane Studios, they are receiving some of brunt of past Bethesda projects. : /

  • Sorry Jack, @’d the wrong post, was aimed at DJ-Cyphon.

    I understand your thinking but Bethesda shouldn’t be developing for PS3 at all if they can’t do it right. Hopefully in the future they stick to publishing because lets be honest, they are pretty poor developers atm.

  • still not available on EU store.. why r we treated as step sons?
    How come US PSN always get games earlier n more in quantity.

  • I see this is a ‘Day 1’ Digital Download in the US store, but I see nothing so far for it in the EU store. Will this be released via PSN in Europe and if so, when?

    • The game releases across EU on Friday. Tuesday was the US release date. This is standard practice for all full game releases.

  • The fact the Bethesda is the publisher and not the developer makes no difference to me. If anything, publisher’s take an even bigger cut of the profits from a game than the dev i.e. EA and Activision make alot more money as publishers than almost all devs do.

    Bethesda were responsible for the Skyrim mess and also the Fallout games and DLC were problematic on PS3 too. Bethesda also seem to be in bed with MS with their regular DLC timed exclusives.

    The only way us PS3 gamers can hit back at their poor aftersales treatment of games like Skyrim is to hit them in the wallet with their next release. Hence, the boycotts regardless of the quality of Dishonored.

    That’s sad for Arkane, but maybe they should have gone with a different publisher.

  • @dogwalker4000

    Well since Bethesda have turnt into Xbox fan boys.. Made excuses about releasing the DLC on PS3.. etc etc.. I can see your point, but aside from that.. Dishonored is going to be amazing, to miss out on it would be ridiculous IMO.. Dishonored doesn’t really seem to suit DLC anyway, maybe a few extra missions or such, but there wont be anything Skyrim sized.. And microsoft haven’t thrown a tantrum about DLC exclusiveness.

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