Joe Danger 2: Release date, pricing and exclusive content!

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Joe Danger 2: Release date, pricing and exclusive content!

Joe Danger 2

Hello World! It’s great to be back on the PlayStation Blog so soon! I’m here to tell you something surprising! Joe Danger 2 is coming to PlayStation gamers very soon – next week in fact! That’s October 10th in Europe!

PlayStation owners are getting a huge exclusive DLC pack of bonus content too. I’d love to tell you more about it, but first I’m going to have to explain a little about how we make games.

When we make a game, we make it for ourselves. We play it every day, getting better and better at it. The great thing is that you get rid of every snag and rough edge, but then we let our friends play, and realise it has become too hard!

That’s what happened when we made the original Joe Danger, as four guys sat in a room playing our own game. We actually first made a very tight, very challenging game that took about 10 hours to complete. It was pure and intense! No tutorials, no handholding, just fun arcade gameplay. Our friends loved it, but only the most skilled players could master it. In fact no one was able to complete it!

We knew we had to go back to the drawing board, we wanted Joe Danger to be more accessible and easier to get into. We scrapped about half of the levels, and toned down the rest. Then we added a huge amount of new content to make the original Joe Danger the 25 hour fun-fest that was such a hit on PS3!

The sad thing is, no one ever got to play this prototype game we now refer to as “Joe Danger Gaiden”. It was an alternate Joe Danger for the true fan, and I still play it every now and then. When we came to make the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2, I thought it would be a great opportunity to let our original fans play this unseen version.

So what is it? Well, it’s a complete game that takes easily ten hours to complete. Many of the levels will be familiar to fans of the original, and others are experiments that we loved but were too challenging or quirky for the main game.

We’ve gone back and added all the cool new things from Joe Danger 2, like Pro Medals, Ghosts, new leaderboards and hidden challenges where you become a monkey on a jetpack!

All the levels use the scrambler from the original, which isn’t normally in Joe Danger 2. You play as Team Nasty (Joe’s rivals), and each one of the five members gets their own tour with five levels each! It starts out easy, but it really does get intense!

It is set in the Motion Capture lab from Joe Danger 2. This is a pure, abstract environment, and is where we develop all our levels and experiment (we use the grid markings to make the levels flow perfectly). It allows you to focus on the challenge!

Joe Danger 1

As well as that extra content, we’ve taken the time to add a few new features and tweaks for Joe Danger 2 on PlayStation 3! I’ll do my best to remember them all…

Replays and Youtube Support

What’s the point of being the World’s Greatest Stuntman, if you can’t show your friends? Now you can save, playback and upload to youtube your greatest stunt spectaculars.

Developer Picks

On Joe Danger 2, you can share your own levels globally online. As well as all the extra content in Joe Danger 2, we’re also getting ready some exclusive developer levels which will be ready on launch day!

Custom Soundtracks

We love the Joe Danger music, but we think we’ve heard it a few too many times now. Personally we like to listen to eighties rock, while we take over the leaderboards.

Level Editing

The Sandbox was one of our most popular features. Now that you can share your levels across the globe, we wanted to make the Level Editor even more powerful. Every Friday we’ll be picking the 5 best user levels, and highlighting them on our front page.

Unlocking Joe Danger

If you own the original Joe Danger, then you’ll unlock the original Joe and his bike for Joe Danger 2. Then you can play the entire game as him if you want!

Downloadable Tours

On PlayStation 3 we’ve created an area which allows us to release new Downloadable content straight into your game. This is where you’ll find “Joe Danger Gaiden”! We already have another pack planned in the next month…

Lots More

We’ve tried to make everything just a little bit better, from big things like how the leaderboards work, to little things like making one annoying sound a little quieter. If someone has noticed it, we’ve tried to fix it.

Hidden Stuff

We couldn’t resist putting in some surprises for people who have already played Joe Danger to death. Especially if you 100% completed the game, or think you have gotten all the Pro Medals, you might want to have a another look.

Hello Games wants to genuinely thank the community again for their amazing support. We really hope you enjoy the new features and content! Go and spread the word :)

We are releasing on October 10th in Europe and Australia, and the price is £9.99 (or €12.99). It’s a huge game – with the extra content it has 125+ levels and will take over 50 hours to complete!

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a mail!

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5 Author Replies

  • Great update. Nice to hear from you again, so soon :-)

    Any plans for a PS+ incentive?

    • I’m a big PS Plus fan, and use it all the time. We never did anything on PS Plus with the original Joe Danger, so it’s definitely time to do *something* there. We’re looking into it!

  • Cool stuff – looks great.

    Any chance of a Joe Danger 1 + 2 bundle at all?

  • A little psn + discount would not be wrong :D

  • Oh and does this game support 4player online or is it just offline?

    • For local multiplayer, there is a really fun party game feel which works well with 4 four on a couch – it’s a great way to introduce people to the game. You can also play it cooperatively as a team to get a collective online score (you build up a combined score together). That means that four of you on a sofa can compete with teams all around the world. For instance, you and your clan have the chance to become the number one unicycle or jetpack stunt team on the globe!

      We also have ghosts, and everytime you play any level, your replay is uploaded to the cloud. When you play you see up to 20 other people at any time – chosen from everyone who has played that level. That includes all of your friends, everyone around your skill level from the leaderboards, as well as always racing against the world number one (so he’s world famous).

      If your friends are offline, you race against their best ghost, but if they are online we try to sync to your friends in realtime – so it feels like multiplayer. We also support chat, so up to 5 friends can sit down and play the same level on any mode in the whole game to compete online, with no lobbies and no waiting around.

  • I’m in. A PS+ discount on 1 or 2 would be icing on the daredevil cake.

  • “So what is it? Well, it’s a complete game that takes easily ten hours to complete. —> Many of the levels will be familiar to fans of the original <—, and others are experiments that we loved but were too challenging or quirky for the main game."

    mmm… this mean that in the "100 bonus levels" there are many levels taken straight from the first Joe Danger?

    I don't want to replay the same levels… again… :(

    For the rest i'm really excited, i've completed the first JD at 100% and i'm proud for this ^^

    • Really glad that you are excited for the release!

      I can totally understand that you won’t want to play the same levels again :)

      Hopefully you’ll find that “Gaiden” has a very different feeling, and that you probably won’t even recognise the levels (as they have changed quite a bit, and many are completely new). Having said that, we want to manage people’s expectations that there might be some familiarity.

      Given that Joe Danger 2 is already a HUGE game, either way there is plenty to enjoy!

  • how about a Vita version ? the poor handheld is gathering dust & needs some looks great so i may buy the Ps3 version soon. thanks :)

  • We already have another pack planned in the next month…

    Free, as a thank you and a sorry we took your 15 euro for the first game and never made it as awesome as on Xbox 360?

  • This is going to be great! I still remember when I met the team at Gamescom and beat there most difficult level on display there on my first try and everybody was like WOWWW MAN. I’m waiting for Joe Danger 2 since and now it’s finally time for this pearl!

    • Hey thanks for coming to see us at Gamescom – I remember! I think you’ll find the final game even more of a challenge :)

  • A psvita version would be pretty awesome.

  • Played JD: The Movie at Eurogamer Expo last weekend and it was every bit as awesome as I hoped. Can’t wait to play the full game.

  • @wiipass – With the release of LittleBigPlanet Vita, the Vita is hardly gathering dust…

    Anyway, really excited for this, glad to see the original PSN players getting some love, Joe Danger was and still is great. :D

  • This blog post is tagged with PS Vita but it isn’t mentioned in the actual post at all. Do you taunt me sirs?

    Is this not the perfect kind of game to be able to

  • This blog post is tagged with PS Vita but the actual post itself doesn’t mention it.

    Do you taunt me sirs?

  • Does this include ‘Movie’ then?

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