Tales of Xillia interview: Namco’s RPG Series Gets Bigger And Bigger

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Tales of Xillia interview: Namco’s RPG Series Gets Bigger And Bigger

Lead screen Xillia

Good news for anyone who’s been enjoying Namco Bandai’s enormous JRPG Tales of Graces F since its launch back in August: its immediate successor, Tales of Xillia, is on its way exclusively to PlayStation 3 in 2013.

We’ve struggled our way through an hour or so of the original Japanese version which launched across the seas back in 2011, and the 13th entry in the long-running series brings with it a number of significant new innovations for the much-loved franchise. Duly, we took the time to check in with producer Hideo Baba while in Tokyo last month to find out exactly what fans should expect.

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What are the key new additions to the Tales formula since Tales of Graces?
Hideo Baba: There are many unique features in Xillia but I’d like to emphasise that the battle system is very unique and much improved over the previous title. Also, the portrayal of the game world and its atmosphere has also changed a lot too. In the previous games the characters were very deformed – they were much shorter – but with Xillia the team has tried to show the characters in realistic proportions so that we can really convey the huge size of the world more effectively. The player can really feel how large the world is now.

Can you put that into real terms? Just how big is Tales of Xillia?
Hideo Baba: Well, that depends on the player. There are two main characters in the game – if you play through the story from both points of view it will take you more than 100 hours to finish.


Xillia originally launched in Japan over a year ago, while Tales of Graces F took 18 months to make it to Europe. Do you hope to reduce the localisation time for future Tales titles?
Hideo Baba: I recognise how important it is to release a Western version as soon as possible after the Japanese release but sometimes some scenes prove difficult to describe in different languages. It’s very challenging to localise and properly convey the right sentiments to Western players. I would like to start a new method of localisation though – perhaps we could make the cinematic sequences in parallel with language translation to shorten the waiting time.

Many members of the PlayStation community would like to see an option to play the game with the original Japanese voice track. Is this something you’ve considered including?
Hideo Baba: I receive so many requests from foreign players for Japanese voice tracks in the Western version! However, there are some difficulties with the company and the voice actors. That said, I will be considering the feasibility of it.


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4 Author Replies

  • I still have to pick up Tales of Graces f, Glad to see more JRPGs on PS3.

  • And on the subject of Japanese developers konami have announced castlevania sotn will be launching on eu psn next week for 9.99 dont know if thats euros or pounds

  • Doesn’t matter, Tales of JP version, EU version…. i collect them all like Pokemons so it will be an instant buy for me :)

    kakatte koi!

  • I bought tales of graces f and all the DLC as soon as it came out so probably spent well over £100 in total on that games so this releasing is going to be hell on my wallet but i will still buy it just please for the love of god go easy on the DLC next time otherwise i might reconsider :(

  • Wonderful, any effort to shorten the waiting time is much appreciated. I’m super excited for Xillia (and Xillia 2).

  • dammit i wanted a concrete anwser for jap dub kinda lame cause like. i said at namco bandai form if it’s not with jap dubs with tales of xillia they can expect me not 2 buy the game on release date but at the cheapest price possible.

  • cant wait, looking forward to getting this

  • And people need to actually buy it too, these are the games that NEED sales if you want future titles over here.

    • Hey everyone, sorry for not being too active in here. I was away from my screen yesterday.

      I’ll echo this – these niche titles from Japan need your support! Personally, I want to see more of this stuff come over, so please dig deep!

  • I want to know how much microsoft paid for vesperia…

  • This game is looking really good will defo pick this up soon. Was hoping for some news on tales of innocence R on the Vita coming to Europe though as what the Vita currently lacks is JRPG’s.

  • good game
    only one disepointed = why in godsname waiting so long after usa .

    i understend 1 month but not more ….

    11 vita get hooply in europe

    ragnorak odisy
    pantesy star online 2 ( rumors = free to play but microtransactions )
    soul sacrifice looks very intrested
    Gods Eater Burst2
    rain bow moon (but u need to pay 2 x if u already own ps3 version )= nope to me
    Warrior’s Lair. = long time very silent to ps vita / ps3 game

  • + i hope also to see Valhalla Knights 3
    darc cloud ps3 /vita

    mh3 + other monsterhunter + dlc skyrim i am not waiting enimore , lost every intrest.

  • Fred Dutton

    please see what you can do about my problem witch is the Sly Trilogy i can’t play the first game while i already bought the Trilogy it say’s i have to buy it again? i contact the suport team via the Email and thy didn’t respond.


    • How long ago did you contact customer support? Which address did you use? Let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

  • I’m glad that the PS3 gets some good JRPGs after so many years. I never understood why all that we got were Eternal Sonata, Resonance of Fate or the imho horrible Star Ocean 4.
    Tales of Xillia and Ni No Kuni seem to be in an entirely different league, one that can satisfy my JRPG needs that base on the glorious SNES days of the genre.

    I don’t get why japanese publishers so often fear to release their titles in the west. Localisation costs should be affordable. If it seems unsure how many copies can be sold, simply translate a game only into English and go all-digital to reduce the risks.

    And now I should do my part and finally order Tales of Graces f. And then check my backlog to play FF XIII-2 first. ^^

  • Thanks for the feature! I’m looking forward to this game. Any news about Tales of Vesperia ?

  • Thanks fred ! :D

    I already have the asian version , great game. Still EU version 1 day buy ! ( can i finally understand what they say ^^; )

  • It’s great to see that Tales games are getting some blog entries of their own.

    I have decided to especially support Namco Bandai in this case, so that they could feel confident enough to release more Tales games here, too. I’ve actually bought two copies of the Graces F Day One Edition, and I plan to do the same with the upcoming Xillia. At least I’m doing my part in showing that we want more Tales games back here (even the older ones, especially Hearts for DS and Vesperia for PS3. The demand for that game alone is immense.)

    It’s also great to hear that Baba has acknowledged that many of us, me included, would like to play these games with the original japanese voices. It’s really a shame how the company deals and such can hinder the possibilities of including the japanese voices so much. Apparently, many other companies’ games (such as Nippon Ichi) don’t have these probelms, maybe because they are way smaller than Tales games, in the terms of budget and voice actors.

  • Xillia is already pre-ordered and paid in full and the same thing with Ni No Kuni. Looks like that the next years is JRPG goodness to me. Also great job Fred for bringing information about Tales of series and other these kind of behind the scenes interviews. I really appreciate that :)

  • Any chance we get the Code Geass and/or Hatsune Miku costumes for Tales of Graces f over here?

  • Hey Fred

    i use this Email:networksupport@sa.playstation.com and i send it before the Head’s up blog post two days ago exactly on:October 1, 2012 11:54:34 PM GMT+03:00, and another Email on:October 3, 2012 4:49:26 PM GMT+03:00

  • Amazing news! Can’t wait for Tales of Xillia to be released in EU. I bought Graces on release at work and just got platinum trophy on it yesterday. It was a blast and I hope Xillia will be out early of 2013! I will buy it as soon it gets here!

  • Really glad we are getting another Tales game on the ps3. I’m currently playing through Graces now, it’s my first Tales game and I’m loving it!

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