The Unfinished Swan release date announced

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The Unfinished Swan release date announced

When you make a game about something unusual like, say, throwing paint in an all-white world, you expect to get a lot of questions. But we were surprised that the question we got asked the most turned out to be “when can I buy it?”

Now we have an answer: you can buy The Unfinished Swan on 24th October exclusively on PSN priced at €12.99/£9.99. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can get the game a week early on October 17th.

In the meantime, there’s still a lot to learn about the game. You’ve met the King, now get to know us: the team behind it all. In the first of a series of developer diaries, we’ll lift the curtain and give you some background on Giant Sparrow, the beginning of The Unfinished Swan and how we landed on PlayStation Network. Check it out:

Leading up to launch later this month, we will be back to dive in deep and show you all you need to know about The Unfinished Swan. For more news about the title you can check out the Giant Sparrow company blog.

Can’t wait for you all to play the game!

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  • Very excited for this game.

    I look forward to it to downloading it! :)

  • Looks like an epic game. Sadly, I’ve not used my Move for such a long time, that I don’t even have the camera set up any more. Will have to dig it out from one of the closets for this one. Seems worth it!

    But.. No PS Plus rebate? 1 week exclusive doesn’t tempt me…

    • We’ll see what we can do with Plus – even so, this one really is a bit special and worth every penny. I’ve had early code on my desk for a couple of weeks and it’s a lovely, lovely game. Very excited to check out the finished prouct…

  • nice ;) :D IMO better is discount for Plus than early access :p

  • A bit more than I had hoped it would be but still will be picking up day 1. Shame there is no Plus discount on this one.

  • Awesome. Very much looking forward to this one, i have to say

  • £7.99 if your a ps+ member would have been better than a week early imo

  • Will pick this up on the 22th ;) When I’m back in the UK.

  • I must say that the game’s logo is one of the best looking ones in the recent time. Will there be a demo?

    • Alas, the product manager has just left the office for the weekend. I’ll check in with him on Monday and see if I can get a firm answer.

  • I have no quarrel with there being no Plus discount on this one. I’ll gladly pay full price to support original titles. Sadly, on the flip side, it’s not often larger titles get discounted day 1 since they’re guaranteed to sell.

  • I played this at eurogamer expo & thought it was good but like others, I also were hoping for psn+ discount. I won’t be buying it now, I’ll just watch someone else play it on instead. It’s a nice game to watch someone play as well as playing yourself so no big lost for me.

  • I don’t like the 1 week exclusivity for Plus (I’m a Plus member).
    It’s not a + for me, I don’t feel special or appreciated because of it) and I think this game needs to get 1 momentum to get people to buy it.
    Why you ask? It’s very different and I would love to play it but it’s also a experiment for me (investing 13 euro’s) and Í for sure don’t want to invest that much in it.
    I was hoping Sony would support these game to not ask for their share of the money pie. A 50% discount would be perfect and I would also like that on Journey that I didn’t buy for the same reason.

  • Getting it,but not a fan of the week early stuff.I dont like the idea of delaying games because I’m paying and others aren’t.If it’s ready get it to as many people as you can.

  • To everyone who is moaning about the Price and week early access…GROW UP, ITS £9.99!! That is nothing for a brand new, original game that looks like a breath of fresh air in this shooter infested market….
    I appreciate that not everyone does have £10 spare but for god sake’s don’t go moaning about it, Giant Sparrow fully deserve to make some cash on this and so do Sony for supporting it, it is only this way that we will keep seeing indie ideas like this become full games…
    I don’t usually rant but this sort of thing just annoys me, anyway the game looks awesome and I for one will definitely be buying it day 1!

  • bloobat hit the nail on the head, everyone rushes out to buy the latest generic action game at full price. Then when someone comes up with a really novel idea for a game, they want it for free. Real classy, gamers.

    I remember saving for months and months to buy Mega Drive games as a kid. Now I’m lucky enough to have access to service like Plus. Subscribing gives me so many free titles that I am without the time to play them all. But there are always people who just want more. Back in the day we never dreamed that it was possible to own as many games as people do now.

    I need this game in my life and will gladly drop the £9.99 for it.

  • Looks amazing, love the visual style. And the abstract gameplay kind of reminds me of Datura, which I also loved. Keep bringing these jewels to PSN!

  • Looks awful to busy playing re6 to bother with this pile of smeg.

  • Sweet! looks like there’ll be fun physics & effects.

  • The third guy, Joshua, wow he has a massive moustache lol.
    Back on topic, as if the fact I watched the video wasn’t evidence enough, I’m interested and looking forward to the game.

  • Oh :( quite wanted to play this but hadn’t realised it was for move and eye. Add that on and this would cost me like £35… then again quite wanted to play the p.I game so maybe… hmm…

  • @maze It plays with a standard controller great too :)

  • I’ve just been on the store and The Unfinished Swan is STILL a Plus Exclusive. WTAF!!? It’s meant to be a public release now!

    Sony have lied!

  • I am very (CENSORED) too !!!

    SONY whats the problem ???? LET US BUY THIS AWESOME GAME !!!!!

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